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Join professional landscape designer Charles King Sadler as he visits, designs, and cares for gorgeous landscapes around the world.

Join professional landscape designer Charles King Sadler as he visits, designs, and cares for gorgeous landscapes around the world.
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Join professional landscape designer Charles King Sadler as he visits, designs, and cares for gorgeous landscapes around the world.






Falling for Foliage

Hosts Kate and Charles Sadler are talking fall color. While sugar maples are often the stars of Autumn in the north east of North America, many other species of tree and even types of shrubs, vines and ground cover can provide fall color outside the sugar maple's range. This episode covers what to plant during the fall and what to prune. Tips also include using leaves for mulch and insulation. Check out fall color in other regions including the Yukon of Canada or Lapland in Finland. Some...


Road Trip

As summer begins to wane this week in the northern hemisphere, our hosts get personal and share the landscape details of their summer road trip through the Appalachian mountains. From New York to New Orleans, we talk the landscape scenes and changing phenotypes of plants as the latitude and elevation change. We notice so much in the travel landscape from the street trees Knoxville, Tennessee, the Bluffview sculpture garden of Chattanooga, Tennessee, a special tree sighting in Birmingham,...


Green Screen

Screening is an important element of a designed landscape, but screening isn't just about blocking unwanted views, it's about focusing attention within the landscape. This week, hosts Charles and Kate Sadler take listeners on a virtual trip to the exquisite gardens of Japan to experience the focus that exceptional screening provides in the landscape. They cover important design considerations for planning and selecting screening materials. Tips for the maintenance of closely planted shrubs...


Bearing Fruit

Today we brush the surface of the topic of fruit. In this episode, hosts Charles and Kate Sadler focus on familiar varieties to North America such as apples, pears, and cherries. We cover what conditions are needed to plant, what to look for when pruning, and how to maximize your fruit harvest. See some pruning techniques in action: For more on planting, pruning and harvesting from fruiting trees, visit:...


Hello Neighbor!

Hosts Charles and Kate Sadler talk neighborly landscape challenges and solutions in this week's episode. From fencing, to trees, to erosion issues, we look at how to come to workable solutions and when to seek the help of a landscape professional. "Good fences make good neighbors" - Mending Wall - Robert Frost U.S. Geological Survey: The National Map - Data Delivery; The Topographic Maps and geographical information system (GIS)...


Water Works

This week, hosts Charles and Kate Sadler talk irrigation. Starting with a very brief history, this episode covers tips for assessing your irrigation, when to seek out help, and what the future holds for more irrigation free landscapes. We touch on suggestions for wet and arid landscapes, and we welcome questions for more specific conditions for future episodes! The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) water efficiency resources: This resource is...


If a Tree Falls...

Today we discuss how Arborists care for trees, and what it means to become an ISA Certified Arborist, including how the certification may benefit you as a landscape professional, and how landscape consumers can benefit from seeking out a certified arborist. We cover how one becomes certified, and what the continuing education looks like. Tree Risk Assessment is an important function of a certified arborist and often results in saving trees. We also touch on a few outdated practices to be...


Planning Pays Off

Today we bring listeners through the steps to create a landscape design plan. Making use of your property survey, doing a shade/ sun study, taking account of the views you see most, and making appropriate plant selection based on maintenance consideration are a few of the steps that can help any designer plan, budget, and time a project well. More on A.E. Bye: American Society of Landscape Architects - founded in 1899 (ASLA) in the United...


Beautiful Buxus

We love boxwood! Today's episode features a discussion on the basics of boxwood. This versatile decorative shrub can survive in a range of conditions and be shaped in a multitude of ways. Learn a little of the history of boxwood, and why it has become so popular in landscape design. Learn about some of the emerging threats to several species and how best to hedge against them. We visit and help restore a New England boxwood garden and share boxwood care tips:...


The Right Tree

Trees Are Good! This episode focuses on key aspects of selecting, planting, and pruning new shade trees for your landscape project. Your hosts Charles and Kate Sadler share their visits to the tree growers of Portland,Oregon region. Considering the lifelong size and shape of the tree you plant has lasting implications for your landscape. We discuss practical tips including structural pruning as trees come home from the nursery and evaluating soil conditions and watering needs. Visit...