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12: Marylou Faure - Building a Career, Dealing with Criticism, and Pricing your Work

I chat with Marylou Faure about her colorful and cheeky style, her start in the world of illustration and her experience with pricing her work and negotiating with clients. Marylou Faure (IG; Web) is a French illustrator and artist based in London. Marylou is known for her colorful and playful style which has attracted big companies like Google, Spotify, Lyft and Nike to her work. More recently, Marylou hosted her first solo exhibition, a show called Nobody’s Baby featuring nude women in...


11: Aaron Lowell Denton - Designing for Bands and Making a Living from Your Passion

I talk with designer Aaron Lowell Denton about how he started working for bands, what inspires him and how he manages to get so much work done. Aaron also shares some important advice about valuing your work and creativity and how he prices projects according to risk. Aaron Lowell Denton (IG; Twitter) is a designer known for his music posters and album covers. Aaron went from making gig posters for himself to producing music posters for big bands like Tame Impala, Leon Bridges and The...


10: Dan Woodger - Get your Work Seen, Protect Yourself and Keep Improving

I talk with British illustrator and animator Dan Woodger about how he got his work seen, how he learned to protect himself and his art through contracts and agents and how he pushes himself to keep learning and getting better at his craft. Dan Woodger (IG;Web;Twitter) is a freelance illustrator and animator based in Kingston, UK. You might be familiar with Dan’s signature bubbly and joyful characters, anthropomorphised fruits and Where’s Waldo?-esque crowd scenes. Dan has drawn his unique...


09: Leon Edler - Trust the Process, Support Others and Persevere

I talk with conceptual illustrator and cartoonist Leon Edler about his love of comedy, what it was like to start in the field of illustration, and how he created Room Fifty, an online business that sells high quality and carefully curated prints from the best in illustration. Leon Edler (IG; Web) is an award-winning conceptual illustrator and cartoonist best in Brighton who has worked with clients like the New York Times, The Guardian, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal and many more....


08: Seb Agresti - Pushing Yourself Out of Your Creative Bubble

I talk with Dutch illustrator, designer and graphic artist Seb Agresti about books, learning from his creative hero, and how he plans to push himself out of his comfort zone creatively next year. Seb Agresti (Web; IG) is a Dutch illustrator, designer and graphic artist based in Rotterdam. Despite being quite new to the scene of editorial and commercial illustration (Seb only started illustrating full time in 2017), he has already garnered a reputation for impeccably composed and...


07: Kati Szilagyi - Embracing Analog Media and Thriving as an Editorial Illustrator

In this episode of the Illustration Hour, I talk with illustrator and graphic artist Kati Szilagyi about her practice, how she got started in editorial illustration and what she recommends young illustrators do to get noticed. Kati Szilagyi (Web; IG) is a Berlin based illustrator and graphic artist. She has worked with the NYT, the New Yorker, Google, Bloomberg Businessweek on illustration projects. Her style is tangible and expressive, with a strong focus on analog medium and cohesive...


06: Brad Woodard - Building a Creative Practice with Multiple Streams of Income

This episode is all about how visual creatives can leverage their unique talent towards building a sustainable business that doesn't rely just on commission or client work. My guest is Brad Woodard, an illustrator, and designer, co-founder of his own design studio Brave the Woods and a creative who has successfully managed to break free from the uncertainties of client work. Show Notes: Brad Woodard (IG; Website; Twitter; Youtube) is an illustrator, designer and visual creative. He owns...


05: Hannah K. Lee - Art Director at the NYT on Work, Art, and Life

Ever wonder exactly how art directors at big publications like the New York Times work? You're not alone. In this episode of the Illustration Hour podcast, I talked with Hannah K. Lee, Art Director for the Opinion section of the New York Times about her job, the process of editorial art direction and what she looks for when she's seeking illustrators to work with. Hannah K. Lee (Website; IG) is an artist, editorial art director and published author based in Brooklyn. She graduated with a...


04: Magoz - Solving Problems, Following your Intuition and Writing Effective Emails

Magoz (IG:@magoz, Website: is a conceptual and editorial illustrator based in Malmo, Sweden. You might have seen his wonderfully minimal illustrations in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Scientific American, Wired or many other publications. Magoz also runs a blog where he writes about his experiences as an editorial illustrator, his creative process, how to find clients, how to reach art directors, and much more. This blog is a must read for illustrators! Magoz...


04: Magoz - Solving Problems, Following your Intuition, and Writing Effective Emails

I talked with Spanish conceptual and editorial illustrator Magoz about how he approaches creative and business problems, his advice for illustrators starting out, conceptual illustration and how to build a database of clients.


03: Cabeza Patata on 3D Illustration, Self Promotion Tips, and Collaboration

Cabeza Patata is a creative team composed of Katie Menzies and Abel Reverter. He’s a 3D artist and animator, she’s an illustrator and craftswoman. Together they are re-defining what it means to illustrate. Their illustrations are wonderfully tangible, 3D creations that look as though they are carved out of plasticine. Their clay-like characters are delightfully odd in proportions and a real treat to look at. They have an impressive client list that includes the NYT, Google, Apple, Adobe and...


02: Greg Gunn on Illustration, Animation, and Tips for Creating

Greg Gunn (IG:[@gunngreg] ( WEB: is an animator, illustrator and content creator. After graduating from Otis College of Arts and Design, Greg launched a multidisciplinary animation studio called Three Legged Legs. In 2011, Greg joined the renowned design consultancy Blind to work as a creative director with the legendary designer Chris Do. Since then Greg has also contributed content and videos to Chris Do's education platform the...


01: Allison Filice on Discovering Yourself and Becoming an Illustrator

Allison Filice (IG: @allisonfilice WEB: is a talented illustrator and designer based in San Francisco . Allison has worked with amazing publications and media outlets including the New Yorker, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, NBC, and Refinery 29. In this episode, I found out how Allison went from an illustrator with zero clients and zero following to a successful, in demand editorial illustration in under a year. We talked about Allison's quest for...