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Russell Lowery-Hart

A conversation with Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart, the president of Amarillo College. Born in Slaton and educated at WTAMU, he succeeded Dr. Paul Matney at AC in 2014—and was almost immediately met with a funding crisis. With host Jason Boyett, Lowery-Hart talks about navigating that crisis, learning hard lessons about leadership, and how AC came out stronger on the other side. The two dive deep into his upbringing and career as they discuss what makes the Amarillo area so special. This episode is...


Jenny Inzerillo

A conversation with Jenny Inzerillo, the music director at HPPR and host of High Plains Morning, weekdays from 9am to noon on High Plains Public Radio. In 2015, Jenny arrived here from Chicago and St. Louis, which brings her a unique perspective as a former outsider who has become a passionate insider. With host Jason Boyett, she talks about public radio, the local music scene, and why the Texas Panhandle has gotten under her skin. This episode is sponsored by SKP Creative and Cara...


Koben Puckett

A conversation with Koben Puckett, a local cowboy and Canyon resident who suffered a spinal cord injury while competing in the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) circuit. The 2008 injury left him a quadriplegic. Now he's a paraplegic and making enormous strides in his recovery. With host Jason Boyett, Koben discusses his career, his injury, the role of stem-cell therapy, and the invitational bull-riding event bearing his name. This episode is sponsored by Jimmy John's and Six Car. Grab BeerFest...


Rachael Edwards

A conversation with Rachael Edwards, a longtime Amarillo artist known for a diverse body of work, including her annual Back Alley Gallery shows and the enormous mural at Six Car Pub & Brewery. With host Jason Boyett, Rachel describes her upbringing as the daughter of two local jazz musicians, how she has built an art career in a constantly shifting world, and how the idea for her next Back Alley Gallery (June 29) came about. This episode is sponsored by Wieck Realty. Support the show via...


Jeff Wyrick

A conversation with Jeff Wyrick, a production planner at Caviness Beef Packers and the founder of Shakehands Pong, a local table tennis circuit with an outsized influence and incredible story. With host Jason Boyett, Jeff discusses his wide-ranging career—which has included two stints at Hastings—as well as the Shakehands origin story and the importance of creating community among adults. This episode is sponsored by Dr. Eddy Sauer, SKP Creative and Sidecar Photo Booth.


Maria Garcia

A conversation with Maria Garcia, program director for Uniting Parents, a nonprofit Coalition of Health Services program for parents of children with disabilities. Maria is the daughter of first-generation migrant workers and became the first member of her family to attend college. With host Jason Boyett, she discusses her upbringing, how she became an educator, and why it's so important to connect parents in the special needs community. This episode is sponsored by Cara Hendricks/Edward...


Justin Howe

A conversation with Justin Howe, a local entrepreneur and the owner of Texas Tea in Amarillo. After the success of these iced tea concepts, Howe has turned Texas Tea into a franchise model called HTeaO, with franchise locations from Texas to Florida. With host Jason Boyett, he details his entrepreneurial journey from aviation to construction to tea, and how Amarillo's community DNA became an integral part of his business model. This episode is sponsored by the WT Enterprise Center.


Ryan Parnell

A conversation with Ryan Parnell, director of the 24 Hours in the Canyon Cancer Survivorship Center. This community center offers free programs and services for adults during and after cancer treatment. The center began with the nationally recognized 24 Hours in the Canyon event, which takes place June 1-2, 2019. With host Jason Boyett, Ryan explains the origins of 24 Hours and the vital role the center plays in the Texas Panhandle. This episode is sponsored by Wieck Realty, Six Car Pub &...


Lisa Blake

A conversation with Lisa Blake, Executive Director of Leadership Amarillo & Canyon. After a career in banking, Lisa took the helm of this nonprofit leadership development program several years ago. Then in 2016, she stepped in to spend a year as a member of Amarillo's City Council. With host Jason Boyett, Lisa digs into the challenges of city government and what her behind-the-scenes access has taught her about Amarillo. This episode is sponsored by SKP Creative, Eddy Sauer of Shemen Dental...


Hayden Pedigo (Live Show)

A conversation with Hayden Pedigo in front of a live audience at ArtsFest. Hayden is an experimental guitarist with a growing reputation who ran for City Council this most recent election cycle. He didn't get elected, but he got a generation of younger citizens interested in local politics—and gained plenty of outside attention in the process. With host Jason Boyett, Hayden details his upbringing, explains the absurdist origins of his campaign and how it quickly became serious, and reveals...


Doshon Johnson

A conversation with Doshon Johnson, who founded a nonprofit working to build new apartment homes in the North Heights—the first new development in that community in decades. With host Jason Boyett, Doshon talks about growing up in poverty, how his compulsion to provide for his family got him in trouble, and how a stint in prison changed his life. Today Doshon strives to bring change and growth to one of the city's most historic and neglected neighborhoods. This episode is sponsored by Cara...


Kat Volden

A conversation with Katrena (Kat) Volden, head coach of the Bomb City Bombshells, Amarillo's local roller derby team. When she's not practicing or competing against skaters from all over the state, she works with kids with special needs. With host Jason Boyett, Kat talks about roller derby's history in Amarillo, dispels misconceptions about this full-contact sport, and shares how her childhood at the local skating rinks turned into a grown-up passion. This episode is sponsored by Six Car Pub...


Salad Dualle

A conversation with Salad Dualle, a former medical doctor in Somalia and now a medical translator and owner of a local trucking company based in Amarillo. Salad came to the United States several years ago to find opportunity and escape threats on his life from jihadist group Al-Shabaab. He speaks to host Jason Boyett about the immigrant experience in Amarillo, detailing how West Texas and Somalia are similar and why Salad chose to raise his family here. This episode is sponsored by Wieck...


Danny Melius

A conversation with Danny Melius of Nuke City Veg, a multi-location commercial farm operating within the Amarillo city limits. A former programmer for Hastings Entertainment, Danny transitioned from IT to urban farming after the Amarillo-based retail chain shut down its stores in 2016. Danny tells host Jason Boyett about his punk background, forced career reinvention, and unique ongoing partnership with Square Mile Community Development in San Jacinto. This episode is sponsored by Jimmy...


Deanna Hurt

A conversation with Deanna Hurt, the creative entrepreneur behind The Ruffled Cup. Deanna moved to this area to attend WTAMU, then launched the city's first cupcake-only bakery back in 2010. With host Jason Boyett, she tells how she got started, explains how Amarillo customers are different from Lubbock customers, and introduces a new venture: Biscuits. This episode is sponsored by Cara Hendricks/Edward Jones (806-358-8346) and SKP Creative. Support the podcast via Patreon.com/heyamarillo....


Roman Leal

A conversation with Roman Leal, who is the owner and founder of Evocation Coffee with his wife, Amy. The couple created their business when they were teenagers and have built it into a thriving, influential enterprise—and now they're stepping away. With host Jason Boyett, Roman tells the Evocation story and reveals what's next for him personally and what's next for the business. This episode is sponsored by WT Enterprise Center. Support the podcast via Patreon.com/heyamarillo. Get live show...


Jill Gibson

A conversation with Jill Gibson, chair of the Matney Mass Media program at Amarillo College. After earning degrees from Stanford and Northwestern, Jill arrived in Amarillo as a TV broadcaster expecting to quickly move on to a larger market. That was 25 years ago. She and host Jason Boyett discuss why she's still here, what she discovered at Amarillo College, and why AC's media students are so successful. This episode is sponsored by Six Car Pub & Brewery. Support the podcast via...


Brooks Boyett

A conversation with Brooks Boyett, the founder of Mission 2540, a local ministry focused on low-income apartment complexes. Yes, Brooks is the brother of host Jason Boyett. But he’s also a professional magician, a CrossFit instructor, and a fierce advocate for children in poverty. He and Jason discuss how his career began and why it’s so important to know our neighborhoods and our neighbors. This episode is sponsored by Jimmy John’s and Amarillo National Bank. Support the podcast via...


Carolyn Terrell

A conversation with Carolyn Terrell, Head Director of the Amarillo High School Choral Department. Carolyn has taught music education to public school students of all ages, and shares about the lifelong value of teaching students to sing. With host Jason Boyett, she praises the local fine arts community and explains why learning to take risks is so vital for impressionable teenagers. This episode is sponsored by Wieck Realty and SKP Creative. Support the podcast via Patreon.com/heyamarillo.


Jacomo Bairos

A conversation with Jacomo Bairos, music director for Amarillo Symphony. Since joining the Symphony in 2013, this Florida native has co-founded the acclaimed Nu Deco Ensemble and now guest conducts for orchestras all over the world. With host Jason Boyett, Jacomo describes Amarillo's strong arts culture and talent pool and shares how his career has grown since he first arrived. This episode is sponsored by Panhandle Plains Historical Museum. Support the podcast via Patreon.com/heyamarillo.