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Barry and Lucas are stoners with hearts of gold. Join them each week as they and their guest - ranging from comics to non-profit founders - smoke weed and talk about making the world a better place (and tasting some sustainable snacks while they're at it)

Barry and Lucas are stoners with hearts of gold. Join them each week as they and their guest - ranging from comics to non-profit founders - smoke weed and talk about making the world a better place (and tasting some sustainable snacks while they're at it)
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Barry and Lucas are stoners with hearts of gold. Join them each week as they and their guest - ranging from comics to non-profit founders - smoke weed and talk about making the world a better place (and tasting some sustainable snacks while they're at it)




Talking About how Coffee Waste can Power the World with Greg Barris

Greg Barris is a comic chameloen, street wizard, culture jammer, and innovative thinker when it comes to alternative sources of energy, among other things. We'll talk about how the amount of coffee waste we already have can power the world 2.5 times over, why we should all be using our waste as fuel, and whether or not Joseph Stalin invented the one liner.


Talking About The Lighter Side Of Depression And Suicide with Dave Ross and Hampton Young

In this hot fourway with comics and hosts of Suicide Buddies, Dave Ross and Hampton Yount recount their experiences with depression and the ways they found transformation and connection. We also get into whether or not it's better to be a genius or the best and if comedians need to be depressed and why we need to talk about depression.


Talking About Leaving Your Faith with Samm and Katherine Hodges

Katherine Hodges and her husband Samm Hodges (creator of the critically acclaimed ABC series Downward Dog, on which Lucas and Barry became the best of friends) come on to discuss growing up devoutly Christian, meeting each other, and eventually leaving their faith. They also discuss the necessity of seeking answers to difficult questions, how to live with doubt, and what it's like to come out as an agnostic. Also, what's grosser: fingers or toes?


32: Talking About Being Ethnically Ambiguous with Anna Hossnieh and Shereen Lani Younes

Anna Hossnieh and Shereen Lani Younes are cohosts of the podcast Ethinically Ambiguous, which tackles being brown in America, and being Iranian and Syrian respectively. We talk about what it's like to grow up split between two cultures, surprising facts about Syria, and when everyone became cool.


31: Talking about fighting voter fraud with Melissa Schwartz

Melissa Schwartz is a software engineer who, in an effort to combat voter fraud, is developing an app that secures fair and transparent elections through an independant exit poll audit. We talk about election fraud, the future of elections, block-chain technology, direct democracy, and Lucas and Barry nearly derail the podcast with a lengthy, awkward, and unprecedented heated exchange.


30: Talking about selfish help with Wendi Rice and Megan Starling

Wendi Rice and Megan Starling of the selfish help podcast JAMMERZ join Barry and Lucas for a topic jumping episode: humans holding each other accountable, the ability to make meaningful personal change, the Doe Fund, and a variety of hard-hitting RELEVANT topics.


29: Talking About Protecting Sex Workers with Tilly Lawless

Tilly Lawless is a queer sex worker and feminist who has fought tirelessly to protect the rights of sex workers. You can find her writing online, watch her Ted Talk, or listen to this podcast. We talk about the difference between legaliaztion and decriminalization, why a job doesn't have to be empowering to warrent human rights, and why she would refuse to talk to an alien.


28: Talking About Zero Waste with Tippi Thole

Tippi Thole is able to live a life where she has reduced her waste to less than one mason jar per week. She's an advocate for the zero waste movement, and she'll explain how the heck she does it, shares the unexpected benefits of being zero waste, and literally convinces Barry & Lucas to buy bidets.


27: Talking about mapping the brain and free will (with Dr. Heather Berlin)

Dr. Heather Berlin knows A LOT about the brain and a bunch of other stuff. She's a Cognitive Neuroscientist and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the ICAHN School of Medicine, she's the host of Superhuman Showdown on Discovery and Startalk Allstars with Neil Degrasse — she also does not believe in free will. We'll talk about how the brain determines things for people before they choose to, the future of brain understanding, parenting as a brain scientist and the debate between Linguine...


26: Talking About Progressive Orthodox Jews with Elad Nehorai

Elad is a writer, community builder, and activist, who also became Hassidic at the age of 23. He is writer for Forward with his colum Pop Chassid, as well as an activist for the organization Torah Trumps Hate. We'll talk about the challenges of being progressive in an insular and traditionally conservative community, why the Jewish community should be bottom up instead of top down, and why gefilte fish is better than Kasha. And, introducing our new segment Grace.Fully.Fed with Barry's wife,...


25: Talking About Teaching Theater to Kids in Prison with Meade Palidofsky (Lucas' Mom)

It's our 25th episode everversary! Meade Palidofsky is a director, lyricist, and award-winning playwright and is the founder and artistic director of Storycatcher's theater, a nonprofit organization that teaches theater arts to incarcerated and post-release youth as part of their therapy and rehabilitation and has done so for the past 30 years. She has been featured in This American Life. We talk about teaching police and judges empathy through theater, the direct power that storytelling has...


24: Talking About Winning the Fight for Reproductive Rights with Aisling Bea

Aisling Bea is a world renowned comedian, acitivist, writer, and Irish person. She is a vocal advocate for women's reproductive rights who faught successfuly to repeal the anti-choice 8th Amendment. We examine the political history of Ireland in regards to women's rights, religion, the difficulties of being an Irish person abroad, why Irish people can't find their houses, and what the funniest number is.


23: Talking About Living Your Best Life with author and speaker Clemantine Wamariya

This week’s episode is a must listen! Barry and Lucas have a profoundly moving, insightful and funny conversation with Clemantine Wamariya. She’s an author, a speaker, and a human rights ambassador who worked with the Obama administration, and we talk with her about her new book, “The Girl Who Smiled Beads.” It’s an incredible book (AVAILABLE NOW) which deals with her experience with atrocity as a child in Rwanda and then her life after as a refugee in the United States. We talk about the...


22: Talking about being a former Bachelor who runs a for-profit fundraiser for charity (with Ben Higgins)

You definitely know Ben Higgins as a former Bachelor from the show THE BACHELOR, but what you might not know is that he co-founded a charitable for-profit coffee brand called Generous Coffee. We talk to him about how you can manage doing-good with turning a profit, how his coffee is better than Starbucks, the difficulties of dating after being the Bachelor and why Ben mostly agrees with Mary J. Blige.


21: Talking Bout Asking Tough Questions with Barry and Lucas

This week we have a very special episode of Saving the World with JUST Barry and Lucas! They will grill each other on all the big questions like: do sports serve a purpose or is it just an awesome Orwellian Distraction? Does Net Neutrality matter? Is a de-nuclearized North Korea worth a second term of Trump? What name does Barry wish he had? Could Hitler be a point guard in the NBA? Tune in and finally know the right answers to everything!


20: Talking About the Benefits of Psychedelics with Shane Mauss

In addition to being a comic, Shane Mauss is an ambassador for the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, and an avid user of DMT, psilocybin, and even MDA. We talk about what MDA is, how we're currently in our second psychedelic revolution, why everyone should consider taking DMT, and why Barry and Lucas need to be reprimanded. Go check out his new documentary Psychonautics, premiering June 15th at the TCL Chinese Theater.


19: Talking About Stopping Killer Robots with Mary Wareham

Yes, you read that correctly. Mary Wareham, a co-laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize, leads the Human Rights Watch’s advocacy against particularly problematic weapons, and her current campaign is to STOP KILLER ROBOTS. We talk about all types of weapons, AI, blinding lasers, roombas, friendly robots, and the why the best music comes from New Zealand.


18: Talking About Everything with Johnny Pemberton and Greg Barris

Johnny Pemberton and Greg Barris are two of the smartest and funniest people on earth, which is why we had them on to talk about everything, ranging from facial recognition to the hegelian dialectic thinking to breaking a hardshell taco around a boner.


17: Talking About Hilarity for an Alzheimer’s Charity with Lauren Miller Rogen

Lauren Miller Rogen joins us to talk about her crusade to stop Alzheimer’s and help those living with the disease, her family’s battle with Alzheimers, her organization “Hilarity for Charity,” which she runs with her husband Seth Rogen (now a special on Netflix), and why it’s important to poo on camera for a good cause! She’s also the writer, director and producer of the new film “Like Father” premiering on Netflix August 3rd!


16: Talking About Jet Skiing for Goats with Kurt Braunohler

In this episode, the hilarious actorvist and comedian Kurt Braunohler joins us to talk about electrocuting Asian carp, fake river guides and how he jet skied down the Mississippi River to donate goats and chickens to needy families. And we learn how chickens have sex! (By scissoring!)