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I Was Just Saying That is a tipsy show created for creative ladies on the Internet, hosted by Michelle Pimm and Kimya Kavehkar. New episodes every Friday. Please rate and review and show us some love!]

I Was Just Saying That is a tipsy show created for creative ladies on the Internet, hosted by Michelle Pimm and Kimya Kavehkar. New episodes every Friday. Please rate and review and show us some love!]
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I Was Just Saying That is a tipsy show created for creative ladies on the Internet, hosted by Michelle Pimm and Kimya Kavehkar. New episodes every Friday. Please rate and review and show us some love!]






Wendy Davis LIVE at SXSW

The ladies had the opportunity to interview the incredible Wendy Davis LIVE on the SXSW podcast stage! If you’re not familiar with Wendy Davis, she is a former Texas senator and founder of the nonprofit Deeds Not Words. You may have heard of Wendy after she stood for 11 hours in the floor of the senate chamber in the Texas legislature to filibuster against highly restrictive reproductive rights in the state - single-handedly making pink tennis shoes a political fashion statement. Since...


Jane Claire Hervey's Practice

This week the ladies chat with someone they've wanted to have on the show pretty much since its inception, and that’s Jane Claire Hervey. If you live in Austin, you might have heard of a little organization she co-founded called BOSSBABESATX. If you’re not familiar - it exists to build educated, empowered and more equal communities. They host lectures and events from craft fairs to networking parties to festivals. She has a company called Group Work, which is a content creation studio....


Cozy Career Chat with Austin American-Statesman writer, Addie Broyles

On this week's episode, the often indoor ladies of IWJST sit fireside to interview writer for the Austin American-Statesman, Addie Broyles. You may be familiar with her food-related work from her column called Relish Austin. She also founded the Austin Food Blogger Alliance, runs a blog called The Feminist Kitchen, and is a fellow podcaster on the Statesman's podcast, I Love You So Much! She shares her professional journey from her first writing gig to stepping outside of her comfort zone...


Say Goodbye to Debt with Kara Perez 💸

Grab your notebook (or a calculator), because this week the ladies chatted with personal finance blogger Kara Perez. She writes money advice and tips at her site Bravely Go, and has a podcast called the Fairer Cents. She also has awesome events with panels and workshops with experts all about improving your money game. And lets face it, aren't we all?? Don't forget to subscribe!


YouTube Talk with Evelyn From The Internets (Evelyn Ngugi)

This week the ladies chat with YouTuber, Evelyn Ngugi. Better known as Evelyn From the Internets. She has more than 150,000 subscribers to her channel, where she uploads entertaining storytelling videos about daily occurrences in her life, personal thoughts and musings, and much more. The ladies discuss everything from that time Beyoncé played one of her videos on the Formation World Tour (SERIOUSLY) to what it's like to see YouTube change from a world of cat videos to a full-fledged...


What IS Wellness?! With Danielle Sobel of Juice Society

This week the ladies chat with Danielle Sobel, owner of Juice Society, a brick-and-mortar and online store where you can buy healthy juices, smoothies, raw and vegan snacks, and more. Danielle also owns Flycatcher Farms, where she grows a lot of produce she uses. In this episode they cover everything from what inspired her to create Juice Society to how her business is growing. The ladies also try to figure out what the hell wellness really is?! Enjoy the show and subscribe!


Give a Damn with Good Party ATX Founders Kim Baze and Sarah K. Wolf

Our guests this week are Sarah K. Wolf and Kim Baze, the two ladies behind Good Party ATX. Good Party covers social events that are making an impact to help folks party with a purpose. Find out why the ladies started Good Party, how they handle a full time job with a full time passion, and ways you can have a good time, but also give a damn.


Art and Soul Food with Arielle Austin

This week the ladies interview artist Arielle Austin. She creates beautiful and colorful abstract paintings that are just visually stunning. She’s on the brink of her first solo exhibit in Texas--she’ll be displaying her collection “Soul Food” at the Carver Gallery in San Antonio this month. Hear Arielle's perspective on the reality of being artist, what inspires her, and how she's getting ready for her first solo exhibit. And as always, subscribe!


Roundtable on Round Top LIVE at Loot Vintage Rentals

On this episode, the ladies sipped Nine Banded Whiskey as they interviewed a team of Round Top experts live at Loot Vintage Rentals for a discussion all about the ins and outs of shopping one of the most renowned antique fairs right in our backyard: Round Top Antique Festival. The panel including Rhoda + Anna of Loot and interior designer Allison Jaffe. Tune in to hear all the tips and tricks you need to know to score some chic AF furniture in Round Top!


Networking and Love with Chelsea Francis 💖

In this week's episode the ladies chat with Chelsea Francis (@ohhhchelsea)💖. She's a photographer, creative, and one of the best connectors the ladies know. She hosts an #atxconnectionmixer once a month and her photography has been featured on Camille Styles, Hello Giggles, Glitter Guide and more. Hear all of Chelsea's thoughts on Instagram, networking, and getting hitched to her husband Tucker at the tender age 21. And don't forget to subscribe, friends!


Misadventures of a Showbiz Darling with Nathalie Holmes

This week the ladies chat with actress, comedian, stylist, singer, and fellow podcaster Nathalie Holmes. In other words, the ultimate Showbiz Darling. She’s worked with Camille Styles, Esther’s Follies, Creative Action, PBS, and Huffington Post. She does voice, costumes, YouTube videos, live one-woman shows (Young, Scripted, and Black), the works. It’s pretty incredible. Tune in!


Thoughts on Harvey and details on a live show with That Time of the Month

In this quickie episode the ladies reflect on Hurricane Harvey hitting their beloved state of Texas. How Texans have come together to help raise funds for those affected by the storm. We love you people of Texas! And the giving isn't stopping any time soon, friends. The ladies will be in a live show with That Time of the Month (A late night show hosted by women) on September 15th (listen for details) where TTOTM will be collecting cash donations for the Houston Food Bank that they will...


Causing a political racket with the co-owner of SPUN Ice Cream, Ashley Cheng

This week the ladies chat with Ashley Cheng--the co-owner of SPUN Ice Cream (Kimya's personal favorite ice cream shop in Austin) She's the co-founder of political action organization Women’s Racket Club, and a yoga teacher. In this episode the ladies talk about everything from working with family to why women are great at taking political actions. We hope you enjoy!


We Hate White Supremacy

In this quickie episode the ladies sip very strong margaritas and catch up on life. They discuss how much they hate white supremacy - like seriously - they do not tolerate it. Dive into what's going on with Taylor Swifts snake-filled social media, and end the show asking can you dislike other women and still be a feminist? They discuss. Listen and let us know what you think at @iwasjustsayingthat. And as always, please subscribe!


Deleting Push Notifications for Productivity with DivaDance founder Jami Stigliano

In this episode, the ladies performed a live show from the rooftop of the W Hotel, following a dance class led by Jami Stigliano, the founder and owner of DivaDance, which started in New York City and now has locations here in Austin and in D.C... She teaches dance classes with full-on choreography to songs from Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and more. If you listen to the show, you’ve heard Kimya talk about loving the classes, so we’re really happy to finally have Jami talk about how she...


New Job, New Music

In this quickie episode, Michelle finally reveals where she's working these days. If you want some background on her work journey, listen to the episode called "Quittin' Time" to get the full picture. Kimya shares what music she's listening to and reveals which Bachelor she wants Rachel to give the final rose to. The ladies also complain about the heat (of course) and give you the details on their next LIVE event!


From Blogger to Boutique Owner with Joanna Wilkinson

In this episode, the ladies guest is style blogger of Keep Austin Stylish, Joanna Wilkinson, who owns the fresh online women’s boutique Once Bitten. Recorded at Joanna’s cool downtown loft (house goals)–they discuss how she transitioned from blogger to boutique owner, what it’s like to have an e-commerce shop vs. brick and mortar, and a variety of style tips and shopping pet peeves. Thanks for listening and don't forget to subscribe and leave us some love with a kind review!


Style Challenge Update and Cancelled Celebrities

In this week's episode, the ladies update you on M's style challenge (she found a bra that changed her life), giving thanks to the Statesman for featuring them in an article last week (still blushing), Beyonce's wax figure at Madame Tussauds, and the latest cancelled celebrity.


Design Theft and Going Your Own Way with Luella's Caroline Kolbe

This week the ladies chat with Caroline Kolbe. She's the owner and head designer for Luella, an adorable shop of tees and accessories for cute babes that spreads female empowerment. They cover everything from how she got her start as a designer to building her brand online to how she deals with other companies stealing her work. She gives stellar advice for any new designers or shop owners out there. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review with some love!


Whole30 and a Style Challenge

This week the ladies start out by thanking YOU incredible listeners for coming out to the live show at The Refinery. Your ongoing support gives us all the feels that wine does - but better. The ladies chat through K's final thoughts on Whole30 (after a month away from sugar, cheese, bread - gasp - and even wine). And M's little style challenge to help her feel a bit more confident in her own bod. Enjoy the episode, and don't forget to subscribe!