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Pass the Mic

When was the last time you traveled more than 100 miles for just a meal? Probably never right? Couples often focus on how they will entertain their guests for their wedding but somehow miss the point on the ACTUAL reason they are there. YOU! Join us on IDR where we discuss giving your guests what they really want. It takes absolutely no planning, is 100% free and will bring laughter, tears & joy for years to come.


Venue, Menu or Wallet

So you have invited guests from far and wide to come share in your special day. Which means you want to feed them something that is worthy of that plane ticket & hotel stay. A nice sit-down meal has been the gold standard for such an occasion, however the charming and modern venues that attract today’s couples lack the facilities to pull off such a meal. Listen in as we get real on what it takes to feed large groups of folks and how your decisions impact your event and your wallet.


The Good, The Bad & The (mostly) Ugly

What’s the first thing we all do when we get engaged (okay well, after telling your loved ones)? That’s right, you begin pinning wedding inspo like a mad woman. However, there’s something you should know about those pins. A good majority of them are the direct result of “Styled Shoots.” So before you add a budget line for that wedding Llama (nope, not letting it go), join us as we talk with resident photographer Maggie Gulling and reveal what it takes to get those “picture perfect” pins and...


“F” Your Wedding Llama

Social media has couples believing that if your wedding photos don’t get “X” number of likes or shares, then your wedding just doesn’t rate. So much so that couples are going to great lengths just to get noticed, often at the expense of actually enjoying their wedding! Join us on IDR where we take on those ideas that are, let’s face it, just for the photos. #fywl


Savor Don't Survive

Wedding planning is an all encompassing job that starts at engagement and ends at the conclusion of an event. Couples often forgo hiring this service to DIY their own wedding planning. I mean, wedding planning sounds fun right? WRONG! That means now YOU are working on your wedding day! No bueno! Join us as we explore how to approach your big day in a way that will allow you to not just survive your wedding but actually enjoy and savor it.


The Mis-Truth In Wedding Advertising

“When consumers see or hear an advertisement, whether it's on the Internet, radio or television, or anywhere else, federal law says that ad must be truthful, not misleading, and, when appropriate, backed by scientific evidence.” - Federal Trade Commission Anyone who has researched how to plan a wedding will find there is a vast difference in information found online between what is considered a “small wedding” or an “all-inclusive package.” Today on IDR, we are challenging what the wedding...


“F” the Wedding Police

What exactly is required to get married? A fancy dress? An expensive hall? A heavily attended 12 hour affair? Join us this week on IDR where we explain the bare minimum requirements to tie the knot and take on the “Wedding Police.” AKA the myth that decades of traditions are required to make your marriage official.


Parents Gonna Parent

So you are planning to get married and you two are ready to begin a bright adventure of your very own. There’s only one hitch, your parents! No doubt these highly invested folks will have their opinion on how this whole thing should go down. So how does one survive the multitude of opinions, ideas, side comments and finger wags? Join us as we explore the role our parents play in the big day and how to navigate their crazy on an already crazy day.


Tales from a "Micro" Wedding

Running a Micro Wedding Chapel brings with it stories. With over 1200 happy couples under our belt, we’ve seen a thing or two. Join us as we welcome resident wedding coordinator and all around great gal, Kristen, to share tales from the altar. Tales of red carpet couples to couples getting hitched on their lunch break. Tales of freak outs, tear ups and the magical thing that happens at the end of each wedding.


No Churching it Up

Most of us love a party that is down-home; BBQ, beer and blue jeans. Yet decades of tradition dictates that weddings need to be extra dressed up. Fancy food. Fancy halls. Fancy clothes. And flawless vows. Join us as we discuss how fancy events make us nervous and fearful of inevitable imperfections and the value of a casual celebration that allows us to feel like “us”.



Remember that time you inquired on a service, told them it was for a wedding and that suddenly sent the price up? So yeah, that’s a thing. Join us as we dig into the phenomenon known as the “Wedding” Tax and get to the bottom of why businesses charge it.


Face It, Everyone Leaves After Cake

So you’ve spent the past 12+ months planning a 4-6 hour event only to have half your guests leave before the party just got started. This week on I Do Rescue join us as we ponder what it means to have guests at your special day and why to invite them in the first place.


My Big Fat Pornographic Wedding

Imagine a world where the only way we learn about sex is through porn. I mean YIKES! This week we explore how the world of Pinterest and wedding porn skews our expectations for our wedding celebrations.


10 Decor Trends That Literally EVERYONE is Doing and the One Thing Everyone Isn’t

We get it. It’s your wedding day and you want to include all those special touches that reflect you two perfectly. There’s just one catch. Literally EVERYONE has those same special touches. No really!! Tune in this week to find out the one thing that actually makes your big day unique.


"Get a Life Snakes" and The Never-ending Sea of White Tables

At what point does wanting to marry the love of your life suddenly require you to have a master’s degree in restaurant design? This week we’re talking about Event Venues - AKA enormous empty rooms that require idiotic discussions like "floor plans”. I mean who has time for that?!


A “How-Not-To” Guide for Buying a House or Planning a Wedding

Imagine a world where the only house you could buy you also had to build. Oh! And also, you had to personally hire every person involved in building that house. Sound familiar? This week’s episode of “I Do” Rescue will completely change the way you think about planning your wedding after we lay out exactly why today’s weddings are so absolutely absurd!


Wedding Porn, Martha Stewart and the Birth of The Monster Wedding

Introducing "I Do" Rescue, a podcast not telling you how to plan your wedding but rather questioning the status quo of weddings. In this episode we call out exactly what it is about weddings that makes us crazy as well as what and who is to blame. We're looking at you Martha.


Time to trade that glue gun in for a glass of wine and listen up.

Welcome to the I Do Rescue Podcast, where we don’t just make weddings easier to plan, we question the whole damn thing! Ever wonder WHY we celebrate weddings the way we do? Join us as we challenge several decades worth of expensive and stressful wedding expectations and get to the heart of what makes a love celebration truly special.