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Let's Talk About Film Trailers of 2019

Okay so this a weird one. See the list below for why! 1. The audio is super weird, we're quieter than usual, there's a bit of an echo and there's some white background noise for some reason. None of this showed up in the test recordings. 2. We confused the Kree from Marvel will the Krell from the book we're reading at the sorry in advance for all that. 3. We were super tired. Other than that, enjoy the episode and don't forget to let us know which trailers...


Anita Kirkbride talks social media and romance!

On today's episode we chat to social media expert Anita Kirkbride about the nature of love, the impact of social media on romance and overall marriage. Check out Anita's details below, including her business podcast and social media expertise website. Twitter - Podcast - Website - We'll be back to our regular schedule soon, some big updates and changes heading your way so don't forget to watch this...


Stephen Kent talks Star Wars Romance!

In this episode, we chat with Stephen Kent of the Beltway Banthas podcast about the nature of love and the expectations of love in the Star Wars universe, especially moving from episode 6 to episode 7. Check out Stephen's details below and don't forget to check him out as well. Twitter - Podcast Twitter - We're also thinking about moving over to Patreon so let us know what you think, what rewards you'd like to see...


An Interview with Andrew Davis (PopAnimeComics)

Starting 2019 off with a bang, today we have an awesome interview with Andrew Davis who runs the PopAnimeComics podcast and website, which is your one-stop-shop for pop culture, anime, comic and wrestling news and updates! It was a lot of fun having him on the show, find his details below:- Twitter - Website -


Our Plans for 2019!

So, not surprisingly, we're taking a look back at our first proper year of podcasting and discussing what we can improve on, our best moments as well as some massive plans for 2019! Hope you all had a fantastic holiday break and are looking forward to a great new year! Let us know your plans in the comments below, and we can't wait to see you lovely geeks and nerds in 2019.


Second Day of Podmas!

...a rant about their old alma mater, Sunderland Uni! Second day of podmas is here and just for you we...basically rant and bitch about our university and general policies regarding graduation in the UK, but especially ours! Alex didn't bother attending his graduation, but Maggie did and she has plenty to say on the topic! Xmas Ruf - In the Netherlands, Sinterklaas (the Dutch version of Santa Claus) arrives from Spain, not from the North Pole. And that’s not the only weird thing about the...


First Day of Podmas!

...a summary of their trip to Glasgow! First day of Podmas has arrived and with it, a quick review of our trip up north to see a philharmonic orchestra perform the music of Star Wars Episode VI: A New Hope with the film playing in the background. It. Was. Awesome. We also visited the xmas markets and discovered the absolute heaven that is Tim Hortons, just another reason to move to Canada in the future. These episodes will be shorter and feature a fun xmas fact at the end. The good news?...


Let's Talk About the Harry Potter Studio Tour

We took a trip down to London last weekend to visit the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour and we'll talk you through what we found. Maggie loves Harry Potter and loved the tour, she cried at a special moment in the tour but we won't tell you what it is just in case it's a bit of a spoiler. Alex isn't too keen on Harry Potter but enjoyed the tour from a technical aspect of it, all the props and effort that went into the creation of the world-famous franchise was quite interesting. Let us...


Let's Talk About Doctor Who Season 11

In today's episode, we talk about their thoughts on Doctor Who Season 11 so far. Some of the episodes up to now have been better, some have been worse. Some have been subtle and others have been a brick over the head with their political messages. We also discuss whether the new direction is in line with the overall feel of Doctor Who and whether it should be used for educational, subtle political messages or should simply be used as an escape from the real world. Things get...


Let's Talk About Loving Xmas

Prepare for some sultry tones and heinous coughing because Alex is super ill in this episode where we talk about loving xmas. It's related to last year's episode we did for xmas, so be sure to check that out when you get a chance. Let us know in the comments when you decorate and how you feel about the season in general. Check out our last episode on the website where we play Would You Rather Part 2! Sharing is caring, find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram & don't forget to subscribe...


Let's Play Would You Rather pt 2

So today we've got another round of Would You Rather, bringing more nerd and geek choices your way. We agree on a couple and typically disagree on a few more, but it's all there just waiting for you to listen! The questions:- Serve under Mal or Raynor? Live in Roshar or Scadrial? Be a Mistborn or Feruchemist? Fight crime with Sherlock or be the Doctor’s companion? Check out our last episode on the website where we talk about Jack Ryan & The Mandalorian. Sharing is caring, find us on...


Let's Talk About Jack Ryan & The Mandalorian

In today's somewhat belated episode we discuss the upcoming TV epicnessness that is The Mandalorian, written and produced by our favourite director Jon Favreau as well as individual directors working on singular episodes as well as our impressions of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan on Prime Video. Check out our last episode on the website where we talk about Stage-9, Fantastic Beasts & New Trailers. Sharing is caring, find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram & don't forget to subscribe and leave...


Episode 68 - Stage-9, Fantastic Beasts & New Trailers

So today we go over the 'scandal' involving the Stage-9 fan-made, not for profit project that is being shut down by CBS as well as their possible intentions to create their own version of the project along side Ubisoft, the 'outrage' that currently surrounds the actresses involved in Fantastic Beasts - The Crimes of Grindlewald and a bunch of new film trailers! Check out our last episode on the website where we talk about the 13th Doctor, Marvel Streaming & Captain Marvel. Sharing is...


Episode 67 - 13th Doctor, Marvel Streaming & Captain Marvel

Today we take a quick look at the newest trailer for the 13th Doctor, talk about the rumours covering the potential of various Marvel characters having their own TV set on Disney's new streaming service and the latest full trailer for Captain Marvel. As always we're (Alex) full of supreme joy and wonder at the world we live in, so be sure to give us some feedback! Check out our last episode on the website where we talk about our big rebrand! Sharing is caring, find us on Facebook, Twitter...


Episode 66 - Rebranding, Best Episodes and more!

Hey nerds, this episode covers our rebrand, as well as glossing over some of your favourite episodes so far, a Netflix recommendation and a brand-spanking-new theme tune! Also, this is episode 66 so go kill some Jedi. Also it's seasn 6 episode 66 so go summon the devil. Kinda go hand in hand don't they? Check out our last episode on the website where we play Would You Rather! Sharing is caring, find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram & don't forget to subscribe and leave us a review! If...


Let's Play Would You Rather Part 1

We'd be genuinely surprised to hear that you hadn't played some form of this game at some point in your life, but today we play a game of nerdy Would You Rather. 4 questions that we tackle, each giving our own opinion and expanding on the answers. If you have any geeky\nerdy would you rather questions, feel free to fire them our way! Check out our last episode on the website where talk about planned Netflix releases. Sharing is caring, find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram & don't...


Let's Talk About Netflix Planned Releases

So today we talk about a list made by ScreenRant as to 29 of Netflix's planned releases for TV shows, documentaries and films. While the list is available online (link below) we give youy our honest opinions and reactions as we always do. We're also considering rebranding the podcast so make sure to listen until the end of the episode for more details and where to give your input! Check out our last episode on the website where...


Let's Talk About Video Game Reboots

So today we discuss the age of film reboo-no, wait, sorry, video game reboots! Surprisingly it's not all bad as we tend to find video game reboots can mess up a lot less than film or TV shows can. We give you our regular opinions as well as some insight into what could be coming, how the industry functions in regards to these reboots and, yes, just a little bit of cynicism. Check out our last episode on the website where we play Accentuate. Sharing is caring, find us on Facebook, Twitter and...


Let's Play Accentuate!

So today we make you all cringe and cry (a few tears of joy, but mostly pain) as we play Accentuate, the accent and quote-guessing party game! Listen in as we butcher a handful of accents each and fail to guess almost any of them. Please don't judge us. It's a great game though and we would highly recommend it to play at parties, it'll be one of those games that gets steadily more fun the drunker you get. Check out our last episode on the website where we talk about The Orville and Discovery...


Let's Talk About The Orville & Star Trek 2

So today we discuss the release announcement and trailer for Seth MacFarlane's The Orville Season 2 as well as the surprise announcement of Jean-Luc Picard's return to our Star Trek lives! Maggie is super excited about that last one but Alex is a tad on the cynical side... Check out our last episode on the website where we play try not to laugh at dad jokes. Sharing is caring, find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram & don't forget to subscribe and leave us a review! If you want to support...