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We're Jimi (@asinhendrix) and Tommy (@MusicalMash) and we're obsessed with musical theatre. Like, really, we won't shut up about it. And now YOU get to listen, too! If you're looking for two diehard musical theatre nerds babbling on about Sondheim, then this is the podcast for you!

We're Jimi (@asinhendrix) and Tommy (@MusicalMash) and we're obsessed with musical theatre. Like, really, we won't shut up about it. And now YOU get to listen, too! If you're looking for two diehard musical theatre nerds babbling on about Sondheim, then this is the podcast for you!


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We're Jimi (@asinhendrix) and Tommy (@MusicalMash) and we're obsessed with musical theatre. Like, really, we won't shut up about it. And now YOU get to listen, too! If you're looking for two diehard musical theatre nerds babbling on about Sondheim, then this is the podcast for you!




Happy Hour #102: Every Podcast Has A Lesson - ‘Ride the Cyclone’

Get ready for some sycophantic Jim and Tomic as we buckle up and ‘Ride the Cyclone.’ The cast recording for this incredible show by Jacob Richmond and Brooke Maxwell has just dropped and we couldn’t wait to talk about it. We talk through the fascinatingly diverse characters, the meaning of life and what this show means for the future of musical theatre! Support the Show ➤ Ride the Cyclone (World Premiere Cast Recording) iTunes / Spotify SHOW NOTES Feel free to take part in the new drinking...


Happy Hour #101 - The Von Trapp Family Podcast - 'The Sound of Music'

It’s time to ride on those wild geese as we fly into Austria to talk all about potentially the world’s most famous musical, ‘The Sound of Music.’ We try and pull apart why it’s so popular while discussing the real Von Trapp family, the tonal differences between the film and stage show , why Maria is a lesbian icon and discover the best musical theatre themed Hallowe’en costume. Support the Show ➤ The Sound of Music (Original Soundtrack Recording) iTunes / Spotify SHOW NOTES A very good place...


Happy Hour #99 - This is Gonna be a Good Podcast, and Here's Why - ‘Dear Evan Hansen'

Dear Faithful Listeners, this is going to be a good podcast, and here’s why: we’re having an open and honest discussion about the smash hit contemporary musical, ‘Dear Evan Hansen.’ This show has been extremely divisive among its audiences and we try to pick apart why that is in this week’s episode. We talk about some of the changes we would make to the show, how it compares to shows like ‘Next to Normal’ and ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ and discuss how it has impacted the musical theatre community...


Happy Hour #98 - It’s Only A Podcast - ‘The Frogs’

All aboard Hades express (no not the train, the boat this time!) as we join Dionysus and Xanthias on their descent into the underworld in search of the saviour of art in Stephen Sondheim’s ‘The Frogs'. It’s been a while since Jimi and Tommy butted heads but it is alive and well in this episode! Euripedes v. Aeschylus; Shaw v Shakespeare; and now Jimi v. Tommy! They talk about the legitimacy of Greek theatre today, whether or not the 2004 was an improvement and debate if this show should ever...


Happy Hour #97 - Listen to Podcasts, Jimmy - ‘Reefer Madness’

There is a terrifying craze creeping up on your children, no - it’s not pool, it’s ‘Reefer Madness!’ Whether you’re a fan of the green stuff or not, this musical is an incredible send-up of B-Movies and American politics and has some stonking star turns in its movie adaptation. We talk all about Kristen Bell’s dancing chops, whether this show should be performed in high schools and give some home truths about the world of weed. Support the Show ➤ Reefer Madness (Original Motion Picture...


Happy Hour #96 - How Did They Build This Podcast? - ‘Titanic'

How DID they build Titanic? Maury Yeston and Peter Stone’s 1998 Tony Award winning musical showcases a deeply emotional story with a sensational score. In this episode we discuss why the Titanic tragedy is SUCH a sensation, how they pull off sailing and sinking a ship in various productions of the musical and work out which monumental historic events we could see on a Broadway stage in the future. Support the Show ➤ Titanic: A New Musical (Original Broadway Cast Recording) iTunes / Spotify...


Happy Hour #95 - Olivia Newton-Podcast - ‘Xanadu’

It’s the cult musical everyone loves to hate! Featuring Olivia Newton-John, Gene Kelly, rollerskates and cartoon fish - it could only be Xanadu! This time we’re chatting all about the musical that started the Razzies. But we work out if it is actually as bad as everyone says it is? We also check out the stage musical adaptation and try to determine which is better! Along the way we discuss viral marketing, musical mashups and the importance of wearing a glitzy scarf. What’s not to love?!...


Happy Hour #94 - Oom-Pah-Pod - ‘Oliver!’

It’s time to talk about the show that put the UK on the Musical Theatre Map - ‘Oliver!’ It’s the story of the orphan boy who asked for more and was sent on a journey that would change his life forever. In this episode we talk all about Lionel Bart’s fascinating journey to writing the show, discuss the incredible movie adaptation and how it compares to the stage show, the incredible influence this musical had on other UK musicals in the future, and Jimi cracks Tommy, whatever that means…...


Happy Hour #93 - Podcast in C-sharp Minor - ‘Preludes’

Jim and Tomic get classical! This time we’re checking out Dave Malloy’s Lincoln Centre special - ‘Preludes'.’ Set in the hypnotised mind of big-handed composer Sergei Rachmaninoff, this is a show that is comfortably nestled in the fringes of contemporary musical theatre. We deep dive on Art’s (purposeful capital letter) representation in musical theatre, why this show didn’t sit well with a lot of the people who saw it and unsurprisingly we do some fanboying over Dave Malloy. Support the...


Happy Hour #92 - Sparklejollytwinklepodcasty - ‘Elf: the Musical’

Support the Show ➤ Seeing as it’s the holiday season we thought it was the perfect time to talk about one of the newsest festive institutions: ‘Elf: the Musical.’ As we explore The Story of Buddy the Elf and his efforts to save Christmas they rate all the differences between the musical and the film, Jimi paints a picture about the insane Arena tour in the UK and we wonder if Warner Bros. Theatricals will be able to take on Disney Theatrical Group in the fight for Corporate Broadway! Elf:...


Happy Hour #91 - Did That Podcast Just Happen? - ‘Wicked’

Support the Show ➤ Did you know black is this year’s pink? A giant hat is blowing in from the west, it can only be the untold story of the witches of Oz - ‘Wicked.’ Crank up your time dragons as this one’s a doozy! We talk all about the differences from the source material, Jimi unleashes his inner ‘Wicked’ fangirl much to Tommy’s chagrine, we work out if it’s actually an incredibly written show and have a deep discussion about gatekeeping in musical theatre. Thank goodness, it’s Wicked!...


Happy Hour #90: Podcast on the Sand - ‘La Cage Aux Folles’

Support the Show ➤ It’s time to put on a little bit of mascara and throw your wigs to the ground as we’re heading to French Riviera to join Georges and Albin in ‘La Cage Aux Folles.’ Tackling our third Jerry Herman, we decide how it measures up to his other big hitters. We also discuss the interesting origins of the show and what it might have been, and have a classic Jim and Tomic conversation about queer representation in musical theatre! La Cage Aux Folles (New Broadway Cast Recording)...


Happy Hour #89 - Filigree Apogee Pedigree Podcast - ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’

Hurry! Hop onto the bed cause it's about to take off as we fly into wartime Britain and join Eglentine Price and her chosen family in the magical 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks.' An absolute Disney classic and our first out-and-out musical film discussion, this time we are chatting all about what makes this film so different from its counterpart 'Mary Poppins,' Tommy geeks out over the incredible visual effects used in the film and we both posit our ideas of what the stage adaptation is going to...


Happy Hour #88: Now I’m A Podcaster - ‘Shrek The Musical’

Support the Show ➤ Welcome to Jimi and Tommy’s Karaoke Dance Party! Are podcasts more like onions or parfait? One of the many deep, philosophical questions we pose as we talk all about everyone’s favourite ogre in ‘Shrek The Musical.’ Find out who does a better Scottish accent - the American or the Scotsman, and tune into discussions all about the differences between the musical and the film, the improvements made for the touring version and Jimi poses an impossible question… Shrek The...


Happy Hour #87: One Hand in My Podcast - 'Jagged Little Pill'

Support the Show ➤ Get ready to swallow this down - Jimi and Tommy are chatting all about Alanis Morissette’s venture onto Broadway: ‘Jagged Little Pill.’ This jukebox musical with an original book was one of the last shows to premiere on Broadway before the shutdown so it’s time we give it its due diligence and examine its impact before everything stopped! We discuss where this show sits in the musical theatre canon as a jukebox show, work out whether the critique on the book is valid or...


Happy Hour #86: Ten Podcasts Ago - 'Cinderella'

Fol-de-rol and fiddledy dee; fiddledy, faddledy fodcast - Jimi and Tommy are fin’ly doing a ‘Cinderella’ podcast! Yes indeed, we are talking all about Rodgers and Hammerstein’s foray into television broadcasting and the eventual Broadway output, stopping for some Whitney along the way of course. We get down and dirty about the future of musical theatre, how this musical has developed over the years and discover Tommy’s magnum opus. Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella (Original Broadway Cast...


Happy Hour #85: The Podcast on the Wall - 'The Mystery of Edwin Drood'

Happy Hour #85: The Podcast on the Wall - 'The Mystery of Edwin Drood' Will this be the podcast episode that never ends?! The jury’s out as we deep dive into Rupert Holmes’ “The Mystery of Edwin Drood” - please insert your own gavel. With two incredible, classic productions there is plenty to talk about with this Tony Award winning musical. We get into the general brilliance of Mr Holmes, the race issues related to the recent productions and how they could be easily remedied and Chita...


Happy Hour #84: Mobius Podcast - 'A Strange Loop'

Happy Hour #84: Mobius Podcast - 'A Strange Loop' Let’s get metaphysical! It’s about darn time we discussed Michael R. Jackson’s Pulitzer winning ‘A Strange Loop.’ Potentially one of the most challenging musicals we have ever listened to, we are so excited delve into this extremely unique piece of musical theatre. Join in the conversation as we chat about what this show winning the Pulitzer means for musical theatre, how Michael R. Jackson’s raw honesty is refreshing and important, and muse...


Happy Hour #83: ...and Pink and Podcast and Blue! - ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat'

Happy Hour #83: ...and Pink and Podcast and Blue! - ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' It was bound to happen again at some point, Jimi and Tommy are discussing another Andrew Lloyd Webber show - this time it’s ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’! Will they agree? Will this be another Cats debacle? It’s time to find out! The boys discuss the unique origin story of this show, work out how ‘Joseph’ could exist nowadays and debate whether or not escapism is dead. Bold...


Happy Hour #82: Verbatim Podcasting - ‘London Road’

Happy Hour #82: Verbatim Podcasting - ‘London Road’ Support the Show ➤ It’s time to try things a little bit differently as we delve into the uncharted territories of verbatim musical theatre and the fascinating British creation, ‘London Road.’ Charting a community’s rebirth after a serial killer ravaged their town, this show discusses the issues of policing, press, sex work and community spirit using the words of those who actually experienced it. Jimi and Tommy discuss the curious origins...