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A modern young couple sharing and giving advice based on various life experiences. Discussing current events and social trends.

A modern young couple sharing and giving advice based on various life experiences. Discussing current events and social trends.
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A modern young couple sharing and giving advice based on various life experiences. Discussing current events and social trends.








How To Be Truly Happy...

Episode 23 of J and S Talks: Youtube Video: https://youtu.be/JCMDNBXd08U Happiness. We all think we know what it means. We've all felt it at some point in our lives, whether it be in our childhood or because of specific occasions. But how many of us are happy on a constant basis? Join us in this discussion as we delve deeper into the meaning of happiness and what it is to be truly happy.


When to get Married...?

Episode 22 of J and S Talks: YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/CHJdFqkinQ0 Want to get married? Engaged? Or newlyweds? Getting married is such a big step to take and many people believe they are SO ready for it, they blindly leap to the altar and say vows, without thoroughly thinking it through. In this discussion, we point out some things that people think aren't important to speak about but can potentially cause a rift between couples. Find out what they are and how you can avoid future...


When Not To Call...

Episode 21 of J and S Talks: Show's Pet Peeve. Tune in to our discussion to find out what it is and how it can affect the process of "bagging a potential lover". We're sure MANY women experienced the same and will get a kick out of how funny guys can be when it comes to this annoying behavior. Video: https://youtu.be/8ECyZbQiLkc Don't forget to like, share and subscribe to our channel, as well as follow us on all social media @JandSTalks. If you find yourself in a place where you cant...


Should He Leave...

Episode 20 of J and S Talks: An Anonymous Man is asking if he should leave his wife based on a few iffy problems that can be interpreted in different ways. Watch and listen in to his story followed by our advice to him and to other people in similar situations. This discussion can also be helpful to other couples/parents who find themselves in the same predicament. Should he leave? Should he stay? Should he man up? Or should he attempt to fix his marriage? Comment on what you think this...


An Irrepairable Marriage

Episode 19 of J and S Talks: An Anonymous Fan of J and S Talks: asks for help in what seems to be an Irrepairable marriage. Join us as we have this discussion, advising her what she should do. If you or someone you know, is going through a similar situation, you can also benefit from our advice. In the comment section, tell us do you agree with us or do you have other suggestions for this anon? Also don't forget to subscribe, share, and like! As well as follow us on ALL social media...


Turning A Year Older

Episode 18 on J and S Talks: Happy Birthday to Show!!! Talking about Birthdays, we all know someone or have even said "ehh another birthday" but is this that attitude that we should take on Birthdays? Or should we take the grateful approach every year when we get older? So many of us don't realize how blessed we are and on this talk, we touch on the ways we can change that thought process. Happy Birthday to all my September babies out there! & big ups to my Virgo gang! Don't forget to...


Friendships Of The Opposite Sex, Yay or Nay?

Episode 17 of J and S Talks: We talk about if it's possible to maintain a genuine friendship with someone of the opposite sex. If so, what are some of the complications that arise with these types of friendships and how do they affect your romantic relationship/marriage? Comment down below your opinions and let us know if you have friendships with the opposite sex! Also, don't forget to like, share and subscribe to our channel (if you haven't already)! Don't forget to follow us on all...


What Really Goes Down In The DM...!

Episode 16 of J and S Talks: Discussion on What Really Goes Down in the DM, and how most men make a fool out of themselves via social media and other electronic forms of contact like texting, etc. We educate men on proper etiquette when interacting with women and how to avoid coming off as a creep. We concentrate on the female's point of view to better understand why certain things should not be said, but at the same time look out for the good guys out there.


Mommy Bodies...

Episode 15 of J and S Talks: This one is for the pregnant women, the soon to be Moms, the brand new Moms, and all Mothers out there. Here we talk about accepting the body and mental changes that come with the territory of becoming a mom. We speak on confidence, self-love, and ways fathers/partners should be supporting their woman.


Talking Sh*t About Your Relationship To Others

Episode 14 on J and S Talks: Why you should never get into a habit of talking bad about your partner and revealing your relationship problems. Whether it be friends or family, it is never a wise decision to dish out details about the rough patches you both are going through. Nowadays, people do not think before they talk (or post), not comprehending how detrimental it can be to their lives. So get comfortable, grab a snack and heed our advice so yall can spread the word! & THE TALK IS ON !!!


Life is What You Make it...

Episode 13 on J and S Talks: The everyday person has an everyday struggle, and most of us can agree to that. But in the midst of life, most of us forget that Life is What you Make it. Right? Or is that just BS motivational talk? Especially when a good portion of life is out of our control. In this discussion, we go back and forth as to what that quote means to us, stay tuned to see if we are on the same page...


We Need Space!

Episode 12 on J and S Talks: We openly talk about how not giving each other space is detrimental to our relationship and can potentially crumble everything we've built between each other. By exploring ways to apply the concept of space, we wish to help others save their relationships. It is a basic understanding that everyone should respect others' boundaries, in order for all parties to flourish in life. On this episode, find out how you can improve and discover a deeper understanding of...


According to Plan...

Episode 11 on J and S Talks: We discuss how to remain positive and open-minded when our life does not go according to our plans. It is easy, especially nowadays, to get caught in a downward spiral and be discouraged when we find ourselves in an unexpected situation. We have to remain strong and learn how to keep our options open, while simultaneously dealing with an array of emotions.


Stop Comparing Yourself

Episode 10 of J and S Talks: This is all about people comparing themselves to other's false representations. This leads to low self-esteem. We talk about how you should not compare yourself to others because most people represent a false narrative via social media. Most people on social media are portraying a high, easy-going life and exaggerate what they have. Comparing yourself to these types will lead to you feeling inferior and most likely copy these bad habits. Don't do it, stay in...


Evolving From Teenage Parenthood

Episode 9 on J and S Talks: Discussing how we evolved from teenage parents to adult parents. We also speak of the struggles we endured and the lessons we learned along the way.


Being Real

Episode 8 of J and S Talks: How to be Real and True to yourself and the world. We discuss how a lot of people tend to adapt to other's expectations, which leads them to pretend to be someone they are not. Basically, it's about how to avoid being FAKE.


Lead Your Kids by Example

Episode 7 on J and S Talks: We discuss how our actions and behaviors transfer on to our kids. We touch base on things they should and shouldn't see or listen to.


Apologies and Egos

How to and why you should apologize to your significant other. We discuss how thru experience we learned to put aside our ego, which has been key to our successful relationship.


How to Discipline Children

Episode 5 of J and S Talks: This one we talk on how to discipline children and be effective at it. We talk about how we personally discipline our kids and reap the benefits of positive reinforcement. And all while being awesome parents!


Summer Gatherings, BBQ How to

Episode 4 on J and S Talks. Here we talk about how to properly host a BBQ, Summer Gathering, Cookout and not be a fraud. Stay tuned and learn the right way to host these types of events...