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A collection of everything creepy, disturbing, and paranormal: ghost stories, paranormal experiences, mythical legends, and true crime. From things that go bump in the night, to conspiracy theories that give you a fright, we will cover it.

A collection of everything creepy, disturbing, and paranormal: ghost stories, paranormal experiences, mythical legends, and true crime. From things that go bump in the night, to conspiracy theories that give you a fright, we will cover it.
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A collection of everything creepy, disturbing, and paranormal: ghost stories, paranormal experiences, mythical legends, and true crime. From things that go bump in the night, to conspiracy theories that give you a fright, we will cover it.






26- Season 1 Finale

The time has come for our first podcasting season to end! To close out season one, Rachel and Kaila took the time to answer some questions, look back on this past year, and share some bloopers that didn't make the final cut. Thank you so much for listening to two silly housewives and our paranormal ramblings. See you in the New Year, Spooky Fam!


25- The Mandela Effect and Reincarnation

The Mandela Effect can be a very disturbing phenomenon. What's scarier than strongly believing something that didn't actually happen? It's even more unnerving when a large population of people also remember false facts! Who's right? Where did these untrue memories come from? Also, do you ever get the feeling of dèjá vu so strong that it stops you in your tracks? Have you ever met a stranger and felt an instant connection? We're exploring these concepts in this week's episode!


24- Conspiracy Theories Vol. 03

Have you ever wondered if there is truth to the Clinton Body Count hashtag but never found the evidence? Perhaps you thought Jeffrey Epstein was another victim of the Clinton's, but didn't think there was much proof? We investigated both of these and uncovered some crazy and convincing evidence that the mainstream media has tried to bury. Buckle in for our most risky episode yet...hopefully we are still alive after this episode airs. If not, you'll know it wasn't suicide. Seth Rich...


23- Unnerving Oddities

“Unnerving” is the word that comes to mind after learning about these odd places and cases. Have you ever been somewhere that just felt “off” to you, although you couldn’t explain why? Have you ever come across a story that just doesn’t make logical sense? Rachel and Kaila share some pretty interesting, albeit weird and creepy, true stories in this week’s episode. Enjoy, Spooky Soulmates!


22- Scary Stories: An Auditory Adventure

This episode is unlike any we have done before. Put in your headphones and turn off the lights if you dare. Rachel and Kaila kick off Spooktober's episodes by reading some of the scariest, skin crawling stories to you without laughing or breaking character. And hidden throughout the episode are special sound effects to enhance the storytelling. Can you make it through the episode without jumping? We dare you to try...


21- Ghost Stories Vol. 03

Finishing out the month of September and ushering in Spooktober, the Spooky Sisters are back with another volume of spine-chilling true ghost stories to leave you whimpering in the dark! From ouija board warnings (which we SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO) to the bones of murdered children, this episode is sure to entertain you and POSSIBLY make it hard for you to sleep tonight. Good luck sleeping, Spooky Fam.


20- Dream Interpretation and Number Sequences

Ever had a bizarre dream and wondered what it meant? Maybe you've seen the same sequence of numbers over and over and wonder if they have significance? We explore the most common dream themes and their meanings, interpret some of YOUR dreams, and discuss angel numbers and what your guardian angel may be trying to tell you.


19- Aliens and Area 51

Isn’t it relaxing to lie back in the grass at night and gaze at the vast sky and stars? Doesn’t it make you feel so small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things? But wait, what if one of those “stars” starts to move erratically? Is it coming closer?! Oh snap! In this episode, we dive into the concept that we aren’t alone in the universe. You’ll learn about the different types of aliens, the probability of other life forms, and what’s REALLY going on in Area 51. Also, it’s probably...


18- Haunted Objects: Furniture and Paintings

Ever feel like your paintings watch you? Maybe they do. In our second installment of our Haunted Objects series, we discuss two pieces of haunted furniture and four haunted of which has video evidence to back it up. So, good luck sleeping with your household items watching you and possibly coming to life at night.


17- The Existence of Doppelgangers and Nessie

The listeners missed our legendary beasts episodes, so we are back with two very interesting ones: the evilest of twins, doppelgangers, and the adored, possibly feared, Loch Ness Monster. Whether you are a believer in mythical beasts or not, Rachel and Kaila each present their cases for your discernment which include the possibility of both multiverses and wormholes.


16- Listener Stories Vol. 02

We are back with another listener stories episode! This one has terrifying stories and hilarious commentary that will have you cry laughing by the end. We have always tried to lighten the spooky with comedy, and this episode is no exception. Good luck...not laughing with us!


15- National Forest Serial Killer and Alissa Turney

In Vol. 02 of our true crime series, we cover the case of the National Forest Serial Killer whose killing grounds were minutes from where Kaila grew up. We also cover the heartbreaking case of Alissa Turney. Join us as we talk about her life, disappearance, and how YOU can make a difference. Please be sure to sign the petition started by her sister Sarah Turney after you listen to the episode at Alissa Turney Petition.


14- Hometown Haunts Vol. 01

Everyone grows up near a haunted area and explores it, right? Well Rachel sure did. Listen to the local haunts in Illinois and Kentucky that have freaked people out for decades...and the surprising story at the end that nearly made Kaila pee her pants.


13- Haunted Objects: Dolls

Annabelle isn't JUST a story...if you want to hear the origins of your favorite haunted dolls and the true stories behind them, you are in for a creepy treat in this episode. Escalating from mild to horrifying, we climb the terror scale with each doll and end on a traumatizing note that left Rachel exhausted and afraid for the first time in her life.


12- Conspiracy Theories Vol. 02

This may be our most terrifying episode yet because it's real and we are living it. So pop on your tinfoil hats and join us as we dive deep into the secrets of the Denver Airport and the Illuminati- and uncover their surprising tie to each other.


11- Ghost Stories Vol. 02

You guys loved the first volume of ghost stories, so back by popular demand is a second set of ghost stories...and dare we say, these are even spookier?


10- Sleep Paralysis and Lucid Dreaming

Many of you have experienced sleep paralysis and the terrifying beings that torture your sleep, so in this episode we explore what sleep paralysis is, how to break free from it, and even prevent it. Are those actually demons toying with you? Beyond that, we also discuss how to transform your dreams into magical worlds where anything is possible with lucid dreaming!


09- Listener Stories Vol. 01

We dive into the stories that YOU, our listeners, have sent us over the past few months, and boy did you guys deliver! From scary to endearing, these true ghostly encounters will give you goosebumps from head to toe!


08- Conspiracy Theories Vol. 01

Is Facebook really watching us and listening to our conversations? What is 23 and Me really doing with our DNA? We explore some popular conspiracy theories and try to determine how much truth there is to them, and what we It's so much worse than you think.


07- Stacy Peterson/Richardson Murders

Delving into a new realm of the creepy and terrible, Rachel and Kaila discuss two obscure true crime stories. Ghosts don't haunt everyone, but serial killers can...are you safe?