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Four gentlemen, each w/o wit; money; credit; and manners, debate and dissect the topics that matter. This week: hats.

Four gentlemen, each w/o wit; money; credit; and manners, debate and dissect the topics that matter. This week: hats.
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Four gentlemen, each w/o wit; money; credit; and manners, debate and dissect the topics that matter. This week: hats.




Episode 50: We Didnt Even Remember it was Episode 50! (Year End Wrap Up Show)

The Gentlemen finish out another decade with what we have learned this year. It is pretty all over the place, per the usual, and we like it that way. Nick talks his favorite Maxim for 2020, Tison gets deep, Grave gets Cranky, and Russell goes off on something...I wasnt really listening to his part when I was editing the show. Other Talking Points include: -Family + Politics -Chicken + Politics -Future FOOTBALL CHAT -Teen Wolfs -Screen Time As always, you can find us on all major...


Episode 49: 101 Jokes To Tickle Your Ribs

Knock Knock. It's us, The Gents! This week we take you on a magical ride with our favorite bad jokes, except for Grave, who tells us the best joke on earth. Nick shares the joke that made him love his father. We get a peek into the stand-up routine Tison is honing with his kids. Russell tells a bunch of Norm jokes. Other talking points include: -Murder -Babies -Baby Murder -The Ross Thompkins Google Break Woodshop (Thanks, Ross!) -VJs - Star Trek Fleet Command vs Timelines As always,...


Episode 48: Takin' it to the Streeps

If there is one person the Gents love more than Brian Dennehy, it's Meryl Streep. This week we work our magic on another national treasure. But we don't stop at just Meryl, Ed Begly Jr makes it into the mix, along with Phony Bologna Tony. I admit this one gets away from us a bit... Other talking points include: -Shreveport Politics -FOOTBALL CHAT -How to make a Sophie's Choice -How to use a nose -the Grease 2-Empire Records connection As always, you can find us on all major social...


Episode 47: Bigfoot Bucks and other Crypto-Currencies

Ya'll ever seen one of them Bigfoots? What about a Windigo? Jersey Devil? Come sit around the campfire and let the Gents tell you about the top 4 crypto-zoological creatures to ever roam the earth. Other topics include: -Going up our own ass with references from old episodes -HBO programming -College Football Chat (I guess we are just doing this every week now) -How to shit like a tough guy As always, you can find us on all major social media platforms, podcatchers, and your moms...


Episode 46: Pleated Jeans and You: A Guide on How to Hate the Holidays

We get back into it this week with things we hate about the holiday season. Things immediately get off the rails and we get on topic about 20 minutes in. Flocking, Fudge, Christians, and Gift Giving all get the treatment this week. Other topics include: -Indian Style -Cranbelly relish and pootin' bellies -How to hide snacks from your shitty kids -The North Pole Military -Jazzing up emails -OK, BOOMER -Panty Chat As always, you can find us on all major social media platforms,...


Episode 45: Buc-ee's or Bust: How to Travel like a Gent

Do you like to travel? Do you hate to travel? Either way, the gents teach you, the listener, the best things about traveling, and how to travel better. Do you like staring at strangers? snacks? Getting to know your partner on an existential level while in a metal box traveling at high speed? Cool. We do, too. Other talking points include: -Razorback Football Puns -Legit LSU Football Chat -Fourloko Socrazy! -Nobody Let Nick Talk! -Gourdamn! -Nascar Memories and how to keep...


Episode 44: We Are Coming,To Your City...Again

This week the Gentlemen tackle a subject near and dear to all their hearts: College Football, and why it is better than the NFL. Spoiler, apparently it is because we are Southern. Come listen to trash talk, how we all hate Alabama football, and heart felt stories. Other talking points include: -Cockpits -Cadbury- cream and otherwise -Ed 209 -Smash Mouth (Football) -Smash Mouth (Not Football) -Tison sucks at Fantasy Football -Russell Paints a Picture As always, you can find us on all...


Episode 43: Ya Gotta Eat Your Squirts

We're tired of making the hard decisions for you, so this week we don't! Shut your brain off and listen to our first topic-less episode. talking points include: -Push it, Push it real good -Steve Martin or Martin Short - Nick Saban loves Alabama -Vans! but only for like 20 seconds :( -Justin loves E! -Fishing (but we blew it because we didnt talk about Bill Dance) -Bank Pranks! (tm) As always, you can find us on all major social media platforms, podcatchers, and your moms...


Episode 42: Take Me Away, Wilford!

The Gents are back, and they brought their old pal Wilford with them. Wilford Brimley is a man who doesn't take shit from anybody, and the Gents put that to the test by each bringing their own top 4 list of people Wilford would hate to be in a room with. Other talking points include: - The life changing power of a Weird Al concert - The life changing powers of Bigfoot (tm) - The immense amount of thought that goes into the topic of each episode - The immense powers of Gallagher's...


Episode 41: Deep on Dennehy

This week on the show, the Gents celebrate acclaimed character actor and GOFO ally Brian Dennehy by highlighting their favorite films that feature the 2x Tony Award-winning actor. Relatedly, Russell tells us about the time he worked the Main Room at Cancun Cocoon-con. Nick pitches a Police Academy reboot idea and Grave connects Buford Pusser to John Rambo and then to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Fantastic. As always, you can connect with our four Antareans on the following social media...


Episode 40: Role Playing as Historic Pool Boys

This week, the guys lay it all on the line with respect to their top examples of life's greatest disappointments. Specifically, those disappointments that are often disguised as rights of passage or, simply, glamorous and fun. Aditionally, Nick explains how bonding with his nephew made him feel old. In rich and compelling detail, Grave explains just how cool he and Tison have always been. We'll tell you where you can send pallets of sod to Russell. And Tison tries out some new ice breakers....


Episode 39: The Paper Anniversary

One year later... We continue to record the show in Russell's attic a.k.a "The Studio." We continue to feel excitement about making the show. We continue to expect no one to listen. We continue to have fun. We continue to possess differing opinions as to who the best child actor is. So, as a gift to the listener who has stuck with us this long, we spend the one year anniversary of the show expounding on those divergences in thought. Thanks to everyone who has listened to us talk on the...


Episode 38: Entering the World of Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Fantasy

Looking to please our corporate overloads, Disney, the boys sit down at GOFO Studios to discuss their favorite Walt Disney Animation Studios' films. The memories and the laughter will be ringing in your ears for days. Other topics discussed: 1. Gloria Estefan's deep ties to Disney Animation 2. Horace Grant's deep ties to Disney Animation As always, you can connect with our four "fan"-atics on the following social media platforms: Twitter: @gentlemen4outs Instagram:...


Episode 37: Carnitas and Decks - A Practical Guide to Living Your Best Life

In an effort to improve your life, Grave, Nick, Russell, and Tison sit down inside GOFO studios and candidly share their collective and hard-earned wisdom. Charge this week's episode to the game, y'all. As always, you can connect with our four gurus on the following social media platforms: Twitter: @gentlemen4outs Instagram: gentlemenoffouroutspodcast Facebook: GMAIL: Oh...If you're enjoying the show, don't forget to...


Episode 36: Flowers with Fungis

This week join Grave, Nick, Russell, and Tison on a flower-filled stroll through a meadow of laughter and comedy. With spring in full swing, now is the perfect time to learn about their favorite flowers, favorite gardens, and favorite canine phallus-shaped mushroom. Rabbit trails that are followed include: 1. Stuffed Shreveport Stuffed Shrimp Festival 2. Greenwood Flea Market Finds 3. Russell's fence 4. The advantages of owning the entire family of Presto FryDaddy brand at-home...


Episode 35: Filled to the Brim - Life, Love, and Laughter with Wilford Brimley

How do you memorialize someone who hasn't died yet? The answer: You don't; You honor them. So this week, Grave, Nick, Russell, and Tison sit down inside GOFO studios to honor the greatest actor born on September 27, 1934 in Salt Lake City, Utah - Mr. Wilford Brimley. Amidst the acclaim and bromides, los chicos: 1. Learn the truth behind Grave's baby soft face. 2. Explore a sample of Nick's encyclopedic knowledge of "nuts and dicks" 3. Learn Tison's wife's interior design secret 4. and...


Episode 34: The Sunshine Boys

Coming to terms with the aging process can be difficult. We understand and share that struggle. In a spirit of empathy, the Gentlemen of Four Outs sit down to discuss mild inconveniences from their own lives that are mostly circumstantial and, at best, tangentially a result of getting older. Except for Grave...his pick is directly linked to the aging process. We also find time to meander into discussions regarding: 1. The size of the sodas at today's cinemas. 2. Slick Game of Thrones...


Episode 33: Gentlemen Assemble!!!

Apropos of nothing, the Gentlemen of Four Outs dish candidly about which superpower each of them would choose to possess if they could choose a superpower. We don't want to spoil anything for our listener so let's just say that the citizens of Earth have nothing to fear. Other fascinating discussions center around: 1. Grave's potato camera 2. The intricacies of planning a Crew's family trip based solely on the location of the nearest Great American Cookie Company 3. Della Reese 4. A...


Episode 32: Homie, Friend, Kenan

It's the long anticipated final round of the Gentlemen of Four Outs' Saturday Night Live All-Star Cast Draft. In case you missed previous episodes in this series, check out Episode 19 from January 10 for Part 1 and Episode 23 from February 7 for Part 2 and Episode 27 from March 7 for the penultimate episode. If you don't go back, you'll be incredibly lost... Other items on the docket for this week include, but are not limited to: 1. Wario, Waluigi, and Wussell 2. Nick's Mario Party...


Episode 31: These Colors Might Run

Our intrepid listener pointed out that one quarter of the Gentlemen of Four Outs seems to hate America. The Gentlemen in question: Russell (Obviously). So this week, we thought we'd bring the full force of our attention and mockery to bear on Russell and see if we couldn't change his mind. Or at the very least, point out the multitude of errors in his judgement. We also talk about: 1. How to pick up ladies at NBA games 2. Tison's Accountant's heartburn 3. The ease and convenience of...