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Just Another Podcast is just what it sounds like, a podcast about everything and anything. Hosted by Justin Soderberg. Tune-in!

Just Another Podcast is just what it sounds like, a podcast about everything and anything. Hosted by Justin Soderberg. Tune-in!


Orrington, Maine


Just Another Podcast is just what it sounds like, a podcast about everything and anything. Hosted by Justin Soderberg. Tune-in!






Ep. 18: Will Hekseth & Jay Cochran - Bangor Comic & Toy Con

Will and Jay jumped on the podcast this week to talk Bangor Comic and Toy Con and some upcoming celebrity guest signings. How has COVID-19 effected their plans for comic con and so much more!


Ep. 17: Javier Roche - Jabi Marketing

Welcome Javier Roche, founder and owner of Jabi Marketing, to the podcast. Justin and Jabi talk marketing, Boston Celtics and more! Visit: jabimarketing.com.


Ep. 16: Paul Eaton - Galactic Comics & Collectibles

Paul Eaton of Galactic Comics and Collectibles in Bangor, Maine joined the podcast this week to talk comic books and other collectibles. Paul opened his brick and mortar store in 2019.


Ep. 15: Just Another Podcast Goes to the Movies

Josh Moulton of Queen City Cinema Club joins the podcast once again to chat movies. We talk streaming vs. in-person theaters and what the future of movies looks like due to COVID-19. Follow @queencitycinemaclub on social media.


Ep. 14: Taylor Bemis - Married Into This

This is a fun episode of the podcast. I get the chance to talk with my soon-to-be wife, Taylor Bemis, about our website, blog and podcast, Married Into This.


Ep. 13: Spencer Wood - Tip Whip

Welcome Spencer Wood! Spencer is the founder and owner of Tip Whip, a ride-share app for college students by college students. Enjoy our conversation!


Ep. 12: Reboot of the Return of Josh Moulton - Part II, The Sequel

Josh Moulton returns for a fun filled episode talking about movies, tv shows and everything in between. Great episode for anyone who loves film!


Ep. 11: Jillian Farrell - Oskar Blues Brewery

Welcome Jillian Farrell to the podcast. Jillian works for Oskar Blues Brewery in Brevard, NC and also has a large Instagram presence. She loves beer. Follow her on Instagram, @ladyandthetriclamp.


Ep. 10: Recap - Thank You, Plus Comics

It's been 10 episodes, over two months. Wow. Thank you to all of our guests and a SPECIAL thank you to all of our listeners! Plus, some chat about comics!


Ep. 9: Ben Bishop - Comic Book Creator

Welcome Ben Bishop! Ben created The Aggregate for his Split Decision Comics. He also has worked on TMNT, Drawing Blood, Savage Dragon, Gi Joe, and more. Follow Ben online @bishart.


Ep. 8: Definitely Not The Last Dance

This episode of the podcast, Brian and Justin chat the return of the NBA and the amazing "The Last Dance" documentary. It's a brief show, but if you like basketball it's for you.


Ep. 7: Adam Morrisette - Dirigo Draft Services

Today's guest is Adam Morrisette. Not only is Adam a good friend of mine, but was my right hand man at Orono Brewing Company since we opened our Margin Street location in Orono, Maine. He has a passion for clean beer lines, which any beer drinker should, that's why he started Dirigo Draft Services. Visit dirigodraftservices.com


Ep. 6: Justin and Brian's "New Normal"

Six episodes in and some changes are in order. Brian Keezer will now join Justin Soderberg every other week for a hosts only podcast to talk current events and so much more. This episode features classic video game and movie nostalgia and lots of talk of the return of the NBA and the Boston Celtics.


Ep. 5: John Cassidy - Last Ditch Racing

Welcome John Cassidy to the show! Cassidy is the owner and driver of Last Ditch Racing, a rally racing team based in Maine. Justin and John chat the start of LDR, rallying in Maine, and how the famous athletes and people have impacted the sport of rallying over the years.


Ep. 4: Brian Keezer - Unrest Coffee

On this week's episode, Justin is joined by Brian Keezer the co-owner of Unrest Coffee. The two discuss what Brian has been doing during COVID stay-at-home time to start, but dive into what lead the Keezers to purchase Unrest Coffee in 2019. They also chat about different styles of coffee and running a business in general.


Ep. 3: Jay Cochran - Forecastle Tattoo & BCTC

In the latest edition of Just Another Podcast, we welcome Jay Cochran of Forecastle Tattoo and Bangor Comic & Toy Con. Lots of talk about tattooing, comic con and how both industries have been effected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Jay and I go way back, so the conversation flowed well! Enjoy!


Ep. 2: Adam Soderberg - Justin's Birthday Special

Took it a little close to home with the second episode of Just Another Podcast. I welcomed my dad, Adam Soderberg, to the show. This one was special for sure. We were able to chat about family, memories and to celebrate my birthday with the man who help raise me.


Ep. 1: Josh Moulton - Queen City Cinema Club

I welcomed Josh Moulton to the show during our first episode. Josh is the owner of Queen City Cinema Club in Bangor, Maine and a good friend of mine. Over the span of an hour we talked opening his business and what he has planned post-COVID. Enjoy!


Welcome to Just Another Podcast

Welcome to Just Another Podcast. This is a project I started in motion during 2016, but never got it off the ground. Now, with the COVID-19 situation, I have found the time to get it rolling. Tune-in!