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How are we as Christ-followers to live faithfully in today’s culture? Join us for thoughtful conversation, goofy news stories, and lots of laughs!

How are we as Christ-followers to live faithfully in today’s culture? Join us for thoughtful conversation, goofy news stories, and lots of laughs!


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How are we as Christ-followers to live faithfully in today’s culture? Join us for thoughtful conversation, goofy news stories, and lots of laughs!






“Season 3 Recap” -316

“Season 3 Recap” Josh and Betsy are back with a final episode of season 3. What a year it’s been! Josh and Betsy review the different episodes from this past season, from the various interviews they did to addressing hot topics like the transgender debate. They also offer a preview of where things are headed in season four! Join Josh and Betsy for another engaging and thoughtful discussion on the intersection of where the church meets our culture. Show Notes: Season 3 episodes – listen to...


“When Famous Christians Fall” -315

“When Famous Christians Fall” Ravi Zacharias, Bill Hybels, Carl Lentz . . . What are Christians supposed to make of the downfall of prominent voices in evangelical spaces? In this episode, Josh and Betsy take a deep dive into the celebrity evangelical complex and what it says about the modern-day church. They also offer ways that Christians can be less immersed in evangelical celebrity culture and more locally rooted. Show Notes: On Guard: Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision by...


“Are We in a Teen Mental Health Crisis? Part 2” -314

“Are We in a Teen Mental Health Crisis? Part 2” During the second half of this interview, Dr. Hanna brings an explicitly Christian perspective on questions of mental health. What can parents do? What should parents be thinking about? What is the root cause of this crisis? What resources are available to parents? You will find the second half of this interview just as enlightening as the first part. Show Notes: Christian Counseling and Education Foundation (CCEF) Gentle and Lowly: The Heart...


“Are We in a Teen Mental Health Crisis? Part 1” -313

“Are We in a Teen Mental Health Crisis? Part 1” Josh and Betsy interview Dr. Mohab Hanna, child and adolescent psychiatrist and published author, on the question of whether or not we are currently living in a teen mental health crisis. Dr. Hanna, who is a committed and thoughtful Christian, provides a helpful overview of the state of mental health among teens today. This is part 1 of a two-part interview. Show Notes: Christian Counseling and Education Foundation (CCEF) Gentle and Lowly: The...


“Equipping Families in the Trans Discussion” -312

“Equipping Families in the Trans Discussion” The trans discussion is out in the open like never before. Teens today don’t bat an eyelash when other students come out as trans. How can parents and other concerned adults come alongside teens and support them with biblical love and truth? In this episode, Josh and Betsy interview Julie Palekas, a longtime student ministry worker and a wise voice in the trans discussion. Listen and be equipped. Show Notes: Book: Embodied by Preston Sprinkle...


“Understanding the Gender and Trans Debate” -311

“Understanding the Gender and Trans Debate” With the Equality Act now in the halls of congress, you may be wondering, “What is the state of the gender debate in America?” Josh and Betsy are here to help you understand transgender questions and positions being discussed today with their latest episode. They cover questions like: 1. What is this debate about? 2. What is Gender Dysphoria? 3. What does the bible say about gender issues? 4. What does science say about gender issues? 5. What does...


“What Have You Been Reading?” -310

“What Have You Been Reading?” In this episode, Josh and Betsy each share about a book that they have been reading recently. Josh shares about the book “Reading While Black” by Dr. Esau McCaulley, and Betsy shares about the book “The Divine Conspiracy” by Dallas Willard. Both of these books bring insights that will help Christians walk faithfully with the Lord. Show Notes: Reading While Black by Dr. Esau McCaulley The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard Questions? Email us at...


“Just Mercy: A Book Review” -309

“Just Mercy: A Book Review” In this episode, Josh and Betsy discuss the book Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. Stevenson is the founder of Equal Justice Initiative (EJI), and his book has captured the attention of many as he talks about the importance of fighting injustice in society. These are relevant and crucial issues for white Christians in America to engage in. Show Notes: (Video) Grace, Justice, & Mercy: An Evening with Bryan Stevenson & Rev. Tim Keller (Article) 'Just Mercy' Author...


“How Can Black and White Christians Model Unity in Divided America?” -308

“How Can Black and White Christians Model Unity in Divided America?” We live in a polarized country. How can Christians show our witness to the watching world? Pastor Stephen Splawn of First Northeast Baptist Church returns for a second conversation with Josh and Betsy. This episode focuses on how the church is doing with race relations in terms of our witness to the world. Pastor Stephen gives honest critique and helpful suggestions on how the church and individual believers can grow in...


“Barriers and Bridges to Racial Unity Among Christians” -307

"Barriers and Bridges to Racial Unity Among Christians" In this episode, Josh and Betsy sit down with Stephen Splawn, the Pastor of First Northeast Baptist Church in Columbia, to talk about a necessary and controversial topic in America today: race relations in the church. Pastor Splawn’s transparency and biblical insight make this a "can’t miss" episode for our listeners, in particular White Christians desiring to understand the perspective of their Black brothers and sisters in Christ....


“2020 – What a Year!!!”-306

"2020 - What a Year!!!" Bonus holiday episode! 2020 has been hard, so Josh and Betsy conclude the year with a light-hearted conversation about different things they have experienced in 2020, including many of their favorite Christmas-related things. Nothing serious here, just good, clean fun. Hopefully this episode will provide a little holiday cheer to those who listen. Questions? Email us at


“Confronting Homelessness in Columbia, SC and Beyond” -305

"Confronting Homelessness in Columbia, SC and Beyond" In this episode, Josh and Betsy interview Craig Currey, CEO of Transitions Homeless Center in Columbia, SC. Craig dispels common myths about homelessness and provides practical ways that Christians can and should engage this challenge. Jesus told us to care about the least and the lost. Listen to this episode so that you will become better equipped to do just that. Show Notes: The Biblical Basis for Caring for the Homeless Transitions...


“Who Is Catechizing Our Kids?” -304

"Who Is Catechizing Our Kids?" "Catechism" is an old word that describes training and instruction in the fundamentals of the faith. Who is catechizing Christian kids today? Is it only the job of the church? What role do parents play and how can we catechize our kids in the daily grind of life? Join Josh and Betsy as they discuss a surprisingly relevant topic. The next generation is at stake. Show Notes: "Sunday School Isn't Enough for Christian Kids" (2020) | Tim Keller...


“Hot Take! Netflix’s ‘The Social Dilemma'” -303

Hot Take! Netflix's "The Social Dilemma" This recent documentary film has elicited both great praise and strong criticism. Josh and Betsy do a film review to engage a pressing topic of our day. "How should Christians think about social media?" "How can it be used well?" A wide range of technology topics are covered in this energetic discussion. Show Notes: The Social Dilemma movie review (2020) | Roger Ebert “The Social Dilemma” Review: Unplug and Run - The New York Times Facebook's...


“How To Be a Blessing” -302

"How To Be a Blessing" In this episode, Josh and Betsy are joined by Jason Pittman, Pastor of Discipleship and Next Gen. Ministries at Northeast Presbyterian Church, to talk about the thought-provoking and practical acronym, "BLESS". How can we live out our faith? How can we share our faith? This episode will provide you with practical ways to live out the Great Commission. Questions? Email us at


“Josh and Betsy Are Out of Quarantine” -301

"Josh and Betsy Are Out of Quarantine" Welcome to Intersect Season 3! Where have Josh and Betsy been? Well, they are officially out of quarantine and ready to talk through the blessings and challenges of living in a global pandemic. 2020 has been hard! But there have been blessings as well. This episode will prompt you to reflect on what your experience has been like in 2020. Questions? Email us at


“Should You Follow Your Heart?” — 209

"Should You Follow Your Heart?" "Follow your heart" "Be true to yourself" "You do you" "Find Yourself" We hear these kinds of expressions all the time. But are they true? Should we listen to them? If people came back from 500 years in the future to look at our culture, what would they say about what we believe? On the latest episode of Intersect, Josh and Betsy look at the unseen forces that drive everything, the ideas and beliefs that our culture promotes. Put your thinking cap on, and get...


“Can Lipstick Hide Eternity?” -208

"Can Lipstick Hide Eternity?" Tom Ford owns the world... at least that what many people would assume. The superstar fashion designer, who once worked at Gucci and then started his own brand that now brings in $2 billion in annual sales, has it all. Still, questions of death and what comes next still nag at him. So instead of dwelling on the grand questions of life, Ford distracts himself with tasks such as picking a new color of lipstick for his brand. In this episode, Josh and Betsy explore...


“Author Interview: John Hendrix” – 207

"Author Interview: John Hendrix and his book on Bonhoeffer" When Hitler and the Third Reich rose to power, a young pastor named Dietrich Bonhoeffer had a choice to make: stand for what he believed, or capitulate to the Nazi’s. He chose the former, and lost his life because of it. In this Intersect Podcast first, Josh and Betsy interview critically acclaimed author and illustrator John Hendrix about his recent book, “The Faithful Spy: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Plot to Kill Hitler”. The...


“2019 – A Year in Review” – 206

"2019 - A Year in Review" "How was your 2019? What are your goals for 2020? Josh and Betsy are back in a new fun format to answer questions like, "What was the most impactful book you read in 2019?" and "What are some entertaining podcasts you listened to this past year?" As a special treat, the questions are selected and read by show producer, Billy Grooms. Join us as Josh and Betsy reflect on 2019, and share their goals for 2020. Give it a listen!" Questions? Email us at...