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Adventure from Cork Ireland. Daily Life - Poetry & Toastmasters - Values & Politics - Drama & Opera - Depression & Resurrection - Dog-walking - Fatherhood : Paul O'Mahony invites you in. Contact me at Tweet me @

Adventure from Cork Ireland. Daily Life - Poetry & Toastmasters - Values & Politics - Drama & Opera - Depression & Resurrection - Dog-walking - Fatherhood : Paul O'Mahony invites you in. Contact me at Tweet me @


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Adventure from Cork Ireland. Daily Life - Poetry & Toastmasters - Values & Politics - Drama & Opera - Depression & Resurrection - Dog-walking - Fatherhood : Paul O'Mahony invites you in. Contact me at Tweet me @




"People Powered" : The book I'm reading before going to the un-conference in Cong

The book is "People Powered - how communities can supercharge your business, brand, and teams" by Jono (Jonathan) Bacon, published by HarperCollins (Leadership) 2019. The un-conference website is Congregation 2019 starts on Friday 22 November and ends on Sunday 24 November 2019.


Bog-standard tea for breakfast in my Cork kitchen

An unrepresentative Irish man (Paul O'Mahony) talks in an unrepresentative Irish kitchen in the Cork suburb of Glanmire. The most memorable bit is when he drinks a tea which he calls "Bog-standard". Otherwise - you hear Irish national news on RTE 1 (recorded on 14 November 2019)


How do you do your tax returns? Procrastinating & Celebrating

13 November 2019 in which Paul O'Mahony reveals he's been procrastinating and celebrates a just-in-time (JIT) submission of tax return.


Work is the curse of the drinking classes (Day 8 of #NaPodPoMo)

This episode starts with Paul O'Mahony's mistake. Recorded & shared first on the LIMOR app. Paul O'Mahony begins with a mistake. Sean O'Casey didn't say or write "Work is the curse of the drinking classes". It may have been Oscar Wilde? Frank Harris? Irish Barrister? Wilton Lackaye? Margaret Waters? Well-Known Young Clubman? Gustav Traub? Mike Romanoff? Samuel George Blythe? Arthur M. Binstead? Anonymous? Roger Overall is Paul's great friend and collaborator Recorded on 8th November...


My Audio Life comes from a psychoanalyst - on #NaPodPoMo Day 6

6 November 2019 - Day 6 of NaPodPoMo Begins with the story of Paul O'Mahony's experience of reading Nini Herman's book "My Kleinian Home". Moves on to the story of why Paul has made so much audio since 2012.


Why I bought two pineapples - #NaPodPoMo Day 5

Day 5 - 5th November 2019 Recorded in his kitchen while eating pineapple - by Paul O'Mahony.


My change of mind on Day 4 of #NaPodPoMo

This is Day 4 Paul O'Mahony recorded this while walking in a local park in Glanmire Cork Ireland. Walking with Louis, an English Setter, by the bank of our local tributary of the Glashnabuoy which flows into the big river Lee, which flows through the city of Cork into the Atlantic Ocean.


No Way Will This Be Easy - sudden realisation about #NaPodPoMo Day 3 (v1)

This is Day 3 of the international audio - podcasting challenge on Sunday 3rd of November. Paul O'Mahony talks about what he'll find hard and why. The topic is book-reading - particularly what Paul is reading every day.


I'm reading "You Must Change Your Life" twice - #NaPodPoMo Day 2

Book No 1 is by Rachel Corbett The extraordinary story of one of the most fruitful friendships in modern arts and letters. Rainer Maria Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet is one of the most beloved books of the twentieth century. It has sold millions of copies and inspired generations with its galvanizing wisdom on how to lead an artistic life. In You Must Change Your Life, debut author Rachel Corbett tells the remarkable, long-buried story of where Rilke’s ideas originated. In 1902, Rilke...


12 Years of "National Podcast Post Month" (#NaPodPoM0) kicked off on November 1, 2019

The History of NaPodPoMo In 2007, 50 podcasters participated in the first-ever National Podcast Post Month aka NaPodPoMo. Created by Jennifer Navarrete as an answer for an audio version to other 30 day challenges happening in the month of November. NaPodPoMo is a month-long event along the same vein as National Novel Writing Month aka NaNoWriMo. The difference? Well, instead of writing a 50,000-word novel, you podcast every day for 30 days from November 1st-30th. Use any platform you...


My maturing friends

In which @omaniblog (Paul O’Mahony) greets people fondly - recorded with special thanks to @SM2N (Simon). This is mainly about the old days on @Audioboo - with a little @LimorApp on the side


THE END of THE (British) OPEN 2019 (Part 3 Final Round)

Welcome Recorded on Royal Portrush Golf Club during Sunday. Day 4 of The Open starts with coffee & croissant - Disaster on the 1st hole of final round - Towards & on to the 4th with Dylan Ashley Frittelli (South Africa) - On the 4th with Kuchar & Noren (both must be disappointed) - Too much beer drinking on the course? Hole 5 & 6 - Rain is getting heavier as Stenson hits a wonder pitch - It’s pouring rain around the 6th green & strong wind too - "I can’t take anymore - I'm off for...


MORE ADVENTURE AT THE (British) OPEN 2019 (Part 2 Saturday)

Welcome Recorded at Castlerock & Royal Portrush Golf Clubs In the Castlerock clubhouse after playing golf with a father & son from New York, a bit of our conversation Welcome back to Royal Portrush at 16:15 on Saturday - After meeting Miguel Ángel Jiménez & Darren Clarke - Up the 1st hole at 16:25 Paul's on 12th With Jon Rahm & Patrick Reed On 12th & 13th with Justin Rose & Brooks Koepka Tommy Fleetwod on 12th hole With Shane Lowry up 14th hole Leaving The Open after Saturday, with...


ADVENTURE AT THE (British) OPEN 2019 (Part 1)

Welcome THE OPEN CHRONICLES begins here The conversation in Limerick Almost a disaster with Getting up for Day 1 of The Open Irish voices in the B&B over breakfast on Friday (Day 2) ___________ Recorded in Portrush, Northern Ireland Arriving in Portrush for The Open on Friday Paul will have a free golf lesson later today Paul can use LIMOR @TheOpen for first time On the putting green with Harrington Beside 1st hole as the Harrington group plays On 13th tee with JB...


The Irish Open Golf Championship 2019

Welcome Approaching Lahinch - driving through Ennistymon or Ennistimon Recorded in Lahinch, Co Clare, Munster, Ireland Parking the car The atmosphere in Kenny's Bar on Friday evening Live Music in Kenny's Bar More live music in Kenny's Saturday morning chatting Walking the links : grass, flowers, family & players On 17th hole on Saturday - a birdie & a par The tented village has music Main Street in Lahinch just before 1am "I need a decent fried breakfast in Danny Mac’s" Raw...


Cork v Italy - what’s the difference?

“There are no scooters in Cork” - declares Paul O’Mahony who’s lived in Cork for 13 years. “Scooters rule the roads in Italy” declares Paul who’s been to Puglia - for the wedding of his son Ben to Emma - and to Sorrento (close to Naples) for a holiday. “Cork & Naples should twin?”


I met a Rottweiler in Moanbaun Wood

This adventure begins with the sound of Paul O'Mahony panting. He's recovering from his very slow run. Out of breath, he utters words about golf. He listens to birdsong, as his dog Louis pants. You hear Paul wondering why the birds don't tweet from the top of the trees. Moanbaun Wood is Paul's favourite walking place, with gorse in yellow bloom alongside the trail. You hear the Rottweiler and her owners. Plus the conversation. plus how the two dogs - Bella & Louis - get on. You find out...


The Midnight Walk to Empty the Mind & be Ready for Sleep

You are a welcome companion on this walk around the estate. Louis, the English Setter, and Puma the black cat, are with us on this adventure. Please listen with an amused ear. And thanks very much, Paul the poet


If you're brave - you can buy this Epic Poem

Google "Irish Epic Poem in 33 Cantos". You'll find the Kindle Edition of Paul O'Mahony's "Inferno". Written in November 2009, 33,000 words crushed into one story. It's a crime poem, a shocking thriller, an autobiography. You better be warned: it's a fierce unrelenting attack on certain members of the Roman Catholic bishops' circle, members of government - the ruling class. But it's full of lines as dense as these " you wouldn't want to spoil the thrill of unbeckoning insight ..." "Is...


Tygyr Woods is a Master burning bright

You hear a Cork perspective on the adventure that's Tiger Woods at Augusta Georgia USA 2019. Highlights include