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The 18th Human - Wasim Zahid of Oslo, Norway - Cardiologist

Wasim Zahid is a cardiologist and author from Oslo. He is working on his third book and stars on a popular Norwegian television show. In this episode, we talk about his journey from being a Muslim to being an atheist and humanist, and why it was difficult for him to "come out" as an atheist in a land where atheism is very common. Wasim talks about life as a doctor and his struggle with the common advice to just emotionally distance yourself from your patients. "Despite the gloomy times that...


The 17th Human - Thomas Cirignano of Lakeville, Massachusetts - Writer

Thomas Cirignano is a former South Boston auto service station owner, former Realtor, and the author of two books. His writing centres on autobiographical themes of helplessness and violence. In this episode, Thomas shares his experiences of being the victim of childhood bullies, and talks about the long-term effects of witnessing a relentless stream of violence and crime in South Boston. Contact Thomas at: Follow Thomas on Facebook:...


The 16th Human - Carin Bondar of Chilliwack, British Columbia - Biologist, Author, and TV Host

Carin Bondar is a mother of four and polymath extraordinaire. Not only is she a TV host, author, and jungle explorer, she's also a psychotherapist specializing in drug and alcohol addiction. Carin is a host of Science Channel's hit show, *Outrageous Acts of Science*. She was the writer and host of the popular web series, *Wild Sex*. And her 4th book, *Wild Moms*, is due out this April -- right in time for Mother's Day! Check out Carin's website:...


The 15th Episode - We Need to Talk About Recreational Marijuana - Human Issues Special

In the first ever Human Issues episode of Humans of Earth, I speak with experts regarding the dangers of marijuana, with a focus on high potency cannabis. Find out what they think we should be talking about when it comes to marijuana legalization. And check out *Northwest Trees*, a documentary by Ben Grayzel: And for more information about your host, visit: Photo by Chris Benson on Unsplash.


The 14th Human - Gunnar Tjomlid of Oslo, Norway - Writer and Web Developer

Gunnar Tjomlid is the Norwegian author of the *hopefully* soon-to-be-published-in-English book, *The Placebo Defect*. He is a well-known blogger who travels Scandinavia and Europe, giving lectures and talks about alternative medicine and the importance of thinking critically. In our interview, Gunnar provides one of the best explanations of introversion I've heard to date. He talks about why he blogs and podcasts about some of the most taboo topics around. "We really have to start looking at...


The 13th Human - Justin Whitaker of Seattle, Washington - Buddhist Philosopher and Writer

Justin Whitaker, founder of the award-winning blog, American Buddhist Perspectives, was raised as a liberal Catholic but began to explore Buddhism in college. Little did he know at the time that Buddhism would become one of his life's main focuses. We discuss how the #MeToo movement has touched Buddhism, Justin's cofounding of the Guideful app, and his roots in Helena, Montana. "We can all be a lot happier with a lot less." -Justin Whitaker Read American Buddhist Perspectives:...


The 12th Human - Kristen Hovet of Burnaby, British Columbia - Journalist - My Cancer Journey

A few days ago, I sat down to record my entire story of being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 34 and my journey of healing from cancer treatment -- from start to finish. It wasn't easy to record and it's not easy to listen to, but I think it's important to share. I'm approaching the 2.5 year mark of being cancer free. That's halfway to remission! To all those who do not allow their children to be given the HPV vaccine, I give you my story to consider. Please share with anyone who is on...


The 11th Human - Sheri Heller of New York - Psychotherapist and Interfaith Minister

Sheri Heller is a psychotherapist and interfaith minister based in New York. She specializes in the treatment of complex trauma and addictions. Sheri's life story is both shocking and inspiring, and her approach to healing is refreshingly realistic. "To me, therapy is like a contemporary spiritual path." -Sheri Heller Learn more about Sheri's work: Read Sheri's book, *A Clinicians Journey from Complex Trauma to Thriving: Reflections on Abuse, C-PTSD and...


The 10th Human - Morgan Beall of Gibsons, British Columbia - Microfinance Program Manager

Morgan Beall was trained as a sniper. He got his pilot's license, only to trade in his wings for the water. He's had many diverse jobs in his life and currently finds himself making dreams come true through small business loans. As a banker, "therapist" is an unlikely title for what he does, but it's exactly the role he often finds himself in. I want to make a note of the fact that we brought up a topic towards the end that we never actually discussed. I understand that the topic was...


The 9th Human - Leo Igwe of Nigeria, Africa - Founder of Nigerian Humanist Movement

Leo Igwe is a human rights advocate and founder of the Nigerian Humanist Movement. He specializes in campaigning against and documenting the impacts of child witchcraft accusations in Africa. When Leo was only 12 years old, he began studying to enter the Catholic priesthood, but left seminary school 12 years later. Born and raised in Nigeria, Leo is currently based in Bayreuth, Germany, where he recently received his PhD from the Bayreuth International School of African Studies. He received...


The 8th Human - Gudrun Hofmeister of Frederick, Maryland - Philanthropy Consultant

Gudrun and I have been pen pals and friends for 25 years, ever since the 6th grade, when I was living in Mandan, North Dakota, and she was living in Simi Valley, California. But we have never spoken to each other on the phone or met in person. We've shared so many details of our lives and loves over the years, and for this episode only, the line between host and guest will be blurred. In this episode, Gudrun and I speak for the very first time "off the page". We read portions of our earliest...


The 7th Human - Nick Halseth of Minneapolis, Minnesota - Skydiving Aviation Photographer

Nick Halseth is a skydiving aviation photographer and videographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. In this episode, Nick talks about how he recently lost a toe and what it means to be in a time of major transition. He also shares his thoughts on the trippy Book of Revelation, and much more. To view Nick's work, check out For more information about your host, visit


The 6th Human - Jordan Noël Hawkes of Los Angeles, California - Film Producer

Jordan Noël Hawkes is a film producer, film festival director, and former radio DJ. Originally from Los Angeles, Hawkes lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for six years, and believes in the possibility of change through the sharing of stories. "Look for the similarities." - Jordan Noël Hawkes Hawkes is currently working on a feature length documentary, titled Street Heroines. "A feature documentary on the courage and creativity of female graffiti and street...