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home is what we make it






Baking like a Pro at Home ft. Courtney Rich

It’s no secret, the smell of fresh baked goods can stir powerful emotions. Whether it’s the scent of your grandma’s cookies wafting through the air, your mom’s homemade pie, or another treasured family treat, that unique aroma instantly transports you to specific places and memories. No one understands that philosophy better than Courtney Rich from Cake by Courtney. She’s a self-taught baking expert who believes anyone can create bakery-quality treats at home. Today Courtney’s sharing her...


Bringing Natural Elements to Your Home

If you feel like something is missing from your home, but you’re not quite sure what it is, it may be natural elements. Humans tend to surround themselves with living things, which can be more difficult during winter. Luckily, adding natural woods, greenery, wicker, and other things found in nature can bring life into your home. In this week’s episode, Jen is sharing some simple ways to incorporate natural elements in any room. The post Bringing Natural Elements to Your Home appeared first...


Organizing Your Home ft. Sam Pregenzer

We all have spaces at home we dread looking at. You know the pattern: clutter builds, disorganization takes over, and before you know it, cleaning up feels overwhelming. Professional organizer Samantha Pregenzer from SO|Home has been helping people tackle these problem areas for years. Instead of getting annoyed, she views them as opportunities to evaluate how we use the items in our homes. Today, Sam is sharing her best tips for getting your home organized in the new year and keeping it...


Dos and Don’ts When Choosing Rugs

Nothing gives a room that polished and finished look more than finding the perfect rug, but making that choice can be intimidating. In addition to color, size and material, you also need to think about the pattern, pile, and shape among other things. In this episode, Jen shares her dos and don’ts when shopping for a rug, and lets you in on some of the best places and times to find a good deal. The post Dos and Don’ts When Choosing Rugs appeared first on Stagg Design.


Importance of Holiday Traditions ft. Jon

At “Heart of the Home”, we think the Christmas season is the perfect time to fill your house with special moments, whether it’s festive music, home baked goodies, or time spent with family. In this week’s episode, Jen and Jon are sharing some of their favorite holiday traditions. Find out what their girls look forward to every year, and why their family Christmas tree is going to the birds! We also share some ideas to make your Christmas memorable. The post Importance of Holiday Traditions...


When to Choose Professionals Over DIY ft. Jon

Jen and Jon pride themselves on being big DIYers, and even they admit, sometimes hiring a professional is worth the price. In today’s episode, they share some of their biggest home project regrets. From temperamental painting, to pesky pine cones, here are five projects they don’t mind paying for. The post When to Choose Professionals Over DIY ft. Jon appeared first on Stagg Design.


Inspiring a Collection; The Story Behind Aspen

So much thoughtfulness and pure inspiration goes into creating a new product. Where do you begin? In this episode, Jen is sharing where she found inspiration for the newest Stagg Design textile collection: Aspen. Shop the collection: www.staggdesignshop.com The post Inspiring a Collection; The Story Behind Aspen appeared first on Stagg Design.


Building Confidence at Home ft. Ashley Reeves

“You can sit with us” – that’s the message Ashley Reeves preaches on her Instagram account @ashleysfreshfix. She is all about body love and a healthy self outlook; it’s the feeling she and her husband hope to create in their home. Ashley believes confidence starts at home. In this episode she shares with Jen how she fills her home with love, laughter, and plenty of good food. The post Building Confidence at Home ft. Ashley Reeves appeared first on Stagg Design.


Creating the Dream Thanksgiving Tablescape

It’s that time of the year: entertaining season! Whether you’re hosting the whole family for Thanksgiving, or having a more intimate gathering with friends, dreaming up the perfect tablescape can really set the tone for your gathering. In this episode, we’re sharing our love for putting together beautiful dinner settings. From bringing nature indoors, to finding the perfect pieces at the thrift store and beyond, join us as we help you create the best Thanksgiving tablescape. And be sure to...


Finding the Courage to Learn New Skills ft. Jon

Jumping into any DIY project takes a certain amount of courage, but doing one you’ve never tackled before can be especially nerve-wracking. Today my project partner, and husband, Jon is joining me to share how we find the courage to learn new skills and dive into new projects, no matter how intimidating it may be. We’ve certainly had to give ourselves pep talks over the years! During a DIY roofing project, Jon ended up with a nail in the hand. But he didn’t let it scare him from future...


Adapting Your Home to Fit Your Family ft. Oakley Peterson

Learning your child may have a disability can be terrifying. The thought of bringing them home and creating an environment suited to their needs can be daunting. Oakley Peterson of the popular Instagram account, Nothing Down About It, has blown up the stereotypes surrounding families with special needs. Her second child, Welles, has Down syndrome. While his diagnosis creates challenges, Oakley shows her followers every child has struggles and triumphs, and their home is the center of it...


How to Spot a Diamond in the Rough

Buying any home is scary enough, because it’s a big investment. But buying an older home is down right terrifying. One of the things I get asked the most is how we knew the StaggReno was a diamond and not a dud. In today’s episode I’m sharing what went into our decision to buy our fixer upper, and when I know to pass on a house because it’s not worth the investment. https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/staggreno/ The post How to Spot a Diamond in the Rough appeared first on Stagg Design.


Introduction: Heart of the Home

In this first episode, I’m tackling the big question: why start a podcast? I believe home is the most important place on the planet for you and your family, and designing spaces that are both beautiful and uniquely you is important. My childhood home is where I first felt the DIY itch, and it hasn’t gone away since. I hope this podcast will be a place we can learn new skills and share those experiences together. Let’s get to the Heart of the Home! The post Introduction: Heart of the Home...


Something big is coming….

We’ve been talking about our new podcast, Heart of the Home, for weeks and now we are here- launch week! Cue the fireworks! Heart of the Home officially launches Nov. 14, but we don’t want you to miss a single episode because it’s that good people. We’ve put up an episode today so you can get a little taste of the goodness to come. Venturing into new territories is always a bit nerve wracking but this one feels like such a natural extension of Stagg Design. Thank you for continuing to come...