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A podcast about all things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, hosted by friends Kyle Schonewill and Robby Earle.

A podcast about all things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, hosted by friends Kyle Schonewill and Robby Earle.


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A podcast about all things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, hosted by friends Kyle Schonewill and Robby Earle.






RW 17 - Is This Your King?

We are first introduced to T'Challa and the legend of the Black Panther during the catastrophic events of Captain America:Civil War. Now it's time to journey into Wakanda for the 17th film in the Friends From Work rewatch journey, Black Panther. Listen as Kyle and Robby discuss everything that makes this film so great, as well as some of its shortcomings. This film has the largest disparity in where Kyle and Robby rank it on their MCU lists.


RW 16 - Catastrophe

In a few ways, "Captain America: Civil War" is not only a culmination of many events for Tony and Steve, but also for Kyle and Robby and Friends From Work. While Civil War is often heralded as one of the best films in the MCU, take a listen as Robby and Kyle break down the epic conclusion of the Captain America trilogy and all of the massive implications that this film has for the rest of the saga. "It is as I said; catastrophe."


Catching Up

Robby and Kyle have quite a few miscellaneous things that they need to cover. Topics include the new Disney+ shows trailer, the upcoming rewatch film Civil War, and the new Friends From Work website!


RW 15 - Back it Up

Friends From Work is back for another rewatch episode! This time, Kyle, Robby and two very special guests, Annika and Kandace, break down everything in Ant Man. This is the 15th movie in our rewatch and sits firmly in phase 3. Paul Rudd!


RW 14 - Mr. Doctor

Friends From Work kicks off phase 3 and the 14th movie in the MCU Rewatch Journey with Doctor Strange. This is our first look at Stephen Strange in the MCU and at times it can be quite stunning. Listen as Robby, Kyle, and as a special guest, Kyle Cousins, discuss what worked and didn't work with Doctor Strange.


What's New in the MCU

Robby and Kyle are back for another MCU news episode. Tune in to stay caught up on all things Marvel related. They discuss the new Disney+ shows, Black Widow and the new films, PLUS the brand new Morbius trailer and Spider-Man video game!


Ultron Continued: SPOILERS

The Avengers: Age of Ultron discussion continued. Kyle and Robby briefly discuss the scene in the second Avengers film where Mjolnir slightly wiggles. Because this episode contains serious spoilers for the future, Friends From Work wanted to put this brief discussion into a separate episode. Listen at your own risk!


RW 13 - Peace In Our Time

Avengers: Age of Ultron is the 13th film in the rewatch journey but it is also the culmination of Phase 2. The Friends From Work team has been anticipating this movie since the beginning of this podcast. This film is a key cog in the greater Infinity Saga and is full of important details going forward. Listen to Kyle and Robby contend that this is the most underrated movie in the entire MCU.


The Saga So Far - Part 2

Avengers: Age of Ultron is a movie that without fully understanding all of the pieces in play can come across as just a bunch of meaningless action. Kyle and Robby are here to help with a recap of the most important events thus far before heading into the second of the Avengers films. This is a must listen before watching Age of Ultron and Civil War.


Beyond the MCU: Star Wars

Every once in a while, Kyle and Robby slightly diverge from the Marvel Universe and cover something that's only loosely related to the MCU. This time, Friends From Work dives into the new film, Rise of Skywalker and the rest of the Star Wars universe, which makes for a pretty interesting discussion.


RW 12 - On Your Left

Friends From Work is back from the holidays in a big way with their discussion on "Captain America: The Winter Solider." The second installment in the Captain America trilogy is the 12th movie in the rewatch experience. It is commonly admired as one of the best films in the entire MCU. Have fun being a part of listening to Robby and Kyle break down this work of art.


RW 11 - Cheap Trick and a Cheesy One-Liner

Merry Christmas from Friends From Work!! Iron Man 3 is the final movie in the Iron Man trilogy, but the Tony Stark narrative is just getting started. It is also the exact midpoint in the Friends From Work Rewatch Experience. Kyle and Robby are back to discuss Tony, Pepper, and Happy amongst other things. The ranking and scoring of the film is at 47:54.


RW 10 - Some Unspoken Thing

If you are rewatching along with Friends From Work, we are now reaching the tenth episode in the journey, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. James Gunn is back as director in his second MCU Film.


Marvelette: Two Roads Diverged

Discussing two different options for how to rewatch phase 2. Option 1: Thor: The Dark World, GOTG 1, GOTG 2, Iron Man 3, Winter Soldier, Age of Ultron. Option 2: Thor: The Dark World, GOTG 1, Iron Man 3, Winter Solider, Age of Ultron, Doctor Strange, GOTG 2


Power Rankings: Villains

A power rankings episode covering the best villains in the MCU


RW 9 - What a Bunch of A-Holes

Movie #9 in the "Friends From Work" rewatch journey is Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 1. Kyle, Robby and a special guest discuss one of the best films in the MCU.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from us at Friends From Work. Robby and Kyle discuss what they are thankful for in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


RW 8 - There Really Needs to be a Point to all of This

The FFW Phase 2 kicks off with Thor: The Dark World, a movie that while wildly criticized, Robby (not-so-secretly) loves.


Marvelette: Phase 1 Rankings

A list of where each guy stands in their rankings of each phase 1 movie.


Special Guest: Matthew Berry

Get a glimpse behind the scenes of Avengers: Endgame in this interview with Matthew Berry. Matthew is the star of ESPN's "The Fantasy Show" but he was also an actor in Avengers: Endgame.