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How I Get By is a show about what happens when the pursuit of happiness meets the pursuit of a paycheck. It’s a show about how people stay afloat—whether it’s with a dream job or a bullshit one, a job from hell or… no job.

How I Get By is a show about what happens when the pursuit of happiness meets the pursuit of a paycheck. It’s a show about how people stay afloat—whether it’s with a dream job or a bullshit one, a job from hell or… no job.
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How I Get By is a show about what happens when the pursuit of happiness meets the pursuit of a paycheck. It’s a show about how people stay afloat—whether it’s with a dream job or a bullshit one, a job from hell or… no job.




Epis.#17: Mark (Eugene, Oregon)

Mark works as a cook at a brewery in Eugene; he also makes paintings which he occasionally sells, and does seasonal work as a maintenance man. He talks about his prior life, in which he made plenty of money but found that he just became overworked and a mindless consumer. Now he makes just enough money to get by on, with no real margin, but believes things will ultimately take care of themselves. In a follow-up call, he talks about a couple of big changes in his life: his job and his home.


Epis.#16: Steve (Cheyenne, Wyoming)

Steve lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where he works with draft horses (similar to the Clydesdales from the Budweiser commercials). He runs carriage tours around town; he provides them to music festivals including Bonnaroo and Coachella, where they're mounted and used for security; and he uses them to teach leadership training to corporate groups. He's a former science teacher; he worked for a decade in Orange County, California, and he talks about the surprisingly similar parallels between his...


Epis.#15: Sophia (Boise, Idaho, Seattle and the road)

Sophia is a traveler who juggles a few different gigs, from a face painting business to more recently an Airbnb management company. She also earns passive income from the housecleaning business she started while living in Seattle. She talks about her various gigs, including the perils of being a house cleaner, as well as her tendency to work less and explore more, her hitchhiking - both the virtual kind, via Craigslist ride shares, and the actual, more dangerous kind - and bus travels, and...


Epis.#14: Andrew (Los Angeles)

Andrew owns and operates a drone as part of his living- he rents it out and his services operating it for photo and video shoots around the Los Angeles area; because it only makes up about 40% of his income, he also drives food and alcohol delivery (thru DoorDash and Saucey), and works another 20-30 hours a week as a valet at events; he talks about what it's like trying to grow his drone business, as well as his other gigs, and the numerous other gigs he's had, in Rochester, New York and Key...


Epis.#13: Melody (Phoenix, Arizona)

Melody is a stay-at-home mom of five kids in Peoria, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. She talks about managing the family's finances; how she and her husband re-structured their lives around his becoming an electrician and the path they've taken to get to the point where he makes six figures; how she networks online for free clothing and sporting goods for her kids, as well as big discounted group vacations; how she and her husband and saving for retirement, and not necessarily for putting...


Epis.#12: Donte (North Dakota)

Donte is a porn actor living in North Dakota. He talks about growing up poor with a single mom, his various gigs before he got into porn, including a stint in the Marines, and how and why he got into being a pornography performer, starting briefly when he was 19; he also discusses the logistical challenges of having bad credit, which is for the time being keeping him from renting a place in San Diego, where he shoots his porn films; his various injuries, which he treats with a steady dose of...


Epis.#11: Lois (Manassas, Virginia)

Lois is a retired middle and high school teacher living in Manassas, Virginia. She talks about her surprisingly lucrative retirement income (from state and county pensions, and then social security), how she's navigated discord in her family in relation to an inheritance, and her unusual retirement activity: dumpster diving. She salvages perfectly in tact and even valuable goods from the local thrift store's dumpster, discussing some of her best finds, as well as her one-time run in with the...


Epis.#10: AnnMarie (Hudson Valley region/Upstate New York)

AnnMarie lives in the Hudson Valley (NY) and has several vocations - herbalist, caregiver, outdoor education teacher, musician - and she's passionate about each of them. She talks about her various jobs, why she chooses to maintain various gigs as opposed to focusing only on being an herbalist, for example, her shared living situation (including an in-home apothecary) and her penchant for taking vacations mid-Winter.


Epis.#9: Anthony (Huntsville, Alabama & Manila, the Philippines)

Anthony is a YouTube vlogger and Uber driver living in Huntsville, Alabama. He just returned to the U.S. after spending a long stint in Manila, the Philippines, where he was able to vlog professionally. He talks about the realities of being a vlogger, living in the Philippines, and his newest gig as an Uber driver in Huntsville, as well as what life is like for an adult living at home, including answering the questions: what's appropriate dating protocol in that situation?


Epis.#8: Josie (Missoula, Montana)

Josie is a budding entrepreneur living in Montana- which turns out to be a great state for individuals starting their own businesses. And Josie's business? Chocolate! She's a maker of fine chocolates, and talks about what goes into making them, what it's like starting her business - including living in 'situational poverty' - and her former life as a preschool teacher living in Seattle.


Epis.#7: Courtney (Kansas City and all over the U.S.)

Courtney, aka the Traveling Cocktalian, goes around the country bartending and bar consulting. She talks about her love of the craft, interacting with her 'guests' (in her world they don't call them 'customers'), her home base in Kansas City, where she owns a house with her partner/not-quite-husband, and what kind of life she's building toward in her ultimate bartending fantasy.


Epis.#6: John (Portland, Oregon and Kenai Peninsula, Alaska)

John is an adventurer who lives a little more than half the year in the Portland, Oregon area, with his partner, and the rest of the year up in Alaska, on the Kenai Peninsula south of Anchorage. His income is very minimal - in the $3000-6000/year range - and so he lives very simply, camping in a tent and often cooking outdoors. And he makes money by taking on the occasional gig (which has included paid storytelling) and selling re-tooled motor scooters. He left his full-time union job being...


Epis.#5: Somiko (Fort Lauderdale, Fl. and the road)

Somiko is an apparel and accessories designer and has a body painting business, and for several years has been getting by as a lab rat in medical trials. She talks about what it's been like being a study Guinea pig, and how it's helped her support both herself as well as her partner and son.


Epis.#4: Ashley (Washington, D.C. area)

Ashley is a young woman with great financial conscientiousness, who follows a version of what's referred to as F.I.R.E., or "financial independence, retire early." She's transitioning from her brief career as a speech therapist into a new career working for the government, and saving her money both thoughtfully and strategically.


Epis.#3: Dave (New York City)

Dave is a comedian and does improv comedy in New York City. He also has a day job at Upright Citizens Brigade theater, one of the biggest improv schools around.


Epis.#2: Evan (Flagstaff, AZ and the road...)

Evan talks about his cyclical lifestyle between adventuring (climbing, hiking and caving) and days jobs, mainly including working for AmeriCorps in Arizona, eliminating invasive species. He also talks about how and why he chose to live primarily out of his car.


Epis.#1: Julie (Boulder, Colorado)

In the very first full episode of How I Get By, Julie talks about substitute teaching, hedonism, her past work in real estate, her tendency to go with the flow, and why she's chosen a lifestyle that's both carefree but still not without hard work.


How I Get By podcast Preview- Why I started this podcast, and my story

In the Preview episode, the reasons for starting the podcast are explained, and Michael Shaw tells his own story of how he gets by...