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Feisworld Podcast and Blog is a platform created to celebrate stories from sung and unsung heroes.

Feisworld Podcast and Blog is a platform created to celebrate stories from sung and unsung heroes.
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Feisworld Podcast and Blog is a platform created to celebrate stories from sung and unsung heroes.








Ep 202. Jessica Zitter: The Reality of What’s Valued in Medicine vs. How We Value Ourselves

Today on Feisworld, I’m joined by palliative care doctor, speaker and educator Dr. Jessica Zitter. Dr. Zitter is a national advocate for transforming the way people die in America and is the author of the newly released book Extreme Measures: Finding a Better Path to the End of Life. Her work is also featured in the Academy and Emmy-nominated short documentary “Extremis,” available on Netflix.


Ep 201: Tammy Gooler Loeb: How To Discover What Success Means To You

Tammy Gooler Loeb is a Career and Executive Coach. We’ve had a few seasoned coaches on the show so far, but they are all quite different in terms of their backgrounds, the profiles of their customers, and generally how they go about running their business. Tammy isn’t just a coach, she’s also part of a thriving podcaster community with me called altPodcasters, started by Feisworld since October 2014. I’m thrilled to see her launching her show as of December 2018 called Work from the Inside...


Ep 200. Seth Godin: Make a Ruckus

About Our Guest In his own words: “For more than thirty years, I’ve been trying to turn on lights, inspire people and teach them how to level up.” His blog has been appearing daily for more than a decade. I’ve spent most of his professional life as a writer and published 19 bestselling books. More than 60,000 people have taken his online courses (including me). Over the past 15 years, I had many ups and downs in my life and the one guru I kept turning to without ever meeting in person was...


Ep 199. Ben Smith (Writer for HBO's Barry): Embracing the Messiness and the Fun of Writing

Ben Smith is a writer, producer and director. His most recent project is the popular HBO TV Show called Barry, for which he worked as a writer and co-producer. Prior to that, he wrote for Trophy Wife on ABC, Benched on USA, Other Space on the Yahoo streaming platform, Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix with Drew Barrymore. Plus his own projects - Gentleman Lobsters and Meet Cute. Born and raised in Lexington, MA - Ben’s mom is Chinese so we were able to chat about what it means to grow up...


Ep 198. Chinwe Esimai: Don’t Let Any of Your Differences Stop You From Bringing Your Full Self

Chinwe Esimai is a Nigerian-born, Harvard-trained lawyer who is passionate about inspiring generations of immigrant women leaders. Along with her mother, three brothers, and sister, she relocated to the United States in 1995, right before college. Chinwe graduated from the City College of New York with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and received her JD from Harvard Law School. Today, she works for Citi as the Managing Director - Chief Anti-Bribery & Corruption Officer. With a...


Ep 197. Jacob Lacourse from Adapt the World©: Make Something. Help Someone.

About Our Guest Jacob Lacourse is the founder of Adapt the World Labs., where a husband and wife team “see the benefit of using technology to help people with extra needs, and we aim to leverage technology to solve challenges and enhance the lives of the most vulnerable among us.” As an element of their main mission, Jake and Beth Lacourse bring awareness and fund raising to a specific rare disease known as Usher syndrome. “We are the parents of two beautiful children, one of which is...


Ep 196. Melissa Smith: Virtual Assistant Matchmaker, Work From Anywhere

About Our Guest Melissa Smith is a Virtual Assistant Matchmaker, VA Trainer, Remote Work Consultant & Author featured in CareerBuilder, Spark Hire, The Muse, Thinkific, & Woman's World. I met her at Dorie Clark’s Writing Workshop in Boston. After learning more about her business, I knew instantly that her knowledge will add tremendous value to our listeners on Feisworld Podcast. In this episode, you’ll learn how to: Overcome your fear (Melissa feared flying her whole life until…) Deal...


Ep 195. Ed Gregory: Popular YouTuber, Photographer, ex-Blue Man

Ed Gregory, founder of Photos in Color on YouTube, is a master photographer in Lightroom, Photoshop and photography tutorials. Ed is the second successful YouTube we’ve interviewed on the show (first guest was Bob from FlavCity). With nearly 300K subscriber on Youtube, over 15 million page viewers, Ed is quite a celebrity among the people who follow his work. (A side note on how YouTubers make money: it actually has nothing to do with the number of subscribers but individual video...


Ep 194. How Podcasters Make (More) Money Without Advertisers and Sponsors

Two years ago, my beloved mentor Dorie Clark and I had coffee near the financial district in New York City. I told her how my podcast was the trigger for my business, Feisworld. I left my full-time job in advertising and began freelancing as a digital producer for companies and people. Many of them met me through the podcast as guests, friends of guests, and even listeners. She urged me to write a blog post, and I came up with a name I was quite proud of called “How to Make a Living Without...


Ep 193. Malaika Haaning: From Parsons to ZERO WASTE Fashion

Malaika Haaning is a sustainable fashion designer and founder of Malaika New York. “Malaika branded garments using a technique that minimizes waste. The apparel industry is one of the biggest waste-producing industries. Much of the excess materials created in the apparel industry end up in landfills. By implementing Zero Waste Patterns, we are able to strategically drape the fabric in such a way so little to no materials are wasted.” Malaika is originally from Denmark. After working in...


Ep 192. Welcome to the Year of the Pig!

On February 5th, 2019, we celebrated the Chinese New Year, also known as the year of the pig! This is going to be a colorful and dare I say, delicious episode! Nearly 200 episodes of the Feisworld Podcast have been released, and we’ve spent a good amount of time talking about China, where I grew up, but we’ve yet covered any topics on traditions, myths, taboos, superstitions. Instead of going right back to the Docuseries minis and regular interview episodes, I thought it’s an opportunity...


Ep 191. Sophia Skiles on Shakespeare VI: Asian American Artists Making American Theatre

Sophia Skiles is a theater performer and theater educator. She has performed in work directed by many including Anne Bogart, Richard Foreman, Mary Zimmerman with strong ties to Ma-Yi Theater and National Asian American Theater Company. With over 20 years of experience in acting and teaching, Sophia taught in public schools through out NYC, pre-college students at Northwestern. “Shakespeare as a dramatist is someone who invites radical remaking of power. He gives language to women, who were...


Ep 190. Docuseries Mini 106: How to seek out the right people for your docuseries team?

Who helped you make this film? For a while (and still today), people ask me this question all the time. Knowing that I didn’t come from a filmmaking background, I clearly didn’t do this on my own. Nobody can shoot a docuseries by himself. Well, not the type of docuseries we are going after anyway. I heard the smallest successful team can be just two people. You can find their stories on YouTube, pretty amazing actually. Our story is kinda memorable too. Of the three people I traveled with,...


Ep 189. Scarlet Parke: How I Became an Independent Singer and Songwriter

Scarlet Parke is a singer and songwriter. Originally from Seattle, WA., Scarlet was introduced to me through my audio producer, docuseries editor German Ceballos. Immediately after listening to her songs on Spotify, I knew I wanted her on the Feisworld Podcast. Why? Scarlet approaches music as not only as a musician, but as a business woman, making music a sustainable career.


Ep 188. Your help needed: Let’s make Feisworld better and create new stories together!

Every year, I reinvent a little bit more of myself and my business. So will Feisworld be different in 2019 than 2018, 2017? I say, hell yeah. Today, I find myself spending nearly all my spare time with people who are insatiably curious about other cultures and creating new things on their own. Their skin colors, the language they speak, the gods they pray to, don’t matter. There is a significant portion of the people whom I’m close to and seek inspirations from are first-generation...


Ep 187. Docuseries Mini 105: What I packed in one luggage for 3 weeks of docuseries travel

This episode is created for the ladies who’re planning on traveling for an extended period of time for their projects. By extended, we mean beyond 7 days, because that’s when it gets tricky! Another layer of complexity on top of being away from home is that you want to look good for your film. In this episode, I want to share the things I learned before/during/after the trip. Please share what you've found as well. Visit our blog to learn more: www.feisworld.com/blog/105 --- More...


Ep 186 (Mini): End of Year Recap & Reflections

No music, no intro. Just me talking into the mic for a short episode on some of my recent reflections traveling and making new (old) friends. Much love, Fei --- I'd LOVE to keep in touch with you in 2019. This is an invitation to add you to my friends and family email list. Modern day social media is tough and I can't keep up. I do much better with emails. I promise I'll keep them interesting and infrequent. Plus, you can unsubscribe at anytime. No bad feelings, I promise. I respect...


Ep 185. Docuseries Mini 104: How to Market Your Docuseries (Bonus: Tips for Marketing Overseas)

As I’m traveling in multiple cities in China, it made sense to report live from the East! At the time of this recording, I was on a train from Shanghai to Beijing, preparing for another mini-episode seemed like the perfect way to reflect. Traveling is exciting but the up and down time in between cities make me feel unsettled at times. In this episode, I want to talk about how to market your docuseries before post-production is done. Marketing is required, not optional. More docuseries...


[Rebroadcast] Krista Tippett and On Being: The Origin Stories

Krista Tippett (Peabody Award-winning broadcaster and New York Times bestselling author) reveals the different stages of her radio show On Being, from infancy to the enterprise it has become today. Success didn't come easy. She had to struggle and fight for years. Krista also opened up about her origin story. As a young girl, she was not a bookworm. At school, she signed up for a debate club, which changed her life forever. As a fellow podcaster and radio show host, I dug deep and found...


[Rebroadcast] Eli Schwamm: Real Empathy

Meet today's superhero, Eli Schwamm, who has appeared on an earlier episode of Feisworld in Episode 27 (nearly 3 years ago), where he introduced himself with a rap song he had written. That episode remains to be one of the most popular, most downloaded of all time. While in high school, Eli learned to produce music, had a near 4.0 GPA, and volunteered at Samaritans in Boston for a few years. He even went back there to continue his work during the summer when he’s in college. So where has...