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Finding Favorites is the podcast where we learn about guests favorite things and get recommendations without using an algorithm. Host Leah Jones explores how people found their favorites, why they love it and adventures they’ve had pursuing their favorite thing. We talk movies, music, hobbies and more!

Finding Favorites is the podcast where we learn about guests favorite things and get recommendations without using an algorithm. Host Leah Jones explores how people found their favorites, why they love it and adventures they’ve had pursuing their favorite thing. We talk movies, music, hobbies and more!


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Finding Favorites is the podcast where we learn about guests favorite things and get recommendations without using an algorithm. Host Leah Jones explores how people found their favorites, why they love it and adventures they’ve had pursuing their favorite thing. We talk movies, music, hobbies and more!






Mike Sacks loves the movie Over the Edge

Humorist Mike Sacks loves the movie Over the Edge and had the unique privilege of writing an oral history that led to a DVD re-release with commentary tracks. We discussed the 1979 movie that featured first-time actor Matt Dillon, the DC culture that created Kavanaugh and teen culture in the 70s and 80s. TwitterwebsiteWelcome to Woodmont College Passing on the RightPassing on the RightI am Super Pumped!!! Let's Do This Shit Show Links Over the Edge IMDBOver the Edge Oral History, ViceOver...


Christine Marie Eberle asks, ”what prompts you to prayer?”

Author Christine Marie Eberle joined Leah to discuss her new book Finding God Abiding and how she has built her personal practice of prayer. We dive into the Ignatian traditions, volunteer fire departments, and the Leah shares some ideas from Jewish prayer. Follow Christine online and pre-order a signed book from her neighborhood bookstore. Show Notes The Jewish prayer that never lets me downThree ways to pray IgnatianIgnatian...


Victor Wishna loves ”Weird Al” Yankovic

Playwright and journalist Victor Wishna loves a lot of things, but agreed to sit down and talk about "Weird Al" Yankovic this week. We also talk about how Leah's Facebook post about getting a Torah from Iowa to Paraguay inspired him to write a two act play - Tree of Life - which is now competing in the Jewish Plays Project. Follow Victor Wishna on twitter and vote for Tree of Life. Show Links Missouri and Kansas historyTorah scroll makes its way from Iowa to ParaguayTree of Life playWeird...


James Ziegenfus loves tracking his hobbies

James Ziegenfus loves riding his bike, baseball, music, travel and ice cream and he's kept a meticulous spreadsheet of data on many of his favorites things. On this episode, Leah and James dive into the decades of data that James has kept about baseball games, live concerts, plane travel and his physical music collection. He shares tips on how to keep quantitative data, using apps to supplement his notes and his new notebook on international ice cream recommendations. You can follow James...


Angelique Pesce loves reading

Author, attorney and costume designer - Angelique Pesce love of reading is at the center of everything we talk about on this episode. Her first novel, American Pastime, is available for pre-order and ships on June 7, 2022. Follow Angelique on Twitter, Facebook, and IMDB Follow @findingfavspod on Instagram and Twitter. Rate and review on Apple Podcasts Show Notes standing vs sittingThe Time Machine by H.G. WellsPerfume Story by Patrick SuskindFilmmaker Baz LuhrmannEdward...


Author Anita K Newman loves teaching little kids music

This week author and retired teacher Anita K. Newman sat down with Leah to talk about her new children's book Clark the Colorblind Chameleon, illustrated by Asha Hossein. We also talk about her love of teaching kids through music, taking voice lessons as a lifelong learner, and finding time to get two additional degrees while teaching! Clark the Colorblind Chameleon will be published on May 24, 2022. Transcript Follows ----more---- Anita 0:01 My name is Anita K. Newman, and my favorite...


Preparing for Pesach with Caroline Musin Berkowitz

Where are you leaving? Egypt Where are you going? Jerusalem What are you carrying? The bread of freedom Pesach (Passover) starts on Friday night and Caroline Musin Berkowitz joined Leah to talk about how she gets organized for the holiday. We talk about recipes, family traditions, finding the right haggadah, additions to the seder plate, and how to give gift to your future self with a good spreadsheet. Follow Caroline on Instagram and Twitter Keep up with Hashtag Daf Yomi on...


Author Deborah Greenhut loves challah, Joni Mitchell and Laura Nyro.

Deborah Greenhut, author of The Hoarder's Wife, joined Leah on Finding Favorites to discuss her debut novel, baking challah, and the music of Joni Mitchell and Laura Nyro. Deborah's debut novel is available on April 5, 2022, in print and digital. DeborahGreenhut.comThe Hoarder's WifeWoodhall PressChildren's travel books by DeborahGentle Art Swedish Death CleaningThe Settlement CookbookJoni Mitchell's mysterious illnessLaura NyroGershwin Plays Gershwin Transcript...


Katie Jones loves Reality TV (Guest Host Shai Korman)

Shai Korman, host of Friday Night Movie Podcast, joins the Finding Favorites team this week as guest host. He's talking to Katie Jones about her love of Reality TV. Show notes will be updated with links ASAP.


Cancer and Pop Culture Favorites

Host Leah Jones is the guest this week - talking about all of her favorite podcasts, TV shows, movies and other random stuff that kept her comfortable during primary cancer treatment. She rang the gong after her final radiation treatment on March 18, 2022, so this is a recap of just some of the stuff that she liked since her diagnosis. Podcasts TV Movies Apps Anticipating trips Random Cancer recommendations


Steve Higgins loves The Nightmare Before Christmas

Steve Higgins, an award-winning English professor at Lewis and Clark and your favorite poetry professor on Tik Tok, has loved The Nightmare Before Christmas for 30 years. We talk about merchandise, music and lessons for aliens in the Tim Burton classic. Follow Steve on Twitter and Tik Tok where he does one minute poetry lessons. Links PeacemakerRighteous Gemstones CBSBBCBeforeignersThe Nightmare Before ChristmasCorpse BrideBurger King WatchesOriginal TrailerSally's SongHow to light...


Author Jayne Martin loves Paris

California-based author Jayne Martin's favorite place is Paris, France, and we settled in to talk about the bread, the Eiffel Tower and people watching. Jayne's newest book, The Daddy Chronicles, is available for pre-order and will launch on March 15, 2022. Follow Jayne Martin online and pre-order The Daddy Chronicles The Daddy Chronicles: Memoir of a fatherless daughterJayne Martin's websiteFacebookTwitter @Jayne_MartinInstagram @jayne.martin.writer Show Notes Jennifer Weiner advice for...


TV gone Jewy with Esther Kustanowitz

Esther Kustanowitz, co-host of The Bagel Report, is back with another one of her favorite things - finding Jewish moments in pop culture! We talk about what representation meant to her as a kid and how it has changed over the last 15 years as Jewish moments on TV increase. How TV has embraced dybbuks, golems and other Jewish lore Twitter: @estherk @thebagelreport @tvgonejewy IG: @estherkustanowitz @TBRthepod FB: The Bagel Report TVGoneJewy The Bagel Report podcast, available wherever you...


Sarah M Anderson’s guide to Romance Books

Author Sarah M Anderson, who also writes as Maggie Chase and Sally Sultzman, joined Leah this week to share the story of how she became a prolific published author. With well over 40 romance books available, Sarah shares recommendations for all types of romance genres, YA romance and cozy mysteries. Follow Sarah online @sarahmanderson1Twitter Chase on Amazon (very spicy) Show Links Most popular baby names of...


Jessica loves traveling the world

Jess, a Wisconsin-based world-traveler, loves... well, she loves travel! In this episode, Jessica shares her story of how two week vacations turned into a three month trip and set the stage for her to travel abroad for one year and eight months. COVID may have brought her back to the States early, but it hasn't dampened her desire to share how to make long trips work. Follow Jessica, aka @bayjb, on Instagram Show Links The Professional HoboHow much does it cost to travel around the...


Adal Rifai loves Chicago restaurants (guest host Shai Korman)

Adal Rifai, a legendary Chicago-based podcaster, loves Chicago restaurants and joined guest host Shai Korman to give recommendations. Adal is Chunt on Hello from the Magic Tavern, hosts Hey Riddle Riddle and Siblings Peculiar. Shai is joining us from the Friday Night Movie Podcast. Follow Adal Rifai online Hello from the Magic TavernInstagram @adalrifaiTwitter @adalrifai Chicago Food Tour Follow @findingfavspod on Instagram and Twitter. Rate and review on Apple Podcasts Updates on...


Filmmaker Erika Valenciana with guest host Amy Güth

Erika Valenciana, a Chicago-based filmmaker, loves making her own clothes. She joins guest host Amy Güth to talk about documentary films, sewing and more. Catch up with Erika in Mexico City in March for the premier of her documentary La Mitad del Mundo! Follow Erika on Instagram and online with Diverse Voices in Docs, Stowe Story Labs. Erika and Magdelena Hernandez "La Mitad del Mundo" documentary film is going to premiere at Lit Luz in March Amy is the host of Unconventional with Amy Güth...


Scott “ToyGuru” Neitlich loves Toys with guest host Shai Korman

Scott “ToyGuru” Neitlich knows and loves toys. If you look around your house, you might have some that he helped bring into the world. Guest host Shai Korman sat down with Scott to learn more about his career, philosophy and why he loves Arbor Day so much. Shai brings over the Friday Night Movie Podcast signature game Buy, Rent, Meh for some tough choices. Follow @findingfavspod on Instagram and Twitter. Rate and review on Apple Podcasts Follow Shai AKA @pancake4table on Twitter and...


Vicki Güth loves gardening with Guest Host Amy Güth

Vicki Güth is an avid gardener who loves growing her own food. She's also guest host Amy Güth's mother. This week they got on the phone to talk in depth about gardening and more. Amy is the host of Unconventional with Amy Güth and Crain's Daily Gist. She also produces cultural events at 5959 in Chicago. Follow Amy on Instagram for yoga writing prompts and subscribe to her weekly email newsletter. Show Notes Quarterboards and MoreQuarterboards for a CauseMaster Gardeners...


Best of 2021 - A Call In Show

To close out 2021, I asked friends to send me voice memos about their favorite things in 2021. This clip show is made up of those voice memos covering all things personal, pop culture and professional. You've met most of the guests before and everyone is bringing a new favorite thing or an exciting update to their episode! Act 1 Friday Night Movie Podcast CatsCerealMurdoch MysteriesDoctor WhoThe most complete Disney library Act 2 League of SuperheroesPotenza ProductionsWomen's SportsDaily...