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I Like Your Work is dedicated to interviewing creative people from painters and artists to collectors and curators. People who are involved in a creative lifestyle and also in building community within the arts. Join artist Erika b Hess every Saturday as she talks to someone new about what they are exploring in their work.

I Like Your Work is dedicated to interviewing creative people from painters and artists to collectors and curators. People who are involved in a creative lifestyle and also in building community within the arts. Join artist Erika b Hess every Saturday as she talks to someone new about what they are exploring in their work.
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I Like Your Work is dedicated to interviewing creative people from painters and artists to collectors and curators. People who are involved in a creative lifestyle and also in building community within the arts. Join artist Erika b Hess every Saturday as she talks to someone new about what they are exploring in their work.




Eps 36: Artist Allison Reimus-Questioning the Decorative, Feminism & Choice

Allison Reimus's work explores the relationship between decoration and function and similarly, how painting operates as both an object and an idea. Simple compositions depicting singular moments and objects, within a shallow pictorial space, allow Reimus to freely explore her interests in formalism, geometry and abstraction. Thoughtful investigations regarding tactility and surface often lead to experiments with media closely associated with domesticity and the feminine-- glitter, gold leaf,...


Eps 35: Artist Crystalle Lacouture-Painting, Collecting & Working with Nancy Spero & Leon Golub

In this episode, I talk to the Boston based artist Crystalle Lacouture about her work, her experience working as a longtime assistant to Nancy Spero & Leon Golub, collecting artwork and working as an arts consultant. Crystalle is a painter based in Boston and North Adams, MA and received her Bachelor’s degree in Painting/Printmaking from Skidmore College in 2000. During the 10 years she lived in NYC, Crystalle was a longtime assistant to activist artists Nancy Spero and Leon...


Eps 34: Artist Daisy Patton-Memory, Storytelling & Death

I had such an amazing time talking to the incredible painter Daisy Patton! Daisy is so easy to talk to and incredibly sharp, it was a blast to record this with her. In this episode we talk about getting out of grad school, changing mediums, death, photography, painting, treating yourself and a ton of other great topics! I felt like I was hanging out with my painting BFF. From Los Angeles, California, Daisy Patton moved back and forth between Oklahoma and California during her childhood. She...


BONUS: Applying to Academic Jobs in the Arts

FATE Conference 2019 "The Secret Handshake" Abstract: The mysterious inner workings of academia, museum and gallery systems, and granting agencies are not always evident to individuals who desire to work with/in them. If only we had insight into what the hiring committee/ granting agency/ juries were thinking, we could customize our submissions materials to be most appropriate. We all know that we need to have sharp images and equally strong written content, but what are the more...


Eps 33: Artist John Bokor-Painting Life: Interior Spaces, Still Lives & Landscape

John Bokor is an Australian artist. He graduated from the National Art School in 1993. John’s work ranges from domestic interiors and Still Lifes to suburban landscapes. For over 12 years he has been represented by King Street Gallery on William in Sydney. He is also represented by Nicholas Thompson Gallery in Melbourne and Edwina Corlette Gallery in Brisbane. He has had 20 solo exhibitions at both commercial Galleries and at regional galleries across Australia. His work has been included in...


Eps 32: Artist Phillip J Mellen-Generosity, Making, and Painting

In this episode, we discuss his process, inspiration, and continuing to make work when you know you are called to do so. Phillip lives and works in Taunton, Massachusetts and studied painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. In addition to being a painter, he has multiple podcasts such as Ahtcast, The Mixed Media TAPES, Ahtakes, and has the blog Artist Family Tree. LINKS: phillipjmellen.com Podcast projects: Ahtcast – Visual Artist Interview...


Eps 31: Artist Ashley Norwood Cooper-The Humanity of Being an Artist-Painting the Life that Surrounds You

Ashley Norwood Cooper has exhibited her paintings in solo and group shows around the country. These include exhibitions at Zinc Contemporary in Seattle, Art Garage in Cooperstown, NY, the College of William and Mary, Silvermine Arts Center, Bennington Museum of Art, SUNY Oneonta, Earlville Opera House, Santa Clara University and two previous shows at First Street Gallery. She will be featured in the upcoming 2019 issue of “New American Paintings: Northeast Edition.” She holds her MFA from...


Eps 30: Kimberly Brooks-The Overlap of Art & Science: Art, Physics, & Writing

I am excited to share this episode with you because it is packed with such great content! Kimberly Brooks is a Renaissance Women who is a painter, researcher, writer, teacher, and all around wonderful mind. In this episode, we talk about David Hockney and his use of technology, the history of technology in painting, the book her father wrote "Art & Physics" and how she edited it during her teenage years. We also discuss her studio practice, work, color and how she became the founding...


Eps 29: Artist David Linneweh-Painter & Podcast Host of Studio Break

This is such a great episode mostly for the painters out there! I loved talking the David Linneweh, a painter who also runs the podcast Studio Break, about his background growing up in suburbia and how that feeds into his paintings, his experience working en plein air and photo transfers, his wonderful advice to artists and what he has learned from running a podcast. David Linneweh received his MFA in painting at Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2007 and his BFA from...


Eps 28: Gallerist Abigail Ogilvy-Listening to Stories & Tips for Artists Approaching Gallerists

In this episode, I talk to Abigail about interest in other people’s stories, how she moved from the tech world into the art world, and her tips for artists approaching gallerists. Abigail Ogilvy Gallery exhibits contemporary art with a heavy emphasis on concept driven artwork by emerging to mid career artists located across the country and internationally. The gallery primarily focuses on paintings, but also exhibits a range of other medias including photography, sculpture, mixed media,...


Eps 27: Artist Amy Lincoln- Color, Community, & Starbucks Coffee Murals

Today I am excited to share my interview with Amy Lincoln! I met up with Amy in Queens, NY where she lives/works and I felt like I was sitting down with a good friend even though I had never met her. I love that this interview keeps it really real because Amy has a 4mth old baby and a 4-year-old. This is the place where she creates, paints and has her family and I love that you can hear it in the interview. We talk about how she came to the work she is making, working with Urban Outfitters,...


Eps 26: Artist Joanne Greenbaum- Making the Work, Making a Living, and a Deep Knowledge of Painting

In this episode, I talk to artist Joanne Greenbaum about education, politics of art language, the deep internal intelligence in painting, the power of introversion, mark-making, color and her exploration of materials. We dive into so many wonderful topics including the myth that "real artists don't have day jobs" and "everything has been done". Joanne Greenbaum earned a BA from Bard College, Annadale-on- Hudson, NY. Over the past twenty years, Joanne Greenbaum has exhibited widely at...


Eps 25: Artist Joan Lemay-Celebrating Lives, Supporting Artists & the Music Industry

Joan LeMay is a portraitist and illustrator who is interested in pattern, gesture and Byzantine halos. She loves painting people, animals, plants and things (a kind of anthropomorphic approach to portraiture) in equal measure, and packs referential objects, color-based symbolism and other subject-specific elements into the busy backgrounds of her work in order to reflect the soul and life of the person or creature depicted. We talk about creating opportunities, RuPaul, the music industry...


Eps 24: Finding the Right Space- Curator Lynne Cooney

Lynne Cooney is the Artistic Director and chief curator of the Boston University Art Galleries where she has organized numerous group and solo exhibitions. Lynne received a BA in English from Simmons College, Boston, an MFA in photography from the California College of the Arts, San Francisco, and an MA in Art History from Boston University. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Boston University’ in the Department of History of Art and Architecture. Her dissertation examines concepts of...


Eps 23: Artist Melissa Meyer- Filled With LIfe-Painting in NYC 1960s-Present

I am excited to talk to the NYC based artist Melissa Meyer. In this episode, we talk about painting in the 1960's, her work with Miriam Schapiro on the essay that coined the term "femmage" and her current studio work. Melissa received undergraduate and graduate degrees from New York University. Her development has been surveyed in traveling exhibitions originating at the New York Studio School and Swarthmore College. She has completed public commissions in New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, and...


Eps 22: Artist Ling Chun -Exploring a Shifting Cultural Identity Through Ceramics

I discovered Ling Chun’s work on instagram and fell in love with her use of color and materials in her ceramic work and wanted to know more. Ling was born in Hong Kong and came to the United States at the age of seventeen. She then earned her BFA in visual communication design and ceramics from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her MFA in ceramics from Rhode Island School of Design. She has been an artist in residence at various long term and short term residencies which we talk...


Eps 21: Artist, Writer & Change Maker Sharon Louden

I had the incredible fortune to meet up with Sharon Louden in Queens a couple of weeks ago to talk about her work and I had such a wonderful time! Sharon is an artist, educator, advocate for artists, editor of the Living and Sustaining a Creative Life series of books and the Artistic Director of the Visual Arts at Chautauqua Institution. In this interview, we talk about her work, sharing opportunities, and her new opportunity that she is sharing as the artistic director of the visual arts at...


Eps 20: Artist Chelsea Gibson

In this episode the painter Chelsea Gibson and I discuss her musical background, building a home and studio from the ground up and dealing with criticism. Chelsea Gibson paints portraits of home. Her paintings investigate what it means to call a place “home” and how the lives lived there are interdependent on the spaces within. She paints about the decision to live in such a rural community, and what those choices look like for her friends and models. She is interested in the dichotomy...


Eps 19: Good Witches & Fairy Godmothers: Creating Opportunity in the Art World with Sarah Potter

I had such an amazing time connecting with the kind and exuberant Sarah Potter! Also known as, The Good Witch of the Art World, Sarah is the founder and owner of SP Projects, an independent art advisory and consulting business based in New York. With more than a decade of experience in the fine art world, Sarah has placed an emphasis on curating private and corporate collections with artwork that is aesthetically satisfying and a good financial investment. Sarah graduated with honors from...


Eps 18: Shandra Smith: What is Surface Design, Licensing Work and Learning on the Ground

I am really excited to introduce you the artist and surface designer, Shandra Smith! Shandra is based in British Columbia, Canada who uses a variety of mixed media techniques to create vibrant work that are sold on various home decor items and fashion accessories such as wallpaper, shoes, and books. Shandra talks about her process, how she got into surface design, having the guts to go for it, dealing with rejection and her experience and tips for licensing work. Shandra's work...