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E17 '18

Nick and Graham talk about stuff.


E16 500 Cameras

Graham opens the episode up with a question about a specific picture on Marina Amaral’s website: https://marinamaral.com/. The picture discussed in the opening question is at https://marinamaral.com/portfolio/lewis-powell/ The source of this week’s episode is a book called 500 cameras (https://www.amazon.com/500-Cameras-Years-Photographic-Innovation/dp/1402780869) Globuscope 4X5 (https://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/1539547/0) Linhof Technorama 617...


E15 Pinholes and Hammers

E15 Pinholes and Hammers Graham talks about sliding down the fidelity curve (11:30) and why he likes film that has been boiling in a Bulgarian warehouse for 20 years than good fresh film for taking pictures with pinhole cameras. He also talks about the commonalities between early computer-generated animation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tN1A2mVnrOM) and the pinhole camera (27:30). They start talking about the physical principles and qualities that go into a pinhole for a pinhole camera...


E14 Rubber Bands and Scrunchies

Nick and Graham start off the show talking about what general types of photography they each are attracted to. They then launch into a discussion of shutters and what kinds of shutter speeds are really needed and do we need very fast and very slow shutter speeds (19:08). They talk a bit about what techniques could be used for very fast shutter speeds (34:00) and then why Graham doesn’t necessarily want a perfectly round aperture for a pinhole camera (38:05). They talk a bit about Amos...


E13 The Ramble

There were a few audio issues with this episode. Please bear with us through the pops, scratches, and bangs. The boys start off with a discussion of the ins and outs of leaving cameras in your car during hot weather (00:00) and Nick explains why he wants a camera like a bar of soap (13:00). They continue the discussion of the travel camera they started in the last episode (14:40). Graham can’t remember the name of the Olympus Trip 35 and felt like a fool for forgetting (23:50). He then...


E12 Travel

After covering the subject of whether a person should dress in layers while hiking in the Pacific Northwest, Nick and Graham talk about what kind of features they want in a camera for travel (8:00). Nick describes his Duffer Suit and how it allows him to be ignored when he takes pictures (21:20). Graham describes the psychological reason why Leicas kept the bottom-loading system for as long as they did (24:00). We get a bit of a non-update on the Scamera project and what the guys worked on...


E11 Features

E11, Features and the Brainstorm Graham starts us off with a discussion of the role features play in the design of cameras. Features here are defined as non-essential elements that make the process of making a photograph easier (6:15). As an example, he and Nick run through the features associated with focusing. In the spirit of the thing, Nick talks about features that he would like to see developed that either has not already been implemented or have not been widely implemented...


E10 The Universal

Nick starts off the episode by talking about what a universal camera design is and why it might be nice to have (5:15). From there they talk about existing cameras that can be considered universal and how different qualities are more flexible than others. Nick describes the Mercury Camera System, a system that was designed from the start to be a universal design (22:40). Graham puts forward the concept that the APS film format should be considered a universal film format while name-dropping...


E09 The Shot

This time around Nick and Graham discuss photographs they have taken and how they inform the cameras that they build and how the cameras that they build allow for photographs that are different from the ones they can take with off-the-shelf models. Nick’s photo is here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/51834204@N07/42317986574/in/dateposted/ Graham’s photo is here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129971511@N04/41391598034/in/pool-3976524@N23/ Graham starts talking about his point and shoot...


E08 Materials

E08 Materials Graham and Nick start off by talking about light and what kind of light they like to have for taking photographs. They then launch into a discussion of materials from paper to metal, glass and plastic. Discussions include sources of various materials and tools. The continued adventures of the Save the Scameras from Graeme’s Hammer campaign are chronicled with the dismantling of the Olympia Scamera (1:22:50). Video of the shutter function can be seen here:...


E07 The Viewfinder and Scameras

The viewfinder and Scameras. Graham mentions a trip around St. Simons Island where he took a picture (https://www.flickr.com/photos/129971511@N04/36592696526/in/datetaken/) with a camera he hates that got 84,000 views on Flickr for some reason he cannot figure out (1:25) as he and Nick discuss cameras they don’t like. Neither of them likes the Minolta Weathermatic Dual. Nick talks about issues with parallax in viewfinders (13:45) and the solutions to address the issue in cameras. Graham...


E06 Focus

For this episode, Graham and Nick talk about focus and focusing mechanisms in cameras. Nick asks whether focusing is necessary and Graham talks about one of his favorite Flickr people, ChetBak59 (https://www.flickr.com/photos/129558209@N02) and his use of out-of-focus areas of images to great effect (9:15). Nick challenges Graham to take a photograph where the out-of-focus areas is the point of interest and the in-focus areas are secondary (14:58). At 16:00 the boys finally get to the...


E05 Film Transport

Nick and Graham start off the show talking about slide film and the forthcoming Kodak Ektachrome along with some Agfachrome that Graham stumbled upon several years ago. They then begin with a description of what the purpose of a Film Transport Mechanism is and why it’s an important part of any camera build. Graham describes the three major film handling systems in use today (14:39) and then goes on to talk about a bunch of different systems that are either no longer in use or represent only...


E04b The Aperture

This is the second half of a two-part episode. In this half, we talk about the aperture. Nick and Graham start off talking about the purpose of an aperture on a camera and the collimation of light that is required for a sharp image. Graham floats the crackpot concept of using variously-sized holes in lens caps as aperture controls (10:22). Nick then talks about the optical test-bench he wants to create (14:18). Returning to the real world from their flights of fancy, they discuss the...


E04a The Shutter

E04a The Shutter Notes This episode was originally planned to cover both the shutter and the aperture but as the recording topped two hours, we decided to separate the two concepts. In two weeks we will continue as we focus on the aperture. Right off the bat, Graham can’t remember the name of the camera repair guide he read. It’s Camera Maintenance & Repair by Thomas Thomosy. Contributor to the forums on the Homemade Camera Podcast Flickr group, Flaver-D’s projection-TV-lensed experiment...


E03 The Lens

E03 The Lens Show notes: Note: This episode contains some erroneous information about Ilford Direct Positive Paper. Graham states that it is no longer in production. This information is not correct. Direct Positive Paper is still in production after a short interruption. For more information on this, listen to the Sunny 16 Podcast episodes 100a, 100b, 100c where they visit the Harmon Technologies Ilford headquarters. Nick and Graham talk about lenses and how they can impact a camera build....


E02 The Body

In episode 02, The Body, Nick and Graham talk about the purposes and qualities of a camera body. Nick talks about exquisite beauty (6:00); the hosts describe the seven components of a camera (14:20); they focus on the body of a camera (19:30); Nick realizes he is late in starting his Garbage Cam Challenge project (24:15); the four main functions of a body are listed (35:00); the guys talk about lens flange distance and how it relates to the body of a camera (46:30).


E01 The FrankenBessa

In which Graham describes the process and decision-making during the build of a FrankenCamera (a camera made out of parts of different source cameras), the FrankenBessa. The inspiration for the camera is discussed (7:45), including the K-Pan camera (http://paulkohlhaussen.com/k-pan/) and why the Voigtlander Bessa 6X9 folder was chosen for the body (10:30). Lens choice and experimentation is covered (12:45). Nick explains the concept behind a hyperfocal setup so the camera can be used as a...


E00 The Manifesto

In this episode, Nick and Graham cover the making and modifying of cameras and processes as they launch the Homemade Camera Podcast.