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Everything you need to know about Sweden that isn't found in a normal guidebook...

Everything you need to know about Sweden that isn't found in a normal guidebook...
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Everything you need to know about Sweden that isn't found in a normal guidebook...




Episode 8 - Meeting the Expats

This is the first in a future of interviews with English-speaking expatriates that have moved to Sweden over the past years. Everyone has a story, everyone comes to Sweden for a reason be it love, economic or political. Martin tries to keep the interview as organic as possible to let the guest tell their story. In this first special episode Martin meets Lewis Lebolt who came to Sweden in 1973, it wasn't just a move of convenience. Lewis moved from Chicago Illinois in the United States to...


Episode 7 - Learning Swedish

Episode 7 Learning Swedish… Iain and Martin are by themselves in the studio this week, reminiscing on when they first started to learn Swedish. Together they discuss the in’s and out’s of having a bilingual family and explain how it isn’t as easy as people believe to speak English in a Swedish home. As the episode goes on they ask each other of certain Swedish words they love then the Swedish words they are not as keen on. Join the boys now and listen to how it was for them to learn Swedish….


Episode 6 - Alcohol & Sweden

Episode 6 Alcohol & Sweden… This Interesting cocktail is hosted by Martin and Ian with special guest Jeffrey Scott Brown, owner and Master Brewer at South Plains Brewery here in Malmö Sweden. In the studio today they discuss Swedens and Swedes attitude regarding Alcohol, from drinking mostly Brännvin (hard liquor) 120 years ago to becoming the worlds largest user per capita of BiB (Bag in Box) wine drinkers. At the moment roughly a third (32 percent) of all alcohol sold in Sweden is beer....


Episode 5 - Tech in Sweden

Here comes Episode 5… “Tech in Sweden” From Anders Celsius the inventor of the Thermometer in 1700’s to Skype and Spotify in the 2000’s Sweden is a Country of Inventors and Innovators… In the studio this week Martin is joined by Expat guest, Jared Middle Calf. Originally from Seattle USA Jared now living in Lund Skåne helps Martin explain the Swedish push on the world of Technology. They discuss everything from a money transferring application that has already 70% of the population signing...


Episode 4 - What is Brexit

We released another episode of the podcast “Fluently Swenglish” This morning... Todays episode is called ‘What is Brexit’ and is all about UK’s favorite subject! Forget the weather it’s time to discuss UK’s withdrawal from Europe… Will they go or will they stay? Martin and Iain try to make sense of the whole Brexit circus… Release Tuesday 26th March 2019 Find all past episodes here: https://FluentlySwenglish.podbean.com


Episode 3 - Music Through the Decades

Episode 3 of the podcast Fluently Swenglish. On this Episode Martin and Iain are back in the Studio breaking down and dissecting the decades of Sweden’s success within the music industry. Starting with Björn Skifs big US number 1 hit ‘Hooked on a feeling’ in 1974, then dancing through the rest of the 70’s to ABBA, glamming it through the 80’s with Europe’s ‘Final Countdown’, and taking a ‘Joy Ride’ with Roxette. After all that 80’s glam they Pop into the 90’s to discuss Sweden’s prominent...


Episode 2 - Sweden's Past

Fluently Swenglish podcast episode 2 ‘Sweden’s Past’. In the studio your hosts Martin and Iain are joined by this weeks guest, Restoration expert and Swedish history buff, Richard Leufstedt. Richard helps guide the boys through Sweden’s past, from the Vikings, to why Sweden transversed from being one of the poorest countries in the world to one of the richest.


Episode 1 - The Introduction

Your hosts Martin Giles & Iain Dace are a couple of Expats living in Malmö in Sweden... Between them, they have over 55 years experience about the pros and cons of living in Sweden as Expats... In this time they have mastered the way to live, survive and speak fluent Swenglish.. This new & exciting series of episodes will teach you all you need to know about Sweden, that isn’t in a normal guide book. They will cover unusual facts, stories, truths about this land of the midnight sun, IKEA,...