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It’s Her Turn to Talk! Every woman ‘s voice deserves to be heard. Join hosts, Lisa and Corey as we explore the fascinating lives and stories of all different types of women. Get ready to find connection with women not afraid to get vulnerable. We believe we all can learn from each other when we take the time to listen. So, join us while we talk, laugh, cry, and get inspired.

It’s Her Turn to Talk! Every woman ‘s voice deserves to be heard. Join hosts, Lisa and Corey as we explore the fascinating lives and stories of all different types of women. Get ready to find connection with women not afraid to get vulnerable. We believe we all can learn from each other when we take the time to listen. So, join us while we talk, laugh, cry, and get inspired.


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It’s Her Turn to Talk! Every woman ‘s voice deserves to be heard. Join hosts, Lisa and Corey as we explore the fascinating lives and stories of all different types of women. Get ready to find connection with women not afraid to get vulnerable. We believe we all can learn from each other when we take the time to listen. So, join us while we talk, laugh, cry, and get inspired.




Becoming the Victor With Linn Rivers

In this episode we interview, Linn Rivers. Linn, has been following her own path in life and has gone through many trials along the way, which she shared with us. She spoke to us about death and her journey to becoming a death doula. We talked about trauma recovery, hypnosis, and so much more. Badass Woman of The Week: https://galadarling.com/ Guest Promotional...


You Do You With Amanda Shields

On this episode of the podcast we talk with, Amanda Shields. Amanda, is a very successful salon owner and master stylist. We talk about the importance of accepting others and their decisions. Amanda, tells us all about her mommy makeover and her decision to have plastic surgery. We talk about shame, following your dreams, and learning to do whatever makes you happy. Badass Woman of The...


Into The Wilderness With Angela Aaron

Angela is an amazing woman working in the field of wilderness therapy. We talked about our relationship to the natural world, different methods of healing, and the importance of taking care of ourselves. Angela, really believes in the importance of the mind, body connection and how we can use it to help us heal. We also touched on the need for women to be more in tune with our own bodies. Book recommendation:...


In The Vortex With Jackie Stone

In this episode we meet with the wonderful, Jackie Stone. We talk about digital marketing, the power of collaboration instead of competition, connecting through being vulnerable, overcoming childhood troubles, spirituality, and more. Jackie also taught us all about Tarot reading and how she uses this methodology to help her in life. Show Notes: More information on how to reduce, reuse, and recycle. https://www.epa.gov/recycle Badass Woman of The...


Megan Bucholz Not Conforming To The Norm

Megan is an entrepreneur, successfully running three businesses. Megan’s main business is Local Table Tours, which has been steadily growing for the past ten years. She shares how she came up with this out of the box business idea. We also talk about hustling to do what you want, the ups and downs of running a business, making friends, and more. Show Notes: Badass Woman of The Week: https://www.biography.com/personality/julia-child Guest Promotional...


Debra Jason Dancing Her Way Through Life

Debra was a delight to talk to. She is an author, professional speaker and marketer extraordinaire. She is not afraid to go after what she wants in life and is doing what she loves. We spoke to her about her career and how she got there. We also had fun learning about Debra’s disco dancing past. She is a true disco diva and we love it! She definitely knows all about the hustle on and off the dance floor. Show Notes: Badass Woman of The...


Cindy Gunderson A Mom Following Her Dream

In this episode we had so much fun with author Cindy Gunderson. Cindy carved her own path into writing. She knew what she wanted to do and followed her heart to make it happen. She taught us that being a mom doesn't mean you have to give up your passions in life. We are so looking forward to what Cindy will do next. Show Notes: Badass Woman of The Week: https://consciouscleanse.com/jo-jules/ Guest Promotional Links/Information: Tier 1: Tier Trilogy Book 1:...


Namaste Bitches With Heidi Beachley

On this podcast episode Heidi really brought the feelings and the laughter. Heidi took us on a roller coaster of emotion when she spoke to us about the tragic loss of loved ones, then had us laughing when she shared about the loss of her virginity. She shares about how yoga has changed her life and how she now passes that on to help others change theirs. Badass Woman of The...


Science Fiction Superstar Juliana Rew

Juli was a treat to talk with. She is a retired software engineer and technical writer/editor. In her “retirement” Juli has gone on to help publish Science Fiction and Fantasy pieces for other authors. She also wrote and published her own first Sci-Fi novel. After speaking with Juli we learn there’s no slowing her down it seems. She is out there living life to the fullest and pursuing her passions. Badass Woman of The...


Building Her Own Path With Beth Pearcy

In this podcast episode we sit down with architect, Beth Pearcy. Beth shares how she made her way from an Oklahoma girl to working for an architecture firm in Boston. We talk about how women in business can be supportive of one another instead of competitive, and the importance of mentorship. “Are you working your network”? Show Notes: http://www.endthebacklog.org/information-survivors/reporting-rape Badass woman of the...


Proving A Positive Attitude Is Everything With Grace Frahm

We sat down with Grace Frahm and we were humbled to learn that, how you look at things is a really powerful tool. Keeping a positive attitude in life goes a long way. Grace shared with us what it is like for her having a genetic anomaly, which has lead to her having many surgeries. She told us how she defied doctors and how the support of a loving family helped her get through tough times. She also spoke to us about what it is like living with Lyme disease. Grace is a ray of sunshine and we...


British Invasion With Claire Tanner

“A sense of womanhood that actually transcends culture, language, any other barriers”. Claire just moved across the pond here to America a little over a year ago. She shares what it's like moving so far away from her home country with her family. We have lots of fun laughing and learning about our cultural differences. She speaks to us about her wonderful volunteer work with refugee women. Badass woman of the...


Marijuana, Psychopathy, And Self Care Talk With Megan Ross

We had such an interesting conversation with Megan. Megan is currently doing her postdoctoral work on marijuana research and spoke to us how important these studies are. Megan has also studied callous and unemotional children, even taking part in a long term study of these children. She spoke with us about the mental toll working in the psychology field can take on a person at times. We also discuss the importance of self care for your mental health. Badass woman of the...


A Slightly Inappropriate Holiday Special

We found ourselves with a last minute reschedule, so we decided to record anyway. In this episode we get crazy with swearing, singing, & discussing the holidays. Happy Holidays to all, from Her Turn to Talk! https://www.newsweek.com/10-weird-holiday-traditions-celebrated-around-world-757732 The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas Elf The Elf on the Shelf D*** in a Box - SNL Digital Short Adam Sandler on Hanukkah


Peek into the Mind of a Neuroscientist with Dr. Nicole Gravagna

In this episode with speak with the fascinating Dr. Nicole Gravagna. She opens up to us about learning to be vulnerable to make friends, dealing with conflict, and teaching us about all the amazing work she does. She is more than neuroscientist, she is also an author, entrepreneur, executive coach, & top contributor to Quora. She truly has an incredible mind and we are so grateful she took time out of her day to share it with us. Show Notes: Badass Woman Of The...


Becoming Untangled with Kristine Lackey

“The only thing that has ever gotten in the way of this body being amazing is, me.” Kristine is a psychological coach who we had a lot of fun with. We had a great conversation with F-bombs included about loving our bodies, parenting, and learning about crystallizing moments. Show Notes: Badass woman of the week: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Rippon Guest Promotional Links/Information: https://www.kristinelackey.com/ http://untangledmom.com/


Jelithza Sherman Perseverance Should be her Middle Name

Jelithza aka Jeli has a truly inspiring story. She gets candid with us about her life. Jeli is a first generation American who grew up in New York City. She struggled in her life with addiction & found herself in the military jail eventually. She tells us how she changed her path and traveled the world. She now spends much of her time helping others and working to make the world a better place for us all by giving back. Badass woman of the...


The Fearless and Fun Theresa Boen

In this episode we speak with a real life superhero in the field of childhood education. Theresa is a K-5 assistant principal and school psychologist. She speaks honestly with us about her path in life and what it’s like working in the education field. Theresa tells us what it’s like living for a year in a 500 sq. ft. cabin with a husband, 2 teenagers, and 3 cats, and loving every minute of it! She’s fearless and fun! We are certainly happy knowing people like her out in this world helping...


Meet the Fabulous Lisa Caperton

In this episode you learn about co-host, Lisa. Lisa talks about her unconventional childhood, becoming a wife and mom, healing from postpartum depression, and the joys of family travel. We had lots of laughs talking about some of Lisa’s many irrational fears. We hope you enjoy listening & laughing with us. Show Notes: Lisa forgot to mention that she owns and operates her own business! She has a dog walking and pet sitting service for the neighborhood where she lives. Check out her...


Dr. Allison Swain Blinds Us With Science

In this episode the girls are joined by, Dr. Allison Swain for an intellectual and inspiring show. Allison’s aspiration as a little girl was to marry a doctor, but SHE became a doctor instead. Tune in to hear about how changing your mind is one of the most beautiful things you can do. Show Notes: Badass woman of the week: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruzena_Bajcsy https://people.eecs.berkeley.edu/~bajcsy/ Guest Promotional...