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Let’s talk about the place we love to work, live and PLAY, the Fraser Valley outside of Vancouver, Canada! Arts, music, business, health, housing, politics, food/spirits, environment, education, local sports, and more!

Let’s talk about the place we love to work, live and PLAY, the Fraser Valley outside of Vancouver, Canada! Arts, music, business, health, housing, politics, food/spirits, environment, education, local sports, and more!




Let’s talk about the place we love to work, live and PLAY, the Fraser Valley outside of Vancouver, Canada! Arts, music, business, health, housing, politics, food/spirits, environment, education, local sports, and more!






Going on Hiatus!

This has been an exciting year for us here at Events Plus Management Ltd. Being in the events management industry, we’re always looking for new ways to support the Exhibitors at our shows, the Fraser Valley Wedding Festival and the […]


Lessons of a Food Truck, with Ryan Moreno of Joseph Richard Group

If you love to cook, you’ve probably fantasized about running a food truck! The freedom to move to where the people are, the sunshine beaming down on you and your hungry customers, and a flexible menu on a chalkboard that […]


How A Company That Started On Someone’s Coffee Table Went Global, with Alexandria MacFarlane of Truly Lifestyle Brand

If you have a dream to build something that’s your very own – a small business that you can grow, whether it starts as a side hustle and becomes your full time gig, or if you’ve just got an idea […]


Discovering local trails in the Fraser Valley, with Katrina Abram and Jenny Quilty of Pacific Pine Running Co

We are so very, very lucky to live where we do. The Fraser Valley consistently ranks as one of the most liveable, accessible, inclusive, and most beautiful places on earth. And with spring now in full swing, now is the […]


Fighting Period Poverty In The Fraser Valley With The Sahaara Foundation

If you’ve heard of period poverty, you probably heard about it related to other countries, mostly overseas. Period poverty refers to the ridiculously high cost of purchasing sanitary products for menstruating women, like pads and tampons. I’ll bet most men […]


Lessons of a Life In Professional Sport, with Shoshauna and Will Routley of Healthy Hooch

For any parent that has stood shivering in the rain on the sidelines of a soccer field, and told themselves they were doing something great for the kids, well, it turns out, you were absolutely right! Sports teach us a […]


Writing During the Pandemic with Alison Tedford

In the last year, I’ll bet you’ve adopted some new hobbies, like perhaps knitting, baking sourdough, or rearranged your furniture for the ten thousandth time? Or, maybe you’re one of the many who took advantage of this time to get […]


Hyper-local Foodie Tourism in the Fraser Valley, with Lise of Chew On This Tasty Tours

It’s the PERFECT week to talk about this, don’t you think? Like you, I was not surprised to hear Dr. Henry and Minister Dix ask us not to travel outside of our health authorities. But instead of seeing that as […]


Modern Marriage That Lasts, With Rev. Sophia Ducey of the United Churches of Langley

Marriage today is very different than it was 100 years ago, 50 years ago, or even 10 years ago. What does it take to plan a good marriage, and stay together? My guest today is a rather a-typical pastor at a church that describes itself as being pluralistic, relevant, and inclusive. Her self-description includes words like, “alternative” and “transformational”. She’s also the co-host and producer of a new podcast called “Shift”. Her organization, the United Churches of Langley, has an...


Exploring Italian Culture Through Food, with Mamma Marzia

Do you dream of lasagna? Cannelloni? Pasta e fagioli? (I sure do.) And I’m sure I’m not the only one. I mean, everybody loves Italian food. Everybody! Even if you don’t consider yourself a cook, I’m sure you can throw together a little penne and olive oil once in a while. There’s so much to know about Italian culture: the geography, the climate, the ancient history, the religion, and of course, the shoes! And today we’re going to explore that through talking about food with someone who...


Classical Music in the Fraser Valley, an Interview with Dr. Calvin Dyck, Concert Violinist, and the Director of the Abbotsford Youth Orchestra

I know you miss live music. The romance, the atmosphere, the bounce of sound around a large room, the dedication of the performers showing in every draw of the bow or pluck of an individual string. Don’t worry, we will […]


The PUPPY Episode! With Liz Gaige of Fuzzy Buddy

If you have even been thinking about adopting a dog during this past year, or if you already have a fuzzy buddy to love, this is the episode for you. We’re going to talk about training, improving your relationship with your dog, and more.


Avoiding Digital Overwhelm With Angela Crocker

Has this year been just a little too much about social media? How about keeping track of all your documents? And what about all those photos that are so tough to organize? Is it becoming difficult to find that one […]


Making Art In Tough Times, An Audio "Paintalong" with Freda Lombard of Zealous Art in Surrey

Today, I’m thrilled to be creating something with someone who has become well-known not only in the Surrey and Langley area, but beyond. Freda Lombard has been conducting painting classes for years, but when the pandemic hit, she decided to take her classes online! Since March 16th, 2020, she has been offering weekly painting classes - FREE classes - on Tuesday nights via Facebook live broadcasts! And this week, on Tuesday March 16th, she is doing her 100th free class on the one year...


Reducing Your Plastic Consumption with Salina Derish of Pick Eco Zero Waste Grocery Store in Chilliwack

While some plastic use is absolutely necessary and saves lives, such as in the medical field, others are totally optional. What if you could reduce your plastic use by 20%? 50%? What if our ultimate goal was over 90%? Here to talk to us today about this very real possibility is a woman who puts her money where her mouth is. With her husband, she’s the owner of a new retail store that not only offers refillable packaging on things like bulk foods, but also things like shampoo, household...


Interview With Fraser Valley-Based Hip-Hop And Spoken Word Artist Saint Soldier

There are not many things that are more representative of our Valley than our music. My Guest today Saint Soldier, is, like many of us, an immigrant to Canada, originally from India. His work is collaborative, beautiful, and both soft and energetic at the same time. Leaning more towards smooth grooves than the American influences of the big name hip-hop artists, he has carved out a niche for himself that has broad appeal, while staying true to his culture and his roots. His lyrics are...


Setting Goals, and Ways to Actually Achieve Them, With Jennifer Diotte of ProMentality

My guest today is a specialist in the art of setting and achieving goals. Her work in counselling psychology, and especially, her work with performance athletes - and as an athlete herself, has helped her understand first-hand the obstacles we all face, and what it takes to overcome them. She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor through the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. She completed a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (MACP) through Yorkville University. Additionally, she is...


Virtual Doctor Appointments and More: Changes to Health Care, With Dr. Ruby Gupta

So many things have changed in the last year, and one of the biggest is how our health care is managed. More and more, we’ve already seen opportunities for virtual doctor appointments, including video calls, phone appointments, and perhaps in cases such as renewing prescriptions, no appointments at all. What does all of this mean? Is it more cost-effective and convenient for both us and the medical system? What about health care workers who can now work virtually?


Scholarships, And So Much More: The Abbotsford Community Foundation, with Wendy Neufeld

Supporting a community happens in so many ways, both large and small. Perhaps it’s about fostering education through scholarships and grants, perhaps it’s about sharing our heritage stories, and let’s not forget supporting programs for youth, including sports, nutrition, camps, and so much more. The people behind many of these community building programs in the City of Abbotsford is the Abbotsford Community Foundation. This one organization funds a truly surprising number of programs all...


The BABY episode! Talking with Abbotsford Doulas Stephanie Penner and Michelle Short of Wildflower Birth Collective

In this episode, we talk with Abbotsford Doulas Stephanie Penner and Michelle Short of Wildflower Birth Collective about modern home births, options available to women in the birth process, how important it is to be your own advocate, and all that pressure about birth, nursing, and parenting.