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Its just regular girls chatting about normal stuff. Cashpigs subscribe to or have your miserable, beta male existence cancelled.

Its just regular girls chatting about normal stuff. Cashpigs subscribe to or have your miserable, beta male existence cancelled.
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Its just regular girls chatting about normal stuff. Cashpigs subscribe to or have your miserable, beta male existence cancelled.




How to be a Gamer with Ian Miles Cheong

Ian Miles Cheong visits Girls Chat to instruct us all about "Gamergate" and "Gaming" including the worst problem that all gamers face: How to still manage to go to Heaven despite dying of a chemsex OD at a gay bathhouse. (Hint: We are all trapped in a simulation).


The Red Kahina News Hour With Ken Klippenstein

Third Krassenstein brother and proof of Red Kahina's excellence, Ken Klippenstein, joins us in order to teach us about the elusive concept known as "The News," and prove all of Red Kahina's arguments as 100% factually accurate, point by point. #Biden2020


They're Eating Rats On Girls Chat with Ashton Birdie

Youtuber Ashton Birdie is the former InfoWars reporter of "Sailor Socialism" infamy. She joins us to talk about the evolution of her political thought, #YangGang, her boyfriend Baked Alaska denouncing the "alt-right," and which InfoWars personalities are deranged freaks who should be MeToo'ed.


#MJInnocent featuring The Antifada

The Antifada calls us up and explains the Truth about Michael Jackson.


Penis CK Doesn't Know How To Jerk Off

Comedian Penis CK comes over and rehearses his favorite bit (jerking off). He is horribly incompetent at it and receives some much needed instruction. After the Penis CK JOI, we are joined by our other other female cohost, V. Ron (played by Dr. Gay Little Queer) for some more inclusive takes on the Penis CK character.


Jake Flores Is A Popper Sniffing F-Sl*r

Gay comedian Jake Flores comes on to talk, and rap, about his experiences as a member of the LGBT community and how he has been inspired by his # 1 role model and personal shero, Buffalo Bill.


How To Be A Woman with Roosh V

We speak to "The World's Biggest Misogynist," Roosh V, about his latest book on Womanhood, for women, "Lady." Because much of our audience does possess a desire to become proper ladies, we try to find out for them what it takes. And since "Lady" places at the heart of womanhood the yearning that someday the desire for immaterial love be satisfied, either by Family or God, we are Inspired. We feel strongly compelled to encourage Roosh V to begin undertaking the process of vocational...


Exiting The Frankenstein's Cellar With Vr0nline

Sadistic killer of the hideous Lawrence Bonk sim (and future regular guest host??) Vr0nline joined us just to ignore all our pathetic attempts to speak with our Immaculate Goddess, mock us and then eventually speaks only to tell us that we are going to be forced to become actual Garfields for vile, concupiscent reasons. Really sick stuff. Also Vron went to the Romantic Depot that 6ix9ine did the viral commercial for and I'm guessing they probably teach workshops for stuff like that there.


Undead Cybernetic Nightmare Machine Broke PREVIEW

Revolutionary Femcel theory and praxis from the latest patrons' episode of Girls Chat. Subscribe and listen here:


Street Fight Radio: A Show For Women (Featuring Girls Chat)

The hosts of Street Fight Radio graciously allow two women onto their show in order to train them in the masculine discipline of Podcasting. Deranged foot Dom, Murder Bryan, terrorizes us all with his soft, immaculate soles; He is willing to teach women how to do a comedy podcast by any means necessary.


The Vitalist Manifesto (Feat. John McAfee)

Perennial Libertarian party primary contender and software man John McAfee talks to us about life, light, love, sex, God, and wildlife. Our brains are completely scrambled by the experience and so his campaign's Director of Youth Engagement, Yung Zoe, has to join the call in order to provide us loving and affirming aftercare.


Firewalls Install Viruses On Your Computer (Free Preview)

Preview of Subscriber-only episode available on Http:// Two guys named Mitch who are tripping on acid (@mitchysuch and @lynyrdsremmurd on Twitter) have difficulty communicating with one another about a dick pic that Mitch received from @nephew_time for like an hour until eventually Mitch starts to have a bad trip and has to log off and listen to emo music for a while to align his chakras. We also have an actual ABDL sissy on here for some reason, so after Mitch hangs up...


The Future is Incel: Girls Chat Christmas Special (feat. Nyx Land and musical guest School Shooter)

Gender Acceleration - the proposition that technocapital is force feminizing its subjects to the point of an eventual Bimbo Singularity - is described by its main proponent, Nyx Land, as a kind of descent into Hell and the Left Hand Path. Our musical guest, outspoken incel and singer-songwriter, School Shooter, weighs with the Incel Perspective as the Girls attempt to wage a Manichean war of Light against Darkness for The Girls Chat Christmas Special.


molly soda is creating inspiration (feat. Molly Soda)

molly soda has been giving out content for free. Girls Chat has a firm, ethical commitment to the monetization of all female content creators and say "Enough!" to molly soda's exploitation. We sell some art on behalf of molly soda in Twitter DMs and make her a Patreon page. All cashpigs must subscribe to it. If you do not you are oppressing her.


Deterritorializing Justin Murphy (Feat. Musical Guest Lil' Jaybee)

Justin Murphy explores the question of what it means to be a "Dominant Male." Staring directly into the void that underlies the Rhizomatic network of desires that is sometimes called "Justin Murphy," he feels no fear. Embracing Total Deterritorialization as Alpha Male praxis, Murphy ceases to exist. Consequently, rapper Lil' Jaybee emerges—the perfectly Cold and Cruel, Deleuzian Mother-Goddess—as the ultimate form of Male Domination. Find more of Justin's work here:...


Girls Chat BTFO: The Luke Turner Cancellation, Feat. Daniel Keller

We avenge Mommy Anna K's fallen account by having fellow Luke Turner victim Daniel Keller join Girls Chat to help us cancel a fake-woke, textiles executive who has acquired some minor notoriety doing exploitative celebrity stunts. And because we know he will get a Google alert if we say her name, "Deanna Havas," "Deanna Havas," "Deanna Havas."


Girls Chat Black Friday Special (Anarchist, featuring Crimes)

We go Anarchist in this clip and get holiday season shopping tips and more from an anonymous teen illegalist. Our guest will remain unnamed for Op-Sec reasons, but he is one of the most trusted names on the subject of "Crime." Bank robbery is the greatest "doorbuster" deal. Don't miss out!


Reading Books with MCS (who got her life ruined by Luke Turner and Shia LaBeouf for 3 days)

We get psychedelically high (on accident) with Michael C Siebert and discuss her new venture, a Patreon for "Reading Books." MCS also shares with us the story of Luke Turner and Shia LaBeouf usurping her house in the name of art and destroying her life. This episode is dedicated to the late, great @annakhachiyan Twitter account - also mercilessly crushed by Turner. The memory of that account lives on in the podcast it inspired ("Girls Chat").


Doing Astrology To Find Out Which Socialist Organization Is Best (Feat. Randon Rosenbohm)

VICE publications only contract legitimate occult practitioners, so Girls Chat sits down with Broadly astrologer Randon Rosenbohm ( Together we attempt to divine which US socialist organization will violently seize the repressive apparatus of the state and lead us to global Communism. After careful consideration of all omens and esoteric forces, Girls Chat is faced with no choice but to declare total war on the First World.


TERF JOI w/ Trans Regret Snoopy

Doing TERF JOI with Trans Regret Snoopy because "TERF" is a slur, and it's hot to be called it. Also, we passively experience the pleasure of Andrea Long Chu's, Julia Serano's, and Slavoj Žižek's cancellations (in the manner of a true ontological bottom).