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The real face of creative living.

The real face of creative living.
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The real face of creative living.




Todd Emaus on the role of play, connection, and belonging in business

“Leaning into a beginners mindset is really helpful for me. I have some [internal] stories that I need to be great at everything, and a lot of times that keeps me from leaning into creativity where I can just be curious about what I’m capable of. Not only in seeing what that first version is […]


Carving out time for art with Heather Kirtland and Marissa Huber

Heather Kirtland and Marissa Huber are two artists and mothers, who happen to be the dynamic duo behind the Instagram community Carve Out Time for Art and blog by the same name (COTFA for short). The goal of COTFA is to cultivate a positive and nurturing community for creatives who want to find time to […]


Claiming your creativity (and recovering from burnout) with Rosita Choy

“I never thought of myself as being creative. But at a certain point I needed to tell stories out loud on stage. And part of that was because some of the social justice work I was doing, I felt people needed to change something more than their logic about things. You know, racism is illogical, […]


The Power of Play with Chloe Varelidi

“I’ve worked with kids all my life, but when I became a mother myself, I realized how babies, that’s the first thing they do before they even talk, you know, they just play and tinker. And that’s how they understand the world and how they learn. And then as, we grow older, play is our […]


Lifting up community through creativity, with Steve Lucin

Steve Lucin is a creative entrepreneur who helps passionate visionaries bring in more cash to their businesses through creativity. Lucin pulls his technical design, motion graphics, and entrepreneurial skills from running his own entertainment and nightlife creative business, Halucinated Design, Inc. He was the VRFX supervisor at Michael Bay’s 451 Media, where he oversaw the […]


Curiosity, Courage, and Taking Big Leaps with Katie Visco

Katie Visco, who has been called a “bubbly and offbeat running, biking, soup-making, people-loving, community-building exclamation mark,” loves peoples’ stories, healthy and delicious food, traveling, and human-powered adventures. In 2009, promoting the importance of a bold and passion-driven life, Katie ran solo across America, from Boston to San Diego, and became the 2nd youngest and 13th […]


When Creativity is Hard with Rebecca Davis

“I believe that as we’re being creative, sometimes we really have to practice creativity, as opposed to wait for creativity. And I found that that’s such a powerful practice for me when I’m working with young people, because part of my job is to hear terrible things all the time. And to make those things […]


Leadership and Innovation with Saleema Vellani

“Creativity goes hand in hand with emotional intelligence. The more self aware we are, the more we practice self awareness and empathy and all these things, the more we’re able to be resilient, the more we’re able to unleash that creativity inside of us. A lot of times in our workshops, we get people that say, oh, […]


Welcome back for Season 2!

At long last, Everyday Creative People has returned for a second season! Here’s my brief introduction to set the stage for what’s to come. Stay tuned for the first interview, coming next Monday!


The Magic of Glasswork with Anita Merina

“I literally spend hours just staring at my glasswork or my worktable, and think: ‘Ok I’m gonna give it up.’ And then my husband always says, ‘Just go down there and work, go and try this, get in there and immerse yourself.’ You know, I struggle all the time. That’s part of it: it’s pain […]


The power of joy, creativity and healing through movement with Tatiana Zamir

“The more that I show up for myself and therefore am able to show up for others, it just, gets me into my purpose, and why I’m here. I think that when we do that, we’re able to feel more joy, and when we feel more joy, we’re able to reap the benefits of that […]


Alexandra Zsigmond – On creative recovery

Alexandra Zsigmond spent 7 years doing art direction for the New York Times’ Opinion section before deciding to refocus her energy on personal creative pursuits. In this week’s conversation we chat about her “dream job” as an Art Director and her current process of creative recovery. Alexandra is an award-winning art director and visual thinker […]


Natalia Zamparini on loss, overcoming fear, and defining career on your own terms

“I am of an immigrant family. So this is what we were taught: ‘This is, you know, America is the land of opportunity, and this is what you must do in order to become successful.’ So, if this is what has been taught to each one of us, then me pursuing art was something very […]


The essential integration of arts, advocacy, and community life, with Rebecca Kelly-Golfman

“The idea that the arts need to be something separate from your socially engaged life, or your community-based life, its really been created by institutions and it isn’t true. Every community… has been using the arts and creativity to thrive, since forever.” Rebecca Kelly-Golfman is a facilitator, entrepreneur, theatre artist, and activist. She has spent […]


Freelancing, side hustles, social media, and acting, with Hilary Sutton

“I’m at the point where a gig is not just a gig anymore. I have to ask myself, am I getting so caught up in the ‘paying the bills’ jobs, or am I making time for what really energizes me? It’s a constant tight rope.” Hilary Sutton is a writer, speaker, consultant, coach, and sometimes […]


“If you’re gonna go, go all the way” with Tomislav Benzon

Tomislav “Tom” Benzon taught himself how to play guitar in high school, winning his first band competition only two weeks after forming the band, at a time when Tom himself knew only a few chords. The audacity and sheer determination behind this win is a theme seen over and over again, throughout Tom’s career, which […]


Miriam Castillo on tapping into creative capacity and being a multi-focused professional

What does it look like to have a healthy creative career that brings together a wide variety of different mediums and practices under one umbrella? I think Miriam Castillo gives us a pretty good picture of success with a portfolio of careers. As a visual designer and illustrator who also teaches yoga, paints murals, designs […]


Majella Mark – Data Storyteller, Social Justice Creative, Womanist

What is your reason for creating? Majella Mark was raised by artist-activist parents who instilled a strong sense of social justice in her from a young age, and this has been a clear driving force behind her own creative ventures. By day, Majella is an analytics professional in New York City, creating performance analysis and strategic […]


Erica Soultanian on entrepreneurship, fear of failure, and when to take the leap

This week’s guest is practicing creativity in a slightly different way from many of the folks on this podcast so far. Erica Soultanian is a co-founder of Mission Collaborative, a DC-based organization that helps professionals design careers they love through workshops and immersive programming. Erica was inspired to co-create Mission Collaborative after struggling through a […]


Caroline Watters – Being the Magic Behind the Curtain

“It’s a very weird job because you do all this work, and your whole life is engulfed in the show that you’re working on and every bit of attention to detail, and most of the people who come to the show have no idea that you exist… Most people know there’s carpenters, or there’s lighting […]