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(rerun episode:150): Hotel Drip Dieu-Ville With Perez, Griper, Jackie, AP, Nurse Norma On Food, Cancer & Mardi Gras

A very after school special cancer edition Trilogy of podcasts recorded from the awesome and lovely University Medical Center in New Orleans, while Geoff was on the chemo drip. Randy Perez. The Griper. Jackie Shulman. Nurses (Norma!). Amsterdam Philip. Beeps from the saline drip machine thingy. We talk food. We talk Mardi Gras. We mostly try to have fun and laugh. Cause what else you gonna do?

(rerun episode:149) Hotel Drip Dieu-Ville With Jeremy Smith & Aron Lambert On Comedic Films & The NBA. Plus Randy Perez On Donut Glazed Trout!

The second in the trilogy from Hotel Drip Dieu-Ville! Movie comedies (00-12:00) with Jeremy Smith and Aron Lambert. Plus the New Orleans Jazz, Seattle Pelicans (12:00-30:00). And then Randy Perez jumps on the Mic for Lil Doogie! Popeyes & Gas Station Chicken! Plus Donut Glazed Trout! (30:00-57:00). We don’t edit- you scrub!

(rerun episode) Ep148: Hotel Drip Dieuville Mardi Gras Part One

In our first of three shows from University Medical Center, we get into butt itch, Mike Judge and all things under the chemo-drip sun. With friends Jeremy Smith and Randy Perez. Fuck Cancer. Remember Geoffrey Douville.

The OG Show From 2012: Geoff Recounts His Very First Gig On A Barge

The very first evening Geoff and Joel put our voices to microphones, Geoff examined and told the story of his very first harrowing job on a barge. Listen, enjoy, share…

Feb 1 Ep175, Part Two: The Eve Of Geoff's & Traci's Wedding- A Clip Show W Special Friends

Hey y’all. Please enjoy this part one of the last of two podcast shows with our friend Geoff Douville. It was two nights before Geoff and Traci’s wedding, and we did some greatest hit ‘clip shows like from the 80s’. Listen, share, enjoy… We love you all.

Ep175, Part One: The Eve Of Geoff's & Traci's Wedding- A Clip Show W Special Friends

Hey y’all. Please enjoy this part one of the last of two podcast shows with our friend Geoff Douville. It was two nights before Geoff and Traci’s wedding, and we did some greatest hit ‘clip shows like from the 80s’. Listen, share, enjoy… We love you all.

Ep174: Aron Lambert Returns On All Things Teddy & The Saints Plus Vote On Oct 12

Friend of the Good Life Aron Lambert (and resident Pelicans expert) returns to talk Saints success, Teddy, Michael Thomas, Alvin Kamara, the Saints Defense, and more. Plus we talk a bit about the upcoming local election in NOLA.

Ep173: Derrick Freeman & Ethan Ellestad On The Rapidly Changing Landscape Of New Orleans Music & Culture, Economy & Public Policy

The show’s two most frequently recurring guests, Derrick Freeman of SOUL Brass Band & Ethan Ellestad of MaCCNO, come together for the first time on the same episode. We chop up the latest ABO ordinance under consideration by the City Council, development fueled gentrification, the WaPo piece on the rampant arrest warrants in New Orleans, Safety & Permits corruption, and more. It really is a good life down here folks, but sometimes you have to bullhorn about the bad stuff in order to preserve...

Ep172: James Martin On His New Album Release & Jon Kieran On The New Orleans Film Festival + Music In Film & TV

New Orleans musician James Martin joins the show along with Jon Kieran from the New Orleans Film Festival. James talks about his new album “Keep Movin’” dropping on October 4th with a release performance at the Jazz Playhouse. James is also taking part in the new Music Initiative developed by the New Orleans Film Festival, October 16- 23. Permalink

{rerun episode- 70, Pt2) From Sept 2017, We Were Early to Dog Out Drew Brees (27:55 mark) With Derrick Freeman

Re-running this episode from exactly two years ago in light of the current Drew Brees Focus on Family saga. Unless you have a penchant for two-year old Fantasy Football musings, fast-forward to the 27:55 mark for early hot takes on Drew Brees being less than a good guy, with special guest and insights from Derrick ‘Smoker’ Freeman.

Ep171: The Second Of Two Shows On Geoff & Joel’s European Summer Travels (Geoff Version)

Hi everyone. Part two of Geoff & Joel’s summer European summer travel recaps. New producer stepped up in such a way in his second show that we’ll just let his liner notes below (plus the pod) speak for itself. Geoff’s Europe story: Soprano Sax – 2:15 Trip to Europe – 5:53 US Formula 1 – 6:30 Connecticut – 9:00 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - 11:50 Jimi Hendrix Guitar – 13 Rig videos at the MET exhibit – 21:30 Healthcare and chemo – 24:10 Started journey in Europe – 25:20 Utrecht and...

Ep170: The First Of Two Shows On Geoff & Joel’s European Summer Travels (Joel Version)

Geoff & Joel return with the first of two new episodes regarding their respective summer travels. They rock-paper-scissored to see who goes first, and of course Joel won. They also introduce a new producer, Aidan (who is awesome) and the OG producer Rich VK enters mid-show with food. You can’t write this shit. Plus a Drew Brees/ Tony Dagradi prank. Fun stuff. Liner Notes here from 1st time producer (they got soooo much better in 2nd episode- we didn’t really do any training for him so cut...

PodKive Eleven 2012: Just Geoff & Joel On A Monday Morning Post Outside Lands Festival

Geoff & Joel started recording podcasts in 2012. However, the first iteration of the show we never actually published and distributed the episodes, even though we recorded a ton of shows back in the day. So on occasion, we publish one of those archived episodes that we term a PodKive. On the Monday morning following the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco., Geoff and Joel break down the weekend from their hotel.. There is an Andy Dick’ish relevant story which is why we dug it up from...

{rerun episode- 66, Part 1} Catherine Ledner On Her Father Albert & Grandmother Beulah On The Doberge Cake & Architecture

OG Liner Notes from this replay episode #66, Part One: Stacey Pfingsten, Executive Director of Louisiana Architectural Foundation joins the show to talk about next weekend's Architecture & Design Film Festival: New Orleans. Joining Stacey is photographer Catherine Ledner whose documentary about her architect father Albert Ledner will premiere at the New Orleans Museum of Art on Friday, August 25. Not to mention Catherine's Mimi Beulah Ledner, the Queen of the iconic New Orleans pastry, the...

RIP Art Neville. With Heavy Hearts, A Rerun (Ep44) Conversation About The Neville Brothers’ Yellow Moon Album With Patrick Clifford

A/R Man Patrick Clifford joined us at Bonnaroo in 2017 and talked about his pops & poppa funk Art Neville and the Neville Brothers. It’s a good listen about Patrick’s relationship with the brothers and work on the Yellow Moon album. RIP Art and bless the Meters.

Ep169: John Hyman On The Quarter, Krewe Du Vieux, WWOZ, Ronnie Virgets, Jon Cleary & Dave Bartholomew

Iconic New Orleanian John Hyman joins the show and talks about moving to the French Quarter in the mid-70s, hustling gigs, settling into a lifetime of downtown New Orleans living and music. John talks about his involvement with Krewe Du Vieux & WWOZ, and we talk about some of the legendary musicians we’ve lost as of late. Plus we get into the merits of a living street culture vs. museum life. Thanks for tuning in, sharing, subscribing!

Ep168: Bonnaroo Recap & Changes Plus Anthony Davis Pelicans Trade

It’s just us chickens for a Bonnaroo 2019 (and Superfly Bonnaroo farewell), plus the bright future of the Pelicans following the Anthony Davis trade to the Fakers.

Ep167: Ethnomusicologist Holly Hobbs On NPR/ WWNO, The Hip Hop Archive & New Orleans Music Economy

Holly Hobbs joins the show to talk about ethnomusicology, comparing music and cultural studies in Ireland & New Orleans, plus starting the Hip Hop Archive at Tulane’s Amistad Research Center. We also get into Sound Diplomacy & The New Orleans Music Economy study currently underway.

{rerun episode} Dave Clements + Snake & Jake's At Bonnaroo (original air date 2017)

This a rerun episode recorded remotely at Bonnaroo in 2017. We published 13 shows over that weekend, but this one from Dave Clements, who made his first trek that year to the fest that features a stage inspired by his New Orleans dive bar, Snake & Jake’s. This was a personal and fun one. If you like this, help us get back to Bonnaroo this weekend via our Kickstarter campaign:

Ep166: A Bonnaroo Kickstarter Fundraiser Hat-In-Hand Pod-A-Thon

Firiends of the Good LIfe: Geoff & Joel sheepishly ask for support to help them underwrite a mega podcasting trip to the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. We talk about the origin story of the podcast having been born out of years of working media production at the festival, and getting to know one another in between video takes. And we get into the connective tissue between New Orlenas & Bonnaroo, plus the inherent value of the cultural stories (current & historical) captured at the festival....