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Film, Gaming, Pop Culture...Everything is Permitted!




We Salute You!

It's our Veteran's Day Special! This week, we thank Matt for his service in the Army, and review the World War II "epic" from Roland Emmerich, Midway. Later in the show, we talk about the impact of War in our nations pop culture, as well as in Hollywood, and go down the list of some of our favorite "war" movies. Segments: 18:15 - The Permitted Minute 22:35 - Midway Review 52:52 - War in Pop Culture/Top War Movies Countdown If you enjoy the show, we hope you'll hit subscribe here on...


The Streaming Wars, Pt. 2

The Streaming Wars continue to rage across televisions, and the EIP crew has all the news on upcoming services like HBO MAX, and the first casualties of what is becoming an oversaturated market. Julian, Matt, and Brittany also discuss the futures of two massive franchises in Game of Thrones and Star Wars. All this and more this week on Everything is Permitted! Segments: 15:06 - The Permitted Minute 17:07 - The Streaming Wars, Pt. 2 46:53 - Game of Thrones & Star Wars, A Look Into the...


Twin Pecks

The Bargain Bin strikes again! It has returned, this week, with special guest...EIP Producer, Niki Veasey. This month's Raiders movie stars The Rock in Journey 2, chosen by Niki herself. The EIP crew also breakdown the Rise of Skywalker trailer, and Niki runs the first ever Permitted Minute Gauntlet. All that and more this week on Everything is Permitted. Segments: 19:37 - The Permitted Minute 22:08 - Rise of Skywalker Trailer Breakdown 43:07 - Raiders of the Bargain Bin featuring...


Rule 78...Don't Murray Someone

It's our Permitted Zombierific Everything episode! This week, we go over all of our favorite games, tv series, and movies from the zombie genre. Later, we welcome Bill Key and Jarrod Tomes to the show to review Zombieland 2: The Double Tap. All that and more this week on EIP! Segments: 13:20 - The Permitted Minute 20:35 - Zombierific Everything! 39:55 - Zombieland 2: The Double Tap Review w/ Bill Key and Jarrod Tomes If you enjoy the show, we hope you'll hit subscribe here on...


Talking Terror

It's our first episode with our new equipment, thanks to you! This week, we review our experience at Eastern State Penitentary's Terror Behind the Walls with guests, Rob Carter and Heather Reppert. Later in the show, Brittany, Matt, and Julian go over the Facebook vote for the pumpkins they carved, before moving on to our main segment, the greatest horror make-up and costumes of all time. All that and more on Episode 34 of EIP! Segments: 15:35 - The Permitted Minute 20:35 - Terror...


This is No Joke

October rolls on, and EIP is fresh this week with some awesome content. First, Matt and Julian welcome Billy Peitz to the show to breakdown some first impressions of the latest Destiny 2 expansion, Shadowkeep. Later, the EIP crew review Todd Phillips', Joker, and talk about its impact on society today. All that and more this week on Everything is Permitted. Segments: 11:18 - The Permitted Minute 13:13 - Destiny 2: Shawdowkeep First Impressions 40:52 - Joker Review If you enjoy the...


Pitching Pages

A new week, and a fresh episode of EIP is here! This week, we breakdown Sony's lackluster "State of Play," which included previews of Death Stranding and The Last of Us: Part II. In our main segment, Matt, Julian, and Brittany go through their lists of book series/comics, anything that's on a page, that they want to see be brought to the silver screen or a television near you. All that and more this week on Everything is Permitted! With just nine days to go, we only have $165 left to...


Holy Cinema Showdown Batman!

72 hours removed from Batman Day, it's Episode 31 of EIP! This week, Julian, Matt, and Brittany talk about EVERYTHING Batman: his best incarnations, greatest villains, and much, much more. In the main segment this week, it's the Battle of the Birth Year! EIP's West Coast correspondent, Heather Borjon, joins the show in this most epic of battles. All that and more this week on Everything is Permitted. Also, we're only $325 away from reaching our crowdfunding goal. If you can help us out,...


Clowning Around

Episode 30 is here, and it marks the return of "Raiders of the Bargain Bin!" As Always, the crew go through Rants & Raves and the Permitted Minute, before tearing apart Friend Request on the latest edition of the ol' Bargain Bin. Julian, Matt, and Brittany close out the show with a review of IT: Chapter 2. Also, we're only $400 away from reaching our crowdfunding goal. If you can help us out, please Contribute to our Campaign Here. Segments: 12:06 - The Permitted Minute 15:02 - Raiders...


Into the Sony-Verse

Into the Sony-Verse we go with Episode 29. This week, Julian lays out EIP's crowdfunding campaign (Contribute to our Campaign Here). The, the crew try to navigate Spider-Man's uncertain future with Sony, now that the plug has been pulled on the deal with Marvel/Disney. Finally, Julian, Matt, and Brittany tackle some of their unpopular opinions that go against the nerd culture grain. All that and more on Episode 29! Segments: 4:12 - Crowdfunding Perks 14:48 - The Permitted Minute 19:36...


Thanks Jack

After the long weekend, we're back with a jam packed episode! As always, Julian, Matt and Brittany start with some rants and raves. Then, we pay tribute to the late, great Jack Kirby, as we go down the list of some of his greatest comic accomplishments. Then, it's time to talk Bungie's Destiny 2 and how the game moves forward in Year 3 with the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion coming to PC and Consoles on October 1st. Finally, we head back to the D23 Expo to break down the latest Rise of...


D23 and Me

It's our D23 Expo Special! What a busy weekend it was for the Disney Empire, as we got trailers, posters, first looks and so much more for new Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars properties. We are joined this week by our West Coast Correspondent, Heather Borjon, who had all the news and inside info from the Expo. We talk Mandalorian, new Marvel series on Disney+, Rise of Skywalker, and so much more on this episode you won't want to miss! If you enjoy the show, we hope you'll hit subscribe here...


Back in the Saddle

We're back after our first hiatus, and joining Matt and Julian this season and beyond, the newest EIP co-host, Brittany Tomes! This week, the new and improved crew chat about the best and the worst of San Diego Comic-Con. And later, since Summer is winding down, Matt, Brittany and Julian countdown their top five Summer blockbusters of all time. All that and more on Episode 26! Segments: 10:25 - The Permitted Minute 15:15 - The Best and Worst of San Diego Comic-Con 36:35 - Top 5 Summer...


San Andreas' Faults

Raiders of the Bargain Bin make its return! Our awesome social media coordinator, Brittany Tomes, joins the show as the crew roast the latest find, San Andreas, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Alexandra Daddario. Also, Vin Spiritoso makes his guest spot return to talk all things Tesla, and where the electric car industry is headed. All that and more this week on Everything is Permitted! Segments: 9:23 - The Permitted Minute 12:00 - All Things Tesla w/Vin Spiritoso 29:04 -...


No Ticket

E3 has come and gone, and we're here to give our take on the biggest gaming conference of the year! Matt & Julian give their best and worst of this year's big event. Later, it's the debut of our newest segment, the "Classic Casting Call!" Bill Tozzi from The Cinescape joins the show once again to help us re-cast the Indiana Jones Trilogy! As always, rants, raves, and so much more, plus another Keyword contest giveaway! We're giving away a free 4K digital copy of How to Train Your Dragon:...


The Streaming Wars

Begun, the Streaming Wars have! This week, Matt and Julian discuss the over saturated field of streaming services available, what it means for the future, and if cable can make a comeback. VERSUS also makes its return, as the guys pit Assassin's Creed: Origins against Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. All that and more on this week's episode of Everything is Permitted! Segments: 16:05 - The Permitted Minute 18:15 - The Streaming Wars 43:18 - VERSUS - Assassin's Creed: Origins vs. Assassin's...


Something Ineffable

We hope everyone had a great time welcoming in Summer over Memorial Day Weekend. And now we're back with Episode 22. First, Matt welcomes his wife, Heather Reppert onto the show for the first time, as Karyn Brown joins as well, and they talk about Amazon Prime's Good Omens! Later, Julian hops back on, Karyn sticks around, and they welcome their very close friend Niki Veasey to the show. The Friday of Memorial Day Weekend, they went to the Franklin Institute in downtown Philadelphia to check...


Fire and Blood

We have a packed episode this week! First, Julian and Matt talk about Matt Reeve's The Batman, and the rumored Robert Pattinson casting. They also delve into how many villains a Batman movie needs to succeed, and how much is too much. Later, it's the debut of the newest EIP segment, Raiders of the Bargain Bin, as Matt and Julian review and painstakingly sit through Vin Diesel in The Last Witch Hunter. Finally, Winter has come for Game of Thrones, as Julian welcomes a roundtable of guests...


On the Bubble

One of the times of year we all dread is among us, the television cancel/renewal season! Julian and Matt talk about The Orville being renewed, as well as other shows they are worried may or may not be coming back. Later, the guys talk about the upcoming next generation Playstation and Xbox consoles; what they want from them, their tech specs and more. All that and everything else that is permitted on Episode 20! Segments: 10:00 - The Permitted Minute 11:00 - Renewed - Cancelled 35:34...


Free Comic Book Day!

It's Free Comic Book Day! We want to thank everyone who tuned in to our LIVE recording this past Saturday at Wades Comic Madness! This week, we broadcast on one of the best days of the year, Free Comic Book Day. First, Julian and Matt welcome Captain Marvel cosplayer, Brittany Tomes to the show. Later, the guys go through the bag of free comics handed out, and find some new items, and some blasts from the past. Also, Game of Thrones is close to its conclusion, as Julian welcomes Brian...