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Foreigners In Japan with Zero Insight. Guaranteed. Subculture, Music, AI, News.

Foreigners In Japan with Zero Insight. Guaranteed. Subculture, Music, AI, News.




Foreigners In Japan with Zero Insight. Guaranteed. Subculture, Music, AI, News.




56 - Can you trust gaijins? w/ Demsky

The roma-emergency has taught OneTwenty and I at least one thing — some gaijins you can trust, others . . . maybe not so much. We also discuss noodle-flavor sodas. It’s a thing. The RONA is winding down and Tokyo is opening up, but we’ve seen this before. Remember: Paranoia does not exist. Follow Matt on Twitter Follow OneTwenty on Insta Ambient Trip-Hop Beatmaker Demsky calls in from Osaka. He’s on tour at the moment, living the life he wants to live, and mitigating the risks to do...

55 "The New Times" feat. Justin Sachs of More than Music

Matt and OneTwenty talk about how things are never going back to normal, and that’s why it’s still important to make art. Plus Camera Tips, Stupid Gaijin of the Week, and the bio-pharma security state. Check out OneTwenty’s new track on Spotify. Justin Sachs, the brains behind the live music platform More Than Music calls in to talk about how he’s moving forward with putting together live music projects in The New Times. Spread the Love ★iTunes ★Spotify ★Official Site ★RSS We love it...

54 "Son of a Bonk"



53 "Footlong Smasher"

Matt and OneTwenty discuss what’s the point of keeping art out of politics if everyone’s doing it, OneTwenty’s appearance on Asian Boss YouTube channel, and Really Khalil calls in from Savannah, Georgia to talk about car sex, Carl’s Jr. Onlyfans and his SEC digital entrepreneurship project Music Benefactors. Find Matt on Twitter: @MRBigelow. Find OneTwenty on Instagram: OneTwenty Find Really Khalil on Spotify: Really Khalil ★Japan WUT? iTunes:...


52 "meme-a-ganda" feat. Dionysos, CEO StarDisk Studios

Dionysos, CEO of StarDisk Studios joins OneTwenty and Matt and discuss the power of the media vs. the power of the mind, pro-camera tips, and the stupid gaijin of the week. Follow Michael's Insta: https://instagram.com/onetwenty360 Follow Matt's twitter: https://twitter.com/MRBigelow ★Japan WUT? iTunes:https://podcasts.apple.com/jp/podcast/japan-wut-podcast/id1489848400?l=en ★Japan WUT? Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/77v5NR6YqKw7DizDA1jOMj ★Japan WUT? Official Site:...


51 “the Zoom Olympics” feat. KYMERA KORPSE

Welcome back! Matt (Twitter) and Michael OneTwenty (Instagram ) interview Kymera Korpse (Spotify) a southern edm-rap group that has a deep and invested love for all things Black and anime related. We talk Japan anime, music, and how looking at other cultures makes you look at your own. We play and react to “Alligator” by Kymera Korpse. Other than that, we talk about how Michael experienced very weird racism in Okinawa, how lockdowns end and then start again, and theorize about what the...


Japan WUT? 50 "Welfare Media NOW!"

In Episode 50 OneTwenty (https://instagram.com/onetwenty360?) and Matt talk about pandemic cherry blossoms, people going out after the state of emergency, chocolate ramen, songs, a restaurant chain suing the government over lockdown measures, and we begin with COVID-19 Vaccine skepticism. Join Us, Hmmm? DONATE: https://www.paypal.me/japanwut DONATE: bitcoincash:qzks8qlxrdd3usmltcs6l7m9sqmeg8czrq4pnvgcl3 Matt @MRBigelow / ★Japan WUT?...


Japan WUT? 49 "The Big One"

Matt and Michael (https://instagram.com/onetwenty360?) discuss the 10 years marking the 3.11 Fukushima Disaster, cultural differences, anal swabs, and cafe drinking drunk girls in the state of emergency in Japan. ★Japan WUT? iTunes:https://podcasts.apple.com/jp/podcast/japan-wut-podcast/id1489848400?l=en ★Japan WUT? Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/77v5NR6YqKw7DizDA1jOMj ★Japan WUT? Official Site: www.matthewpmbigelow.com ★Japan WUT? RSS: http://www.matthewpmbigelow.com/?format=rss


48 "Banana Fingers"

Matt and Michael OneTwenty go on about: Cheap n Drunk Valentines Days, AI Music Creation, Pro-Photography Tips, Human Music, Radio Maps, Tokyo Olympics and Economy and Trade. Michael drops his new track, and Matt clips a funky jam. Tune in for Japan’s lifestyle podcast. We like it here! Stream, Like, and Share. Hmmmm? ★Japan WUT? iTunes:https://podcasts.apple.com/jp/podcast/japan-wut-podcast/id1489848400?l=en ★Japan WUT? Spotify:...


Japan WUT? 47 "Kabukicho Armpit"

Matt (@MRBigelow) and Micheal OneTwenty (https://instagram.com/onetwenty360?) discuss Race in Japan, Pro-Photography Tips, Clubhouse App booms in Japan, Co-Working Drinking Spaces, Gross Food, Intrigue and Indie Music. Tune in, like and subscribe. We like it here! ★Japan WUT? iTunes:https://podcasts.apple.com/jp/podcast/japan-wut-podcast/id1489848400?l=en ★Japan WUT? Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/77v5NR6YqKw7DizDA1jOMj ★Japan WUT? Official Site: www.matthewpmbigelow.com ★Japan...


Japan WUT? 46 "Anxiously Pacing" feat. Josiah Hawley

After discussing in brief Trump's exit and how it might affect Japan, Matt reads files about Japan's initiatives into the paranormal from a recent CIA document dump (links provided at www.matthewpmbigelow.com). Michael (IG: https://instagram.com/onetwenty360?) offers advice from the field about booze and photography, and recording artist and TV personality Josiah Hawley calls in to discuss moving forward in the pandemic, and what it's like to record pro music in LA and Tokyo. DONATE:...

Japan WUT? Podcast 45 "Ecstasy Shrimp"

Before the second state of emergency goes into effect, Michael OneTwenty (https://instagram.com/onetwenty360?) and Matt want to tell you about weirdo luxury goods, photography tips, and rock legend Adam Yang's kinks in the before times. Japan’s podcast stop for Non-PC, everyone-loving, exploration of what it mean, man. ManPeople! ★Get it iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/jp/podcast/japan-wut-podcast/id1489848400?l=en ★Get it Spotify:...


Japan WUT? 44 "Rich Hosts"

Hip-Hop artist and photographer Michael OneTwenty (IG: https://instagram.com/onetwenty360?) is back in the co-hosting chair. We talk about Japanese Hosto making bank, keeping the weird from North America away from Japan, donuts as ice-cream, and the Japanese origins of the Uncanny Valley. The Robots may take our society, but they can never take our minds! Plus music from Matt and Michael. Give us a like, subscribe, and share the word -- the Japan WUT? Podcast. We like it here. ★Get it...


Japan WUT? 43 -- Automated Awesomesauce

We talk about seeing famous authors in Tokyo, cheap ways to enjoy the COVID, digital currencies, and Stupid Gaijins Of the Week! Subscribe, or go to the website: www.matthewpmbigelow.com


Japan WUT? 42 "Beyond the Great Reset"

This episode looks at the book, "COVID-19: the Great Reset" by Klaus Schwab in relation to Japan and how people are moving towards a future in lockstep with their AI-driven smartphones. It's a new social contract. Did you sign it? www.matthewpmbigelow.com


Japan WUT? 41 "Couple 9s" feat. OneTwenty

After discussing the birth of Matt’s son and realizing just how many normies there are in the world, hip-hop artist and photographer OneTwenty joins the discussion to talk about making music, keeping up with the trends, balancing art with work, and a few choice Stupid Gaijins of the Week. Shout out to Ron Reid for putting us in touch! Find OneTwenty here: Spotify /// Instagram Support the Japan WUT? Show here: Japan WUT Podcast focuses on Lifestyle, Indie Music, and Tech in Japan and...


Japan WUT? 40 "The Flipside" with Rory Wilmer

Rory Wilmer, a Big Data Storyteller, calls in from Prague to discuss the progression of internet social networking sites and the data they collect, and the possible future applications. Official Website: www.matthewpmbigelow.com Check out Rory's website for amazing photographs: https://rorywilmer.exposure.co


Japan WUT? 39 "The Tweet of Defeat" feat. Ron Reid

After reviewing a strange dog product, Matt and Mike compare state-run vs. activist SJW coverage of PM Shinzo Abe Stepping down due to illness (symptoms covered in the show). Ron Reid calls in to talk about his outreach work in Tokyo helping the homeless get back on their feet with a program called First Fruits (https://www.facebook.com/firstfruitsministry). We finish the show with Elon Musk's robot pigs vs. a new Japanese flying car. Like and Subscribe! Get the show here: ★Japan WUT?...

Japan WUT? 37 "AI Nuclear Artfare" feat. Saku Yanagawa (comedian)

After talking about nuclear warfare, Yasukuni Shrine, AI Art and political weirdos, comedian Saku Yanagawa (www.sakuyanagawa.com) joins the show to talk about the comedy world and how the coronavirus is affecting the industry and his plans to keep going. We finish the show with taxi drivers cleaning graves, top ten companies of 2010 and 2020, and ramen face masks. Japan WUT? Podcast is available everywhere, especially: ★Japan WUT? iTunes:...