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The Truth In This Art, hosted by Rob Lee, explores contemporary art and cultural preservation through candid conversations with artists, curators, and cultural leaders about their work, creative processes and the thinking that goes into their creativity. Rob also occasionally interviews creatives in other industries such as acting, music, and journalism. The Truth In This Art is a podcast for artists, art lovers and listeners interested in the creative process.


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The Truth In This Art, hosted by Rob Lee, explores contemporary art and cultural preservation through candid conversations with artists, curators, and cultural leaders about their work, creative processes and the thinking that goes into their creativity. Rob also occasionally interviews creatives in other industries such as acting, music, and journalism. The Truth In This Art is a podcast for artists, art lovers and listeners interested in the creative process.




Q+A with Visual artist Krishna Bala Shenoi

Krishna Bala Shenoi is a visual artist who spends his days working on illustrations and exploring film. His artwork, spanning a variety of styles, has accompanied children’s literature in picture books and short story collections from Tulika, Scholastic, Penguin, Karadi and Speaking Tiger, with projects from other publishers currently in development. Additionally, Krishna is the portrait-ist for Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso is a weekly series of intimate conversations with artists, activists,...


Q+A with artist Frankie Gautier

Francis Gautier, grew up living between Providence, Rhode Island and New York City. His family spent their weekdays in RI and the weekends in NYC. From a very young age, he fell in love with art in many forms but particularly the urban graffiti street art. Francis began emulating the graffiti he would observe as well as photographing everything he could within a cameras reach. Ultimately, “I thought I was going to be a lifetime graffiti writer” says Gautier. However while studying for his...


Q+A with artist Sheryl Oring (The Truth In This Art Beyond : Philadelphia)

Sheryl Oring is Dean of the School of Art at University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Sheryl Oring examines critical social issues through projects that incorporate old and new media to tell stories, examine public opinion and foster open exchange. Using tools typically employed by journalists (the camera, the typewriter, the pen, the interview and the archive) she builds on experience in her former profession to create installations, performances, artist books and internet-based works that...


Q+A with illustrator Nick Tofani

In this episode, host Rob Lee sits down with Nick Tofani, an illustrator hailing from Massachusetts whose art is centered around the realms of horror and gaming. Join Rob as he delves into Nick's creative process, discussing his inspirations and techniques for bringing his chilling visions to life. Along the way, they explore the intersection between art and fear, and the unique challenges and rewards of creating illustrations that are both visually stunning and viscerally terrifying....


Q+A with award-winning cartoonist Liza Donnelly

Join host Rob Lee as he sits down with the talented Liza Donnelly, an award-winning cartoonist and author. In this episode, Liza shares her experience as a cartoonist for The New Yorker and the inspiration behind her work. They delve into the history of women in cartooning and the unique challenges they have faced in the industry. Liza also discusses her latest book, Funny Ladies: The New Yorker's Greatest Women Cartoonists and Their Cartoons, offering an insightful look at the work of some...


Interview with artist Ariel Barbosa

Welcome to this episode of the Rob Lee Interviews podcast! In this installment, Rob sits down with Ariel Barbosa, a community organizer, artist, and capoeirista who is proud to call both Baltimore and Bahia, Brasil her homes. Ariel is launching a new organization called "A Gente," which translates to "the people" in Brazilian Portuguese. Through this organization, Ariel hopes to broaden our understanding of what "us" means, and to reconnect the African diaspora through events and art spaces...


Interview with multimedia artist Nat Raum

In today's episode of the Truth In This Art, host Rob Lee interviews writer and artist from Baltimore Nat Raum. Together, they discuss Nat’s photography and writing, Darkside Collective and founding Fifth Wheel Press and much more. Creators & Guests Rob LeeNat Raum The Truth in This Art podcast's current season is sponsored by The Gutierrez Memorial Fund and The Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, both of which are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Baltimore and beyond. The...


Interview with Marielle Stankiewicz (The Truth In This Art Beyond : Philadelphia)

In today's episode of the Truth In This Art Beyond: Philadelphia, host Rob Lee interviews Marielle 'Elle' Stankiewicz, owner of Sweet Peach Studios. Together, they discuss Elle's shift from a near decade registered dental assistant career to becoming Philly's tooth fairy, using referrals and Instagram to develop her client base and much more. Learn more about Sweet Peach Studios Here: Creators & Guests Marielle StankiewiczRob LeeWelcome to the...


Interview with Founder, Publisher-Sugarcane Magazine Melissa Hunter Davis

In this episode of "The Truth in This Art," host Rob Lee sits down with Melissa Hunter Davis, the founder of Sugarcane Magazine. Sugarcane is an online journal dedicated to the art of Africa and the African diaspora, covering everything from literature to performance. Melissa is a creative entrepreneur with a passion for all things related to African arts and culture. Tune in to hear about her journey starting Sugarcane, the importance of representation in the arts, and her insights on the...


Interview with Editor-in-Chief of UP Magazine TK Mills

T.K. Mills is an art journalist based in New York City. After receiving a Master’s Degree in Global Affairs, he discovered a love for graffiti while backpacking through Cuba. T.K. has written for several art publications including SOLD, Global Street Art, and Arte Fuse. Additionally, he manages the street art blog, Well Pleased We Dream. Beyond art, T.K. loves reading and traveling. About UP UP is a NYC-based magazine that centers on street art, graffiti, and creative urban culture. Each...


Interview with editor-in-chief and co-founder of Hyperallergic, Hrag Vartanian

In this episode of "The Truth in This Art", host Rob Lee interviews Hrag Vartanian, editor-in-chief and co-founder of Hyperallergic. With expertise in contemporary art and its intersection with politics, Hrag shares insights on his journey as an art critic, curator, and lecturer. He talks about his founding of Hyperallergic in 2009 and how it has grown to reach over a million readers and listeners a month through its award-winning reporting, informed opinions, and quality conversations about...


Interview with Chef Chad Gauss (The Food Market)

Rob Lee interviewed Chad Gauss, the executive chef and restaurateur of The Food Market, La Food Marketa, Quality Snowballs, The Hall CP and Hoopla Catering, and they discuss his career and the local food industry. Photo credit: Justin Tsucalas About The Food Market Hampden Located on "The Ave." in Hampden, The Food Market offers awesome eats and outstanding service from Chef Chad Gauss and his talented team. The Food Market focuses on approachable, seriously good comfort food, in a...


Interview with artist Roberto Dyea (Tsi YOO Nah)

Roberto Max Dyea (Tsi YOO Nah), a tribal citizen of the Pueblo of Laguna, Mesita, is a passionate Indigenous illustrator with a deep connection to his heritage. Born in Barstow, California, Roberto's love for Manga inspired him to create pieces that blend traditional Pueblo of Laguna pottery designs with contemporary storytelling. His scenario project, "Rage Against Mayhem," which began in 2018 in Redlands, California, showcases the creativity and vision of Indigenous manga characters in the...


Interview with curator Dulcina Abreu

Dulcina Abreu is a Dominican-born independent curator, artist, and museum advocate. She graduated with a MFA in Curatorial Practice from the Maryland Institute College of Art, focused on digital platforms and a BFA in Fine Arts and Media from Parsons, The New School. Prior to living in New York, Dulcina studied at The National School of Visual Arts and Altos de Chavon School of Design, both in the Dominican Republic. Abreu’s work explores 21st century visual and material culture from the...


Interview with Philadelphia Printworks' Maryam Pugh (The Truth In This Art Beyond : Philadelphia)

In today's episode of the Truth In This Art Beyond: Philadelphia, host Rob Lee interviews Maryam Pugh, owner and CEO of Philadelphia Printworks, the independent clothing brand that draws inspiration from social justice movements, past and present. Together, they discuss Maryam's decision leave her corporate career and pursue her passion, the intersection of social justice advocacy and entrepreneurship and much more. Learn more about Philadelphia Printworks Here:...


Interview with artist Sehar Peerzada & Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith for American Craft Council

Rob interviewed Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith and Sehar Peerzada for the American Craft Council, their work and what to expect from the American Craft Made Marketplace’s return to Baltimore. Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith, a widely respected member of the national craft community, has been named senior director of programs and partnerships at the American Craft Council Sehar Peerzada Patricia Sehar Peerzada creates clothing influenced by traditional sources in Africa, Asia,...


Interview with artist Sara Weimers

In her interview on The Truth in this Art Podcast, Sara Weimers shares her journey as a creative and cross-stitch artist. As a queer Oregon native with an extroverted introverted personality, Sara's art reflects her unique and eclectic interests, including her love of Lord of the Rings, cannabis, rainbows, and political humor. She shares how her art became a therapeutic outlet during the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, leading her to connect with Makers Against Racism...


Interview with filmmaker Brian Levin

In his interview on The Truth in this Art Podcast, Brian Levin shares his insights and experiences as a filmmaker with a strong background in television and film. As the CEO of both Groovy Monsters and Red Tower, Levin offers a unique perspective on the industry and the creative process. Listeners are sure to gain valuable insights into the world of filmmaking and the challenges and rewards of running a successful production company. Whether you're a seasoned professional or simply a fan of...


Interview with artist Sean Fahie

In this episode, we will be introducing you to Sean Fahie, a multi-talented artist based out of Atlanta, GA. With a background in illustration, graphic design, and creative consulting, Sean has established himself as a versatile and accomplished professional in the art and design industry. He is known for his unique style of blending traditional and digital mediums to create visually striking imagery. Sean has extensive experience working with a diverse range of clients, from small...


Interview with Artist Bryan Robinson (The Black Genius Art Show)

Bryan Robinson is an educator and multifaceted media artist born, raised and superhero'd in Baltimore, Maryland. He has a background in film, 2D animation and Business Marketing. Robinson has been a visual artist for as long as he could successfully write his own name. He feels the blank canvas is just another portal to which his stories can be told. Robinson is a self taught artist who operates in "The Random". He compares his work to a mixture of the Mona Lisa and the morning cartoons of...