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Conversations with the music makers and the dreamers of dreams, the artists washing away from the soul the dust of everyday life. And other people too.

Conversations with the music makers and the dreamers of dreams, the artists washing away from the soul the dust of everyday life. And other people too.
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Conversations with the music makers and the dreamers of dreams, the artists washing away from the soul the dust of everyday life. And other people too.








Episode 11: Anderson Cowan

Anderson Cowan is a filmmaker living in Los Angeles, California, who hosts a number of podcasts, namely The Film Vault, Cinemaddicts, and The After Disaster. He's created a decent library of short films, and his first full length feature film, "Groupers" opened to a small select group of screenings in several cities across the country, and will be available sometime in 2019 for the rest of us. This was a significant undertaking, because it was completely done independently, with help from...


Episode 10 (Part 2): Ron Freeman

This is Part Two of my conversation with Ron Freeman (Just in case the title didn't give it away). If you've not listened to Part 1, How about checking that one out first? In this half, we chat a lot about community, and what that looks like in the world of The Freeman House Concerts as well as the Third Sundays at Third Way Cafe, which is a great Songwriters in the Round that takes place (you guessed it) on the third Sunday of each month at Third Way Cafe on West Broad, here on the west...


Episode 10 (Part 1): Ron Freeman

I honestly don't know how I ended up with 2 hours of tape with Ron Freeman. Actually, that's not entirely true. I had a feeling that when I invited Ron to sit down with me and chat, it would be a long and fruitful conversation. I tell you what, I enjoyed every single minute of it. Ron is a both deep thinker and a great songwriter. Those two rarely don't go well together (In case you missed the double negative, I just said that's a great combination). I think both my heart and my brain...


Episode 09: Joey Hendrickson

For this episode, I'm excited to bring you a conversation with Joey Hendrickson, songwriter, thinker, visionary, entrepreneur, and all around non-profit guru. He's the co-founder of the Columbus Songwriters Association, as well as the Columbus Music Commission and How to Build a Music City, and he's the owner of Sing Creative, a marketing consulting company he decided was something else he should throw his hat into (in addition to his day job). Why not? The man never sleeps, never stops. It...


Episode 08: Jamieson Ridenhour

I met Jamie Ridenhour through a mutual friend in North Carolina who was promoting Jamie's son's Kickstarter for his CD (both of whom I hope to have on the podcast soon as well!), and just knew I wanted to chat with him about all of his stuff. And a lot of stuff he has. He's a poet, author, playwright, podcaster, college professor, creator of short films, and a rock star guitar player. Jamie is the creator of the amazing new podcast, Palimpsest, available anywhere you listen to podcasts....


Episode 07: Ruvane

Wow, this guy. Ruvane has been making music his job for a long time. I got a chance to sit with him in his "Atmosphere Room" (I erroneously called it his Control Room) in his basement studio for a nice long chat. We talked about his history, his unique style, how he took a genre and made it his own, and also a good bit about his monopoly on the Coin Guitar Picks industry... Here's a picture of one he mentioned in the conversation. It's an 1853 Burma Myanmar 5 Mu Mindon Min 91.7% Silver...


Episode 06: Chris Shaw

In this episode, Chris Shaw comes by and we sit and talk about the many hats he wears around Columbus, and the way he wants to evolve as a musician. He really has a lot going on, and I try to cram it all in here... From Topher James and Biscuit Brigade to Andy Shaw Band to Shaw Brothers, to the Columbus Songwriting Workshop, Chris is staying plenty busy. Check out his many projects, especially the Songwriting Workshop, if you're a songwriter or songwriter wannabe. These guys really do have...


Episode 05: Daniel Ferlan

Ok, here's a new thing. This is an audio podcast, obviously, but I need to add a few things for your eyes so you can make sense of this episode. Today I'll be talking with Daniel Ferlan, a local painter who has a limited exhibit at Sharon Weiss Gallery in the Short North. That's at 20 East Lincoln Street, for you Columbus folks. For you non-Columbus folks, I realize that this one might feel a little exclusionary, what with me talking about you coming down to the gallery and all... Don't feel...


Episode 04: Hanif Abdurraqib

This time I get to talk with Hanif Abdurraqib: poet, essayist, and cultural critic from Columbus, Ohio. We talk a lot about his hometown here in Columbus, his work, and his poetry and essays.. You'll hear a couple of his pieces, one of which apparently is brand new! His first collection of poems, The Crown Ain't Worth Much, was released by Button Poetry in 2016. His first collection of essays, They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us, is forthcoming from Two Dollar Radio in winter 2017. You can...


Quick FITKPod Update from the Adirondacks

Hey everybody, haven't heard from me in a while, right? Listen for a quick update on what's been happening, where I am, and what to look forward to. I went on a hike this morning in the woods up here in the Adirondack Mountains, where I'm on vacation this week. I have been getting up at 5:30 every morning and walking around the camp and trails without another soul in sight. It's been quite lovely for this introvert. This is a picture of the trail I was on this morning, with the sun poking...


Episode 03: Phillip Fox

Phillip Fox knows why he is here, and knows what he loves. After spending 6 years on the road with the Phillip Fox Band, he's taking a breath and looking ahead towards what's next. We sit down (for what ends up being my longest interview yet!) and talk about a lot of good stuff. His history, growing up in Detroit, his high school rock band gig, and his thoughts on the craft of songwriting and what sometimes passes for it. He talks also about the disbanding of the Phillip Fox Band, how that...


Episode 02: Anthony Mossburg

Anthony and I sat down in the green room of the Peoples Bank Theatre in Marietta, OH and had a great conversation. We were performing there for an event that night, and since we were going to be in the same place at the same time, we decided to show up a couple of hours early so we could record this interview. Anthony's been through it. We talk about his plans for a pro football career, his time in the Christian Contemporary Music world, and how sharing a music video with someone on Twitter...


Episode 01: Kelly Zullo

Kelly Zullo and I don't go way back, but we go far enough for Columbus. We talk about her stint in Nashville, to Chicago where a loft bed company came into being, How she got to Ohio, and what she's looking ahead to for 2017. We recorded the episode in her brand new RV, about which she is going back and forth between ecstatic optimism and buyer's remorse. It was a great talk. This show features three of Kelly's songs, Firecracker, Trip Inside, and Gypsy, which can all be found (and tons...


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