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Connecting people to who they are, not what they do!

Connecting people to who they are, not what they do!
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Connecting people to who they are, not what they do!






Growth Begins With You Podcast - Episode 10 - The Lag Time

Ever placed all your focus and energy into achieving a goal, hope or dream and fall short? It's tough when you get challenged along the way towards your desired outcomes and it seems to take forever to get there. Sometimes it can feel as though the whole universe is against you. In this episode, I take you through what the lag time is and what it's purpose is. The lag time can be a beautiful time that is full of amazing insights into who we are and what we truly value. It's what you value...


Growth Begins With You Podcast - Episode 9 - Interview With Bree Pocock

In this episode I interview youth counsellor Bree Pocock on how we can give our inner child a voice. Bree gives us insight on the approach she takes when working with youth and how the same ways she connects is a powerful way to allow our inner youth speak up and be heard. We also dive into how that inner young person is our instincts speaking out to help us navigate through our lives. I trust you will enjoy this great interview with Bree.


Growth Begins With You Podcast - Episode 8 - Perspective In Decision Making

There are so many profiling tools out there that focus on what you do. They all work to help with recognising who you are and how you can be your best. Even understand your decision making. My aim with this episode is to help simplify all that information. I have broken this up into three of the most common types of decision makers - - The Snap Decision Maker - The Calculated Decision Maker - The Procrastinator In this episode I take you through the the different ways we go about making...


Growth Begins With You Podcast - Episode 7 - The Grief And Loss Trap

We all go through grief at some stage in our lives. The loss of a loved one is a challenge to navigate through as the grief can impact our whole life. In this episode we dive deep into grief and how we can allow grief to hold us to ransom. Sometimes life can be cruel. When we lose a loved one it can be difficult to allow ourselves permission to grieve because of all the things that have to be done take over. During this time we forget to be human. In a very similar way, our friends make the...


Growth Begins With You Podcast - Episode 6 - Investing In Your Relationships

Our relationships are so important to our general wellbeing. Sometimes our friends can empower us, hold us accountable, have the funniest times with and some friends can drain the energy out of us. This begs the question, what type of friend are you? In this episode I take you through the 5 most common friendships we have and how to be mindful of their impact. Because without being aware of it, we could spend a lot of time and energy building a relationship that has expectations where those...


Growth Begins With You Podcast - Episode 5 - Acknowledging Your Resilience

In episode 5 of Growth Begins With You, I take you through the importance of acknowledging your resilience. This includes acknowledging all the past life experiences and traumas you have overcome to be here today. The tough times we have endured have given us strength that is unique to us. The trouble is when we don't acknowledge the power those times have given us. Instead we use them as mechanisms to create road blocks to protect ourselves. These road blocks damage relationships with...


Growth Begins With You Podcast - Episode 4 - Saving Your Inner Child

In this episode of Growth Begins With You we dive into saving our inner child and knowing how to allow our inner child to throw a tantrum without sabotaging our life. Life was meant to be lived not over come. Our inner child is there to keep us safe by creating walls and road blocks to protect ourselves. Before you know it, those walls become habits and our future continues to be sabotaged by our past. Our childhood is made up of so many wonderful memories. In this episode I discuss how our...


Growth Begins With You Podcast - Episode 3 - Our Belief Systems

Are you worthy of love? Where do you belong? Are you good enough? In episode 3 of Growth Begins With You we answer all those questions as we dive deep into our belief systems and how they keep us safe while building walls that sabotage us. We discuss the three essential human needs - - Am I loved - Am I enough - Do I belong Throughout this episode we pull apart our personal histories and how our life story can become a self-fulfilling prophecy when we're unaware of it's impact. Our life...


Growth Begins With You Podcast - Episode 2 - Being Our Own Best Friend

In episode two we dive right into how we can become our own best friend. We constantly give advice to our friends on how they can overcome adversity, however, considering how good our advice and support can be, do we listen to our own advice? We also dive right into the three different types of relationships we can form and how empowering or disempowering they can be. The focus on our relationships has always been give and take. I'll show you how you can move towards building a more stable...


Growth Begins With You Podcast - Episode 1 - Introduction

We sometimes struggle to be connected to who we are. We instead identify more with what we do. This podcast has been designed to connect you with what organically makes you amazing! Episode one is an introduction into how what we do is never the sum of who we are. What to learn more about Life Long Transformations? Facebook - Website - Email -