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Host JJ Kirby and Josh Casper we are a podcast about comicbooks and graphic novels, we love and are passionate about comics.

Host JJ Kirby and Josh Casper we are a podcast about comicbooks and graphic novels, we love and are passionate about comics.
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Host JJ Kirby and Josh Casper we are a podcast about comicbooks and graphic novels, we love and are passionate about comics.




Episode 48 San Diego Comic Fest 2019

Its here!!! SD ComicFest is back once again and we talk to Matt Dunford who is one of the main men of SD ComicFest it will be on March 7th-10th It will be at the Four Points by Sheraton 8110 Aero Drive San Diego, CA 92123. Make sure to go, take the kids take your brothers and sisters and friends anyone who just want's to have a fun time and a fun weekend.


Episode 47 We talk Spider-Man and Top 10

This episode we talk a little bit about Dan Slot's run on Spider-Man either you loved it or not. JJ and Josh both seem to think that his run The Superior Spider-Man was one of the best things he did with the Spider-Man Story. We also Talk about Top 10 made by Alan Moore. It is such a good book to read it just takes you into a world that you don't want to leave.


Episode 46 We talk The Drive-In, BumbleBee

It's the New Year and the same old us! This episode we talk about the awesome that is the Drive-In if there is one where you live you should go. We also talk a little bit about pizza why? Cuz why not. Lets not forget we also talk about the AMC A-list pass and how Josh Casper loves it.


Episode 45 Rip Stan Lee

This episode we talk Stan The Man Lee! He was a great man and great story teller. He gave us all pretty much every Marvel character that's out there. We also talk about some of the people Stan Lee worked with to create stuff like X-Men, Spider-Man, The Hulk, Black Panther and just so many more we love. Here's to Stan The Man Lee RIP and EXCELSIOR!!!!


Episode 44 We talk Socal Comics and horror movies.

We talk Socal Comics and the awesome signing Saturday that they have. They have local comic artists and great deals on a lot of comics, JJ and I got some pretty good comics for one dollar each! We also talk about some great B-Horror movies that we love and would recommend you watch.


Episode 43 We are back!

We have been gone for a while but we are back and talking comics and talking shit. We catch up on some comic news.


Episode 42 SD Pride, Comic Con, Invincible

We are back! We have been MIA for a bit but here we are and we know we are a little late to the party since San Diego Comic Con was on the 18th-22nd but we talk about it and what it means for JJ. We also talk about San Diego Gay Pride which happened a week before Comic Con which was crazy! We also talk a little about Josh finally finishing reading Invincible and it was a great run, that book will be missed.


Episode 41 We talk John Byrne's Next Men

This episode we talk a little about Socal comics in San Diego and the awesome signing Saturdays that they have everyone should go check it out! We also talk the great John Byrne the man responsible for making classic story arcs of some of the greatest comics ever to come out and his classic work called Next Men. Everyone should read this book it is his own version of X-Men and other great comics rolled into one.


Episode 40 Mark Millar On Netflix Disney Buying Fox

This episode we talk Mark Millar on Netflix and Disney trying to buy Fox. If Disney buys Fox that means that we finally get X-Men and The Fantastic Four movies back to Marvel. Which would be great to have all the Marvel powerhouses back in one house. We also talk the deal that Mark Millar a great writer on Image comics have gotten on Netflix for pretty much all of his books to become a show or movie on Netflix. We are very excited to hear that news and can't wait to see the story's we get on...


Episode 39 SD Comic Fest 2018

This Episode we talk to Matt Dunford the Chairman of SD Comic Fest and its happening on April 20-22 at the Town & Country Resort & Convention Center. This year they are celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Frankenstein! They are celebrating it in a big way, listen to find out how and what they have in store for this year. We talk comics some horror and even a little bit of Watchmen. It was fun as always to speak with Matt so tune in and let us know what you guys think. As always you can...


Episode 38 Mac's Movie Review

This episode we introduce a new thing we are doing we call it Mac's Movie Review! JJ's brother from another mother, we talk Logan, Star Wars The Last Jedi and other movies. i know we are late to the Logan and Star Wars game but hey better late then never. We will be doing more of these movie reviews with Mac so stay tuned.


Episode 37 We talk with Alex Sinclair Colorist Supreme at DC Comics

In this episode we have the great pleasure or talking with Alex Sinclair Colorist at DC comics. He and JJ have been friends since the Wildstorm days of yesteryear. It was fun watching them catch up and speak of fond memories they both had, Alex Sinclair has worked and still works with Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Frank Miller and many many more artists. He has worked on Harley Quinn, Batman: Hush, Superman, Justice League and countless others. He was such a great guy to talk too and we hope to...


Episode 36 We try to get JJ into Comixology

This episode Josh Casper tires to get JJ to make a Comixology account as we all know Josh Casper is a BIG fan of Comixology, JJ not so much here's hoping we change his mind. We also talk about what would happen to MCU once Disney bought Fox, Marvel would finally get to bring back all it's great characters to the Marvel cinematic universe. As always guys Read On!


Episode 35 We talk with DJ, JJ's apprentice

This episode we talk with DJ, a wonderful young artist who is under the apprenticeship of I Am Comics very own JJ Kirby. We talk the first time they met, how DJ got into drawing and how she knew she wanted to draw comics. We ask JJ how it feels to be a teacher to someone who wants to draw, loves to draw and wants to continue to get better at it.


Episode 34 We talk whats new with JJ

This episode we talk about whats new with JJ. From his take on comic con to his own future projects to what he would love to do or wants to do. Keep an eye on him he has some pretty cool things to come.


Episode 33 We talk Josh Casper's art with JJ Kirby

This episode Josh got critiqued by JJ about some of his art, its not as good as JJ's but hey he's trying. We talk some abstract art and how its different from comic art. You never know until you draw what will come out. so everyone go out there and draw! You never know you might be the next Jackson Pollock or the next Jack Kirby.


Episode We Talk with Little Fish Comic Book Studio

This week we get to talk with Alonso Nunez and Matt Dunford who own and run Little Fish Comic Book Studio which can be found at 6822B El Cajon Blvd, San Diego California 92115. Its such a cool place to go and learn how to get into comic books if you ever want to do that for a living. They have sooooo many books in that place you could read forever. There is a part in the 30 min mark where the audio cuts out real quick, if you feel like you missed out we were talking about manga. It was such...


Episode 30 Civil War In The 90's

This Time we talk Civil War! but in the 90's We talk who would have been the best choice for certain Marvel characters in the 90's but mainly the Civil War movie that was released in 2016. You got questions? Let us know what you think on this or any other subject, comment us or email us at iamcomicspodcast@gmail.com


Episode 27 We talk Marvel Hip Hop Variants

This episode JJ and I went down to our local brewery called Hillcrest Brewing Company or HBC for short. We had some drinks then got into talking about the Hip Hop Variants that Marvel has released, we both are very big fans of Hip Hop and of those Marvel covers. Which makes us wonder if DC will make some Hip Hop variants themselves, Josh wants DC to make some Heavy Metal covers. Maybe it will happen one day. Let us know which ones are ur favorite Hip Hop variants.


Episode 26 We talk Library's and Teen Teams!

This week we talk the time Josh Casper spent at the San Diego Downtown Library and how he has discovered that they have comic books! We also talk a bit about about Teen Teams. Such as the Teen Titans, Young Avengers and whats so great about them? do we need these Teen Teams or can we get away without having them anymore?