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ILP 0020: 111 Lessons Learned in 6 Years of My Immigrant Life Journey

Today, I thought to share with you 111 important lessons that I have learned in my six years of integration into the Canadian system. This list is not ranked or grouped in any manner. I wrote them down as they came to mind during my moment of reflection. Some are funny, many are eye-opening but I guarantee that you will pick at least one actionable insight from the list. If you like them, let me know and I will spend more time improving the way I presented them. Come along with me. Have you...


ILP 0019: My Canadian Immigration Story

I have come across several discussions debating why it may or may not be worth it immigrating to Canada. When asked, many who eventually succeeded would argue that immigrating to Canada is perhaps the best decision they made for themselves and their families. For those who are still struggling or who did not have a so great experience after landing in Canada, they would wonder why it ever makes sense for people to leave their "successful lives" behind in their country of birth and have to...


ILP 0018: Our Daily Choices

It has been said that the average person makes up to 35,000 decisions in a day. Making a choice involves decision making. As immigrants with lofty dreams, we will be saddled with making a lot of decisions as we integrate and grow our families, careers, and businesses. A lot of them are going to be unconscious yet with far-reaching consequences. It's been said that "decision-making is such a seamless brain process that we're usually unaware of it - until our choice results in unexpected...


ILP 0017: How New Immigrants Can Succeed In The Workplace

Kristine Malmqvist is a 7th generation Scottish immigrant. Coming from decades of experience schooling and working with new immigrants, she joined me live in the studio to discuss the challenges and opportunities available to new immigrants. With a strong feeling of empathy, she shares why she sometimes struggles with the thought of helping a newcomer, how the Canadian culture can be frustrating to new Canadians, what to do about workplace culture and expectations, how to handle conflict in...


ILP 0016: Omah, A Courageous Story of Persistence

This week, I am letting you in on a discussion that I had with a new immigrant that I’ll like to call “Omah”. Of course, that implies it’s not his real name – I am just using that screen name to protect his privacy. He reached out to me because he needs help with finding a job in his area of professional strength. We talked about a couple of things – including how he is coping with the emotional challenge of being without a job. We also talked about his family, his professional experience...


ILP 0015: How Will You Respond When Your Values Are Violated?

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I am truly thankful for the opportunity that I have to serve this growing community! Thank you for the continued support. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we all live and breathe our values. We filter the world through our value system and make decisions based on them - sometimes without realizing it. What happens when those values are challenged or violated? How are we going to respond? Using a recent incident that sparked a worldwide debate as a case...


ILP 0014: Will Your Anchor Hold In The Storms Of Life?

Life is fun until it is not. When life hits you in the face with an unpleasant surprise, what do you do? For most of us, we have a default that we turn to in times of joy and grief. I have a few things that I turn to but a key one is listening to music and singing. In this episode, I relive my High School days and how a weekly activity of community singing night has served as one of my anchors when life throws me a curve ball. What is your anchor in troubling times? Visit...


ILP 0013: Ask For Help

In this episode, I shared about the great benefit of ASKING for help and how it can be easily ignored - perhaps because of the simplicity, the negative conditioning created by penalties suffered when we asked for help in the wrong places such as from a fellow student in an examination hall or even the societal expectation triggered by the individualistic North American society. I illustrated the power of asking for help with five personal stories where I reaped the benefit of asking for help...


ILP 0012: I got A Professional Job Without An Interview

At a point in my Canadian integration journey when I was psychologically and financially empty, a leading organization offered me a job without an interview. Surprised? I was too! Reflectively, I know what happened and there are a few lessons that you or someone close to you can leverage today or at any time in future. Happy listening and visit to join our growing community.


ILP 0011: Why My Show of Respect Was Misunderstood

In 2013, I sent an official email to a senior lady at an establishment. Without thinking about it, I thought that I did an excellent job by according her respect in the way I would accord anyone older than me some respect. But I was wrong. Why was this? What led me to behave this way? And what have I learned? Uncover this little but important nugget in this episode.


ILP 0010: Are You Prepared For Whats Coming?

This week’s episode is a little bit different and I’ll tell you why. Over the last six weeks, I’ve caught myself talking a lot more about a certain topic when with clients, friends and even in public speaking engagements. I, therefore, think it is my responsibility to share my thoughts with you all. It’s a topic that I personally find very interesting as an immigrant, a husband, a father and an entrepreneur. Let me know what you think at the end of this episode. Please visit our Facebook...


ILP 0009: Why I Filed For Bankruptcy And How You Can Avoid It.

'John Smith' is a first generation immigrant who got into debt and eventually filed for bankruptcy. It was a difficult time but he learned his lessons. On this episode, he provides great insights into how he got into that rabbit hole, how he dug himself out after filing for bankruptcy and very importantly, how you can avoid making the same mistake. This is a memorable one!


ILP 0008: It Has Been A Struggle But It's Worth It

Ayesha Qureshi was born and raised in Pakistan and moved to Canada in 2012 as a permanent resident. Ayesha is an Engineer by training, works a professional job and even though she seemed to have it easier than many immigrants, she described her experience so far as a struggle that is worth it. Why does she think so? Ayesha also intends on going into politics. What's driving that perspective? We will unravel this energetic personality in today's episode. Come along with me.


ILP 0007: How My Experience in France and China Created a Smooth Canadian Narrative for me

Discover how an immigrant had a smooth integration experience in Canada and how you can too! Will Zhang arrived in Canada from France with his family in 2009. Will is a first-generation Canadian immigrant of Chinese origin who was able to leverage his experience in France and China to his advantage while settling down in Canada. What was his beginning like? How did he adjust to his new home, integrate into his community and restart his career? How did he eventually start his own business and...


ILP 0006: How I Lived Through Five Years of Professional Instability

On today’s show, I have with me Emmanuel Olusuyi. Emmanuel is an internationally trained engineer and project manager. He arrived Calgary with his family in 2013 but after a few years, he had to leave this great city for family reasons. He relocated to Toronto and is doing great. He shares his experience in Calgary, why he left and how things turned out in Toronto. You will hear tips about the right networking mindset, interview and resume tips, starting right as an immigrant, workplace...


ILP 0005: How I Passed My Values To My Kids Successfully

In today's show, Gurjit Lali talks about how she has been able to pass on her chosen values to her children successfully. That probably sounds easy but let me explain. Gurjit is a second generation Canadian of Indian origin. She was born and raised in Canada yet she speaks her tribal language fluently and not only that, she has been able to pass the same language and values to her children. Why did she do that and how did she get that done? Go ahead, hit play and find out!


ILP 0004: Give Me Lylon Bag

This week, I present the story of a new immigrant who went into one of the Real Canadian Superstores to buy groceries and requested the cashier to provide him with 'lylon' bag. The cashier and the immigrant both got confused. The two of them spoke English to each other but there was a communication gap. What exactly was his need? How was that resolved? Check out this funny learning moment that uncovers one of the subtle differences in culture that can show up even when you speak the language...


ILP 0003: The Immigrant Mindset

This week's episode is an interesting one! Originally from Nigeria, Oyakhire Airende arrived in Canada as a student of Petroleum Engineering and completed his Master's degree program in 2014. Despite his training and Canadian education, he found himself working "survival" jobs and curiously, he blamed his mindset for that. In fact, he said he "paid dearly for it." This is one of those episodes that you'd want to pay careful attention to. In this chat, you'll discover the type of mindset that...


ILP 0002: How I Secured My Professional Job In Two Months

This week, Salma Sultana joins me from Ontario. Salma is an IT Project Manager. Along with her husband, she immigrated to Canada from India in March 2017 to start a new life here. Like every other immigrant, she faced struggles as she tried to settle down to her new country and community. However, she braved the odds and was able to land her professional job within just two months of arriving in Canada! What did she do differently? How did she approach her integration and settlement? On this...


ILP 0001: What To Expect from Immigrant Life Podcast

In this maiden edition, I revealed that my ultimate aim of starting the Immigrant Life initiative is to make the settlement and integration of immigrants into the Canadian society a predictable success. I also lent my voice to why Canada is a great country to live in and why I launched this podcast on Canada day, July 1, 2018, even with its imperfections. Oh yes! I made a bold promise - that as a listener, you will walk away from every episode with tips, strategies and actionable insights...