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Barry and Lucas are stoners with hearts of gold. Join them each week as they and their guest - ranging from comics to non-profit founders - smoke weed and talk about making the world a better place (and tasting some sustainable snacks while they're at it)

Barry and Lucas are stoners with hearts of gold. Join them each week as they and their guest - ranging from comics to non-profit founders - smoke weed and talk about making the world a better place (and tasting some sustainable snacks while they're at it)


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Barry and Lucas are stoners with hearts of gold. Join them each week as they and their guest - ranging from comics to non-profit founders - smoke weed and talk about making the world a better place (and tasting some sustainable snacks while they're at it)




Talking About How Coffee Waste Can Power the World with Greg Barris, part 2

Everyone's favorite guest Greg Barris is back to update us on his mission to use coffee to power the world. We surprise Lucas' dad to ask for some unexpected legal advice, formulte a mission for 2019, and Greg makes fun of us for being richie Ritzy boyz.


Talking About City Politics with Jessica Salans

Jessica Salans is one of the founders of Ground Game LA, an organization that grew out of her 2017 campaign for LA city council. She is now a field manager for the city councilman in the 11th district of Los Angeles. We'll talk about homelessness, what constituents really look like, and whether or not to watch Welcome to Marwen.


Talking About Helping for the Holidays

Barry and Lucas talk about ways to help for the holidays, and also finally get to know each other better. We find out how to donate toys to kids, the most scared Lucas has ever been, and why Barry poops standing up. Happy holidays everybody!


Talking about predictions of the future Part 2 with Ayden Mayeri & Miller Davis

Newlyweds Ayden Mayeri (Homecoming, New Girl) & Miller Davis (head writer of Gorburger) are Lucas and Barry's good friends. We talk about self-driving cars, whether or not there will be a WWIII, and if Miller would want to be a dog-sized spider robot.


Talking about working for Beto O'Rourke with Keya Vakil

This week we're joined by Keya Vakil, who spent 3.5 months in Houston working as a field organizer on the Beto O'Rourke campaign. We talk about what it really means to drop everything and go work on a campaign, conceptions and misconceptions of Texas, whether or not Beto will run in 2020, and how to calculate the diameter of a hat with a four foot circumference.


Talking about predictions of the future with Caitlin Stasey

Caitlin Stasey, notable Australian actor (Please Like Me) and founder of the feminist website joins us to go over some expert predictions of the future that we found online. We talk about everything from prosthetic brains and japanese toilet innovation to how to kill a cow with your bare hands. It's our funniest and most enjoyable one yet!


Talking about the California wildfire relief effort with The Red Cross

In this very special episode, we've got Red Cross spokesperson Dan Halyburton, who is currently on the ground in California, handling the relief effort for the Paradise Camp Fire. We discuss what the Red Cross actually does for people, the ways you can prepare for disaster, and first-hand stories from the fires. Go to to volunteer or donate.


Talking About Preventing Male Suicide with Kyle Stanger

Kyle Stanger is the founder of Boys Get Sad Too, a clothing line that raises awareness about the high male suicide rate in the UK, where currently 87 men end their lives every week. Kyle's clothing line donates proceeds to CALM (the Campaign Against Living Miserably), an award-winning charity dedicated to preventing male suicide. We talk about the reasons for this epidemic, the reasons why boys feel like they can't be vulnerable, and why you'd want to drink a cider with Tigger. Also, Kyle...


Talking To Candidates Running to Flip Districts, Part 3 with Harley Rouda

Harley Rouda is a successful business owner who is running in California's 48th district. He believes the pressing issues facing America today are climate change, infrastructure, and affordable healthcare. His opponant, Dana Rohrabacher believes in housing discrimination againsts LGBTQI+ people, has illicit finincial connections to Russia, including contact with known Russian spies, and can't get anyone in congress to sign his bills because he's a dweeb. We also learn what Harley Rouda...


Talking To Candidates Running to Flip Districts, Part 2 with Sean Casten

Sean Casten is running in Illinois's 6th district, which has been Republican since 1973. He is a molecular biologist, who for decades has run profitable, clean energy businesses, and in that time helped create 6,000 jobs. He wants to protect the Affordable Care Act, stop climate change, and repeal his opponant Peter Roskam's immoral tax act. We talk about climate change, why facts don't require your belief, and how we're doing elections wrong.


Talking To Candidates Running to Flip Districts, Part 1 with Katie Hill

Katie Hill is running in California's 25th district, which has been republican for 40 of the last 50 years. Katie has been an advocate for homeless rights as the executive director of PATH (People Assisting The Homeless) and has worked with Emily's List. We'll talk about how she grew up as a liberal in a family of republicans, how she decided to run for congress while taking a shower, and being brave on rollercoasters.


Talking About the Indigenous Fight for Climate Justice with Eriel Deranger

Eriel Deranger is the executive director of Canada's only indigenous-led climate justice organization, called Indigenous Climate Action. She is a member of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, and we talk with her about the indigenous model for living sustainably with the land, how colonial systems are continuing to take sovereignty from indigenous peoples, the problems with cap and trade, and who she would bring back from the dead to punch in the testicles.


Talking About Broadway Saving The World with Hamilton's Rory O'Malley

Rory O'Malley is a Tony Nominated actor, singer, and actorvist. He was in Book Of Mormon, the new Lifetime show American Princess, and on stage during the Mike Pence performance of Hamilton The Musical. He also started a voting initiative called Belt The Vote. We'll talk about marriage equality, why the Broadway community can make a difference everywhere, and why petuitary is Barry's most favorite word.


Talking About Abortions and more with Kirby Howell-Baptiste

In addition to being one of our best friends, one of our co-stars on Downward Dog, and a wonderful actress and comedian, Kirby Howell-Baptiste volunteers for an organization called LA For Choice, where she assists women in safely accessing healthcare. We talk about weekly abortion protests, the politics of UCB improv, and why Americans would love the term knob cheese.


Talking About how Coffee Waste can Power the World with Greg Barris

Greg Barris is a comic chameloen, street wizard, culture jammer, and innovative thinker when it comes to alternative sources of energy, among other things. We'll talk about how the amount of coffee waste we already have can power the world 2.5 times over, why we should all be using our waste as fuel, and whether or not Joseph Stalin invented the one liner.


Talking About The Lighter Side Of Depression And Suicide with Dave Ross and Hampton Young

In this hot fourway with comics and hosts of Suicide Buddies, Dave Ross and Hampton Yount recount their experiences with depression and the ways they found transformation and connection. We also get into whether or not it's better to be a genius or the best and if comedians need to be depressed and why we need to talk about depression.


Talking About Leaving Your Faith with Samm and Katherine Hodges

Katherine Hodges and her husband Samm Hodges (creator of the critically acclaimed ABC series Downward Dog, on which Lucas and Barry became the best of friends) come on to discuss growing up devoutly Christian, meeting each other, and eventually leaving their faith. They also discuss the necessity of seeking answers to difficult questions, how to live with doubt, and what it's like to come out as an agnostic. Also, what's grosser: fingers or toes?


32: Talking About Being Ethnically Ambiguous with Anna Hossnieh and Shereen Lani Younes

Anna Hossnieh and Shereen Lani Younes are cohosts of the podcast Ethinically Ambiguous, which tackles being brown in America, and being Iranian and Syrian respectively. We talk about what it's like to grow up split between two cultures, surprising facts about Syria, and when everyone became cool.


31: Talking about fighting voter fraud with Melissa Schwartz

Melissa Schwartz is a software engineer who, in an effort to combat voter fraud, is developing an app that secures fair and transparent elections through an independant exit poll audit. We talk about election fraud, the future of elections, block-chain technology, direct democracy, and Lucas and Barry nearly derail the podcast with a lengthy, awkward, and unprecedented heated exchange.


30: Talking about selfish help with Wendi Rice and Megan Starling

Wendi Rice and Megan Starling of the selfish help podcast JAMMERZ join Barry and Lucas for a topic jumping episode: humans holding each other accountable, the ability to make meaningful personal change, the Doe Fund, and a variety of hard-hitting RELEVANT topics.