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The Truth is Funny! Join L.A. comedian Issac Bright as he rants, kvetches and laughs at the trending topics of the day while Yofi, his loose cannon Terrier Sidekick, sits and howls nearby. Thought engaging guests from all genres and backgrounds hop on each episode to take your pod life to the next level.

The Truth is Funny! Join L.A. comedian Issac Bright as he rants, kvetches and laughs at the trending topics of the day while Yofi, his loose cannon Terrier Sidekick, sits and howls nearby. Thought engaging guests from all genres and backgrounds hop on each episode to take your pod life to the next level.


Van Nuys, CA


The Truth is Funny! Join L.A. comedian Issac Bright as he rants, kvetches and laughs at the trending topics of the day while Yofi, his loose cannon Terrier Sidekick, sits and howls nearby. Thought engaging guests from all genres and backgrounds hop on each episode to take your pod life to the next level.








The Brightness 3.06 - A PCR Anon Phone Call (Expert Analysis of the Test), A Wee Wee at Wi spa, San Diego Elf, Mom vs Ida

Issac jumps back into the Brightness with tales of a San Diego Elf (4:04) and the colossal Oy Vey Battle between his Mom and Hurricane Ida (11:30) The recent Jab madness (18:14) Next, it’s on to Wi Spa in Korea Town where a Trans Incident and protest rocked the neighborhood. What’s the answer to the bathroom conundrum? And why aren’t hot trans babes walking into Men’s rooms? (26:07) Finally, an anonymous health practitioner calls in from a payphone and puts the kibosh on the ridiculous PCR...


The Brightness 3.05 - Yasha - ‘The King of Orange County’. Sauron is here. Thrown out of Gelsons. Laughtrack Rona Newz.

Old School Funkadelic starts off a jam packed show. As darkness spreads through the land The Brightness is here to bring the light (4:52) Dude, you got thrown out of Gelsons? (11:16) A seismic game changer in the rona game is discussed before a live studio audience (18:51). You want opinions? We got Opinions! Yasha, OC Royalty, comes on to unapologetically opine on the world and he doesn’t care about your feelings (36:48). Support the show (


The Brightness 3.04 - Andrea Elliott - 'Intuitive Seduction'. Pan Sexual Party. Gay Comic Con Date. The Horny Song?

Issac welcomes his new audience and then answers the question, what is a Pansexual Party? It’s not what you think (3:10) Is the way to Issac’s first SD Comic Con, a Gay Date? (13:18) What’s a Demi-Sexual? Is Horny a new Gender Identity? WTF is the Horny Song??? (22:39) News Break (28:40) Issac & The Yof then travel deep into the depths of the Calabasas Mountains to meet with Andrea Elliott who talks intuition, lighting yourself up in your life, being a Founding Mother of a new way of...


The Brightness 3.03 - Robert Max - ‘Authentic Sound & The Future of Music’ . Jab Gab. Population Reduction=Hot New Asian GF

Issac boldly dives headfirst into the Jab Controversy and tries his best to squeeze as much humor and love out of the mess that he can. (4:22) A Malaria analogy (12:36) If the world is wiped out does that mean you get an Asian GF (17:19) Finally, Issac is joined by Robert Max, a master of sound and music, as they talk through the cycles of music and debate on whether or not Yofi will poop on his carpet. (29:55) Also, a Legendary Music Producer just happens to call in during the interview,...


The Brightness 3.02 - Kelly Puente - ‘Heels on the Ground Real News’. Prince vs MJ & Live Aid. My Beetchin Camaro. LA Dating Hell.

It’s Prince’s B-Day! Issac celebrates by bringing his 79 Camaro home from the shop (3:52). What would Prince think of the world today? A look at his battle with MJ & Live Aid would be a major clue (7:29). Finally, Kelly Puente comes up from the LBC to talk about real local news, censorship, advocacy journalism and finding a dude in a sea of toads in LA Dating App Hell (26:10).


The Brightness 3.01 - Bentley Mitchum ‘The Truth Unleashed’, Setting Personal Boundaries, Green Screen Joe, Hot Sexy WH Cams

Free Brightness is back and has a new format! Issac now pilots the Brightness Pod solo with Yofi riding shotgun. He gets into setting personal boundaries & dealbreakers (3:28) the absurdity of CGI Joe (11:51) Sexy Time with the WH Cam (14:51) and then brings on the one and only Bentley Mitchum (23:42) who breaks down what's been going on in our world today and for centuries as only he can.


Free Brightness 29 - Age of Podquarius! The High School Prez & The Prom Prince. The Purple Party’s National Security Personality Screening.

Recorded on the First Day of the Age of Aquarius our Podquarians are here to bring the Brightness! JFA gives the future Senator Bright of the Purple Party the official questionnaire given to all elected officials to assess whether or not they are a threat to the United States. Did Issac pass??? (7:13) Later, Issac tells the story of becoming a School President while JFA regales us with his path to becoming a Prom Prince (56:54)


Free Brightness 28 - I’m Free, Leave Me Alone, Eff Off! Rudy & The Borat Beauty. Cosby. Biggie & Pac. My new Record Player!

We first get two perfect sounds from Little Yofi and then get into Giuliani’s shvitzing episodes and the Borat stunt (6:30) The Artist vs the Human, what to do with Bill Cosby (13:24) The Hip Hop Crime Unit gets to the bottom of the Biggie & Tupac mystery (18:52) JFA & Issac get into a Rock-em Sock-em Political Throwdown!!! (24:47) The Record Player Experience (54:10) Support the show (


Free Brightness 27 - Election Shenanigans! Naked FaceTime. Hot Drunk Aesthetician. Jerry Springer Dating Show. Sexy Tea Drinking.

First a recap of Bill Clinton’s tweets at JFA and then Free Brightness goes into all of the Election Cahoots & Mishegas (4:49) Oregon Decriminalizes Drugs, Issac criminalizes Tea (24:37) Naked FaceTime (28:21) JFA’s appearance on Jerry Springer’s Dating Show ‘Baggage’ and the Metro Contestant reminds Issac of his date long ago with a Drunk Aesthetician (43:28) Support the show (


Free Brightness 26 - The Art of Manifesting What you Want. Dodger Blues. JFA in the Big 'Insult Comedy' House. Issac's Pick for POTUS.

The Brighters have Moved! Well, at least Issac has. A deep dive into the Art of Manifestation and how to create the life you deserve (6:44) The Dodgers finally won! Why is JFA not so stoked? (25:14) That time when JFA went to the Big House and met a bunch of Don Rickles wannabes (46:35) The Global Social Media Censorship Campaign (52:30) Predictions for 2021 (59:28) Issac's Bold Pick for President (1:06:19) Support the show (


Free Brightness 25 - The Purple Pit! Gavin & Gwen. CBGBs. Broadway Chatter. Bar-Mitzvah Blues. The Pick-Up Artist. Gaslights.

A Symphony of Yofi howls start a Jam Packed Topic-Palooza of Pod Goodness. Take a journey through Shmube Tube Boober Tikity Tok Shmock (7:41) AI Fake Profiles (13:01) Prince Stories & The Purple Pit (15:15) Gavin & Gwen Concert Stories (24:51) A CBGB Performance (29:27) Winning Broadway Lotteries (31:50) Bar-Mitzvah Heartbreaks (41:13) Becoming a Pick Up Artist (47:11) Police Reform (1:00:48) What the Hell is Gaslighting??? (1:06:40) Support the show...


Free Brightness 24 - Prince & The Album Experience: A Love Letter to Vinyl, Revolutionary Audio Speakers, Issac's Health Tips, JFA's Words of Inspiration

It’s the High Holy Days of Podcasts! Issac went to the Beach for Yom Kippur while JFA was ‘Gone fishing’. The FreeB’ers celebrate Sean Connery & Bonds (5:05) JFA's Body Zap Workout (10:48) Issac drops lots of Super Helpful Health Tips! (15:21) Vegan vs Meat Eating Debate…with no interrupting! (22:22) JFA’s smooth dulcet words of inspiration (26:18) Baseball Cards! (29:01) Prince Deluxe Sign O’ the Times, Vinyl & The Album Experience (32:26) Revolutionary Speakers (44:30) Support the show...


Free Brightness 23 - Noble Idiots. Andy Kaufman. Doggie Clones. Oscar Diversity. Trans Pronoun Trouble.

The Brighters start off talking about flirting at Erewhon. Have you ever lied about living in a Beach House? Do you know what a Noble Idiot is? Are you one? Are you Dating an Actor?(4:26) Ready for a Super Scary Streaming Halloween Show? (14:08) Andy Kaufman Celebration Story (20:36) Would you Clone your Doggie? (30:15) What do you think about the new Oscar Diversity Mandate? (42:13) Are you having Transgender Pronoun Trouble? (52:35) Support the show...


Free Brightness 22 - Wet A$$ Podcast! Glory Glory Hole-lalujah! I’m a Cereal Dater. Biblical Karens.

The Free Brighters romp through Political Clones, Empty Sports and the lover spats of the UFC before landing on the question: What’s a Livid Issac Meme? You will NOT beiieve the New ‘Rona Sex Guidelines (14:28) Biblical Karens and is Kevin really a Kevin (30:40) Our Hot new Social Media Manager (45:14) I’m a Cereal Dater (47:48) WAP WAP WAP (52:53)


Free Brightness 21 - Ernie C of Body Count - Interview of a Rock Legend! Comic Book Geekery. Trivia Dates. Greatest Novel Ever.

Before we get to Rock God Ernie C, Issac & JFA indulge our Comic Geek and Nerd Culture listeners with a chat about Comic Books and the current state of the industry. Next, would you take a first date to Trivia Night? (14:03) The biggest obstacle in LA Dating vs NY dating (16:12) What’s the Greatest Novel ever? (19:10) Finally, an Interview you don’t wanna miss! Ernie talks BLM, Race, Cop Killer, Music, Influences, Sly Stone, Jane's Addiction & Prince! (20:54) Support the show...


Free Brightness 20 - Who’s the Wayfairest of them All? Angel of Death Logistics, Vegan Hot Dog Anarchy! Hold my Purse Honey.

Howl Yofi Howl! A Jam packed Show on our Shiny New Gear! A Stuffed Frog inspires a conversation on the Angel of Death (2:07) Mask Quibbling (11:42) Vegan Hot Dog Revolution (16:14) I wanna Lower your Sexpectations & Women Tests (21:55) China’s Moon Telescope (30:00) Capitalism vs Socialism Debate (32:09) Freebrighter Female Preferences (41:32) The Wayfair Madness OMG (45:57) Support the show (


Free Brightness 19 - Yeezy’s Hip Hop Prezidency, Vegassss & Guns! I’m a Me Too Hero, Our New Evil Sponsor

The show starts off with a literal Bang! Then our Freebrighters talk about the Ladies including Issac’s Me Too Hero moment (7:26) Worst names ever (18:20) Our new Evil Sponsor (21:17) Kanye’s Hip Hop Administration (25:17) Free Brightness in Vegassss…with Guns! And Comics Books! (31:50) Fishing for D*** (45:30) Issac’s NY Stomp (47:19) Support the show (


Free Brightness 18 - Eddie Murphy. Panty Raid! Doggie at a Protest. Fat Nerd vs Fit Nerd. The Mask-erade. New Netflix & Chills

Oh my God...Is Eddie Murphy making a Comedy Comeback?!? What's wrong with Groundhog Day? (6:22) Issac's adolescent Panty Raid (9:36) Yofi goes to a Protest while JFA can’t find it (13:55) Fat Nerd vs a Fit Nerd (20:49) I went to a Gym! Here's what happened (24:32) The Maskerade (27:52) Zoom Commercials (37:35) Hot Bottomface (41:21) New Streaming Hookup Phrases (50:13) Support the show (


Free Brightness 17 - No Podcast No Peace! - The Worldwide Protests. Arclight Stories. First Zoom Movie. Solar Flares.

What the hell is going on out there??? We got you. JFA & Issac go into all of it and bring their special brand of umm…specialness to the worldwide protests. Issac also recounts his experience cast in a film as a Hip Hop Kid in NYC (18:13) Sid Meier’s Civilzation (25:12) You wanna go out and Uber now??? (28:48) Odes to Arclight (33:09) The First Ever Zoom Movie (38:38) Solar Flares and Us (41:04) What’s the solution? (45:22) JFA's DUI (52:25) Support the show...


Free Brightness 16 - KROQ DJ Megan Holiday, Zoom Funerals??? Hot Steamy Zoom Dates

Up first, Food Network Food Shovelers (2:53), Then, Issac rails against the insanity of a Zoom Funeral (6:28). Next, JFA details the sexy particulars of his recent steamy Zoom date (24:50). Finally, our first ever Guest is KROQ DJ Megan Holiday and her Inspirational story of music, recovery, the gratitude of getting a second chance, being genuine & Drive-In Raves (32:58). Support the show (