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HTBARP 70 Katja Ogrin: Starting A Music Photography Career Abroad

Katja Ogrin talks about her beginnings back in Slovenia, music photography business and why she is still hesitant to switch to mirrorless camera systems.


HTBARP 69 Thomas Falcone: Crushing It As A Tour Photographer

In this interview, Thomas will talk about his touring experiences from his beginnings in a tour bus to exclusively flying and getting upgraded to first class all the time. He will reveal why he is talking to other photographers every day and we'll talk about his dreams doing more full documentaries.


HTBARP 68 Jerome Brunet: Self-publishing A Photo Book Using Crowdfunding

Today’s guest is Jerome Brunet, an award-winning photographer whose work has been published internationally in Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Time, Billboard, and The New York Times to name a few publications. In this interview Jerome will talk about the making of his upcoming book “Into The Light” and how he was able to raise $30 000+ for it on Kickstarter and why it’s a good idea to donate your work for non-profit organizations.


HTBARP 67 Greg Gutbezahl: Curating Your Own Music Photography Exhibition

Today’s guest is Greg Gutbezahl and in this interview, it’s all about exhibitions. Greg will give you a step-by-step guide on how to plan, curate and do the marketing for your own exhibition. And he’ll reveal which photo formats work best and we’ll discuss strategies on how to sell your work after your photos show.


HTBARP 66 Christie Goodwin: Working With Taylor Swift, Katy Perry And Ed Sheeran

Christie Goodwin with a career that spans over 35 years, gives insights into her world and talks about challenges, successes and her dreams. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in art photography, she initially shot fashion assignments but soon got restless and left the fashion world behind her. For a good decade, she shot mainly fine art projects and held regular exhibitions to showcase her work as well she shot political news and editorials.


HTBARP 65 Leo Mascaro: Starting A Music Photography Business In New York

Today’s guest is New York-based music photographer Leo Mascaro. Leo was born in Sao Paulo and after finishing his graphic design education, he moved to New York to start his career as a music photographer from scratch. In this interview, he'll share his best strategies to work with bands. Leo is also the administrator of the official HTBARP Instagram account where we choose the best concert photos tagged with #htbarp and features the coolest photos three times a week. Leo will give you...


HTBARP 64 Steve Rose: Being One Of The Tour Photographers For Journey

Today’s guest is California based music photographer Steve Rose. We’ll talk about how he started his career by taking photos of his cat (and Steve even got published in a cat photography book), how he became one of the tour photographers of the band Journey and how to master the challenge when shooting the same concert every evening on a tour.


HTBARP 63 Adam Elmakias: How To Become A Tour Photographer

It doesn’t matter if you know Adam from his work, being a social media star with 416 000 followers on Instagram or if you ordered one of his camera wristbands. This interview is for you if you want to get a behind the scenes look of being a pro music photographer. Adam will talk about how he started his career as a tour photographer and he’ll share his best tips and tricks to become one. We’ll discuss how important marketing really is for a photographer and why we both love giving back to...


HTBARP 62 Andy Tatt: Breaking Into the Music Festival Business

After finishing my online academy Shooting The Rockstars he got serious about becoming a music photographer and found a unique way how to break into this business. In this interview, Andy Tatt talks about how he built an awesome team of concert photographers out of the HTBARP community and shares his secrets on how he approaches organizers and promoters of festivals in order to work with them.


HTBARP 61 Bela Molnar: Music Videos And Live Events Filming

Bela Molnar is a director, producer, and photographer specializing in documentaries, music videos and live events filming. He has been nominated for an MTV Video Music Award in New York for a music video he did for Moby and Bela was in charge of 24 film cameras when shooting a performance of Jamiroquai. So this guy knows what he is talking about.


HTBARP 60 Bob Gruen: Working With John Lennon & Yoko Ono

Imagine documenting the beginning Rock N Roll in New York including artists such as Iggy Pop, Blondie, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, KISS, Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Alice Cooper and many more sounds very exciting to me. And I guess for a lot of you who are listening right now a dream would come true if you could have experienced what Bob experienced in his career. Bob Gruen became close friends with John Lennon & Yoko Ono and his photos are known as the most iconic and most used photos of...


HTBARP 59 Chester Simpson: Learning the Photography Business from Jim Marshall

Today’s guest is Rock N Roll Photographer Chester Simpson. Chester learned all the secrets of the photography business from legends such as Ansel Adams and Jim Marshall who took him under their wings, Both told him that he should always help other photographers which is an approach I really relate to. In this interview, we’ll talk about Chesters experiences and stories from his last 38 years. However, the main focus in this episode is the part of our industry where almost everyone is...


HTBARP 58 Coen Rees: Documenting The Britpop Era In England

Today’s guest is New York-based music photographer Coen Rees. While recording former episodes of my podcast one name was mentioned many times as an inspiration and therefore I needed to get Coen on the show. As an African French-born Londoner Coen built a huge archive of music photographs taken in England in the mid-nineties and therefore documented the rise of the “Britpop” era. As one of the few black rock photographers back then she moved to Los Angeles and finally settled down in New...


HTBARP 57 Sacha Lecca: Being The Photo Editor At Rolling Stone

Todays guest is New York based photographer and the deputy photo editor at Rolling Stone, Sacha Lecca. In this interview Sacha will reveal his best tips on how to get your work published in one of the most prestigious music magazines and we will talk about the future of our industry. Find Sachas work, his favorite camera equipment and much more on his show notes page at


HTBARP 56 A.F. Cortes: Intersection Of Screenwriting And Photography

Today’s guest is A.F. Cortes, a multidisciplinary artist in the fields of screenwriting, directing, design and photography. In this interview we’re going to talk about the underground music scene in Brooklyn, about Andres job as a filmmaker and how it differs from his photography work and Andres will talk about his newest music documentary REHEARSAL SPACE, that explores the creative process of iconic musicians. Find Andres work, his favorite camera equipment and much more on his show notes...


HTBARP 55 Dave Shitshow Fearn: Documenting The Punk Rock Underground Scene In LA

Recently Alex left a comment on Instagram saying “Can you get David Fearn aka shit show Dave on the podcast? it would be great to see the other side of concert photography, the guys who shoot shows that rarely have a pit and can shoot the whole show. And how it is to deal with crazy crowds!” Sure. I can Alex! Today’s guest is Los Angeles based music photographer Dave “Shitshow” Fearn, Dave committed to documenting the dark underground punk/rock scene instead of Hollywood celebrities and...


HTBARP 54 Ryan Parry: The Importance Of Earplugs For Concert Photographers

Today we’re going to discuss an important topic which every concert photographer should be aware of: ear protection and I am super excited that Ryan Parry, CEO of eargasm joined me for this interview. Recently I wrote an extensive earplugs review which you can find on my homepage and Ryans eargasm earplugs went straight to nr.1. We’re going to talk about why earplugs are so important, the 2 key factors you should look for when buying earplugs and how Ryan came up with this unique name. By...


HTBARP 53 Matthew Belter: Why Giving Back To The Community Is Key

Today's guest is California based music photographer and entrepreneur Matthew Belter. Matthew joined my HTBARP community right from the beginning and he will talk about how this event transformed this life to become a successful music photographer. He will also share what he learned when building his own family business and why he is working out hard with his kettlebells every day.


HTBARP 52 Alexandros Costa: Growing 50 000+ Followers on Instagram

Today’s guest is Glasgow based music photographer Alexandros Costa who has a similar story than myself. He studied architecture, but decided to follow his heart instead and is now living his dream life. Alexandros will reveal his hard-working ethic, how he became a finalist at the Heavy Music Awards “Young Photographer Of The Year” and we’ll talk about how important Instagram is to promote his work. With more than 50 000 followers he is absolutely rocking the platform and we’ll talk about...


HTBARP 51 Naomi Dryden-Smith: Copyright Law for Music Photographers

Before my short podcast break in April I promised in the words of my Austrian fellow, Arnold Schwarzenegger “I’ll be back”, And here I am. After 50 episodes interviewing the most inspiring music photographers on this planet I am prepared and ready for another 50! As I already mentioned a couple of times before my aim is to interview 100 of the most successful music photographers and then writing a book about my key findings which should help you to learn all the shortcuts and strategies...