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Ep136: Ben Jaffe Of The Preservation Hall & Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Ben Jaffe of the Preservation Hall & Preservation Hall Jazz Band joins the show for the most perhaps the most significant origin story we’ve recorded to date. Ben talks about growing up in the French Quarter, and deep dives into into his parents’ New Orleans story, including the Hall, Jazz Fest and social advocacy. Then we get into the evolution of the Prez Hall Band following Ben’s graduation from college, Hurricane Katrina and the ‘Complicated Life’ music video. We close out talking about...

Ep135: Chris Lane On Regional & Local Economic Politics Plus New Orleans' Cheap Date Guide

Entertainer Chris Lane returns to the show. We begin discussing the awkward dynamics of public exercising in City Park, before striking a more serious tone on national politics while drilling down to Louisiana’s economic place in the union and the world. We end the show on New Orleans Cheap Date Guide, harking back to a time where Lagniappe existed in spades, and one routinely connected with new people in the physical space.

Ep134: Rome Julian On Balancing Urban Farming & A Film Industry Career (+ Hot Sauce!)

Rome Julian returns to the show to talk about being a Camera Assistant in the TV & Film Industry in New Orleans, and moonlighting as an urban farmer. We touch on the pros and cons of the TV show Treme, and share our hot sauce preferences. Check out Rome on Instagram @laketillyacres and @romeenterprise.

Ep133: Nike Ban In Kenner, LA & More NFL Short & Long-Term Speculation

It’s Just Us Chickens as the New Orleans summer is finally behind us. We talk the City of Kenner, a ban on NIkes, and who really lives in a societal bubble. Geoff & Spencer revisit an ongoing discussion about the merits of Dak Prescott, and we talk the future of football at the College and NFL levels.

Ep132: Derrick Freeman & Our Saints Season Preview Special

Recurring guest Derrick Freeman joins the show and we get into just how good this particular Saints team can be. We get a little giddy. And Derrick talks about being on the cover of the Offbeat and driving for Uber- the realities of the entertainment and music business in New Orleans.

Ep130: John McCain’s Legacy, Pop Culture Politics & Blackkklansman

We look at the realities of John McCain’s political life and get into all things under the sun in the current political climate and related media and pop culture coverage.

Ep131: Ethan Ellestad From The Music & Culture Coalition Of New Orleans

Ethan Ellestad from Music & Culture Coalition of New Orleans returns to the show to discuss the issues surrounding dwindling neighborhood music venues, and the stark realities of tourism industrial sector. Folks, it is a good life in New Orleans, but we have to stay woke sometimes to remember we have keep it that way. MACCNO is a leader in our community in doing just that. Thanks for tuning in, and please support

Ep129: Spencer Is Back Everybody!

In our late and sleepy summer this is the last Just Us Chickens episode before returning to our normal format with guests. But the big news is millennial producer Spencer is back.

Ep128: Just Us Chickens On Current Stuff

Geoff & Joel are back with opinions about stuff that matters.

Ep127: Dwayne Breashears On 18 Years @ WWOZ & 8 Years @ Burning Man

Dwayne Breashears joins the show on WWOZ & Burning Man. It's fun.

Ep126: Trump, Russia, The Dems & The Burners, And The Mid-Terms

It's Just Us Chickens speculating if Trump is finally running out of any rope, and his desperate gas lighting. Plus we talk the present and future of the democratic party.

Ep125: New Orleans Shotguns With Rant Of The Week Correspondent Lil Homie

Ivan 'Lil Homie Ivan Solomon joins us for an extended rant of the week with Joel on the phone from DC. There are some audio difficulties at moments but we get to the point of the New Orleans summer, and hit on some of the issues facing New Orleans moving ahead. Ivan's rant of the week on New Orleans residential architecture begins at the 6:10 mark (for our scrubbing listeners). Thanks for tuning in and enjoy!

[rerun episode: due to storm power outage] Randy Perez On Summer Storms, The SW&B & Politics (original airdate Aug 31, 2017)

Summer storms are here in NOLA and we were unable to record our planned shows tonight due to a prolonged power outage. Our first guest tonight was to be Randy Perez, friend of the pod, and we were going to talk about politics, TV, movies, and the Saints. So instead we are running a rerun with Randy from last summer talking a good bit of the same topics, including the problems with New Orleans' ability to deal with storms. Thanks for listening and sharing. And hope you enjoy.

Ep123: We Call Patrick Indri On The World Cup, The French, Wimbledon & Boxing For Parkinson's

The first half of the episode, we welcome back millennial Producer Spencer, have a Dog Out Of The Week and A Rant Of The Week. Then we call former New Orleanian Patrick Indri to discuss the World Cup, our history with France, and Wimbledon before wrapping up with talk about Patrick's work as a boxing coach with Parkinson's patients. As always, liner note from Spencer everybody... Defining generations Plus A Dog Out Of The Week(0:01) Rant of the Week (0:16) Don’t Call Us: We Call Patrick...

Ep124: Sue Zemanick On New & Past Ventures, Octopus, Top Chef Masters & Coal Mining Country To NOLA

New Orleans Chef & James Beard award winner, Sue Zemanick, joins the show to talk about her latest venture and her journey to get to this point. We talk Top Chef Masters, the pros and cons of pop-ups, the elevation of Israeli cuisine, and how a coal mining town kid from Pennsylvania gets to culinary school in NYC, and then finds here way to New Orleans. Sue is a delight and unabashedly flirts with producer Spencer throughout. This episode immediately jumps to one of our best shows. Listen......

Ep122: Friend Of The Pod Wheeler On Boogie & The Pels + RIP Henry Butler

Always funs to have Wheeler on the show. He's like Julie from the Love Boat... always ensures everyone has a good time. We talk about the recently passed Henry Butler, Boogie Cousins, the Pels, and a little Saints. It's a good listen. Thanks for tuning in!

Ep121: 4th Of July Episode... Timely & Extemporaneously, It Gets A Little Dark + A Generational Breakdown

It's Just Geoff & Joel sans producer and guest. With no pre-production notes, we do what makes us friends. We shoot the shit, and it's gets a little dark regarding the state of New Orleans. And we break down the generational name tags.

Ep120,Pt2: Rest In Peace The Reverend Goat Carson With Michael 'Fuzz' Kohn And Dave Clements

In Part Two tonight, we continue our Reverend Goat tribute with George Ingmire, David Leslie, Michael 'Fuzz' Kohn, and BBQ Dave. Plus we call the Kivikos! Rest in peace our friend...

Ep120,Pt1: Rest In Peace Reverend Goat Carson With George Ingmire And David Leslie

Rest In Peace, The Reverend Goat Carson. In the first part of a two-episode tribute and in memoriam to the Reverend Goat, we welcome George Ingmire and David Leslie on the show, with a mid-show addition of Michael 'Fuzz' Kohn, and Dave Clements towards the end of part one. Much love to Goat, and to everyone who is mourning his passing.

Ep119: Musician & Siberia Lounge Owner Luke Spurr Allen Joins The Show

Luke Spurr Allen on some of his first jobs working in Alaska, and how he came to live in New Orleans. We clear up a rumor about Luke’s past, talk TV, political corruption and suicide in an episode that digresses down rabbit holes even more than usual. Luke Spurr Allen joins the pod (0:01) Corrupt politicians (0:08) TV Talk: Arrested Development and Battlestar Galactica (0:16) Origin Stories: Luke Spurr Allen (0:25) The Branch Davidians (0:28) Killing yourself to live (0:33) Maximum...