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Fabulous Fuckery is your sophistiratchet destination for discussions with creatives and entrepreneurs on reinvention, following your passions, self-care, relationships, and pop culture with our listener friends. Join your host Baroness Brée as we to gather the tools to stay fabulous in spite of life’s fuckery.

Fabulous Fuckery is your sophistiratchet destination for discussions with creatives and entrepreneurs on reinvention, following your passions, self-care, relationships, and pop culture with our listener friends. Join your host Baroness Brée as we to gather the tools to stay fabulous in spite of life’s fuckery.


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Fabulous Fuckery is your sophistiratchet destination for discussions with creatives and entrepreneurs on reinvention, following your passions, self-care, relationships, and pop culture with our listener friends. Join your host Baroness Brée as we to gather the tools to stay fabulous in spite of life’s fuckery.








Racism Fuckery

Thoughts on racism in the middle of a pandemic. Support the show (http://patreon.com/BaronessBree)


Season 2 Episode 5: Wynter Fuckery with Vivian Wynter

I hope you enjoy this discussion with Vivian Wynter on beauty from the inside out. Vivan shares her expert tips on beauty, momlife and selfcare. Follow her @VivianWynter https://www.VivianWynter.com Support the show (http://patreon.com/BaronessBree)


Season 2 Episode 4: Food Fuckery with Stephanie Harter

Stephanie Harter is an award-winning entrepreneur, author of the book The Skinny On Eating Like You Give a Damn, and is the co-instructor currently serving over 1,100 students internationally in the Vegan Nutrition Health Coach Certification course. As a former health coach with the winning strategy to achieve 5-figure months fast, Stephanie now helps plant-based coaches achieve a big income and impact in their business without sacrificing their freedom. She is a speaker and the host of the...


Season 2 Episode 3: Chic Fuckery with Dr. Adrienne Russell

Adrienne, a DMV native is an entrepreneur, scientist, wife, mother and lover of all things fashion. From a young age, she knew that she wanted to be apart of a mission to help others. This is what ultimately lead her to a career in healthcare. In pursuing her passion for helping others and combining her love for fashion, she founded Chic Essentials Boutique in April 2019. Adrienne found it important to sit down with real women, with real bodies, and ask their thoughts on what was missing...


Bonus: Fabulous Live at Brilliant Baltimore 11/2019 with Demetrius Holt

This episode was recorded live at the Brilliant Baltimore Festival on 11/3/2019. Please forgive the sound quality as the recording conditions were not ideal. Edited by my son. Enjoy the raw conversation about cosplay, business, and family life. This episode features Demetrius Holt of Hellspawned Cosplay. Hellspawned Cosplay has been active in the community since 2017 and he’s portrayed a number of characters that were personal to him. From Kratos to Sub-Zero to He-Man…. he’s never really...


Season 2 Episode 2: Heartbeat Fuckery with Anna Fitzgerald

This episode features Anna Fitzgerald, Queen Bee, Chief Creative Pollinator of the Heartbeat Hive. Anna Fitzgerald, The Muse Writers Center's Program Associate, holds a degree in Art Education and has taught art K-12 in multiple settings, including at an international school in Costa Rica. Her philosophy of teaching includes multiple intelligences and holistic approach to the student as a learner and member of the education ecosystem. She founded a music program at age 19 with two of her...


Season 2 Episode 1: Artful Fuckery with Dafna Steinberg

On this episode, we discuss art, creativity, and body positivity with Dafna Steinberg. Dafna's Bio: Dafna Steinberg is a native of Washington, DC. A graduate of Hampshire College, the International Center of Photography, and Goldsmiths, University of London, she has exhibited in and curated challenging thematic shows in America and abroad. From 2010 till 2012, she was a member of the art collective Sparkplug, supported by the District of Columbia Arts Center. In 2012, Ms. Steinberg was...


Season 2 Trailer

Hello Everyone!!!! Happy New Year!!! I've missed you! Let's catch up and get ready for all this season has in store for you!!! Support the show (http://patreon.com/BaronessBree)


Episode 10: Collab Fuckery with Elle VanDyne

Elle VanDyne Creatrix + Founder CollabCreate DC Elle is a community leader and entrepreneur living in Washington, DC with her partner, 1 kid, and 3 cats. Currently, her work focuses on launching CollabCreateDC, a new collaborative network for creative entrepreneurs. When she's not connecting people + promoting the DC creative community, she loves sharing DIY home design + holistic lifestyle tips, cooking up delicious healthy-ish food, and tackling the never-ending project list at her...


Episode 9: Let's Build Fuckery with Quida Chancey

LaQuida Chancey was born in Manhattan and moved to Baltimore as a child, raised in Baltimore County with her parents and 2 younger sisters. LaQuida graduated from Western Tech in Catonsville and after high school attended Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. She graduated in 2004, with a B.S. in Computer Science and mathematics minor and moved back to Baltimore in 2006 and purchased a home in East Baltimore in 2009. In 2014, she begin investing in the Baltimore Real Estate Market and Xavier...


Episode 8: Multipassionate Fuckery with Monica Livingston

This episodes guest is Monica Livingston Head Dog of 36 Nation Monica is a retired DC Diva Running Back, who promotes positive living through her speaking engagements with Positive Coaching Alliance. Check her out and listen her new podcast in May 2019!!! Twitter/Instagram: @Livingston3636 Website: www.36nation.com For more information: Web: baronessbree.com Twitter/IG/Pinterest: @Fabfuckery or @baronessbree Watch our YouTube Channel:...


Episode 7: Holistic Health Fuckery with Hilda Labrada Gore

Hilda Labrada Gore is a certified health coach and fitness professional. She is the host and producer of the Wise Traditions podcast, on behalf of the Weston A. Price Foundation. She is a podcasting consultant and the author of “Podcasting Made Simple.” She is also the DC Metro Regional Director for Body & Soul Fitness. She and her husband live in DC with their children and cat and dog. Hilda has energy to spare thanks to her ancestral health practices and her love for liverwurst. Find...


Episode 6: BlerDCon Fuckery with Hilton George

Hilton George CEO/Con Chair for BlerDCon Founder and convention chairman for Blerdcon, the black nerd convention held in Arlington Va each summer to celebrate blerd culture, diversity and inclusion in cosplay, comics, anime, scifi and gaming. For More Information on today's conversation please visit: www.Blerdcon.com Twitter/IG/Facebook: @Blerdcon Find Fabulous Fuckery podcast wherever you listen to...


Episode 5: SwiftKick Fuckery with Tim Craggette

Today we talk business, and nerd life with Tim Craggette. Tim is a serial entreprenuer and a fan of all things nerdy!!! Welcome to our land of fabulous fuckery!! Title: Host/Producer/Engineer Company Name: SWOT Coaching Timothy D. Craggette is a serial entrepreneur with over 10+ years as an educator and coach for small business entrepreneurship and marketing. He has trained budding business owners within the Washington, DC Metro Area as well as globally through his online coaching and...


I'm Back!!! Let's Talk Real Life Fuckery

I'm Back Guys!!!! This mini episode covers the reasons for my short hiatus, and a few tips to get back to get back on top. I missed you guys!!! Stay in touch!!! bree@baronessbree.com or IG/FB/Twitter @baronessbree Support the show (http://patreon.com/BaronessBree)


Episode 4: Photography Fuckery with David Wardrick

David Wardrick is a DC based award winning digital storyteller. His creative mediums are videography, photography & live events. Find David Here: Web: http://davidwardrick.wixsite.com/site/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ad79dave IG: https://www.instagram.com/ad79dave/ Support the show (http://patreon.com/BaronessBree)


Episode 3: Wellness Fuckery with Camille Reed & EZ Street

Episode 3: Wellness Fuckery with Camille Reed & EZ Street Today's Guests: Camille Reed, Owner of Noire Salon, and Award winning Bodybuilder EZStreet, Radio and TV Host, and CEO of CYA Multimedia find him at http://ezstreetshow.com Camille and Ez visit to discuss bodybuilding, business ownership, self-care, and randomness. Recorded at 202Creates in Washington, DC. Support the show (http://patreon.com/BaronessBree)


Episode 2: Soloprenuer Fuckery with Adrian McClanahan

Soloprenuer Fuckery with Adrian McClanahan Adrian McClanahan owner and mamaprenuer of ChicDivaGeek.com and one half of the driving force behind SantaCause DMV visits to discuss upcoming projects, tech life, Mom life and Game of Thrones You can find Adrian on: http://www.chicdivageek.comhttps://www.instagram.com/chicdivageek/ Apps discussed https://sparkmailapp.com/http://www.ripl.com/‎ Support the show (http://patreon.com/BaronessBree)


Episode 1: Self-Care Fuckery with Bassey Ikpi

Bassey Ikpi, Daughter, Sister, Mother, Def Poetry Jam Poet, Mental Health Advocate, Founder of the Siwe Project and Author of the 2019 Release, I'm Telling the Truth, But I'm Lying (Harper Collins), stopped by to discuss her newest project, self care, boundaries, and Broadway Musicals. Apps Discussed: Sanity and Self Calm Breathe Freedom App Moments Eternal Sunshine Affirmations Assistant Brain Sparker Support the show (http://patreon.com/BaronessBree)