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"How has the internet revolutionised work? Creative guests tell host Suchandrika Chakrabarti how their industry has moved from analogue to digital."

"How has the internet revolutionised work? Creative guests tell host Suchandrika Chakrabarti how their industry has moved from analogue to digital."


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"How has the internet revolutionised work? Creative guests tell host Suchandrika Chakrabarti how their industry has moved from analogue to digital."






Grieving our mothers online, with author Rachel Vorona Cote

Author Rachel Vorona Cote joins Suchandrika Chakrabarti on Freelance Pod's first birthday episode, to talk about grieving in a digital age. We first spoke after I read Rachel's Longreads piece, The Fraught Culture of Online Mourning (, earlier this year. Rachel had lost her mother 18 months before writing the essay. She took to the internet during her mother's last illness, tweeting updates. Soon after her death,...


"A box of neon sex delights" - Standard Issue meets Freelance Pod at the Boulevard Theatre, Soho

It's a Standard Issue x Freelance Pod crossover episode! I met up with Jen Offord, Mickey Noonan and Hannah Dunleavy at the Boulevard Theatre, Soho, to talk about our upcoming live shows there, how the internet has changed journalism, feminism and what their live recording has in store for the audience. Here's the Instagram album containing the picture we talk about in the cold open. It's definitely worth a look, especially if you love neon! You'll also hear a little bit from writer Gemma...


"During war, all relationships are temporary" - London Podcast Festival live show with Syrian refugee, Abdulwahab Tahhan

This very special episode of Freelance Pod was recorded in front of a live audience at the London Podcast Festival in September 2019! Pod fave Abdulwahab Tahhan returns for this 90-minute episode, in conversation on-stage at Kings Place with host Suchandrika Chakrabarti. Syrian refugee, stand-up comedian, journalist, lecturer, a person who's now clear on what the word 'loo' means... Abdul's got some good stories to tell. He takes us on a journey from his childhood in Aleppo all the way to...


The Telegraph's head of social, Beth Ashton, on news in a multi-platform age

Beth Ashton, The Telegraph's head of social media, kindly invited me over to their offices to tell me about how they do... social media. Traditionally, The Tele's newspaper readers have been amongst the oldest in the UK, which should present a challenge to converting them into online readers. They've also got a metered paywall and Premium content that stops quick and easy reads or sharing. Nevertheless, as Beth tells us, The Tele is one of the few news websites to make Snapchat work, and...


BBC Radio 4 Extra's Amanda Litherland on her Podcast Radio Hour, comedy and interviewing

BBC Radio 4 Extra's Podcast Radio Hour has become another way to discover great podcasts, as well as an opportunity for some lucky podcasters to get heard on the radio. Host and producer Amanda Litherland came up with the idea a few years ago, and found herself thrown in front of the microphone. Luckily, her comedy background has helped her presenting, although she is open about only practice can give you interviewing skills - and the confidence to ask those questions. On this episode,...


Guide to the London Podcast Festival 2019 with programmer Zoe Jeyes

Here it is, the Freelance Pod guide to the London Podcast Festival 2019, with programmer Zoë Jeyes! Zoë is Deputy MD and Comedy Programmer at Kings Place, and has been working there since it opened 11 years ago. A longtime podcast fan, she first floated the idea of a festival in 2014, with the first one going ahead in 2016. Since then, podcasting as a medium - and an industry - has exploded, and the 2019 festival is set to be the biggest one yet, with 60 live shows and a whole weekend of...


Former Sunday Times Style editor Jackie Annesley on swapping newspapers for tech

"I loved being a journalist," writes Jackie Annesley in a frank essay about losing her last job in journalism, as editor of The Sunday Times Style supplement, where, among many other things, she commissioned the PanDolly podcast from two of her columnists; it's now better known by its second name, The High Low, with journalists Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton. Jackie's exit from The Sunday Times is accompanied with euphemisms about 'replacement' and 'commercial decisions'. In the months...


Matt Cooke of Google News Labs still buys his local newspaper

Matt Cooke is Head of Partnerships & Training, Google News Lab, part of the Google News Initiative. Google News has been a major factor in completely changing how news is indexed, distributed, discovered and consumed. That's because the internet has changed news distribution to include you, the reader, the audience, yes you, you control what you want to see, when you want to see it. Alongside sharing and self-publishing on social media, Google indexing news has completely changed the...


"Being a refugee is a dream come true" - preview of London Podcast Festival live recording with Syrian comic Abdulwahab Tahhan

Did you know that there's a Freelance Pod live event at the London Podcast Festival in September? Yup, alongside big hitters like The Guilty Feminist, Have You Heard George's Podcast and The Allusionist, Freelance Pod is going to have its first live event, and you can be part of the audience! Click this link for more information, and to buy tickets for under a tenner. This episode is a little introduction to the live event guest, Abdulwahab Tahhan. Abdul came to London from Syria as a...


Why Jenny Stallard is launching Freelance Feels on National Freelancers Day

Journalist, author and founder of the soon-to-be-launched Freelance Feels, Jenny Stallard joins me on the podcast to talk about her career moving from print to digital, her freelancing journey and why freelancers need to more vigilant about our mental wellbeing than the more traditionally employed. I've written here about how freelancing got me down, and how this podcast solved it! Love U, Freelance Pod! Along the way, she looks back at the creation of mega-helpful freelancer Facebook...


Delia Cai's Deez Links is a Snapchat streak that grew up to be a newsletter

Deez Links is "a dailyish link to cool shit happening in & around the media industry." Each day, Delia Cai - also Growth & Trends Editor at Buzzfeed - sends out one link. Just one link. She really sells it, in the way you'd want a particularly well-informed and fun friend to sell it to you. It's working out for her - Deez Links turned three in February, and was recently voted fourth most popular media newsletter, after Nieman Lab, Axios and American Press Institute. Delia guests on the...


Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones on Black Mirror Season 5

We've got a new season of Black Mirror on Netflix, so here are Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones to talk us through Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too, Smithereens and Striking Vipers. They also take the piss out of each other and make me LOL. Don't worry, there aren't any spoilers, so you're safe to listen before watching the season. It is, however, extremely sweary right from the start. Along the way, there are bits on Newswipe and Screenwipe, a blast from the past of the Unnovations...


Mental Health Awareness Week and The Colour of Madness, with Dr Samara Linton

This episode for Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK features Dr Samara Linton, and will be out later today. She tells me about putting together The Colour of Madness, the book that she co-edited. It's about the black and minority ethnic experience of mental illness, mainly in the UK, the medical services around it and how racial stereotypes remain, grimly, a part of that process. The book that takes a frank, clear-eyed look at how the failures of those services can lead to vulnerable...


When news met the internet, with Twitter's Director of Curation, Joanna Geary - Part Two

It's part two of my interview with Twitter's Director of Curation, Joanna Geary. She takes us through her career from working at The Guardian to starting out at Twitter in 2013, with loads of great insight on how the journalism industry has tried and tried and tried again to mould itself to the demands of the internet. Joanna's also got some great tips on taking your skills out of the newsroom and into a tech company, if you're starting to look at other options. -- How has your industry...


When news met the internet, with Twitter's Director of Curation, Joanna Geary - Part One

Joanna Geary started out as a print journalist in 2004 - as a business reporter on the Birmingham Post - and ended up in charge of Twitter's Curation team in 2017. That's a job and a company that didn't exist when she started her career. From blogging in Birmingham and using Facebook to find people on the scene of the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, to setting up Hacks/Hackers in London, via The Times' paywall and The Guardian's social strategy, Joanna tells me how her career has been shaped...


What journalists should know about content marketing, with Contently's Deanna Cioppa

Every freelancer I've interviewed for this podcast - or just met in the past 11.5 months of freelancing - has worn multiple work hats. It's just the way of things, as freelance consumer journalism is very unlikely to pay the bills to live in a major western city in 2019 AD. Talk to freelancers making decent money from content marketing, and they'll most likely mention Contently. Founded in 2011, the platform works with brands to find them storytellers. Deanna Cioppa, Executive Editor at...


Podcasts and newsletters go together, with Caroline Crampton

If you're a keen podcast listener, you might recognise Caroline's name from the Hot Pod newsletter, or, since yesterday, from The Browser's daily inbox offering. Sign up for The Listener here: Podcasts and newsletters have a lot in common: each one develops its own voice and character, and gets delivered into its audience's private spaces: ears and email inbox. Caroline and I discuss how both are a good substitute for having your own column. Caroline's got a book...


Freelance Pod on BBC Radio 4's Podcast Radio Hour

Bonus mini-episode! Freelance Pod was featured on BBC Radio 4 Extra's Podcast Radio Hour! Host Amanda Litherland and guest Renay Richardson listened to a clip from the third episode of the podcast, Music sounds better with you, feat. BBC 6 Music producer Shola Aleje. They went on to discuss Shola's advice on making a podcast, freelancing and self-care. Find the whole show on BBC Sounds here. -- How has your industry moved from analogue to digital? Each episode, creative guests tell host...


Less journalistic objectivity, more activism, with Lewis Raven Wallace

Two years ago, audio producer Lewis Raven Wallace was fired from his job at Marketplace, a radio programme made by American Public Media. He had refused to take down a blogpost he had written in response to Donald Trump's recent inauguration, Objectivity is dead, and I’m okay with it. As a member of a marginalised group - Lewis is trans - he delves into the myth of 'journalistic objectivity', which is central to American journalism. Who gets to occupy this central space and view the news...


Always Be Learning, with The Writing Coach Podcast's Rebecca L. Weber

This episode's guest is writer, coach and podcaster Rebecca L. Weber. Born and raised in Boston, Rebecca takes us along on her journey from the US to South Africa, and from teaching to journalism to teaching writers to build freelance businesses, and coaching those new to writing on their way to becoming freelancers. Like many freelance writers, Rebecca wrote a newsletter, but it only really started making sense when she converted it into The Writing Coach Podcast. Through podcasting, she...