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Two grown dirtbags just trynna navigate and survive the millennial male zeitgeist. If you have any money you'd like to give us or any constructive criticism you'd like us to 360 degree tomahawk slam dunk into the trash can please email us:

Two grown dirtbags just trynna navigate and survive the millennial male zeitgeist. If you have any money you'd like to give us or any constructive criticism you'd like us to 360 degree tomahawk slam dunk into the trash can please email us:
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Two grown dirtbags just trynna navigate and survive the millennial male zeitgeist. If you have any money you'd like to give us or any constructive criticism you'd like us to 360 degree tomahawk slam dunk into the trash can please email us:




Creamin' on the TL with the New York Times' Matthew Schneier

James and Lawrence are back with another intellectual pod for that ass. The New York Times' Style Reporter Matthew Schneier joins the fail gang for two hours of brainy banter. Matthew speaks on his creative process at the Times, gives foundational style advice, and finds out James was his high school stalker. Then, in Captain's Log/Letters to Home, the boys address the recent criticism of The Whiz Kid, Producer Shyam.


Teenage Fever with Mary H.K. Choi

James and Lawrence are pivoting back to extremely intellectual podding. New York Times best selling author Mary H.K. Choi joins the fail gang for the most robust interview yet. Mary dives deep on modern day fuccbois, exposes the secret world of teenagers, and talks about her critically-acclaimed new book, “Emergency Contact.” Then, in Captain's Log/Letters to Home, the boys share what it's like being international jet setters.


Christian Dior Denim Flow with's Alyssa Vingan Klein

James and Lawrence speculate Jonah Hill's potential awareness of the Fail Gang after some interesting developments on Instagram. Then, Fashionista editor-in-chief Alyssa Vingan Klein reunites with the boys after intimidating them into having her back. Alyssa remembers almost losing her life at an Off-White fashion show and breaks down the treacherous politics of working in fashion. Plus, in Captain's Log/Letters to Home, a spirited debate on whether or not to add another episode of the pod...


Bossed Up with Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini

James and Lawrence are back in business with the bossiest episode in FU history. The boys bless the Fail Gang with the tastiest new tunes and primo TV in another self-“Fuck With/Not Fuck With (Working Title)”. Then, Bartstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini joins the fail gang to get down to brass tacks. Erika names who's coming for her throne and takes us behind the Barstool curtain, complete with an on air firing. Finally, Captain's Log/Letters to Home devolves immediately into unadulterated...


Don C's First Ever Podcast with Don C

Lawrence and James are back with what folks are calling the freshest episode in FU history. The boys sit down with Don C, designer of JustDon, noted Jordan Brand collaborator, and Kanye West's day one. The boys ask Don C how to blow a bag at Wendy's, that time Kanye almost lost Shia LaBeouf's hat, and Don C's upcoming Air Jordan. Then, in Captain's Log/Letters to Home, the boys share a behind-the-scenes look at how to best navigate a press junket at Twitter HQ.


Hot Boyz II with Sean Evans

James and Lawrence discuss James' recent freelance gigs and the ultimate finesse of working from home. Then the host of First We Feast's “Hot Ones” Sean Evans returns to FU after gaining over 70,000 Instagram followers since his first appearance. That saucy little bitch Sean talks to the boys about his routine as a professional hot wing eater, the current state of his obliterated asshole, and shares behind the scenes stories from some of the most viral episodes of Hot Ones. Plus, in...


If He Dies He Dies with Hypebeast's Ben Roazen

Lawrence and James finally settle their most sizzling hot beef and get to the bottom of who actually scored higher on the SAT. Then, Hypebeast's Ben “Broazay” Roazen joins the fail gang to discuss his 17 years in Russia, how the streetwear sausage is made, and why he won't just shut up and blog about sneakers in Trump's America. Plus, in Captain's Log/Letters to Home, the boys finally recap their big call with Barstool and enlist the fail gang for some much needed support.


Jawnz Addiction with Jian DeLeon

James and Lawrence discuss the art of the vacation thirst trap after James' doinked out trip to Jamaica. Then, Highsnobiety's Editorial Director Jian Deleon joins the Fail Gang to discuss getting free gear, his annual jawn budget, his career as a slam poet, and more. Plus, in Captain's Log/Letters to Home, the boys reiterate their love and appreciation for stoolies.


Free Zima with Keith Abrams

Lawrence and James host their first ever guest ad read with FU alum Angel Diaz. The boys finally give a proper introduction to new producer Shyam and ask how he's going to take the pod to the next level. Then, Keith Abrams joins the fail gang to talk about life as the owner of Kinfolk, his history of beating up Nazis in Portland, and the time he used a Zima bottle as a weapon in Alaska. Plus, in Captain's Log/Letters to Home, the boys discuss their upcoming conference call with Barstool...


Henny for Breakfast with Angel Diaz

James and Lawrence turn Fuck With/Not Fuck With (working title) on the new Supreme collection, the biggest new chunes, and fire television programming. Then, Complex writer and Coquito legend Angel Diaz joins the fail gang for a vaped out giggle fest. Angel talks about his new Ralph Lauren documentary ‘Horse Power,' his extensive history of beef with some of the biggest rappers in the game, and the most wild conspiracy theories. Plus, Captains Log/Letters to Home addresses a potential pod...


Dawn Patrol with Brock "Marciano" Korsan

The time has come you guys. This is Producer Jay's final episode. To start off this weeks episode, James and Lawrence give Jay an exit interview and give him a chance to reflect on his time as the producer, and even air his grievances. It was a bittersweet moment for the whole squad, Jay will definitely be missed. But fuck it, he had to secure that bag YOU FEEL ME?! YERRRRRR... Then, the guys interview music entrepreneur Brock Korsan. Brock talks about his come up in the industry managing...


Dick Appointment with Lauren Nostro

AY YO, THIS IS PRODUCER JAY AND I SAY FUCK A REAL DESCRIPTION. THIS IS ONE OF MY LAST EPISODES ON THE POD. I'M GONNA DO WHAT I WANT. Haha, just playing I still got a job to do. On this weeks episode of the podcast, James reveals that he didn't take the job in LA, so the pod lives on! He provides the Fail Gang with tips and tricks on how to navigate life while in between jobs, and what his current life is like now that he's funemployed. Then Lawrence and James interview the talented and...


Getting Our Good Side with Andi Elloway

In this weeks episode, James and Lawrence discuss James' fate as the future of the pod hangs on by a thread. Will James quit his job at [information disclosed] and move to Los Angeles or will he stay here with the boys and take the L? Find out.... next week we think, we're not exactly sure. Then the guys interview amazingly talented photographer, Andi Elloway. They talk about the differences between living in New York vs. LA, what is it like being best buds with Virgil Abloh, working with...


Return Of The Narc with Noah Johnson

Lawrence and James turn "Fuck With Not Fuck With" (Working title) on themselves this week, and then reluctantly ask Jay and Chuck as well. Then, Senior Editor of GQ Style "Noah "Narc Dad" Johnson returns to FU to talk about getting Yelawolf hooked on meth, James fucking his Dad, and getting his titties sucked by a baby. Then on "Captain's Log/Letters To Home" THE INTERNS FINALLY GET PAID BABYYYYYYYYYY. YERRRRRRRRR. I mean technically the whole crew got paid, but everybody has jobs already...


Return Of The King with Maurice Peebles

James and Lawrence start off the new season by giving themselves, as well as Jay and Chuck, resolutions to consider in 2018. Then they have a chat with Senior Deputy Editor at Bleacher Report, Maurice Peebles. They talk about his humble beginnings growing up in South Jersey and writing about Philly sports, how interesting it was being one of the first (and at the time, only African-American) hires at Barstool Sports, and other cool things too. Then in Captain's Log, Lawrence and James give...


The Failing Upwards Holiday Clip Show Extravaganza with Producer Jay & Intern Chuck

Producer Jay and Intern Chuck fail upwards into guest hosting duties after Lawrence and James abandon the Fail Gang for for the holidays. The boys introduce the best moments of the first three seasons, a mashup of every time they got shit on, and a compilation of every moment Lawrence and James ask a brand to sponsor the pod. Plus, Captains Log/Letters to Home gets spicy when Chuck claims Jay was late to record.


Abandoning America with Steve Dool

James and Lawrence take a look back at the dizzying highs and terrifying lows of 2017. Then, their former boss and current ex-pat freelancer Steve Dool joins the pod to talk celebrity stalkers, the drunken debauchery of British people, and coming out of the closet as a grown ass man. Plus, "Captain's Log/Letters to Home" confirms without a shadow of a doubt that the boys were indeed back in town, plus previews how Producer Jay and Intern Chuck are going to completely let down the Fail Gang...


Passing Concussion Protocol with Chris Wallace

James and Lawrence break down the ways they've schemed on getting rich quick, including the recent cryptocurrency boom and selling condoms to children. Then, former jock/model and cerebral writer Chirs Wallace joins FU to talk being BFFs with Rick Owens, fashion's pervert problem, and finding out his dad is gay. Plus, "Captain's Log/Letters to Home" previews a few holiday treats for the Fail Gang.


Let's Get Critical with Jon Caramanica

James and Lawrence fall apart at the seams as Failing Upwards' weekly schedule destroys their friendship and professional partnership. Then, New York Times pop music critic, Critical Shopper, and friend of the pod, Jon Caramanica, joins FU to talk sleeping in the studio with Kanye, riding in Cam'ron's pink Range Rover, and being addicted to shopping. Plus, "Captain's Log/Letters to Home" asks the Fail Gang to weigh in on some big questions regarding the future of the pod.


Copping Brain with Jacob Gallagher

James and Lawrence dive dong-first into the thorny bush of long distance relationships, with real-time input from Intern Chuck fresh off his boo'd up holiday staycation. Then, WSJ men's style writer and friend of the pod Jacob Gallagher joins FU to discuss octogenarian internet trolls, swaggy trends for the Fail Gang, and cryptojawnz. Plus, "Captain's Log/Letters to Home" initiates Ghost Protocol as the FU squad fails their way up in the Barstool universe yet again.


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