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Irish Stew, the podcast for the Global Irish Nation featuring interviews with fascinating influencers proud of their Irish Edge. If you're Irish born or hyphenated Irish, this is the podcast that brings all the Irish together Listen Notes

Irish Stew, the podcast for the Global Irish Nation featuring interviews with fascinating influencers proud of their Irish Edge. If you're Irish born or hyphenated Irish, this is the podcast that brings all the Irish together Listen Notes


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Irish Stew, the podcast for the Global Irish Nation featuring interviews with fascinating influencers proud of their Irish Edge. If you're Irish born or hyphenated Irish, this is the podcast that brings all the Irish together Listen Notes






S3E3: Jim Walsh & Damian Shiels - Unearthing Diaspora History

How much of our history would remain buried if not for a few intrepid explorers of the past? In this episode we explore little known Irish diaspora stories buried in cemeteries over 1,300 miles apart in Colorado and Georgia. Drawing on his research of an abandoned cemetery high in the Rocky Mountains, historian Prof. Jim Walsh tells the tale of the Irish miners who migrated to work hard and die young in Leadville, Colorado, the highest incorporated town in America. Archaeologist and...


S3E2: Natalie Nugent O'Shea - Passionate Purveyor of Irish Arts in America’s Midwest

Natalie Nugent O’Shea takes us from St. Paul, Minnesota, around the world with Riverdance, to Dublin to start a family, and then back home to St. Paul where she’d co-found a home for Irish arts and culture in the Midwest, the Celtic Junction Arts Center. She tells us of her arm’s-length relationship to Ireland until moonlighting as a lighting designer for a touring production of Riverdance, falling in love not only with the music and dance, but also with one of the original Riverdancers,...


S3E1: Vinny Warren - WASSUP with this Irish ad legend?

WASSUP? Season III of Irish Stew is WASSUP! We launch with an episode on the Irish ad man responsible for the memorable Budweiser commercial that had people around the world shouting WASSUP--Vinny Warren. Vinny takes you from his native Galway to London, New York, Boston and finally Chicago, relates why his time as a bartender would later prove so valuable, how being a Central Park carriage driver fit into his unorthodox career strategy, his near death experiences with both the mafia and...


S2E14: Emer Rocke - Irish Diplomat & Irish Soft Power

Emer Rocke gives an insider’s perspective on the lives of those most global of Irish citizens, the people of Ireland’s diplomatic corps. The Deputy Ambassador of Ireland to the United States at time of the interview, now Director of U.S. and Canadian Relations, Emer discusses the rewards and challenges of the diplomatic life, how Ireland punches above its weight in the international arena, why other countries view Ireland as an “honest broker,” how convening is a key soft power, its current...


S2E13: Janet Behan - Actor, Playwright…and Brendan’s Niece

Janet Behan carries on the family tradition of creativity in both her acting and writing. The London-born daughter of Dublin-born playwright Brian Behan & Celia Behan, great niece of the songwriter Peadar Kearney (author of Amhrán na bhFiann, the Irish National Anthem), and niece of the writers Dominic Behan and Brendan Behan. On this serving of The Stew, she tells of a deprived but happy childhood “that took a bit of recovering from” and how “playing the fool” to ease family tensions led...


S2E12: Cauvery Madhavan - Novelist connecting Ireland & India

Cauvery Madhavan adds Indian spices to this serving of Irish Stew as we trace her journey from Chennai, India to Sligo, Ireland, to County Kildare, and travel back with her to India to explore Irish stories there through her epic novel The Tainted. We talk of race and color in India and Ireland, the Anglo-Indians who were often more Irish than Anglo, the bonds Indian students forged with Irish revolutionaries, the dearth of spices in Sligo, the political scene in India today, how she and...


S2E11: Fiona McEntee - American Immigration Attorney

A legal advocate for immigration in America, Irish-born, Chicago-based Fiona McEntee is a recognizable media-friendly face and voice in the U.S. immigration conversation through interviews by MSNBC, BBC, CNN, The New York Times, Politico, The Chicago Tribune…and now Irish Stew. She is the founding and managing attorney of McEntee Law Group which represents individuals, families, and some of the world’s leading musicians (including the Coronas), artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs. As a...


S2E10: Paddy McGrath Olympic Hammer Coach

Dublin born Paddy McGrath represented his native country at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. For many, that pinnacle achievement would represent an end point to the pursuit of glory in an athletic career. Most, who chase perfection in the hammer throwing circle, leave the sport for more lucrative endeavors. While Paddy hung up his hammer glove some 20 years ago, he has continued his involvement in the sport giving back to an event that provided him a college education in the form of an athletic...


S2E9: Fin Dwyer - Host of the Irish History Podcast

Fin Dwyer has always been interested in history. He grew up in Castlecomer, Kilkenny surrounded by the vestiges of the past and so when he went to college, he pursued this passion, graduating with a master's degree in archaeology. However, the best laid plans often go awry, the freshly minted graduate started out in his chosen field only to have his career prospects crushed by the financial downturn of 2008. Coincidentally, Fin was stricken with a health crisis that left him unable to work...


S2E8: Peter Quinn - Interpreter of Irish America

With the republication of his epic novel Banished Children of Eve, the Bard of Hastings-on-Hudson Peter Quinn joins us for a sometimes serious, occasionally irreverent, always insightful look into the global Irish identity from the Irish American perspective. We follow the immigrant’s evolution from the “Paddy” of the famine Irish who washed up on U.S. shores and into Banished…to “Pat” in dogged pursuit of the American dream, to the brash urban swagger of ”Jimmy” personified by actor Jimmy...


S2E7: Sorcha Glackin: Storyteller of Sight and Sound

Sorcha’s story takes us back and forth across the Irish Sea and Atlantic Ocean as she sets her course towards storytelling and journalism on radio and TV for RTE, Newstalk, BBC and CBS. With a step into the unknown she landed at the New York Film Academy earning a diploma in filmmaking and acquiring the skills she’d deploy most notably in “Passing It On: Ballymun Kickhams” for RTE 1, her telling of the improbable tale of a hardscrabble urban gaelic football team, described in the Irish Times...


S2E6: Michael Dowling – Health Care Optimist

Growing up in rural poverty in Co. Limerick, Michael Dowling was surrounded by a “cacophony of nos.” Fortunately for Dowling there was no better motivation than being told he couldn’t do something. That spirit and a prodigious amount of hard work propelled him through University College Cork, success on the hurling pitch, further education and a professorship at Fordham, a long run as director of Health, Education and Human Service for his mentor Gov. Mario Cuomo, to his role today as the...


S2E5: Jack Byrne - Mystery Writer

Jack Byrne grew up in Liverpool, the son of post WWII Irish emigrants. In his first novel, Under the Bridge, Jack takes the Liverpool of his parent's era to craft an engrossing mystery featuring the post war Irish and their struggles as they try to make there way in a country that at times is hostile to their presence. We talk with Jack about his life, the challenges of writing and publishing a book when coming from a working class background, what it was like to be both Scouse and the son...


S2E4: Turlough McConnell - Champion of Irish Culture in America

A brick came through the window and an idyllic life in the Co. Donegal resort town of Buncrana was shattered as The Troubles spilled over from Derry with the realization that “This can end.” Working to ensure that it doesn’t end for Irish art, culture, and history in America, Turlough McConnell committed to a creative life. As a writer, producer, curator and as president/CEO of Turlough McConnell Communications, he continually creates original landmark culture projects that interpret the...


S2E3: Liza Donnelly: Visual Journalist, New Yorker Cartoonist, Speaker, Feminist

From when her mother gave her a book of James Thurber’s cartoons, Liza Donnelly has expressed her wit and rising political consciousness through pencils, pens, watercolors, and now through her live drawing on an iPad at the Oscars, the Democratic National Convention, other marquee events for CBS. On this episode, Liza traces her journey from Washington, D.C. to New York, with an impactful year-long layover in Rome, where she explored a new sense of freedom and immersed herself in the arts,...


S2E2: Ted Smyth: Diplomat, Corporate Executive, Influencer

Viewing life as “something of a random walk,” Ted Smyth went from rural to urban, to international, from leadership roles in diplomacy to C-suite roles in Fortune 500 companies, to a rich post-corporate career in Irish American community leadership. On this episode of Irish Stew, Ted describes his journey from a protestant farming community in Co. Westmeath, to “finding his place” in Trinity College Dublin, an intellectual “petri dish” that fostered his growing social justice focus. That...


S2E1: Shaunagh Connaire: Frontline Journalist and Podcaster

Shaunagh Connaire is an award winning journalist who has reported from some of the most challenging and troubled spots on the globe. In her most recent venture, a podcast called Media Tribe, she has shifted her focus towards highlighting the work of critically acclaimed journalists and media executives, providing a forum to tell the story behind the story Shaunagh will be Irish Stew's guest on the first episode of season 2. For more on Irish Stew, please visit:...


S1E9: Ruth Cannon - Irish Barrister & Four Courts History Blogger

Ruth Cannon BL is a Dublin based barrister specializing in property and probate law. Ruth acts as a guide in giving an introduction to both the the esoterica and arcane that constitutes the Irish Legal profession and it's history on this episode. Together with cohosts John Lee and Martin Nutty, Ruth details the state of the Irish Law and why this third decade of the 21st century is an exciting time for the profession especially as the impact of Brexit is felt. We also discuss some of the...


S1E8: Alison McKenna - Actor, Producer, Culture Maker

Alison McKenna shares tales from acting on the stages of the Abbey, Gate, and Royal Shakespeare Company, traces her journey as a producer for the theatre and cultural programming such as New York’s centerpiece 1916 Centenary commemoration, and demonstrates why she’s an in-demand voiceover artist in the burgeoning field of audiobooks. Along the way she tells us why tap dancing’s loss was acting’s gain, how fitting into a particular costume was the opportunity she needed to win her first role...


S1E7: Damian Shiels - Historian & Battlefield Archaeologist

For 10 years, Damian Shiels has mined the American Civil War pension files to tell the staggering story of Irish participation in that conflict. This archive is the richest source of early 19th century Irish social history. John Lee and Martin Nutty talk with Damian about his herculean work, his love of history and how that fits with his career in archaeology. For more on Damian's work visit his amazing blog at: Don't forget to subscribe to Irish Stew...