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How To Become A Rockstar Photographer Podcast with Matthias Hombauer

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HTBARP 51 Naomi Dryden-Smith: Copyright Law for Music Photographers

Before my short podcast break in April I promised in the words of my Austrian fellow, Arnold Schwarzenegger “I’ll be back”, And here I am. After 50 episodes interviewing the most inspiring music photographers on this planet I am prepared and ready for another 50! As I already mentioned a couple of times before my aim is to interview 100 of the most successful music photographers and then writing a book about my key findings which should help you to learn all the shortcuts and strategies...


HTBARP 50 Jennifer Devereaux: Balancing Music And Wedding Photography

Today’s guest is Mississippi based music photographer Jennifer Devereaux. We’ll talk about how she manages her concert photography job with three kids and venues more than 2 hours away from her hometown. Jenn will explain how she balances her music and wedding work on social media and what challenges she has as a woman in the photo pit.


HTBARP 49 Michelle Grace Hunder: Being A Hip Hop Photographer In Australia

Today’s guest is Melbourne based Hip Hop photographer Michelle Grace Hunder. Michelle, a former model picked up her first camera when she was 31 and is now considered one of the most revered Australian Music Photographers. Michelle has been invited as the official tour photographer for international Hip Hop acts and has been the Official Festival Photographer for "Come Together" at Sydney's iconic Big Top at Luna Park for 4 consecutive years. After shooting with literally every major...


HTBARP 48 Roger Navarro: Being A Concert Photographer In Barcelona

Today’s guest is music photographer Roger Navarro. We’ll talk about the music photography scene in Barcelona, how he found his own style, and why he loves shooting festivals.


HTBARP 47: Sarah Bannett: Working For Kerrang!, Rolling Stone and The Guardian

Today’s guest is Sarah a music and portrait photographer born and based in Reading. Her clients include Upset Magazine, Rolling Stone, Kerrang! Magazine, The Guardian, and The Observer to name a few. She also regularly works as an in-house photographer at the renowned O2 Academy Brixton. In this interview, we’ll talk about Sarah's approach when it comes down to shooting portraits of Rockstars.


HTBARP 46 Jaz Meadows: The Australian Music Photography Scene

After Paul Miles in ep 30 and John Raptis in episode 34 we’re back in Australia! This time my guest is Jaz Meadows, a Melbourne based music photographer. Let me tell you, I love talking to those guys from down under. It seems they are always in a good mood and it’s a lot of fun doing this interviews with them. Jaz is someone who found a unique style for his concert photos. Every time a black and white concert photo with high energy in it catches my eyes, I know this is one of Jaz...


HTBARP 45 Brian Rasic: Working With The Rolling Stones and David Bowie

Let me introduce my guest for today: Mr. Brian Rasic. Born in Yugoslavia, Brian began his career photographing local acts, and touring bands from abroad, in his hometown of Belgrade in the early seventies. He moved to London in 1979 and over the years has trained his lens on artists from every genre of popular music, including rock, pop, jazz, country, and blues. A dedicated fan of The Rolling Stones, Brian has covered their shows since the early 80's, capturing some exceptional moments...


HTBARP 44 David Bergman: Being the Tour Photographer For Bon Jovi

Today’s guest is someone who is living the Rockstar life. Let me introduce you to Mr. David Bergman, the official tour photographer of Bon Jovi. We’ll talk about his crazy schedule when he is on tour with the band, why being persistent and knowing exactly what you want is the key to success and why his upcoming workshop is taking place on a cruise ship.


HTBARP 43 Kyser Lough: Behavior Of Photographers In The Photo Pit

Today's guest is Kyser Lough, a music photographer and Ph.D. student in the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin. What made this interview so fascinating for me was that Kyser is the first one I know of who wrote 2 research-based papers in the field of concert photography. And as he told me there is almost no literature in the academic field about this topic out there. So he is helping with his findings to make the concert photography community even better. Kyer had...


HTBARP 42 Stefan Bratt: Being the Bassist of No Fun At All

Today's guest is the Swedish musician Stefan Bratt. He is the founding members of one of my favorite bands, Atlas Losing Grip and he recently joined the punk rock legends of No Fun At All. In this interview will we talk about how to deal with self-doubts and how to survive the music business as a musician, Stefan will talk about behind the scenes of Atlas Losing grip and why he is living his dream right now.


HTBARP 41 Joe Papeo: Intersection Of Music And Event Photography

Today’s guest is New York-based music photographer Joe Papeo. We’ll talk about why Joe left his high paying desk job in order to live his dream as a concert photographer, how he managed to break into the music industry and why he is now shooting for the Impractical Jokers, one of the biggest comedy television shows that tours a live show.


HTBARP 40 Andres Atkinson: Being a Lighting Designer for Fink, Kasabian, and The Pet Shop Boys

Today's guest is my friend and lighting designer Andres Atkinson. I met Andres when he was touring with Fink some years ago and since then we work together whenever he stops by in Vienna. In this episode, we can all learn from one of the best lighting designers in this industry.He was working and touring with bands such as George Michael, Rick Astley, Kasabian, Mogwai, Florence and the Machine, Gossip, Editors, Manic Street Preachers, The Pet Shop Boys, Kaiser Chiefs, Fink and many more....


HTBARP 39 Neal Preston: Being on tour with The Who, Led Zeppelin and Queen

Today's guest is Neal Preston, one of the greatest rock photographers of all time. Neal was the official tour photographer for Led Zeppelin, Queen, Bruce Springsteen and The Who, and has also extensively shot The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson and many more. In this interview, weíll talk about his new book Exhilarated and Exhausted, which is a complete retrospective of his more than 40-year career. This is the first time Neal has allowed unrestricted access to his...


HTBARP 38 Anthony D'Angio: Balancing Music And Landscape Photography

Today guest is my buddy Anthony D'Angio formerly known as Flex. When we met online the first time a couple of years ago Anthony was crushing it in the country music scene. He was working with the most famous artists in this genre and flew to Nashville every 2-3 months. In this interview, we’ll talk about how everything began. Anthony will share a behind the scenes look at how he built his own brand “Get-flexed” and how his path evolved to becoming a climber and landscape photographer.


HTBARP 37 Iron Mike Savoia: Being A Photographer For Music Caribbean Cruises

Today guest is Seattle based music photographer Iron Mike Savoia. Mike is one of the official photographers for music Caribbean cruises such as Monsters of Rock, Moody Blues, Cruise to the Edge and others like Def Leppard, Celtic Thunder. In this interview, we will talk about how it feels like to photograph your favorite bands in shorts on a party ship. Mike will reveal his secret to beginner photographers when it comes down to get access to shows. This is an approach I only heard once...


HTBARP 36 Scott Kelby: Being a Photographer, Author, and Entrepreneur

Let’s be honest with you. When I got the confirmation that Scott Kelby is joining my show I couldn’t believe it. I had to read the email from his assistant twice, before I realized that this is really going to happen. When I started my journey as a beginner photographer I was overwhelmed with all the gear choices and settings. I didn’t have any clue where to start unless I found Scott Kelby's book series “The Digital Photography Book”. They are so well written and easy to follow. Not only...


HTBARP 35 Luke Curtis: Why You Should Start Out Shooting For Free

Today’s guest is England based music photographer Lukas Curtis. Luke is one of these guys, like myself, who likes to share his thoughts about photography and how to get started. We will talk about why you should shoot for free, especially in the beginning to build your portfolio. Luke is going to talk about how to deal with negativity. Some people might blame you for not asking for money. But, sometimes it´s better to think out of the box. And Luke will reveal his approach when it comes...


HTBARP 34 John Raptis: Building Your Photography Brand

My guest today is Melbourne based music and street photographer John Raptis. John built a strong brand identity and we are going to focus on this important aspect in this epsiode. Nowadays it’s not enough to shoot only great photos, rather you have to build your own brand. Which is definitely not easy. Therefore we’ll talk about the best approach to get your first logo, the key ingredients every brand needs to have, how you can self-publish your photo books and what you need to take...


HTBARP 33 Jack Lue: Being The First Music Photographer Of Guns N Roses

In this episode, I am chatting with Jack Lue who started his music photography career as the first photographer of Guns N Roses back in the 80’s. Jack will share his stories back in the days of Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll, we’ discuss how the music business changed and why he shot all 73 bands on the Vans Warped tour in one day.


HTBARP 32 Igor RockXposure Vidyashev: Building a Successful Music Photography Business

Today´s guest is Igor Vidyashev, better known under his brand name RockXposure: The fine art of Rock Photography. Igor is the ideal example of someone who found his passion later in life. In his earlier years, he was building nuclear cruisers and submarines in Russia and it took almost 50 years for him to realize that photography is his real mission in life and he successfully completing a formal education in prestigious New York Institute of Photography. In this interview, Igor will...


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