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Inspirational Women is a weekly podcast that features women who are leaders in their field, entrepreneurs, authors or women carving new paths in education, the environment, charities, crime prevention, health care, domestic issues, and youth outreach.

Inspirational Women is a weekly podcast that features women who are leaders in their field, entrepreneurs, authors or women carving new paths in education, the environment, charities, crime prevention, health care, domestic issues, and youth outreach.


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Inspirational Women is a weekly podcast that features women who are leaders in their field, entrepreneurs, authors or women carving new paths in education, the environment, charities, crime prevention, health care, domestic issues, and youth outreach.








1/09/22: Julia Brewer Daily - Adoption creates great families for a better world

at 6am on Inspirational Women: Julia Brewer Daily M.S. Ed, is a former educator and author of 'No Name To Be Given' a novel based on her own reality of being born into a maternity home in the south during the sixties. Now with the popularity of DNA tests adults like Julia are finding and connecting with birth mothers and discovering more family, and it also means some find they are unearthing long-held family secrets.


1/02/22: Dr. Lydia Kang - A highly interesting view into diseases and pandemics

on Inspirational Women: Dr. Lydia Kang is a practicing internal medicine physician and also an author of young adult and adult fiction. She's also a coauthor with Nate Pedersen, a librarian and historian, and their second collaborative book is Patient Zero: A Curious History of the World's Worst Diseases. Considering the time we're living in, this can really give us some good broad perspective of diseases over the centuries and how they've affected our world.


12/26/21: Amy Liz Harrison - Sobriety is the journey to living a full and loving life

on Inspirational Women: Amy Liz Harrison has a new book, the title of which tells us much about her--Externally Expecting: A Mom of Eight Gets Sober and Gives Birth to a Whole New Life...Her Own. It captures the essence, and Amy fills in the blanks, comparing pregnancy and giving birth to her journey of finding sobriety. Amy's openness and honesty carry a lot of weight in breaking down the stigmas around alcohol or drug addiction. And the hope she offers in sharing her story is about living...


12/19/21: Dr. Sylvia Earle - Ocean: A Global Odyssey, a guided tour with Her Deepness

on Inspirational Women: Dr. Sylvia Earle has long been recognized as one of the world's top experts on ocean science and conservation. Dr. Earle is the president and chairman of Mission Blue and a National Geographic Explorer at Large, and former Chief Scientist of NOAA. She has been called "Her Deepness" by The New Yorker and the New York Times, a "Living Legend" by the Library of Congress, and a "First Hero for the Planet" by Time magazine. Her life has been about the ocean and...


12/12/21: Serena Short LMHC - Mental & emotional health awareness and support for a better future

on Inspirational Women: Serena Short is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with Pacific Medical Centers. Mental and emotional health issues have either become more of a problem, or maybe we are begin more open. Being open and seeking support is an important step. Serena touches on some aspects of the challenges of this season on our mental health, both the shorter and darker days as well as all the holidays and feelings of obligation.


12/05/21: Food for the heart, food for the soul - Cherish Hart, Adrienne Alitowski

On Inspirational Women: Cherish Hart is with the American Heath Association. She provides some guidelines for food donation items during this season, and at anytime of the year. Monetary donations are always helpful, but is you like to buy items, keep healthy choices front of mind. Canned goods--look for low sodium, rolled oats, unsalted nuts, shelf stable milk and milk substitutes. Canned goods with pop-top lids are better than canned goods that require a can opener. Adrienne...


11/28/21: Stella Ter Hart inspires with "Discovering Twins" and a story of humanity

at 6am on Inspirational Women: Stella Ter Hart is a well-know composer, educator and adjudicator, now semi-retired from her many musical endeavors, but has turned her creative energies into writing. Her first book, Discovering Twins: No Secret is Safe Forever, is Stella's genealogy research of her family who lived in Holland, and Stella discovered that this is a captivating story that hopefully causes us to see the least 1200 family members died in the Holocaust. But this is also an...


11/21/21: Killian Noe - Ongoing authentic community modelled & lived at the Recovery Cafe

On Inspirational Women: Killian Noe is the Founding Director of Recovery Cafe which is considered a refuge for healing and recovery. Killian began the work in Seattle in 2004 and it has grown to be at 2 locations--on Boren & Denny, and in the SODO area. The healing work is done in community, is person-centered, providing the individual with the support to manage their disease and empowers them to build a life realizing their potential. Check out volunteer opportunities, and consider...


The tragic life of too many kids. The healing that can be. The need for truth & honesty.

at 6am on Inspirational Women: Deirdre Maloney is foremost, an amazing, strong woman, and the author of her memoir "Unfold Me: Unfold Layers of Your Wounded Heart and Begin Living Your Dream Life". Deirdre is courageously honest about her life, her youth--the sexual abuse, the path into drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution, just so much harshness, and then here she is writing her story, hoping to help others to find their path to healing. Deirdre story is one of Hope. It shows change can...


Learn to be a Global Citizen - Read: Treasury of Magical Tales From Around the World

Donna Jo Napoli is a professor of linguistics and social justice at Swarthmore College and the author of more than 80 books for children and young adults. Her books have won many national and state awards, and have been translated into 19 languages. National Geographic has invited Donna Jo to write a number of books, and the current wonderful 'gift' book is: Treasury of Magical Tales From Around the World. It's a great book to read aloud with family and friends.


Concepta McNamara - a certified life coach, an abuse survivor and author of the new book: Freedom/Saoirse

Concepta McNamara is a certified life coach, an abuse survivor, and advocate. Concepta is also the author of the new book: Freedom/Saoirse, which discusses the lasting impact of physical and emotional abuse, and the role of forgiveness in healing.


The Cat I Never Named. A book for the ages, a true story of Hope & Love.

Professor Amra Sabic-El-Rayess was a Muslim teenager at the time of the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, 1992-96. She survived, and she epitomizes survival with a loving heart, and being positive change in our world. She shares the story of those1000 days in a griping memoir: The Cat I Never Named--A True Story of Love, War, and Survival. She is now a Professor at Columbia University's Teacher's College working on understanding how and why societies fall apart, and the role of education in the...


Marisa Reichardt - Take time to: think, learn, listen, discuss and understand. A story of vaccination.

Marisa Reichardt is a critically acclaimed author of young adult novels. Marisa is mom to a daughter just entering college and is married to a public school teacher, as well as having tutored high school students herself, so comes to her writing with life experience. And her latest novel "A Shot at Normal" is relevant. She began exploring the topic of kids and vaccinations a few years prior to this pandemic, and has written about a teen girl whose parents chose to not vaccinate their kids,...


Confront bullying behavior early and model kindness and empathy. Communicate.

Joanna Quinn is an educator and advocate and an author of 'Greta Grace". Joanna is a former middle school teacher and the founder of Super Empowered One, an organization dedicated to building confidence in kids. October is national Bullying Prevention Month, although bullying is an action that needs attention at all times. It does give us the opportunity to discuss this activity especially in the early months of school, and learn for our own information and to help our kids. Keeping lines of...


The crisis of suicide, the need to discuss it, reaching out for help

Rene Czerwinski is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with Pacific Medical Health Centers. We're discussing mental illness and in particular suicide. It can be considered another epidemic as the numbers of people who have lost their life in this way have increased. The numbers of persons thinking of suicide has also increased. Talking about suicide and suicidal thoughts is important. Supporting the Out of the Darkness Walk (Drive thru) is important. The funds will help education and...


Radical Longevity. Live vibrantly. 90 is the new 60!

Ann Louise Gittleman is highly respected as an international leader in diet, nutrition, and the environment, and is a trendsetting pioneer in the health and healing field. She is a Certified Nutrition Specialist--from the American College of Nutrition, and a PhD in Holistic nutrition. Ann Louise is the former director of nutrition at the Pritikin Longevity Center in Santa Monica. She has authored 35 books, and her latest is: Radical Longevity: The Powerful Plan to Sharpen Your Brain,...


Dr. Elizabeth Englander - A focus on helping kids navigate life during and through the pandemic

Dr. Elizabeth Englander is a Professor of Psychology and is a nationally recognized expert in the area of bullying and cyberbullying, childhood causes of aggression and abuse, and children’s use of technology. She is the Founder and the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center at Bridgewater State University. Add to that author--most recently of: The Insanely Awesome Pandemic ,Playbook--A Humorous Mental Health Guide for Kids. Dr. Englander provides good insights...


Elke Scholz - Anxiety can and must be managed to live a healthy life

Elke Scholz is a registered psychotherapist with a long history of work guiding and empowering clients/readers of her books, through 'anxiety'. Stress and fear account for 90% of illnesses and this underscores the need to gain awareness and then mastery over our mind and our thoughts. It's important to find time to spend in nature, taking a walk, and limit the time listening to news. Her book "Anxiety Warrior" provides stories and support for this health journey.


Dawn Merydith - Good sleep for vital health, challenged by anxiety and insomnia

Dawn Merydith is a behavioral health therapist with Pacific Medical Center here in the Puget Sound. Dawn joins us to address 2 key areas of mental health concern that seems to be more prominent during this pandemic time-- anxiety and insomnia, with alcohol use having risen. We can learn some life-enhancing ideas for our lives, including taking a 3 week break from a life-defeating habit, and observing what is going on in our life as we do this.


Dr. Evonne Thompson - Live well and strong with rest, with faith

Dr. Evonne Thompson is an author, speaker, and teacher, known for leading high-impact events. With her educational background she decided to combine her gifts as a consultant and Fortune 200 professional with faith, launching ELICI to impact new communities, and working with diverse communities.