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Best ever TV and Movie podcast from Ireland

Best ever TV and Movie podcast from Ireland
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Best ever TV and Movie podcast from Ireland






IIAB Season 16 Episode 10 - John Wick 3, What We Do in the Shadows, Chernobyl, Game of Thrones 31/05/2019

The problem with Game of Thrones is that nobody wants to talk about anything else! Mike and Steve have a spoiler free discussion of the Series Finale while Mark labours to catch up. The TV of the Movie What We Do in the Shadows gets a look and we decide whether radiation mutated monsters or a factual account makes the best TV in Chernobyl


IIAB Season 16 Episode 9 - Avengers: Endgame, The Wandering Earth, Afterlife, Love, Death and Robots 10/05/2019

Man its been a lonnnnnnng time, but we are back! The culmination of over a decade of movies brings the Bicycrew from hiding; has there finally been a marvel movie that Mike likes? Find out as we do a no-spoiler review of Avengers: Endgame. Zombies, this time on Netflix, are back on the menu or rather its everyone else as we get a tv show featuring some speeders; Black Summer. Lastly Mike and Steve debate the merits of dubbed vs subtitles and review The Wandering Earth.


IIAB Season 16 Episode 8 - Captain Marvel, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Formula 1: Drive to Survive 29/03/2019

The best part of us missing the occasional week in the studio is that we have so much more to talk about when we get back to it! Steve and Mark forge a Faustian bargain: one watching a program about things he never normally would, cars, the other entering the Spider-Verse! See if you can work out which is which as we finally get around to reviewing Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. On Netflix this week we take a look at lots of really fast expensive cars in new doc Formula 1: Drive to...


IIAB Season 16 Episode 7 - Destroyer , Alita: Battle Angel, The Breaker Upperers, Weird City 15/03/2019

What happens when Nicole Kidman is required to be ugly in a Movie? We look at Monster and answer that exact question. Steve scratches the Manga itch, sort of, with Alita: Battle Angel and Mark tries to redeem his Eagle vs Shark misgivings by putting the Breakeruperers on the list. All these movies with some new TV in the shape of Weird City to round out another packed episode!


IIAB Season 16 Episode 6 - Green Book, Behind The Curve, Doom Patrol, The Umbrella Academy 22/02/2019

Its a TV Super Hero bonanza this week as we contrast and compare DC's Doom Patrol against Dark Horse's The Umbrella Academy. Mike tries to turn us all into Flat Earthers after watching Behind the Curve, Mark plots the journey of Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali through the deep South of North America in Green Book and Steve explains movie finances in Chine with The Wandering Earth


IIAB Season 16 Episode 5 - Glass, Hanna 15/02/2019

If the romance of Valentine's day has exhausted you then there is no better pick me up than the Bicycrew's emotion free zone! We talk at great length on how two men can disagree about a tv show in Hanna. We boycott Leaving Neverland after some very effective ranting from Steve and round out the show with our review of Unbreakable 3, aka Glass; what have Bruce Willis, Samuel L and James McEvoy learned since 2000? Join us and find out!


IIAB Season 16 Episode 4 - Polar, Deadly Class, Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes 08/02/2019

A show where friends regale each other with interesting tales conjuring equal parts sweet nostalgia and adventurous curiosity, where each new moment brings forth more joy; if you know of a show like that tell us, we sure could use some cheering up after hanging out with the Bicycrew. Mike's spiritual desolation knows no bounds this week as the level's his tightly folded arms at Mads Mikkelsen in Netflix's Polar. The Ted Bundy Tapes cause great dissension in the ranks and Steve sneaks in a...

IIAB Season 16 Episode 3 - IO, Bumblebee, Project Blue Book, Fyre, Black Monday 25/01/2019

Mike is back! *pause for sighs of relief, applause and reverent flagellation to stop* Of course he is back people, as Mike puts it "Mark and Steve can't even hold their own, so how could they try and hold their own on the show?" We launch into the party that Mike should have been at in Fyre. Black Monday with Don Cheadle reminds us of the Marty Kaan of House of Lies past, but is it good? Was it good back then? The Transformers prequel Bumblebee has an uphill battle to convince Steve its...


IIAB Season 16 Episode 02 - Split, Life Itself, Fam, Titans, Titan Games, The Sinner, Sex Education 18/01/2019

TThe team are bereft of a target as Mike takes a well earned break from ageism and mockery this week, leaving Steve and Mark to hold the fort. There is an unusual number of instances of the word Titan in the episode title due to Mark watching the Rock's take on Stone Cold Steve Austen's Broken Skull Challenge called The Titan Games and around the same time Netflix drops DC's take on the gritty Daredevil approach to super heroism in Titans; Familiar character causing M-Rated damage very...


IIAB Season 16 Episode 01 - Aquaman, Birdbox, Night School, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, You, Girl From Nowhere 11/01/2019

The Christmas/Holidays are over and the gang have seen a lot of things, dark things, things you can't easily forget.....wait what was I saying? Ah yes, Movies, we saw some of them too. The latest DC Superhero flick takes us underwater with Khal Drogo, someone who seems like he is up for a bit of crack with the boys. That's not a drugs reference. I think. We spend a bit of time discussing Birdbox and the worrying trends it has inspired in the real world. That's not an MTV reference. I think....


IIAB Season 15 Episode 9 - Robin Hood, Narcos - Mexico, The Bisexual 10/12/2018

Surprise! I know you had probably accepted that we weren't posting an episode this week when it didn't hit your ear-brains on Friday, but here we are brightening the start of your week for you! We dig into the differences between joysticks and mice in The Bisexual, Steve heads down a Robin Hood filled rabbit hole and Mark tries subtitles again for Narcos - Mexixo. Get your listening on!


IIAB Season 15 Episode 8 - Overlord, They Shall Not Grow Old, The First, Origin 23/11/2018

Not quite two weeks in a row, but you are getting two episodes in November, all about the bright side! This week we lament Internet rumors with Bad Robot's Overlord. How much gore turns a thriller into a horror? Find out as we discuss youtube tv show Origin. Ironically Mike gets drawn into discussion on They Shall Not Grow Old (get it?) and rounding out the list a show I deliberately left until last; The First.


IIAB Season 15 Episode 7 - Hunter Killer, A Star is Born, Halloween, Venom 09/11/2018

Okay, so its been a while. No I was totally going to call sooner, but you know I have been busy. Yes, of course we are still friends, I love you guys! To prove how much we do love you bicyclers and bicyclettes we have a jam packed episode this week featuring every big movie to come out while we have been away" On top of that Mike learns the danger of trusting the internet with Haunting of Hill House, Steve heads down a youtube rabbit hole in GTA Roleplay and we discover whether watching...


IIAB Season 15 Episode 6 - Predator, Black '47, Manifest 28/09/2018

Interestingly the demographic of the podcast corresponds to the generation that first enjoyed the original Predator in 1987, imagine our excitement in reviewing the Predator reboot! If there is a kind of subtitle Mark can handle, its when the Irish language gets the treatment; Black '47. We debate the merit of a new genre of TV for shows where people who disappear and come back, prompted by our review of new show Manifest.


IIAB Season 15 Episode 5 - The Spy Who Dumped Me, Bodyguard, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan 07/09/2018

Espionage seems to be the theme of the week! We try and unravel why a certain J. Ryan hasn't been made into a TV show before now as we review Amazon's high budget imagining of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. Is Mila Kunis funny? Mike has an opinion, a strong one, as we review The Spy Who Dumped me. Last on the list Mark regales us with a tale of bad step-parenting as he discusses suicide bombings with an 8 year old, while watching Bodyguard.


IIAB Season 15 Episode 4 - Equalizer 2, Upgrade, The Innocents 14/08/2018

There is a shrinking number of people that remember the original Equalizer tv show starring Edward Woodward, but all three of the Bicycrew are among them. How will Denzel fair when contrasted with the weekly balancing of the scales of justice in the second installment? The Equalizer 2 might be up against it, but watching a tv show aimed at young adults is always a chafing experience; can The Innocents dissuade us from an automatic hatred of the YA Supernatural Drama genre? Last on the list...


IIAB Season 15 Episode 3 - Mile 22, What Still Remains, Stay Here 24/08/2018

If it takes 10 minutes to set up a character to walk to Mile 22, what's the right listing for a house boat on Seattle's water front? Just some of the ponderings from our episode this week as Netflix delves into its own take on property renovation reality tv in Stay Here. We also consider how far post the post-apocalypse its safe to go in What Still Remains. Also if you don't know who is going to win between Connor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov, we have got you covered.


IIAB Season 15 Episode 2 - The Meg, Love, Simon, Extinction, Mission Impossible: Fallout, Dark Tourist 17/08/2018

Quite the range up for review this week from teen coming out movie Love, Simon to the fight to save the world in Mission Impossible: Fallout through to the battle to protect holiday swimmers from Giant Sharks in the Meg, all linked together seamlessly with insults and often unfriendly banter! Mark and Steve discuss their preferred holiday destination with Netflix's Dark Tourist and then we wind up not spoiling the new alipocalypse movie Extinction. That's not all as a whole slew of other...


IIAB Season 15 Episode 1 - I Feel Pretty, Oceans 8, Who is America? 27/07/2018

That was quite the break the Bicycrew took for the Summer, but rest assured we are back in your ears for another season. A slew of TV and Film coming your way in this episode as we have had weeks and weeks of list free watching to catch you all up on. Love Island and Ex on the Beach US go head to head in the Reality TV stakes, we have a throwback to Gangs of New York as Steve decides to get the dust off this alleges classic. Why did Mark go to see "I Feel Pretty" and does he? Another...


IIAB Season 14 Episode 16 - Deadpool 2, Cargo, Deception 25/05/2018

Steve is on a roll watching super hero films, but can his not quite hatred-very nearly enjoyment of Avengers:Infinity War become a streak with Deadpool 2? Mark and Mike discuss how useless most hobbits are in the apocalypse in our review of Netflix's Cargo. Lastly Steve reviews one of the tv shows called Deception, though Mike couldn't make out quite which one.