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Hosted By Michael Colligan

Hosted By Michael Colligan
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Hosted By Michael Colligan




EP 020 - Press It CEO & Founder Phil Kluba

Phil Kluba is the Founder & CEO at Press It Inc. He is also a Video producer, director and livestream innovator. He studied communication at the Carleton University and Audio Production at Metalworks Institute. Phil has been professionally active in the music industry for over five years. His Toronto-based agency provides creative content solutions for tech and music brands. After receiving funding in 2013, he created his first music video, "The Dirty Shore". I think you will enjoy this...


EP 019 - Super Salesman Desi Ste. Marie

Desi Ste. Marie is a Super Salesman and a Business Analyst. He studied a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a focus in Philosophy from the University of Western Ontario. Desi was the former Director of Sales at Enercare Inc. as well as a Board Member at Maribe Health Products Inc. He has skilled expertise in sales and gives advice on how to carry out smooth sales. I think you will enjoy this lively and resource-packed discussion. Desi talks to us about his education, career, sales, business, the...


EP 018 - Professional Executor Michelle Follows

Michelle Follows is a Professional Executor, a Professional Trustee and a Certified Public Accountant. She is the Founder of Executor Duties on She studied at the University of Toronto. Michelle is also a Board Member at Halton Peel CPA District Association as well as the Board Treasurer at the Sanctuary Church of Oakville. She has skilled expertise in accounting and gives advice on cost cutting and tax savings strategies among other services. I think you will enjoy this lively...


EP 017 - G20 YEA Ambassador Eman Bachani

Eman Bachani is the Founder at Meraki Design House. She is also the Marketing & Exports Manager at Premier Polmarex Inc. She was the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA) Ambassador. She holds a Bachelor`s Degree in Political Science and Employment Relations from the University of Toronto. Eman is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a passion for product development across industries. She comes from a diverse background having lived in multiple countries. Her interpersonal and...


EP 016 - Invictus Games Gold Medalist Kelly Scanlan

Kelly Scanlan is a Canadian Gold Medalist in Invictus Games. She is also a Canadian Army Veteran, a 2018 Bell Let’s Talk Speaker, a firefighter and a public speaker. She first joined the Canadian Forces at 16 and started training to deploy to Afghanistan at 18. During her training, she suffered her first injury, a completely torn ligament in her leg. She decided to push through the pain and deploy anyway and, at age 19, she left to spend eight months on tour as an infantry soldier in...


EP 015 - Fork In Progress' Rachel Katz

Rachel Katz is a Graduate in double major in philosophy and biology from McMaster University and currently doing a Masters in philosophy and Bio-ethics. She also did an undergraduate thesis in altruism and previously worked as the managing editor at her high school paper in Hamilton. Her passion in food started when she was young. She refers to herself as a Wannabe Chef Gusteau and a grad student trying to prove that anyone can learn how to cook. I think you will enjoy this lively and...


EP 014 - Big Brother Winner Sarah Hanlon

Sarah Hanlon is the winner of Big Brother Canada 3 and a media personality. She is also a content creator, social media influencer, and past Cannabis Vapor Lounge Hemployee. Sarah was a host on the Big Brother Canada Sideshow for Big Brother Canada. She was also the host of the "Jury Roundtable" discussion that took place during the final episode of Big Brother during Big Brother Canada 6. She succeeded in the house by winning competitions. This gave her the victory over Godfrey Mangwiza in...


EP 013 - Former Detective Sergeant Kim Scanlan

Kimberly L. Scanlan is a retired Staff Sergeant at Toronto police services. She is also a qualified mediator. She has a Bachelor`s degree in Sociology from York University. She is smart, cool and a great cop who has managed and led large and small teams successfully. She has Chaired Conferences with the Toronto Police Service and facilitated Community meetings and Outreach Programs over the course of many years. I think you will enjoy this lively and resource-packed discussion. Kimberly...


EP 012 - The Founders of The Reviews Are In

Joshua Murray is the Lead Editor and Primary Writer while Trish Cassling is the Lead Photographer and Writer at The primary focus at the site includes album reviews, new music, festival previews & coverage live show reviews, artist interviews and creative content. They enjoy meeting the artists, sharing their stories and news with the world; and staying ahead of the curve on what’s new and awesome. I think you will enjoy this lively and resource-packed discussion. We...


EP 011 - Award Winning SEO Writer Richard S. Todd

Richard S. Todd is an Award winning SEO Writer, a Canadian Journalist and Storyteller. As Content Lead at The Editor’s Desk, Richard connects some of Canada’s biggest brands with both new and regular customers with compelling digital content. Richard is self-employed and has engaged tens of thousands of people across the world with informative articles, insightful opinions, and balanced analysis. He has been writing his whole life and wrote his first novel at 11 years old. I think you will...


EP 010 - Good For Her's Carlyle Jansen

Carlyle Jansen is a sex Educator and Coach. She is also the Author and Founder of Good for Her ‘Lover of Pleasure’. She studied at St. Clément’s School, UBC and Antioch University in Seattle. She is super cool and very friendly. For over 20 years, she has been talking to people about sex. She has taught at numerous universities and has been an invited speaker at Sexuality and Health conferences. She has also been teaching workshops at Good for Her since 1997. I think you will enjoy this...


EP 009 - Comedian & Actor Daniel Woodrow

Daniel Woodrow is a standup comedian and an actor from Toronto. He is also the Winner of The Brantford Comedy Festival. He is funny, witty and brings laughter to audiences all over the world. He schooled at Humber College in Ottawa. Daniel's comedy has been seen on Just for Laughs, JFL42, CTV, Comedy Network, Much Music, MTV, CBC, Fuse and SiriusXM. He has performed at Comedy Clubs across Canada, New York and Los Angeles. In addition, he has headlined in two different cities in Iceland. He...


EP 008 - Financial Advisor Blake Linklater

Blake Linklater is a registered retirement consultant and a financial planner. A licensed insurance broker, he has many designations and assists individuals from all walks of life. He studied Accounting and graduated with a bachelor`s science degree in management with a minor in HR. He is a Canadian and the person to go to for financial advice. He will keep you organized, and focused on what matters so that you can focus on your business. He will make your financial pain go away through...


EP 007 - InSauga Founder Khaled Iwamura

Khaled Iwamura is the founder of QuickBite News, a media company comprised of, and is now one of the biggest city websites in Canada and is the largest media company in Mississauga. It covers news, food and other interesting items. He is also a TEDx Speaker, Tokyo Tourism Spokesperson, TV host/producer, MC and part-time pro wrestler. Khaled also hosts a self-produced TV show which airs on Facebook Live–at Celebration Square every Thursday...


EP 006 - Issa Sisterhood's Shukura Clarke

Shukura Clarke is the creator of the Issa Sisterhood podcast. She studied Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa with a minor in psychology. She went to elementary school in Burlington. A Canadian born of Jamaican parents, she is an intelligent well-spoken young woman. Shukura is also a major foodie and gym enthusiast who loves training people. In addition she advocates for social justice through her podcast platform. I think you will enjoy this lively and resource-packed discussion....


EP 005 - Ontological Coach Luke Sellars

Luke Sellars is a Certified Coach Practitioner in Ontological Coaching. He is also a Certified Teacher approved by Drunvalo Melchizedek and presents the School of Remembering. I met Luke about three or four years ago in a health club that he was working at. A high-integrity individual, he spans a nine-year professional hockey career and played in the National, American and European Hockey Leagues. He helps people unpack some of their issues from their past and takes great privilege in being...


EP 004 - YouTuber Serena G

Serena G is a YouTuber and a Film Graduate. She has a lot of followers on YouTube and is currently undertaking a thesis study on the history of YouTube and its different modules. She studied film studies and worked as a castings` assistant for a little while. In 5 years` time, she hopes to be a full-time YouTuber as well as have a steady income from the platform to sustain her career goals. I think you will enjoy this lively and resource-packed discussion. We start the conversation off by...


EP 003 - Mr Natural Ontario Fresh Eddie Franjic

'Fresh' Eddie Franjic is an amateur bodybuilder, a dedicated husband, and father of two. He finished at number two in Canada for the Natural position in bodybuilding and has been weightlifting for 18 years. Fresh Eddie is a great inspirational guy. He is a good trainer who helps people transform their bodies. I know because I worked with him for 20 sessions. He is all about fitness, diet, exercise, dedication, staying strong and commitment to a goal. I think you will enjoy this lively and...


EP 002 - The Uber Eats of Cannabis

Evan Adcock is the CEO at Verda Innovations Inc. while Mackenzie Ferguson is the Companys President. They co-founded the company in conjunction with Stephen Masseur, the Chief Technology Officer at the company. They are young millennials, business-minded entrepreneurs who created the 'Uber Eats' of recreational and medical cannabis. They plan to launch their B2C mobile application on October 17th, 2018 upon the Canadian legalization of cannabis (Bill C-45). The App connects users to...


EP 001 - Entrepreneur Jonathan Harvey

Jonathan Harvey is an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker and a restaurateur. He is also a physical fitness guru and participated in men`s physique bodybuilding shows at the age of 29. He played tennis at the age of 16 and has been actively working out for 18 years. In addition, he hosts two podcasts referred to as The Harvey Bros & Life Less Excuses where he speaks about his entrepreneurship journey. I think you will enjoy this lively and resource-packed discussion. We start the...