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Each week, Tracey and julie will discuss a different topic in the arts and sciences. Come along with us and learn as we learn about the arts and what makes them great. Com ediscover the arts!

Each week, Tracey and julie will discuss a different topic in the arts and sciences. Come along with us and learn as we learn about the arts and what makes them great. Com ediscover the arts!
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Each week, Tracey and julie will discuss a different topic in the arts and sciences. Come along with us and learn as we learn about the arts and what makes them great. Com ediscover the arts!






Heart and Music Radio, Program XLV

Today Julie goes into further detail about stringed instruments, particularly Lyres and Lutes. We also learn a little about bows. Julie also talks about why we have five digits on each hand and foot.


Heart and Music Radio program XLIV

Our return is full of information and fun! Tracie will discuss the history and the wide variety and large complexity of stringed instruments. Julie, on the other hand, will cover the light subject (parrots and why they can "talk"). We know you will enjoy it and, because we are excited to be back after a few weeks of hiatus, we know we are prepared to face the need for knowledge and entertainment we all have.. Thank you for being back with us. Love you all.


heart and Music Radio, program XLIII

Come join us this week as we delv into the history of aviation, particularly the airplane. Julie discusses the history, and Tracie tells us why planes can fly.


Heart and Music Program XLII

At Heart and Music we strive to bring to light the arts of which we are not aware, yet they fill our lives with beauty, convenience and ideas that enhance our way of living. Today we are talking about Glass-making, an art as old as our knowledge has been able to ascertain. Learn about the process, the history and the many uses we give to this give from Nature. Please, help us spread the idea that culture is a reason to be proud. Let us go farther buy spreading the message of knowledge and...


Heart and Music Program XLI

Hello and welcome back! Arts, as we have said throughout the time we've spoken to you, cover many forms of which we are not aware; thus, many of these forms may take us either by surprise or may fall under the category of those style of arts we ignore for lack of understanding. Today we invite you to visit a world that dates from the very beginning of our development, and to give it a chance to enter your understanding and consideration. Please rememger that the only way we are able to...


Heart and Music Radio, Program XXXX

Today we pick up a new thread as we delve into the history of the sewing machine. Julie discusses the many inventors who made this essential technology possible.


Heart and Music Radio, Program XXXIX

This week we review the history of sound recording we've covered thus far. We then turn to the development of various digital media as well as the social ramifications of these media. Tracie also talks about some of the theory behind digital recording.


Heart and Music Radio Program XXXVIII

Hi, today, Julie will tell you about the many forms that emerged due to the discovery of magnetic recording. It is an interesting journey through the processes that marked the path that took us to the type of sounds and recollections we enjoy in todays favored media. We hope you will find this program, not only informative, but also entertaining; after all, it is our mission to make culture understandable, fun and memorable. Please, help us spread the seed of knowledge. That is the best...


Heart and Music Radio, Program XXXVII

This week Tracie Discusses the history of Analogue recording, including wax cylinders and records. She speaks of the importance these recrding methods have in preserving many sounds of the past. Julie is here to talk about voice prints, how they work and some of the ways they are being utilized.


Heart and music Program XXXV+I

Hi, thanks for beding with us and for helping us sread the seed of culture. Today we're beginning a three-part series on sound recording; that part of the many media we use in order to keep track of our memories and that allow us to tell a story in a way others may not forget easily. Julie and Tracie will guide you through this complicated world of grooves, wires and digits which constitute the vast array of media we've used through time. Please, help us make a difference by telling others...


Heart and Music Radio, Program XXXV

Today we look at two very different holidays--Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day, also known as George Washington's Birthday. Julie explains the origins of each day. We also discuss some possible reasons that the heart is associated with feelings, particularly love.


Heart and Music Radio Program XXXIV

Thanks for being with us this week! We will visit some of the most common phenomena (but with a twist). We want to present you with a reasonable explanation that will tell you how and why these two "common events" happened as often and how they do it. We'll also talk about another tool (the barometer) which has [provided us with information that allow us to make "predictions" on weather events we think we can foretell. Come with us and make it possible for us to spread knowledge and to...


Heart and Music Radio Program XXXIII

Hi, today's journey takes us through the time it took for meteorology to become part of our lives. In this program we'll explore the reasons, questions and the needs that motivated human-kind to undertake the interesting endeavor of predicting Nature's behavior. Enjoy it and, thank you for being a part of our effort to make of this world a better place.


Heart and Music Radio Program XXXII

Perhaps you've wondered many times what the reasons may be for such celebration as the "Ground hog day". Perhaps you've only heard about it and want to know what it means... This is the moment! Julie will guide you through the history, the tradition, and the little rodent's interesting life. You will enjoyu it!


Heart and Music Radio, Program XXXI

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing two retired physicists, peter Torpy and Nancy Goodman-Torpy. We talk about who they are and the joys and challenges of their careers.


Heart and Music Radio, Program 30

This week Tracie delves into the history of physics. She also talks about the origin of the word "physics." She discusses how scientists have learned and are still learning about the world. Julie then ansers the questions "Where does the word yankee originate?" and "Who is a yankee anyway?"


Heart and music Radio Program xxIX

It's a mnew year, and our desire to promote arts is as strong as ever! Hence, we are talking about one of the os misunderstood forms of arts (Science) making emphasis in its importance and the talent it requires in order to provide us with all the ideas that created those advantages that mwe use through our lives an that make it easier and more enjoyable. We value your comments! Don't be shy, talk to us and let us know what yu think.


Heart And Music Radio, Program XI

Today Julie and Tracie discuss the traditions that surround New Year celebrations in many cultures. Tracie also talks about why we feel the need for a fresh start each year.


Heart and Music Radio, Program XXVII

Today Tracie gives us a summary of some Christmas traditions around the world, particularly in South America. She also talks about why we call it Christmas.


Heart and Music Radio, Program XI

Today Julie explains how Christmas carols came to be and why they are the songs we know and love today. She then discusses the histories of four beautiful carols.