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Abby, Evan and Katie talk runway, magazines, designers, movies, art - all things fashion and how much it can drive us nuts.

Abby, Evan and Katie talk runway, magazines, designers, movies, art - all things fashion and how much it can drive us nuts.
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Abby, Evan and Katie talk runway, magazines, designers, movies, art - all things fashion and how much it can drive us nuts.





In this week's episode, we are getting down to the real deal of the state of things in the fashion world and should we even care about it. Have things lost their way from the top down? Is anything even fashion anymore? Using Eugene Rabkin's Business of Fashion August 2018 Op-Ed, Whatever: How Fashion Lost Its Meaning as a jumping off point, we are taking a dive into the complicated question of Fashion versus Style in this weird moment of uncertainty - is it really just, whatever as Rabkin...


FASHION HAGS Episode 72: Evan Ducharme's HIREATH

A little debrief of Evan's recent show HIREATH. We ask about his process, inspirations and motivations for his most recent collection. And of course, Evan makes it all about wigs and witchcraft.


FASHION HAGS Episode 71: HAG-iversary! All Obsessions Eleganza Extravaganza!

YOU GUYS WE ARE BACK IT'S BEEN SO LONG! Our hiatus is over, Abby is in her new house, we are back on track in the new studio. Thank-you for your patience! Now get ready for an all-obsessions-all-the-time Hag-iversary episode. Buckle up, Hags, we are not holding back.


FASHION HAGS Episode 70: Politics, But Make it Fashion

It is hard to ignore all the craziness going on in the world these days and reading the news can be a triggering and harrowing experience for many. So let’s talk about it, but make it fashion! In this episode, we are spilling some tea on who wore what for what, good or bad (looking at you Melania), and how politics and fashion are so connected. How do people use fashion to their advantage? How do they fuck it up? (Again, Melania…) And what difference does it make? We’ll guide you through...



We are so excited to finally have body positivity activist and badass lady Victoria Welsby of Bam Pow Life on super sexy episode 69! Victoria is here to chat about the extreme prevalence of fat shaming, body positivity, social media, clothes for fat girls and a whole bunch of other good stuff, including her brand new book (out Sept 10) called Fierce Fatty. Get it here and get on it!


FASHION HAGS Episode 68: Favorite Sewing Tools

We get down to brass tacks (and scissors) about our favourite sewing tools this week so get ready for sone intense ruler, stitch ripper and scissor talk, hunnies!


FASHION HAGS Episode 67: European Correspondent Errbuddy's Aunt Sheila

Did you know we have far-reaching correspondents in all areas of the world? Well it's true so don't bother looking it up. One of our favourite contacts around the world is the fashionable and hilarious Sheila Campbell, aka Aunt Sheila, a Canadian transplant in Sweden (and Abby's actual aunt). You may know her from her lovely instagram @shelouise or you may know her from other various podcasts or you may not know her at all. Until now. Buckle up, hunnies, we are taking a trip to Sheila's...


FASHION HAGS Episode 66: Evan's Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto Debut

Get the tea on our beloved Evan's spectacular debut at Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto, his smashing success and how he got a lot of REALLY good press (*COUGH* VOGUE *COUGH*)


FASHION HAGS Episode 65: FASHION HAGS Episode 65: Is Feminism in Fashion a Gimmick with Madison Reid

We invited an old deign school friend, Madison Reid from Only Child Apparel to talk about the rise of feminism in fashion. Is it just a marketing ploy or sign of a real movement?


Fashion Hags Episode 64: How Not To Be a Dumb Doofus Check-in

Well well well, it's report card season and we are checking in to see how well we've been doing at not being a dumb doofus when shopping for clothes. If you haven't already listened to our Episode 12: How Not To Be A Dumb Doofus When Shopping For Clothes, go ahead and give it a listen (or stream it directly here) or don't, it's up to you, just live your Hag life, hunny. We wanted to see if we passed or failed (we did a bit of both) at being better buyers so listen up and see how we did....


FASHION HAGS Episode 63: Fashion's Future (Part 3)

The final in our trilogy of episodes where we try and predict the future of fashion. This week we talk about the garments and the technologies that we will all be using sooner than you think. In fact, we're already using them now! Whaaaaaat?!



Here's what's up. It's Dad time. Our first and biggest fan, Katie's Dad, Chris Garnham has joined us for an episode to talk about shopping for denim, the history of denim from a guy who just wants cardboard pants again, and of course, the major motor vehicle accident. It's almost too much to handle but we're pretty sure you can do it. Come on it, Hags! It's tea time.


FASHION HAGS Episode 61: Fashion's Future (Part 2)

This week, the Hags are looking at the shopping floor, digital and otherwise, and what is in store for this massive section of the fashion world. Get ready for some highly informed, very specific, irrefutable facts, and wild predictions from three people who sort of know what they are talking about and aren't afraid to go on and on about it.


FASHION HAGS Episode 60: Fashion's Future (Part 1)

Cast your gaze into the crystal ball and see into the future of fashion! OOoooOOO! Or just, listen to this podcast episode instead or whatever. The Hags are talking about what the future of the fashion world looks like (or what it hopefully will look like) when it comes to actually making clothes by dreaming up all the solutions to all the problems. Plus the usual nonsense.


FASHION HAGS Episode 59: Non Stop Red Carpet Reviews

We were ambitious with this episode trying to tackle a "quick" red carpet review and then the "real" topic, but who were we kidding. We just talk about gowns for the entire time.


FASHION HAGS Episode 58: Photographer Lauren Zbarsky

The Hags are so lucky this week to have Vancouver photographer Lauren Zbarsky in the basement to chit chat about photography, inspiration, fashion, lighting, getting your best angles, and of course, eggs.


FASHION HAGS Episode 57: Episode 57: The Joys of Shipping

Like all businesses and industries, shipping is a huge part of the world of fashion. And guess what, it's not just about getting those Gap tees and khaki's on super sale in time for your swing dance competition next week. In this week's episode, the Hags dish about the woes of the world of shipping and how we actually can't survive without it. Curses!


FASHION HAGS Episode 56 - The Demise of the Fashion Magazine

Are Vogue's print days over? Monthly fashion magazines were a direct line from the insiders of the fashion industry to the public but how can they survive in today's fast paced media landscape? And we somehow manage to fit in multiple Simpsons references.


FASHION HAGS Episode 55: A Trip to India With Erin Gibbs

Special guest Erin Gibbs, a local designer with Danica Studios as well as an artist in her own right, joins the Hags this week to talk about illustration, textiles, an amazing trip to India, and some really great nonsense.


FASHION HAGS Episode 54: Why Counterfeits Are Just Really Bad

So it turns out counterfeit goods are more than just a crappy knockoff of luxury goods. They are a massively profitable trillion dollar industry that funds terrorists, organized crime, human traffickers, and criminals of all kinds! Jump in for a highly depressing look at what is actually going on here. And please, if you see a guy down an alley selling that cute Chanel bag for $49, DON'T BUY IT.