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Ep119: Musician & Siberia Lounge Owner Luke Spurr Allen Joins The Show

Luke Spurr Allen on some of his first jobs working in Alaska, and how he came to live in New Orleans. We clear up a rumor about Luke’s past, talk TV, political corruption and suicide in an episode that digresses down rabbit holes even more than usual. Luke Spurr Allen joins the pod (0:01) Corrupt politicians (0:08) TV Talk: Arrested Development and Battlestar Galactica (0:16) Origin Stories: Luke Spurr Allen (0:25) The Branch Davidians (0:28) Killing yourself to live (0:33) Maximum...

{Re-run Episode} The Laconic John Fohl Tells Great Stories (Original Air Date August 16, 2017)

As promised on our most Just Us Chickens episode, we are posting a re-run episode for the weekend that remains one of our most popular shows, originally airing in August 2017. The stories are just as relevant now as they were nearly a year ago. And he plays a tune! Do yourself a favor, go see John play. He's a New Orleans original.

[rerun episode] The Laconic John Fohl Tells Great Stories (original airdate August 2017)

As promised on our most Just Us Chickens episode, we are posting a re-run episode for the weekend that remains one of our most popular shows, originally airing in August 2017. The stories are just as relevant now as they were nearly a year ago. And he plays a tune! Do yourself a favor, go see John play. He's a New Orleans original.

Ep117: Tarah Cards On Hyper Drag, Drag Improv & The Wanting + RIP Anthony Bourdain & Tee Eva

New Orleans Drag Performer Tarah Cards joins the show. She talks about evolving into Drag, moving to New Orleans, her Queer Folk band, and ass eating amoebas. Plus RIP and thoughts on Anthony Bourdain & Tee Eva. Tarah Cards joins the pod (0:01) Bayou Boogaloo Performance (0:15) Getting into drag (0:21) Origin stories: Tarah Cards (0:26) Making the Band (0:36) The Gay Mafia (0:50) Next up for Tarah Cards (0:57) Final Plugs and Ass Eating Amoebas (1:11)

Ep116: Friend Of The Pod & Producer Whisperer Randy Perez + Lil Homie Rant Of The Week

Friend of the Pod Randy Perez joins the show, plus Ivan 'Lil Homie' Solomon bursts in for a Rant of the Week. We talk about a Facebook firestorm Geoff started with comments about the Grateful Dead, social media in general, and the state of the music industry in New Orleans. It's a long one, but a fun listen. Thanks for tuning in, and if you like, please share. :00- The Grateful Dead / New Orleans music Facebook firestorm, with introductions to our guest Friend of the Pod and Producer...

Ep115: Martin Krusche of Magnetic Ear On Evolving Into New Orleans Brass & A Bavarian Second Line

We're pleased to have saxophonist Martin Krusche on the program talking Magnetic Ear & the forthcoming banjovi. We get into Martin's journey from Munich to NYC to New Orleans. And we talk business as it relates to culture and music in New Orleans. Martin Krusche from Magnetic Ear Joins The Show :00 Dave Bandrowski connective tissue between Geoff & Martin. Video production for the The Banjo Studio, plus the newly formed musical group… banjovi. 10:50 Martin traces the arc of Magnetic Ear....

Ep114: Announcing Our First Spin Off Program: 504PointPlay Hosted By Aron Lambert. We Get Into the NBA, The Pels, LeBron & The Playoffs

Hey folks... we are super pleased to introduce a new spin-off podcast show with host Aron Lambert, who has until this point been the NBA resident expert on It's A Good Life, Babe. So Aron is going to do his own show now, called 504PointPlay. We are happy to have Aron on our podcast tonight to announce the show, and talk all things under the NBA sun. Spencer is doing stand up comedy in St. Louis. So liner notes by Joel... :00 Introducing the 504PointPlay Podcast Show Hosted by Aron...

Ep113: Ivan 'Lil Homie' Solomon Joins On Pod Priming, Rant Of The Week, DOW Retraction & A Call To Spence

Hey everybody... happy to have Ivan Solomon aka LIl Homie on the pod to defend his good character. And we call Spencer doing stand up in St. Louis! Listen, enjoy, share, subscribe. And thanks! Liner notes NOT from Spencer everybody… 00:- :17 Housekeeping with an Amsterdam Phillip Jazz Fest recap, plus how to give pod listening tutorials (self-indulgent) 17: - :28 Lil Homie Rant of the Week :34 - 43: A lil Homie Dog Out of Week Retraction 43:- 46 Sponsor Us! :46- end We call Spencer...

{rerun episode) We Call Friend Of The Pod Hymie Plus JJ4DD, Decaying NFL & The Best Of Tennis Debate (original airdate Sep 20, 2017)

Hey folks... two rerun episodes in one day! We are Norman Lear'ing over here. Another pod on the decaying NFL, PLUS timely thoughts on the Tennis best ever debate! How much fun is shooting the shit? Thanks for tuning in, sharing, subscribing. For real.

[rerun episode] Colin Kaepernick & The State Of The NFL Decline (original airdate August 2016)

Geoff and I have been talking about the decline of the NFL for a long while. Regarding blatant racism and obviously physical harm. And other issues. Boy have we talked about it a lot. Here's one example from two Augusts that is timely today. Thanks for listening. Share, subscribe. Dig it.

Ep111: Dino Gankendorff Joins Us For A Fun & Thoughtful Conversation Regarding Law & Music

Hey folks... so happy to talk with Dino Gankendorff on this show. A thoughtful dude on music and law. Really fun listen. If you like, share and subscribe. Appreciate you tuning in.

Ep112: Alexandra Scott On Her Farewell For Now Show At The Mint

Hi everbody... no millennial producer tonight, but a wonderful & thoughtful conversation with artist Alexandra Scott. Please listen, and if you like, share.

Ep110,Pt2: Dirty Dancing Ham Kick Live From Pal's. Nothing else to say.

Hi everybody... it's Part Two of the special Ham Kick remote recording from Pal's. It super duper cute and frivolous. Please tune in, and if you like, share. And subscribe! As always, liner notes from producer Spence everybody... Part 2 (8:38) Ham kick/Dirty Dancing trials (0:01) Mo’s favorite ham kick: Our Hamkick (0:04) Portland accents (0:07) Harrison kicks the shit out the ham (0:21) Let the Ham kick playoff begin (0:27) Tags Dirty Dancing Patrick Swayze Maureen...

Ep110,Pt1: No Episode Title Is Apt To Describe A Tricentennial Storyville Ham Kick At Pal's + Happy Bday To Geoff

Y'all... It's a Ham Kick Tricentennial celebration at Pal's Lounge with Geoff Douville, Derrick Freeman & Miss Deanie Dueling Birthdays. It was like 1950s theatrical radio. It was stupendously stupid fun. Please tune in, share, and subscribe. As always, liner notes from millennial producer Spencer everybody... Episode 110 (7:18) Were recording live from Pal’s Lounge (0:01) Mo’s history lesson of the hamkick (0:06) The Gentleman’s Blue Book (0:14) Chuck’s custom cut ices (0:19) All...

Ep109: Kid Koala On Nufonia Must Fall, Vinyl Vaudeville, Prez Hall & Storyville Mosquito

So pleased to have Eric San, aka Kid Koala on the show just minutes before his Vinyl Vaudeville at the Republic in New Orleans on Mothers Day. Eric gets deep into New Orleans music and Pops' influence on his craft. It's stupid to try to write about it- just listen. Thanks to Eric for being so warm and thoughtful, and to Brian Neuman for making it happen. Such good stuff folks. Please... listen! share! subscribe! Episode 109 (5:20) Happy mother’s day (0:01) Kid Koala joins the pod...

Ep107: Jazz Fest Is A Reverse Gulag With Friends Of The Pod & A Warm Shout Out To The Besthoffs

On the most beleaguered Monday of the year following a fortnight of Jazz Fest we break bread with our visiting guests at Bayou Wine Garden and then have a sloppy but really fun podcast show with an international flavor. Jennifer from Colombia, Jamaican Hymie, and German Bob. We talk Freaky Friday, Joel's race identity, the over-hyped crime scene in NOLA, prison reform, New Orleans politics, the New Orleans Memphis connection, the New Orleans Caribbean connection, and cross-cultural sharing....

Ep108: Octarve Anderson On the House Of Blues Music Forward Foundation, R.j Rap & The Tainerez

Hey everybody... we didn't have a producer in the house for liner notes tonight but the program speaks for itself. This might be my favorite podcast we've done. We had the pleasure of hosting guests Octarve Anderson from the House of Blues Music Forward Foundation, and young artists R.j Rap and The Tainerz. Please tune in and enjoy. And please support and go to the House of Blues this Thursday May 10 for...

[rerun episode] Walter 'Wolfman' Washington Joins Geoff's Birthday At Pal's Lounge (original airdate 5/17/17)

Hi everybody... it's a rerun episode from Geoff's birthday recording at Pal's and a drop in from Walter 'Wolfman' Washington. Happy Jazz Fest and thanks for listening.

Ep106: Super Jazz Fest Friends Of The Pod With Amsterdam Philip, Lil Homie, Cousin Andy & Jedo

A monumental moment for the show. Amsterdam Philip. Plus Cousin Andy, Lil Homie, and Jedo! Please listen and enjoy... as always liner notes from producer Spencer everybody.. Amsterdam Phil, Jedo, and Cousin Andy join the pod (0:01) Why we don’t venture outside of Orleans (0:16) Origin Stories: Amsterdam Phil (0:22) Lil Homie Ivan busts in (0:34) Looking on to the fest/gentrification (0:45) Lil Homie attempts his Rant of the Week (0:56) RIP Charles Neville (1:02) We get to Bea...

Ep105: James Andrews On His Fats Domino Tribute Album, The NBA Per Pistol Pete, NOLA Street Culture, Jazz Fest & Europe

What a pleasure to have James Andrews on the show. It's a bucket list. As always liner notes from producer Spencer everybody... James Andrews joins the podcast (0:01) A tribute to Fats Domino (0:09) Playing the Super Bowl of jazz (0:19) The next generation of musicians (0:24) The Musician’s Clinic (0:30) Interviews at the grandstand (0:34) Tags: James Andrews Jazz Fest Crescent City All-Stars Fats Domino Nice Cannes Cousin Andy Blues Tent Screen Printed...