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Two creative guys. Talking creative stuff with creative people. Includes writing, filmmaking, photography, voiceover, painting, designing, cooking, designing, creating.

Two creative guys. Talking creative stuff with creative people. Includes writing, filmmaking, photography, voiceover, painting, designing, cooking, designing, creating.
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Two creative guys. Talking creative stuff with creative people. Includes writing, filmmaking, photography, voiceover, painting, designing, cooking, designing, creating.




Episode 16 - Throw at the Wall and See What Sticks

Jeff and Dave continue their creative ramblings with a myriad of topics. Lots of life happenings. Writing Community on Twitter ... Voice Over gigs ... Disney Movies ... Baseball season ... Creative energy and endeavors ... Plenty of laughs, insights, and goodies along the way!


Episode 15 - Back in the Saddle with actor Lester Greene

Jeff and Dave kick off this episode catching up since it's been nearly a MONTH since the last episode. Lot of life happenings, including Jeff's cross-country train trip to California and Dave's Beyond the Backlot endeavor ( Then the hosts are joined by an up-and-coming New York (soon to be Atlanta) actor, Lester Greene. He regales his enlightening and lesson-laden story with creative ventures, athletic aspirations, and sacrifice to make his creative passion...


Episode 14 - Comedy Genius Among Us

Jeff & Dave are joined by esteemed Hollywood comedy savant, Steve Mallory! Also on the program is returning guest, John Cuneo! Steve has been a part of iconic comedy cornerstones, including the Groundlings, Los Angeles' famed improv and sketch comedy theatre, where he met some of today's biggest comedy stars. From there he's collaborated with comedy star Melissa McCarthy and director Ben Falcone. He discusses his accent in the comedy ranks and the variety of projects he has his hands in,...


Episode 13 - Changing to a Creative Career Path

Jeff & Dave is joined by TV and film actor Samuel Whitehill, a man who took a turn in his career after many decades as a business owner, FCC employee, and attorney. He brings us much wisdom and knowledge! Samuel discusses his entry into the business (only 3 1/2 years ago!) as an older actor, navigating an acting career, audition tips, and his creative process. With dozens of credits already to his name, he's a man to watch out for!


Episode 12 - Beyond the Backlot and Cross-Country Travel

Jeff & Dave Podcast shares exciting news about our hosts' new endeavors. Creativity abundant! Jeff is preparing for a cross-country train expedition that he hopes to document via video to share with loyal fans and listeners. Dave is working on a series called Beyond the Backlot (Beyondthebacklot on Instagram), which recently concluded filming in California. More on that in the coming weeks. For more information, visit:


Episode 11 - Creative Swiss Army Knife Ruth Kaufman

Jeff & Dave are joined by Ruth Kaufman, a "creative Swiss Army Knife." We talk about a lot of Ruth's path to her many creative endeavors. We chat process, successes, how to avoid pitfalls, tips for aspiring creatives, and more. Laughs along the way (don't miss Ruth's impromptu speed-talking "segment!"). A bit about our guest: Ruth is an actor whose credits include features and short films, web series, national commercials, and videos for The Onion. Her thousands of voiceovers include...


Episode 10 - Character Actor Legend Larry Hankin

Jeff & Dave Podcast is joined by character actor legend (nearly 200 credits), writer, and filmmaker Larry Hankin! You know his face, now you should know his name. Multi-talented actor from box office hits (Escape from Alcatraz, Home Alone, Billy Madison) and iconic TV shows (Seinfeld, Friends, Breaking Bad, Barry) shares his story of creativity - from a touring comedian to Second City member, to movie and TV regular. Let's not forget his Academy Award-nominated short film - Solly's Diner...


Episode 9 - Tony Award-Winning Producer talking Broadway (and more!)

Jeff & Dave is joined by Broadway producer Doug Meyer - winner of two Tony Awards for The Producers (2001) and Hairspray (2003). An impressive man talks the producer-side of Broadway show business. Plenty of wise nuggets and fun along the way. Doug discusses his entry into the business, which started with his love of theater since age 7, his perspective on successful shows, what Mel Brooks is like, and what work he is currently working on. #creativity #creativecommunity #sports #producing...


Episode 8 - Hollywood Filmmaker Sam Irvin's Take

Jeff & Dave is joined by Sam Irvin for Episode 8 - talking filmmaking, Hollywood, creating, and his impressive story. We are thrilled to have such an accomplished and successful director and filmmaker join the program. Sam is a veteran of the industry, directing dozens of films, including Horror icon Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (official) in Elvira's Haunted Hills (2001). He was also co-executive producer for Academy Award-winning film Gods & Monsters (1998). He discusses his story into...


Episode 7 - Booming Voices and the Mechanics of Creativity

Creative Renaissance man, Nick Sanabria (known as Fox 32 Chicago's booth announcer), joins Jeff and Dave to talk about the many aspects of his right brain and his litany of skills - voice acting, musician, writing, copy writing, painting, sculpting. The self-taught creative savant shares some of his stories and learnings from his long history of delivering creative content.


Episode 6 - Emmy Awards and One Liners

We were honored to be joined by our guest - Chicago/Midwest Emmy Award-winning writer and director John Cuneo​! We discuss some of his work ("Art of Motivation" web series - - winner at the 2018 Chicago Comedy Film Festival; "Texting While Driving" PSA - earned him a regional Emmy Award), writing and directing process, filmmaking, dialogue, comedy, and more. Plenty of fun along the way!


Episode 5 - Fostering the Creative Community

Dug into some fun topics in the first podcast of the new year: why do we love celebrities? How 'bout them apples? How do we foster a #creativecommunity? What's up with comedy? And 2019 New Year stuff...


Episode 4 - Going Deep Post-Christmas

Jeff and Dave dive into a post-Christmas discussion dissecting traditions, gift-giving, and holiday connections that make it worthwhile. They then get deep into the feeling of blessedness and finding purpose. This one got DEEP. (Note: Dave said Maslov, meaning Maslow)


Episode 3 - Family Matters

Jeff and Dave are joined by Dave's brothers - Chris and Will Salvi of Salvi Media, a media company specializing in video production. They talk Salvi Media's story, video production, creative process, holidays, family dynamics, favorite movies, family support, and other random stuff. Lots of banter. Plenty of jokes. A priceless episode.


Episode 2 - Guest Chef Paul Young - Half-Baked Goodies & Life Recipes

In Episode 2, gregarious and talented chef Paul Young joins Jeff and Dave to discuss food, cooking, restaurants, cuisine, and life in this joke-filled episode. A lot of stories about mentors, teachers, and learning en route to becoming a better creative. Relax deep in a chair, grab a whiskey, and enjoy the boys banter around with glee.


Episode 1 - Maiden Voyage

Jeff and Dave set sail on the maiden voyage of their podcast focused on creativity and the creative process - hoping to make the world a bit smaller for creatives and their futile existence (they are very much included). In this initial episode, our hosts delve into their biographies and background to familiarize listeners with their personalities. Then the conversation investigates the creative process, particularly with writing. Creative discipline, feedback, and philosophies are involved....