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E012 Art Creation in VR Part 2 with PomPomBetty (Jasmine Nicole)

Back again with part 2 of Art Creation in VR with talented sketch artist PomPomBetty (Jasmine Nicole). This episode we explore the our thoughts about creativity and artistic style. How these ideas relate to each other and inform our personal artist development in the creative process. PomPomBetty brings her style of sketching to life in the start of her first full tilt brush piece. We expand on her personal Tilt Brush experience and how new dimensions of creativity are opened up through...


E011 FPS in VR Part 1 with Will Cloxton

Excited to be back and releasing new content after an extended break. Full Spectrum VR & Friends returns with part 1 of a new series, FPS (First Person Shooters) in VR with Will Cloxton, a huge fan of all things VR. Per usual we explore our friendship. The featured VR FPS games are Shadowcore VR, Onward and Pavlov. There is a great conversation about the state of VR technology and the current status of the market with new tech around the corner. There are many shout outs you will have to...


Episode 10 Art Creation in VR Part 1 With Katie Montgomery

Part 1 of Art Creation in VR series of Full Spectrum VR & Friends me and my super cool new artist friend Katie Montgomery sit down for the first part of what is to become an awesome deep discussion into the artistic process. Where the creative process exist now and where it can go. In this episode Katie and myself dig into her past and present as an educated and working artist. The featured software of this episode is Tilt Brush by Google. We discuss Katie's training and practice with Tilt...


Episode 9 Meditation In VR Part 5 With Randy Aguebor

In the long but full finale episode of Meditation in VR Part 5 of Full Spectrum VR & Friends I have a robust dialogue with my guest co-host Randy Aguebor. We start this episode with some get to know you and deeper investigation into the links between the subject of content creation and mental illness. Exploring the depths of the healthy and unhealthy minds of content creators expanding into ways of understanding the minds of the varying degrees of the stressed. Followed up with Randy's...


Episode 6 Meditation In VR Part 2 With Misti Mathis

In episode 6 of Full Spectrum VR & Friends I sit down with my close friend Misti Mathis in a spiritually deep exploratory discussion about her personally unique native and more based beliefs of spirituality. Expanding into her beliefs transcending into her understanding and practice of meditation. We learn even more about each other as we explore the fore mentioned and world VR. She expands her world through her first experience in VR using Nirvana, Guided Meditation VR and House of...


Episode 4 Meditation in VR Part 1 With Kady Carr

Part 1 of Meditation in VR series. In this episode of Full Spectrum VR and Friends my good friend Kady Carr practicing yoga and meditation student sit down and discuss the many facets of meditation. Together we explore the concepts of meditation while practicing with the assisted use of VR. Kady delivers a deep contextual perspective and insightful conversation through her own experience. Through her first VR experience she expands her perspective using Lumen, Nirvana and Guided Meditation...


Episode 3 RPG VR Part 2 With Josh

In this episode of Full Spectrum VR & Friends I sit down with Josh Davidson a sound designer for Gearbox Software for another round of RPG VR gaming discussion. Episode is packed with discussions about love of RPGs, HTC's showings at CES 2017, how sound is being developed for VR games and much, much more. Josh takes on the titles Trickster VR and Spellfighter VR with a very healthy talk of his experience afterward.


Episode 1 VR With Brad

This is the introductory episode of Full Spectrum VR and Friends the podcast with a different guest co-host each time; with little or no knowledge of the emerging industry of Virtual Reality. This episode broadly explores VR and puts my close friend Brad into a HTC Vive. Later to discuss his experience and thoughts about VR programs he and I have selected.