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A podcast for & about REAL people. Personal, real, and uncut stories to help you navigate through life’s toughest situations.


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A podcast for & about REAL people. Personal, real, and uncut stories to help you navigate through life’s toughest situations.







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Searching for Happiness GLL013

"I realized my dissatisfaction in my daily life came from lack of FREEDOM. I spent 15+ years allowing others to define what good looked like for Ty. My favorite quote is "Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?"" The reason I love this quote is it resonated with me, because often times we allow our paths to be directed by those with more experience i.e. our Parents/Family and or Mentors/Managers. Although these individuals have good intention we start down a specific path, and before we realize it we are in so deep that we don't know how to get out, but we know that it no longer fulfills us or never has. This episode Quincy and I discuss how we found happiness through harnessing something we already loved. This love is now our business and we are using our LOVE of Travel to help others to improve their overall health & wellness. We believe that Experiences make individuals far happier than Material gratification. We've both lived the life of enjoying material things, and we found that it was just a temporary bandaid to fill a much larger void in our lives. Join us this week and every Thursday!


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Father’s Day GLL012

Many of us celebrated Father's Day this past weekend with the important men in our lives. Anytime I get to celebrate my husband especially in his role as a Father I am happy to do so. For those who don't know I grew up in a single parent household never establishing a relationship with my biological father. Quincy showed me what a Father's LOVE was all about in his role of raising our boys to be the fine men they are today. This weekend while we were out celebrating I started thinking about how I have never been able to celebrate Father's day in the traditional sense of enjoying the holiday with my own Dad, and it got me to thinking about how individuals who have this blessing may sometimes take it for granted. Specifically I was thinking of my own children, as I was telling my son on Sunday how he should not take this for granted as there are many out there who don't have a father in their lives. This episode is about celebrating those Men who are involved in their children's life, but also encouraging those who are not. Although our sisters are out there doing their best to be all things and provide for their children it truly takes a village. Quincy and I reflect on our own upbringings as well as those around us and how we can see the impacts of how being raised either in a dual parent household or single parent household had on our lives.


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Balancing Act GLL011

Do you feel like you are running 100 mph, and not seeing any progress in any areas of your life? Are you stretched thin, but have others depending on you to SHOW up? Sometimes, we wish we could literally just GET LOST, and if someone else says all you need to do is find balance, I am literally going to Lose IT! Is the concept of balance REAL? Or is it more about finding peace? Balance to Ty is about Protecting her Peace but forging full speed ahead to accomplish all her goals, and for Quincy it's about making short term sacrifices for mental stability. What's your recipe for not going crazy and finding time to replenish your cup? Find out what we have to say in this episode "Balancing Act". Buckle up and enjoy the ride!


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Color Lines GLL010

Have you ever walked in a room and felt like you didn't belong; not because of who you were, but because of your RACE or Color? Did you ever feel like you couldn't win for loosing in both your personal or professional life? If you have ever felt like being BLACK is exhausting then this is the episode you don't want to miss. In episode 9 - The Great Divide we spoke with Karen Maarman from S. Africa who shared a rich history of the S. African culture, some family upbringing & background, as well as the struggles that still exist today. This interview touched us in many ways, and there were several points shared that we thought were worthy of additional discussion. Quincy and I dive deeper into the discussion in Episode 10 - Color Lines, and share the personal and professional struggles that we have both experienced. We also talk about the unconscious biases we all have that are a product of our upbringing; which can be good, bad or indifferent. Enjoy the Ride!


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Great Divide GLL009

COLORED: "The formal government they named us colored; which means rubbish, germs, good for nothing, hopeless... they put that TAG upon us!" - Karen Maarman


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birth of a BRAND pt 2 – Special Guest Brittany Garth, CEO of Pinq Inc. GLL008

Get Lost Life is BACK starting tomorrow, May 23rd with Episode 8; the first episode of Season 2. We are speaking with Ms. Brittany Garth in our birth of a BRAND series. Season 1 you heard the Get Lost VIP Brand story, and this season we continue to bring you stories about other Brands. Life Coach Brittany is an award winning certified women’s empowerment life coach who possesses a masters in clinical family and adolescent therapy. Life Coach Brittany has worked in the field of coaching and empowering women for more than a decade as a clinical counselor with years of experience in the field of marriage and family therapy, domestic violence and substance abuse. Brittany became certified in the field of life coaching, after a job loss and nearly becoming homeless. This situation caused Brittany to not only become financially broken, but emotionally broken, as well. With minimal income and resources, Brittany decided to write out a business plan to create a business dedicated to the empowerment of women. Less than 2 years later, Brittany has gone on to provide coaching services to more than 1,000 women in need annually around the world and build an online subscription of 7,000+ women. If you haven’t caught up on season 1 visit Get Lost Life on iTunes; specifically our last episode What Lies Beneath? where your hosts were interviewed by a Special Guest Host Ms. Aris Claybrook. Peace, Love, and Light!


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What Lies Beneath? GLL007

Season 1 of Get Lost Life will end on Thursday, May 9, 2019 where Ty & Quincy are turning the tables with a special guest host Ms. Aris Claybrook. Join us for this special episode entitled What Lies Beneath? Aris will put Ty & Quincy in the hot seat. Season 1 was all about setting a foundation & connecting with each of YOU. In Season 2 you will hear some of the same great content, but we will welcome more new faces and voices on the show. Ms. Aris Claybrook is a special family friend and longstanding supporter of Get Lost VIP. Aris also shares the entrepreneurial essence of Ty & Quincy by expanding her practice as a Registered Nurse beyond the traditional hospital setting. She is actively pursuing a Doctoral degree to enhance the profession of her consulting services, offered to current and prospective healthcare providers. Her business is used as a voice to promote professionals to envision life beyond the traditional bedside care. She is an enthusiast about empowering clients to reach their optimal level of financial, education, spiritual, and holistic progression. Join us as we welcome Aris to Get Lost Life. What Lies Beneath... Remove all the BS in your life and what's left? AUTHENTICITY - would you like the REAL reflection of you if you removed all the layers and looked in the mirror. Not the social media version of you? But the REAL version... Join us back on Thursday, May 23, 2019 for Season 2.


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birth of a BRAND GLL006

This week’s episode is entitled birth of a brand specifically today we are discussing our BRAND Get Lost VIP. But even more importantly today’s discussion is more about what’s holding you back from starting your business. Quincy & I introduce you to our brand story and provide key nuggets on starting and growing a business. Owning a business is a huge step but attainable one if you’re ready to put in the work.


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Scattered Seeds Still Grow GLL005

Have you ever wanted to ask God WHY!? Was there ever a moment of darkness that left you feeling all alone? I know the y’all every SUNDAY I can do no wrong Christians are like nah Child how can you have these doubts if you claim to be a child of God, because fear and faith can’t live together. Well I have heard all the scripture and seen all the quotes; but when there are more things going wrong than right; when there are more losses than wins; when you keep getting hit while you’re down YOU TO WILL HAVE THIS MOMENT OF DESPAIR too. And to add insult to injury while you’re doing what you feel are all the right things and you scroll down your IG feed and you see others receiving blessings upon blessings and you know they not doing right ... Go ahead and act like you’ve never had a moment of envy! Yes, I know we shouldn’t examine our lives by others success. I’m generally happy for others, but I’m also human and from time to time that envy demon sneaks it’s ugly head in and takes over. It’s not so much their success as it is my assessment of personal failure. The message in this episode is not to be discouraged, because SCATTERED SEEDS STILL GROW. I heard this message this weeks and before even hearing the sermon those 4 words struck me and I already knew what the message was about. I started thinking of all the “seeds” or conversations I had, doors I’d knocked on, doors that were closed, and how although disappointed we found away to keep pushing. Then low and behold one of those doors we’d assumed was closed actually opened months sometimes almost a year later. There are seeds that you have planted and forgotten about because you assumed that opportunity was not yours because the door has not opened according to your schedule. What you’re going through or have been through may look bleak, but what awaits you on the other side is worth living and fighting for. Join Quincy and I as we share how we’ve climbed out of darkness.


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Returning To The Motherland GLL004

Quincy and I welcome special guest Desario Turner; she and her daughter Jerzi joined us on our South Africa trip along with 7 others. When we thought of discussing our African journey with our audience we knew she would be the perfect individual and provides an unique perspective. Listen as we take you on a wonderful journey of history, culture, and exposure.


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Turning Personal Tragedy Into HOPE GLL003

Jill & Phil are the parents of Bakari Henderson whose life was ended abruptly in July 2017 when he was murdered in Greece. Bakari was a brilliant young man with a bright future ahead of him, a recent graduate of University of Arizona where he graduated from The Eller College of Management with a Bachelor degree in Business Finance & Entrepreneurship. He was in Zakynthos, Greece with three friends celebrating their recent college graduation while also conducting a photo shoot for his upcoming launch of his clothing line, Bakari Luxury Sportswear (“BLS”), when he met his untimely death. We meet with Bakari’s parents to discuss what they are doing to honor and carry out Bakari’s Legacy while still going through the judicial process to get justice for his murder. They will discuss how they are providing HOPE to other families in mourning through their personal tragedy.


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Navigating Through Uncertainty GLL002

"When Quincy lost his job I felt BETRAYED! Not by him but his company and the lack of thought & consideration they had with the transaction."


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Get Lost Life Introduction GLL001

Welcome to Get Lost Life. REAL talk about that Ish in life that no one wants to discuss. Social media has created a world that lacks authenticity. From a bird’s eye view everyone appears to be LIVING their best lives, but what lies beneath are the things Get Lost Life will discuss in a RAW & Un-CUT way. Quincy and Ty are a husband & wife dynamic duo who not only share BEDS, but are also business partners and owners of Get Lost VIP, a boutique travel agency & lifestyle brand. This couple has experienced it all from being high school sweethearts, teen parents, growing up together in marriage, rags to riches, career highs and woes, and much more. They have defeated many odds, and had many LIFE lessons along the way. People ‘Get Lost’ in Life, Love, Careers, Finances, and Get Lost Life is that GPS to help you navigate to your destined location. So climb aboard, grab your FAVORITE cocktail, buckle your seat belts, put your seats in the upright or reclined position, turn your phones to airplane mode, and enjoy the RIDE.